My Lover the Soldier

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I’m sat in arrivals, at the airport, waiting for my lover, who I haven’t seen for thirteen months. He’s a soldier, and has been in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban, with the coalition forces.

Also sat with me is my son Josh, from my first marriage, and in the double pram by my side, are the twins, a Boy and a Girl, that my lover gave me before he left.

For your benefit I think I’ll start my story, where it should begin, the first time I met him.

My name is Allison, and I am a twenty five year old divorcee.

I loved my life, my marriage at nineteen, and my baby I had at twenty. As soon as my Husband found out that his freedom was restricted when the baby came, he took off with a young secretary, and we divorced a year later.

I dated casually, and hung out with friends, but never had sex with any of the men I dated.

People say I am very attractive, and to some men very sexy, or so they say. I am curvy, I take care of my body, and I have blonde hair, and deep blue eyes.

I loved sex, but my husband was always the wham, slam, thank you Mam type, and so I often resorted to masturbation to satisfy myself.

I worked from home after my husband left me, which gave me plenty of time, to look after my boy, and indulge in my fantasies.

Each morning I would dress, and make breakfast, before taking my Son Joshua, to school. Sometimes, during the day I would fantasise about the male teachers, the male parents, and masturbate to the most lurid fantasies. I would read the stories on the Literotica website. I enjoyed the stories about Women being forced or taken silently. Sometimes, I fantasise that a Man will dominate me, and force me, without hurting me, to do his bidding.

One morning, just after Josh had started school, I woke, showered, and put on a halter neck sundress, briefs, and some shoes. It was warm and sunny, and so I went braless. My breasts are quite firm, and many times I do go without support.

I fed us both, got Josh dressed, and then hand in hand with my little boy we started out for school. We waited at the bus stop, and although it was warm, the clouds were darkening.

It was a ten-minute ride to the stop outside the school, and as we got off the bus to walk the half-mile to school, a flash BMW car pulled up alongside us.

“Can you tell me where the school is?” a male’s voice shouted through the open window. I looked in, and saw a handsome Male, about twenty five, or so, and was looking into the most amazing eyes, eyes that I just couldn’t pull away from, and his question blocked in my conscience by an immediate fantasy of him jumping out of the car, and taking me.

The man was the stuff girls wet dreams are made of. Movie Star looks, his skin was tanned, and his hair was short and jet-black, and his eyes, his eyes were the most intense piercing hazel, that I had ever seen. His body seemed firm, and well built, but not so that it strained his clothes, but enough that I was soon aware of the warm wetness between my legs.

He looked directly into my eyes, and asked again, “The school, where’s the school?”

I felt as if I was going to faint, and speechless, I just pointed up the road.

“Thanks,” he shouted, and as he pulled away I looked in and saw a small child in the back, about the same age as Josh.

Walking to school down the tree lined covered streets, my breasts tingled, and my pussy throbbed. As we got closer to the school it started to spit with rain, and so I hurried Josh as quickly as his little legs could run. We weren’t too wet when we arrived at his school, and I saw the BMW parked in the school car park.

After a short discussion with his teacher, I kissed Josh, and said, “See you later big man.”

When I got outside, it was raining quite hard, and the car was still parked, I thought about the man, and I knew if I masturbated later that morning, he would figure in my fantasy. As I walked I imagined him taking me, using me, and forcing me to do what he wanted. Before I arrived at the bus stop I was soaking wet, both bodily, and sexually.

As I stood waiting for the bus, and still fantasising about the man who’d asked directions, a car pulled up, a BMW car, his car.

“Need a lift?” he shouted through the open window.

I nodded my head, and then shook it, “No’ I’m ok I’ll catch the bus,” I said, embarrassed that he may have read my daydreams, and caught me fantasising about him.

“Get in,” the man shouted, and opening the door, said, “You helped me, let me help you.”

“I’m wet,” I replied, not realising what I had said, and that it could be took a different way, especially when he smiled. He opened the door, and I got in, instantly wetting his seat. Smelling his scent, his aftershave, I began breathing in more of his aroma.

“Are you really wet,” he asked, smiling.

I realised it was a sexual innuendo, and said, “Yes I am,” flicking water onto him, from my wet fingers. He grabbed my hand, and held it tightly, driving with one hand.

I Sakarya Escort felt the electricity in his touch, and made no effort to free my hand from his grip.

He laid my hand on his leg, and moved it up and down. He stopped when my hand was near his crotch, and a few moments later he let go of my hand. I kept my hand were it was, as he felt my body, running his hand from my shoulders to my crotch.

“Yes you are wet,” he sniggered, as his hand caressed the top of my leg.

“Where to?” he asked, placing his hand back on the steering wheel. I told him where I lived, and he said, “I know where that is, by the way, my name’s Tony.”

“Allison,” I replied.

My hand remained on his leg, as I said, “Thanks for the lift, I said, “Waiting in the rain I would have been really soaked.” The rain was absolutely pelting down, but Tony said, “Oh I think you are going to be a lot wetter, soon.” I took it as another sexual innuendo, and just smiled at him, hiding the fact that my body was on fire, and I wanted him to make me wetter.

While he drove me home, I thought to myself, is he thinking about my short dress, and wondering if I have on anything underneath? I knew he was peeking at my breasts, as I leaned over to talk to him.

We arrived at my house, and not wanting him to leave just then, I invited him in, by saying, “Coffee, would you like a coffee,” hoping he would accept. Tony nodded, and he said, “Come on make a run for it,” opening the car door. He waited for me to get out, and as we raced for the door, he locked the car doors with his remote.

Laughing together, as I entered my home, Tony was behind me, and he pushed the door shut with his foot, and at the same time he grabbed me, and kissed me, pressing me up against the wall. He slowly pulled me into his chest with his strong arms encasing me.

There was something about being in his arms, and with my need for a man I didn’t even allow my mind to question what he, we, might do.

“You need to get out of these wet clothes,” he said, and he still had me pressed up against my hallway wall. His hands began stripping me of my summer dress, and soon, except for my knickers and shoes, I was naked in front of him, and it was only a second later that his lips were kissing my lips again, and then bending down, sucking on my rock hard nipples, and his hands were squeezing my firm breasts.

My hands pressed against the back of his head, and I tilted my head backwards as he sucked on one of my nipples, and then the other, alternately rubbing, and tweaking the other nipple with his hand. Tony reached up and held my head, as he put his mouth to mine. His lips were strong, firm, and yet gentle, and yet the kiss was passionate, demanding. As we kissed my breasts pressed firmly into his chest.

He pulled me into the lounge, and backed me up to the sofa, pushing me back, until I was sitting down. Tony then put his hands on my knees, and pushed, forcing me to part my legs.

I felt him trace the soft flesh of my thighs and my breath quickened when I felt his fingers on my panty covered cunt lips.

I just smiled, as I opened my legs wider. Tony began unbuttoning his shirt as he eyed my breasts. They were firm, and my nipples pointed upward. Throwing his shirt aside, he unfastened his belt and pants, letting his eyes flow down my body. I watched him pull off his pants and then slide his underwear down.

Bending my legs at the knees, he crawled between my knees and ripped my knickers off, before moving his cock to my cunt. With out thinking of what I was doing, and in the heat of the moment, wanting him, I took his cock in my hand, my fingers felt the heat in him, and opening my cunt lips with the other hand I guided him into me.

I gasped, as he plunged into my pussy, shoving himself to the hilt. Moving beneath him, I ground my clit up on him, until he pulled back for another thrust.

It was hot, fast, and hard, as our bodies slammed together, each drawing pleasure from the other, each giving as we took, because of the ever increasing level of sexual tension.

My breasts rolled up and down, as my body was jolted by each of Tony’s thrusts. My face contorted in complete abandon, as I pushed my hips up to meet Tony’s cock.

I moaned in long, luxuriant expressions of desire that were matched Tony’s rhythmic grunts that accompanied each thrust. His pubic bone slapped against mine, as we fucked.

I began lifting my hips clear of the sofa, as I rose to match him thrust for thrust. Tony was pumping me with the full length of his cock, and I climaxed. He pushed my legs into my chest and was driving his cock in and out of me, and suddenly I became delirious, and started shaking from another orgasm.

Seeing that I was trying to catch my breath, Tony slowed his thrusting for a couple minutes, as I continued my writhing, and heavy breathing.

Then Tony picked up his pace again, and began furiously fucking me again, until, I orgasmed Sakarya Escort Bayan again screaming hysterically, “Oh God, fuck me, don’t stop.” Hearing my words, his efforts became more forceful, as he rammed even harder back and forth.

The frequency of my squeals became more frequent, and of a higher pitch. He thrust even faster, and harder, into me, and I knew he was getting ready to explode.

Every stroke of his cock and every thrust were done with explicit intention of making me cum again, before him.

He leaned down, and whispered in my ear, “Cum, cum now, cum for me,” and he slowed his thrusts, wanting to ensure that I hit my climax. I could feel his cock begin to swell inside me, and felt him erupt. At that point I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and started my final explosion as he began to cum deep inside me.

We climaxed together, as I felt Tony’s cock splashing my cunt in wet spurts, and pulsing contractions.

Tony let his weight fall upon me. I savoured the pressure on me, and the warm wetness inside me. As he pulled away from me, the feel of his cock slipping out of my pussy, caused me to utter, “Ahhh,”

He climbed up onto the sofa, and sat beside me. We gradually came round, neither of us saying a word, as we tried to control our breathing.

When I recovered, I still wanted more, I wanted him in bed, and slowly I stood up, taking Tony’s hand, and led him upstairs. I opened my bedroom door and he followed me in, and for a brief moment I couldn’t remember if I had made the bed that morning or not, I looked at my bed, and realised that I had.

He picked me up unexpectedly, I squealed, and he carried me to my bed. As he placed me down on my bed, my legs wrapped around him, and his mouth instantly went to my right nipple again, sucking and biting, licking, and kissing it.

My head fell back, and I pushed my breasts forward. His lips moved up my body and met my lips once more, and once again his kiss was strong and forceful, his tongue intruding into my mouth, plying with my own tongue. He was pulling me up to him, and pushing me down, I was unsure of what he actually wanted,

Tony was letting me know he was in control, and I could feel the hardness of his body, as he pulled me up to him.

My hands were now on his shoulders, as we kissed, they slowly started to move down his arms, through and onto his hips, and moving down, finding his cock, I held it in my hands and stroked him like before. I turned him round, so that he was sat on the bed, with his legs dangling over the side. He leaned back, and I slid from the bed, and knelt between his knees.

I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and began kissing it. It didn’t bother me that his cock was covered in our combined juices. My tongue slowly licked around the head of his cock, and my hands were at the base of his cock, holding it with a certain amount of pressure, as my mouth opened and his cock slid easily into my throat.

My hands met my mouth halfway along his thickness, and my mouth and hands worked together to give Tony pleasure. Moving my hands, my mouth continued down Tony’s hard cock to the base. I moved my mouth back along his cock to the tip, and felt his hands move to my head. I looked up, and saw him smile at me. I continued licking around the tip once again, and then I licked the underside of his cock, gently, with just the tip of my tongue to the base of his cock. When I moved back to the tip, Tony let out a moan of pleasure, as I opened my mouth and once again took his cock in. He pushed forward this time making me take his cock to the back of my throat, and I sucked harder, my hands moving to his waist, as I pulled him into me.

Tony started to thrust his hips up, and I sucked his cock harder, and faster, trying so hard to please him.

Tony pulled my head from his cock, and lifting me from my knees he lay me down on the bed. He just smiled at me as he bent my knees, and placed my feet flat against the mattress. When he laid over me I could feel the hardness of his cock against my stomach. He straddled my stomach, taking my hands in his and lifting them above my head, and kissing me roughly on the lips. He sat upward and took both of my hands into one of his, leaving one of his hands free, with his free hand he started to fondle one of my breasts. I could feel his cock getting even harder against my stomach.

He moved up my body and placed his cock between my breasts, squeezing them together, and as he pushed forward the tip of his hard cock touched my lips, after three thrusts I started to lick the tip of his cock, Tony was smiling down on me, and could see how much I was enjoying what he was doing. Tony thrust a few more times and then moved further up my body, straddling my face, his knees either side of my head, and he let go of my hands. I took his cock deep into my throat, as with each thrust forward he would feed more into my mouth.

I sucked long and hard, as my hands held his thighs, and Escort Sakarya caressed his legs, sucking and licking his cock the whole time. Tony was forcing his cock into my mouth as far as it would go, and I felt I was going to gag, but it just made me want him to do it more, and so I pulled him into my mouth. Tony started to fuck my face faster, and then said, “I’m going to cum.”

I sucked as hard and fast as I could and got ready to swallow as much of him as I could. I sucked hard, and he climaxed, and even though he’d already cum once in me, he spurted with such force, that he squirted half of his cum straight down my throat. I swallowed most of his cum, and the rest leaked out down my chin and neck, and into my hair. Tony stayed there so that I could clean him all off, and smiled at me, as I licked him clean. He stroked my face he said “Good Girl.”

Tony lifted one of my legs over him, and lay next to me, and holding my face in his hands he kissed me. I knew he could taste his cum, as he searched my mouth with his tongue. One of his hands left my face and moved down to my now dripping wet pussy. He wasn’t gentle with me, as he roughly stuck his middle finger deep into my pussy. Tony then crawled between my legs, and started to kiss the tops of my thighs, slowly working to my pussy. He started licking along the fleshy lips, and along my slit, working up slowly to my clit. I started to pinch and pull on my nipples, before I moved my hands down, and held onto his that were holding open the tops of my legs.

Tony licked along my slit, before pressing it into my pussy. I pushed my body down onto his tongue, and sighed, with a loud, “Ahhh.”

Then Tony moved his tongue back to my clit, and softly, with lip cushioned teeth, bit it, and at the same time shoved two fingers deep into my pussy. “Oh God,” I moaned, and as he finger fucked me, he was sending me over the edge.

When he moved his fingers faster, and harder, in my pussy, and at the same time sucked my clit into his mouth, my body tensed and I screamed out, “Yes, yes, yes,” as I orgasmed. My body thrashed all over the bed, as my juices flowed freely from my soaking pussy.

Tony lapped up all my juices, and then kissing slowly back up my body to my mouth he made me taste myself from my juices in his mouth. I was in heaven, and doing what we were doing felt so right.

Tony started to kiss my neck, and I could feel his hardness once again, against my pussy, pressing hard against me. I bucked my hips up so that he knew I wanted him, needed him inside me again.

Tony slowly slid his cock against my slit, rubbing it over my clit, and teasing me by saying, “Do you want me to fuck you, is that what you want?” he asked.

Desire filled my senses, as I realised he was making me beg him.

“Tony,” I started, “Please fuck me” I begged, “Fuck me Tony.”

He let out a small laugh, and then in one swift movement, his cock was buried deep in my pussy.

Even though he’d already fucked me once, it felt like he had impaled me onto something hot and sharp. His hands once again moved to my breasts, and he kneaded them in his strong hands, while my body thrashed around the bed under him.

I was pushing urgently up to him, and my cunt muscles kept tightening around his cock, sucking him in, and then pushing him out.

“Fuck me harder you Bastard,” I screamed at him. I couldn’t get enough of him, as his cock fucked my pussy raw.

He wasn’t being gentle with me, and he knew I didn’t want him to be. Tony knew what I wanted, and he knew how to give it to me.

He forced his cock deep into my pussy, grinding his hips into me once he had it all the way in.

Tony’s hands were again squeezing and pinching my breasts. He used my breasts as handles, to lift my body, and push it back down, leaving marks on them.

“Cum Bitch, cum,” he ordered.

Once he had told me to “Cum,” he started to get rougher, thrusting fiercely, violently into me, as he screamed, “Fucking cum, now,” and relentlessly pounded my pussy, I began to experience a multiple orgasm. His words, plus his lovemaking was making me cum one after the other. I must have cum six times in a row before I felt his thighs tighten, and his cock swell.

He slammed his cock deep into my pussy, smashing his pubic bone against mine. With his whole body weight on me, he lifted his hips, and he pulled the head of his cock back to the entrance of my pussy. In a split second, he rose up, and dropping his weight once more on me, he thrust hard, held himself deep inside me, and climaxed cumming deep inside me, splashing my cervix with hot sperm.

At that point feeling him unload inside me, made me cum again, as I shouted, “Oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

His hands wrapped around my body holding me tightly, and I held on to him, gasping for breath. Our bodies were just a mess of sweat, and cum.

“Sorry,” he murmured, he wanted me to know that if he had hurt me he only did it because he knew it was what I wanted.

We lay for an hour, and held each other, kissing and talking. His hands continued roaming my body, and stroking my intimate places.

He told me he was a Soldier, and was being posted Afghanistan the day after. He asked if he could write to me, and of course I said, “Yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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