My Life with Carla Ch. 01

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My life with Carla began when we met in college. It was 1967 and I was a second year student working on a math degree. Carla was in her first year and working on what would eventually be a history degree. We met at a sit-in when she tripped over my legs. They were quite long since I am six feet, four inches, tall. She sat next to me and I apologized for having my legs stuck out. She smiled and said that no one was hurt so all was okay. Then, she kissed me on the mouth. I pulled her to me and we continued the kiss as she made no attempt to pull away. As we became more passionate, I fed her my tongue which quickly became wrapped in hers. We lay back and cuddled after finally breaking off the kiss. She said that it was nice and she appreciated being kissed since that was her first for the day. I told her one deserves another and pulled her to me. She smiled as she leaned into me. As we kissed, our bodies commenced rubbing against each other. I moved one of my hands and cupped a breast through her peasent blouse. She was braless, a popular mode those days. This touch increased the work of her tongue on mine and obviously was a good move in her mind. I continued to mold her breast and kiss her as our lower bodies became intertwined and she started to hump on my leg. Finally, we came up for air. She asked me if I had to stay or if I could go with her. My answer was, “Anywhere you want. Let’s go.”

We stood up and she took my hand gently pulling me along. I went willingly watching her butt through her jeans. It was firm yet moved as she walked with a swaying motion. Up to now, I had not had a chance to evaluate her but, having had a hand on a breast, seeing her face, and walking behind her, let me commence. First, she was tall, about five foot, nine or ten inches. Second, she had a great body with nice firm breasts. Third, she had a pretty face framed by long, straight, light brown hair. Altogether, it was a nice package and I had enjoyed having it rubbed against mine.

We went along one side of the park and left the campus for an apartment complex across the street from the college. I knew that many students had rented here and figured this girl was no exception. Half way down, she turned into a building and pulled out a key, opened the door, and we went in. Once inside, she closed the door behind us and turned on the outside light. Again taking my hand, she led me through the living room into a bedroom. Releasing my hand, she reached down and pulled off her blouse confirming the beautiful pair of breasts by showing them to me. She started unbuckling her pants. Continuing to remove her pants, she told me to get naked. I realized that I had been standing there like some kind of store manikin and, with a start, began removing my clothes. She was naked before me and watched as I pulled my shorts off letting my cock loose. Her eyes bugged a little as she saw my size. When it’s hard, my cock is a bit over nine inches long and thick. She licked her lips and said, “This will be even better than I thought.” With that, she reached out and pulled me to her by my cock. When she reached the bed, she sat down and leaned forward and taking me into her mouth licking the head and getting it wet. With me barely wet, she then pulled me into her throat by reaching around and pulling my ass cheeks so that I was forced in. She didn’t stop until her nose was pushed into my pubic hair. All the while, she was humming and twirling her tongue on my cock. I had only had a couple of blow jobs before but quickly realized that I had only thought I knew how good a girl could make me feel with her mouth. After all, with my length and thickness, there had not been many girls willing to give me head. Then she started to move my cock in and out of her throat. One of her hands held an ass cheek to pull me deep into her throat while the other inched around and began to play with my asshole. I thought about saying something when my cock told my brain to be quiet and relax. Obeying my cock and relaxing, I felt her push a finger into my ass and start prodding my prostrate. With her tongue, her sucking, and her throat, that finger was too much. With a groan, my cum exploded out and into her mouth. She didn’t miss a stroke and milked me for every drop as I groaned out my orgasm. She continued to suck me even after I stopped cumming and I stayed hard. When it was obvious I would stay hard, she backed off and lay back. She looked up at me and said, “Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I lay between her legs and pushed into her pussy. She moaned loudly as I pushed in stopping only when I was completely inside her. She pulled her legs up letting me go a fraction deeper and started to hump at me. I caught on and started to fuck her with long even strokes that gradually became faster and harder as we worked toward a mutual climax. “I’m cumming!” I shouted to her grunts from every in stroke of my cock in her pussy. She then screamed shrilly joining me in cumming until we were limp. I rolled off her.

“Wow. That aksaray escort was wonderful,” I replied.

“Good, because it isn’t over yet.”

She wrapped her fingers around my cock. Gently, she pumped them up and down and I quickly came back to life when she added her mouth to the effort. She licked our juices off my cock and continued to pump and suck. Shortly, I was fully hard. She told me that it was time for more and got on her hands and knees on the bed. She pulled me around behind her and I pushed into her pussy. She let me stroke in and out a few times and then stopped me. “Put it in my ass,” she told me.

I started to stammer but her hands went to her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Not being sure exactly what to do, I pulled out of her pussy and brought my cock to her anal bud. “Push it in me, but slowly,” I was told. Taking my cock in my hand, I pushed the head at her sphincter and felt it gradually open permitting me to enter. She groaned as the head of my cock passed her rim and I stopped until she told me to keep pushing. Finally, I was in all the way. I felt the walls of her asshole hold tightly to my cock. I started to pull back and when I was half way out, pushed all the way in to the hilt. This got a loud moan from her so I did it again, and again. I kept up until I was moving faster and stronger in her ass until my cock could take the strain no more. My cum pumped into her ass and she shook and groaned as I did. Finally, the load was completely released into her ass and I slipped out as I lost my hardness. I rolled over on my back next to her and she rolled half on to me straddling my leg with her lower body.

“You were great! I want to do this a lot. Please tell me that you do, too.” she sounded like she was pleading.

I was surprised. She was great looking in the face with a beautiful body and a nice sounding voice. I responded, “Oh yeah, I want you, too.” Stopping for a moment, I then said, “My name’s Rick, what’s yours?”

We both laughed more than it was funny to cover a little guilt over having mind blowing sex with someone and not knowing even their name! Even in the love days of the sixties, that was pushing the envelope!

She told me her name was Carla and we talked for a while. I realized that she was looking for a soul mate albeit, an unconventional one. She explained to me that she loved sex and, while one partner was not enough, she wanted me on a steady basis. She even volunteered that she didn’t expect me to be faithful. I told her that I could try to live within those ideas. A while later, she got out of bed and turned off the outside light. That was a signal to her roommate that a new guy was in the apartment so the other one would be a bit more careful. In a few minutes, the door opened to the apartment and someone came inside. A little later, we got up and, still naked, went into the living room. I was introduced to her roommate, Jana, who listened while Carla told her in glowing detail what we had just done. Jana just smiled and nodded. We talked a little and Jana took a good look at my cock. Then she suddenly excused herself and went into her room. Carla got up and I did, too. We went into Jana’s bedroom and Carla sat on the bed and pulled me to her again. It was another deep throat, asshole pumping ride until I came in her mouth again as Jana watched and masterbated. As I dressed, I told Carla that I had to return to my dorm room and study for a test tomorrow. She gave me her phone number and a key to the apartment. She said to come over frequently and join Jana and her. I promised to do that.

I returned to my dorm room and studied and then lay down for a while. When I awoke, it was eight in the evening. I went down the hall and called Carla. When she answered, I asked if it was all right for me to come over. She answered, “Of course, silly. That’s why you have a key.” I told her I was coming back over and would stay the night. She answered, “I had hoped you would because I hated the thought of having to pursue you and your cock all over campus. When you get here, just come in.” I said good-bye and hung up. I packed a few things, left a note for my roommate and headed to her apartment.

When I arrived, I turned the knob to find it locked. Using my key, I let myself in and heard grunting noises from the bedroom. I walked over to the door and looked inside. Carla was on her back naked with a vibrator in her pussy. She had a hand at her butt and, looking closer, I realized she had two fingers in her asshole. She saw me and smiled. “Come in here, get naked and put that cock in me,” she said. I followed her instructions pushing my erection into her mouth and down her throat. She started sucking on my cock trying to get my cum in that flat stomach of hers. All the while, she never stopped working her asshole and pussy with her fingers and the vibrator. Finally, I screamed out my cum and could feel the vibrations from her throat as she launched into anadolu yakası escort a massive orgasm of her own. She sucked me dry as we came down from our sexual highs. She pulled her fingers from her ass and the vibrator from her pussy. The vibrator was almost as long as I being about eight or nine inches long though it wasn’t as thick. She turned it off and then put it in her mouth to lick clean before she lay it on the floor.

She took my cock in her hand and moving down, started sucking it hard. As soon as I was hard, she moved to her hands and knees and told me to put it in her ass again. I pushed into her ass finding little problem as she had opened herself with her fingers. She told me to fuck her hard. For some reason, all the instructions made me a little mad and, not only did I start to slam into her butt, but started to slap the cheeks of her ass. She moaned and started to cum almost immediately. My slaps became harder and she moaned more. Slamming my cock into her ass took its toll and I pulled her hips to me as I unloaded into her butt. Finally, I lay back on the bed and said, “Suck it. Get me clean.”

Without hesitation, she sucked me into her mouth and started using her tongue to remove all traces of our sexual juices from my cock. When I got hard, I put her on her hands and knees again and fucked her pussy while spanking her butt cheeks. She seemed to love what I was doing as she came several times before I finally shot my last wad. As I went to sleep as she was licking me clean again, this time without being told.

The next morning, I woke up to a mouth working my cock. When I was awake, I looked down and saw Jana. She looked up at me and smiled without missing a stroke. She then swallowed my entire cock down her throat working it with her throat muscles. It didn’t take long for me to release my cum into her stomach. She swallowed everything and, when I finished spurting, opened her mouth and released my well-used cock. She came up beside me and said, “Good morning.”

“Great morning and a great way to wake up,” I responded. In the background, I could hear someone else in the apartment and guessed it was Carla. After a while, the door opened and in walked Carla in a halter top and shorts. Jana was naked and both girls looked great, though different. Jana had jet black hair cut shorter than normal but it made her look pixie-like since, compared to Carla and myself, she was shorter than Carla being around five foot, four, and was built a little bit on the skinny side. Carla said, “You need to know something about Jana and me. We’re more than roommates. We’re first cousins, kissing cousins. We share everything including our bodies with each other.” With that statement, she threw the covers to one side exposing both of us to her view. They saw my cock began to rise again and their eyes widened and Carla licked her lips. “Why don’t you get comfortable and join us, Carla?” Jana said.

“I would like that,” she replied and unhooked her halter letting it fall away from her breasts. She then skinned down her shorts revealing that she wasn’t wearing panties. She then came over to the bed and planted a big kiss on Jana’s lips letting me see her use her tongue. She then moved to me but, instead of kissing my lips, she went down to my cock and started kissing and then sucking it. She quickly sucked it all the way into her mouth and down her throat until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Jana moved behind her and started to lick her pubes while Carla continued to give me a great and enthusiastic blow-job. I realized that the girls were almost equal at sucking cock. It didn’t take long for her throat to work me into a state of readiness and then beyond and I unloaded my second wad for the morning down her throat. As this happened, she was squealing from Jana using her mouth on her pussy making her cum with me.

The girls moved up beside me, one on each side. “Wow!” I said.

Carla said, “I needed that because I hadn’t had breakfast. If you liked sucking him, Jana, wait until he fucks your butt.”

“I’m ready when he is. I love a big, thick cock in my ass. I like it hard, rough and fast.”

I said, “I’ll do you as best as I can.” To which statement, Carla nodded.

Jana then went down to my cock and started sucking me back to hardness. Carla leaned into me for me to kiss her mouth and feel her breasts. It didn’t take long for me to regain my strength. Jana came up for air and said, “Now, fuck my ass with that cock.” She and Carla moved into a six-to-nine position with Jana on top. They started on each other and I moved into position behind Jana.

“Carla,” I said, “Put my cock in Jana.” I thought that she might put it in her mouth or Jana’s pussy to get me wet. Instead, Jana’s hands came around and pulled her butt cheeks apart and Carla put the head of my cock at Jana’s rosebud and, with her other hand pushed on my butt. I needed no further coaxing and pushed the head of my cock ataköy escort into her asshole spreading Jana’s sphincter and getting a grunt from her from the intrusion.

Jana raised her head from Carla’s pussy and moaned, “Oohhhh!” as my cock went in her ass. “Push it all the way in and fuck me hard! Make me moan! Pound my ass!” With that, I pushed in to the hilt and started fucking her ass with long, hard strokes. Each stroke in brought forth a grunt from Jana as she continued to suck Carla’s pussy. Carla licked Jana’s pussy and my balls as I stroked hard and fast into Jana’s ass holding on to her waist for leverage. I pounded as hard and long as I could with my strokes becoming faster and faster. Finally, I felt my balls tighten and then I fired my load deep into her asshole pulling her butt tight against my pubic bone. Jana’s head came up and she screamed her climax with me. To help us along (as if we needed help), Carla pushed two or three fingers into Jana’s pussy and one into my asshole as we shook together. As we came down from our orgasms, she pulled her fingers out. As I started to lean back and remove my tired cock from Jana’s behind, I could see her licking her fingers. When my cock dropped out, she took it into her mouth and licked me clean. When I fell back on the bed, I watched as Carla’s lips went to Jana’s asshole licking my cum from her butt. The girls lay back beside me. Jana said, “That was really good. Carla and I will have lots of fun with you.”

“I may have to get help to keep up the pace,” I replied.

“That’s fine. We have lots of friends who play with us. We like lots of good, hard, long, thick cock,” Jana said as she put her hand down on my resting cock giving it a gentle squeeze.

I looked at the time and realized that, in one hour, I would be taking a test. I told the girls and got out of bed, went into the shower. After showering, I toweled off and dressed. As I left, I saw Carla using a dildo on Jana’s ass as they started again.

I took the exam and returned to the girl’s apartment. Again, the door was locked but I used my key and entered. Upon entering, I could hear groaning from Jana’s room so I headed in that direction. There were the two girls on their sides facing but in a sixty-nine position. They were licking each other’s pussies. Behind each of them was a guy with his cock buried in an asshole. Everyone was grunting with effort. Carla looked up and saw me and smiled. The guy in her butt was obviously close to coming and she told me to get naked because I was next! The guy came in her ass. She and he held tight together to make it feel even better. When his limp cock came out, he moved out of the way and Carla motioned me over. “Fuck my ass the way I like it, Rick,” she moaned as Jana continued to lick her cunt. I pushed my cock all the way into her ass with one long motion. Immediately, I started banging her ass as hard as I could. She started moaning and crying, “Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Do it hard! Slam it in me!” I jackhammered in and out of her ass. Jana’s mouth moved down to my balls and my asshole and licked me as best as she could because of my movement. Finally, with one last inward thrust, I shot my load up her ass and screamed, “Take it, bitch! Take my load up your ass! Feel that cum!” Carla came with me screaming out her own climax.

When I pulled out limp, Jana took my cock in her mouth and licked me clean and dry. Then she went to Carla’s still opened butt and licked the juices from it.

During this time, the two guys who had come had left. Carla said, “I hope you didn’t mind sharing. Jana and I just can’t say, ‘no’ to anyone.”

“As long as you don’t mind me playing around, also,” I responded.

Carla said, “It’s okay. I love to fuck and don’t ever seem to get enough though you could come close to making me be monogamous. Jana and I like to have sex together and we have always shared our men. Jana is different. She is still technically a virgin as no man has ever been in her pussy. On the other hand, she loves getting ass fucked.”

“Yeah, and you’re the greatest. My ass is always available to your cock,” Jana added.

Carla started back, “As long as you can share us with other guys, you can keep the key and we will always be available to your cock. I have to admit you have an extraordinary cock and I want it in me a lot. You can even bring other girls here and fuck them. We’ll help.”

“Yeah, my ass aches for cock right now.” said Jana.

“Well, I think I can live with those terms,” I replied. Then, in a gruffer tone, “On your stomach, Jana. I’m going to pound your butt.” Jana rolled over and raised up on her knees on the bed to offer her ass to my now hard again cock. I slammed into her butt, popping through her sphincter mucle and pushing all the way to the hilt. She made a “woofing” sound as the air went out of her. Carla came up beside her and, as I stoked in and out as hard and fast as I could, she spanked Jana’s butt cheeks. It didn’t take long and I strained to the hilt and pumped another load of cum out of my balls and now into her ass. Truly exhausted, I lay back and Jana turned and started licking my cock clean moaning how thankful she was that I could fuck her so hard. Carla was behind her with her tongue deep in Jana’s ass licking up my cum.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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