My Loving Gym Teacher Ch. 01

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My name is Ariel, I stand 5 foot 4 inches. I have dirty blonde hair that goes down past my shoulder blades. I weigh about 120 pounds and have C cup breasts that defy gravity. I had just turned 18 when I was transferred out of my dance 2 class and put into standard gym class.

I walked into the gym 15 minutes after the bell had rung. I felt every eye turn to look at me while every guys` mouth dropped open. I was wearing a small baby pink tank top that clung to my body like a second skin. My shorts defined my ass as they hung a little more loosely. My breasts bounced and my ass swayed with every step I took. Lucky enough my tan from the summer was still there although a little faded. I sat next to one of my friends named Stephanie. Her stomach popped out of her small size like a balloon. She had pimples that went from her jaw down to her collar bone. Her dark brown hair was always pulled into a loose messy bun on the top of her head. She was nothing special but has to be one of the smartest people I know. Just last semester she sneaked into the principal’s office and changed all my F grades to B`s.

“Do you know who the new teacher is?” I asked Stephanie still feeling several people’s eyes crawl all over my body.

“No, but his name is Mr. Scott and I hear he`s really cute.” She said her smile growing wider. I bumped her with my shoulder and we laughed. We talked for about 5 more minutes about prom and weekend plans. We both turned to the door as we heard it open.

Mr. Scott walked in, my lips slightly parted as I took in the sight of him. He had to be around 6 feet tall an amazing frame of muscle. He had on a white tank top that showed off his chest muscles and outlined his abs. His hair was buzzed shaved off and he had a 5 o’clock shadow. His green eyes looked at all the teenagers in the room and finally met mine.


I was late and for the life of me couldn’t find my way to the gym. I wondered around the halls looking like an idiot. The school map was no help and glanced at my watch.

“Do need help finding something?” A sweet voice asked behind me. I turned around and to see a plump redhead. She had glasses and a floral skirt that when down to her calves.

“Um yea do you know where the gym is?” I asked her. She walked me to the gym with a silence. When we got to the gym I turned to say thank you but she was already walking down the hall.

“I didn’t even get her name.” I whispered. I opened the gym doors and saw around 30 kids scattered in their cliques. Everyone in their everyday clothes and talking among themselves. As I walked in more and more kids turned to look at me. Everyone looked like the average teenager and none really stuck out. That was until my eyes caught the stare of the sexiest girl in the entire gym. I feasted on the sight of her breasts contained in her small top. Her shorts barley covering her upper thighs showed her light brown skin that matched her entire body. Some of her blonde hair hung loosely in her face while most in the back. I stared into her ocean blue eyes and her plump pink lips. I imagined softly rubbing my cock head around them as cum coated her lips like lip gloss. I shook my head and looked at the clock, how long was I staring at her?

“Okay guys, my name pendik escort is Mr. Scott and because we are starting so late, we will only do a warm up today.” I said as I walked to the front of the gym.

“Everyone spread out and begin doing crunches.” As the teenagers begin doing their crunches I walked around, making sure they were all being done correctly. I walked over to the stunning blonde and luckily she wasn’t doing them correctly. I bent down next to her and gently touched her back.

“No, see you shouldn’t arch your back as much otherwise you’ll get cramps.” My other hand reached for her stomach and I straightened her back out. My hand brushed the bottom of her breasts as I pulled away.

“Thanks Mr. Scott.” She said in the sweetest voice I had ever heard. Her smile was wide and showed off her cheekbones. All I could manage was a smile back and I started to walk away.


As Mr. Scott touched my stomach I felt myself grow slightly wet. His hands were firm and I began to get lost in a thought of him groping them. I imagined his cock gagging my throat as I tried to fit him all the way down. His cock thrusting into me at rapid pace as I moaned and clung to his back. His hands lifted away from my stomach and back, bringing my away from my day dream. My thong was soaked and tried to sneak a glance to see if they made a spot on my shorts. I looked up at him and smiled thanking him for the help. His eyes roamed my body glistening from the thin coat of sweat. He smiled and walked away, the rest of the class all I could do was imagine a fierce sexual tryst between us.

When the bell rang I jumped slightly and stood up from push up position. I started to walk out of the gym with Stephanie as Mr. Scott called my name.

“I’ll catch up with you at lunch.” I waved Stephanie goodbye and walked my way up to the teacher. His eyes followed my bouncing breasts every time they went up and down.

“Yes.” I said smiling with my hands behind my back.

“I think you need some extra practice with your sit-ups and crunches. I would like it if you stayed after school every Tuesday and Friday to work on them.” His voice was deep and almost soothing to listen too.

“Yea I can do that, but on Fridays I won’t have a way to get home.” This wasn’t true but I needed a way to get him alone.

“I could drive you if that’s okay with your parents” He said, I noticed his smile growing and I hoped it was with the thought of being alone in a car with me.

“I live alone so yes that would be fine.” Again I lied but I only lived with my father and he worked most of the day than usually spent the night at his girlfriend’s house.

“Great I’ll see you tomorrow than.” He smiled and I wanted so badly to kiss him right there and feel his tongue against mine.

“Cool bye.” Without thinking I gave him a hug. I felt his muscular chest squeeze my breasts and his strong arms reach around my and hug me back. I pulled away and didn’t give him a chance to respond. I leaned against the wall outside the gym and smiled.

The weekend was a blur, for the first time in months I had no plans and was alone in my house. I started to think about Mr. Scott`s hands feeling my body and his lips all over mine. My hand reached maltepe escort to my pussy and I pushed two fingers into my moist pussy. With every thought of him my pussy grew wetter and wetter, it wasn’t long until my fingers her furiously fucking me. I moaned and grabbed my right breasts, kneading my nipple with my thumb and index finger. I spread my legs on my bed and felt myself getting ready to have my orgasm. With a few more thrusts of my fingers I squirted all over my blanket and sheets. I relaxed my body and drifted into a deep sleep.

By the time Tuesday I had finger fucked myself to the thought of Mr. Scott about 40 times. I walked into the gym after school wearing another skin tight shirt with ripped shorts. My tan legs locked as I walked in my heels. I made sure today that I didn’t wear my bra so my nipples poked through the thin fabric of my shirt.


As soon as she walked in my eyes carved her body and my cock twitched in my pants. I knew she had to be mine.

“Hi uh.” Then it hit me I didn’t even know her name.

“It Ariel.” She giggled and gave me another intoxicating hug. Her firm breasts pressed up to my chest. My arms found the curve of her back and I gave her a little squeeze. We pulled away and I looked into her eyes.

“We should get started.” I said coming back down to Earth. I could see the disappointment in her eyes as she laid on the floor on the floor getting ready to do sit-ups. I got her into the proper position and she began doing perfect sit-ups. After about 10 minutes her body started to sweat and I was getting a perfect view down her shirt every time she came up. I felt myself getting hard looking at her. With how close she was to my waist I knew she could feel it too. I had to avoid the situation of her actually finding out I was getting a hard on from her.

“Okay let’s do push ups now.” I told her, as she adjusted her body her hand slipped down and fell directly on my cock. Her eyes met mine as soon as it did. She smiled her amazing smile and we kissed. Her plump lips pushed hard against mine as our tongues played with each other. My right hand caressed her head and my left held her jaw. We finally broke the kiss and it was seconds before I was pulling her top off. Her breasts popped free and I took them both in my hands and I licked in between them. I kissed all over her chest and around her nipple. I heard her moan as she pushed my head into her chest.

I took her right nipple in my mouth and my tongue flicked it. I sucked on her nipple while my other hand kneaded the breast. I went back up to her mouth and kissed her more passionately than before. I laid her down on the cold gym floor and felt her body shiver. I kissed her mouth than her breasts and down to her stomach. I un buttoned her shorts and slowly pulled them off. Her small black thong covered her pussy perfectly. I took it off and revealed a clean shaved pussy. I glided my index finger over her pussy and pressed gently on her clitoris before reaching her moist opening. I slowly stuck one finger in and was amazed by how tight she was.

I teased her with my finger as my thumb rubbed her clitoris hard. As she got wet I began viciously finger fucking her. Her hips bucked and she let out a soft moan. kartal escort To my surprise she had already reached her orgasm. I smiled at her and licked her cum off of my fingers tasting how sweet she was. She sat up and stared into my eyes, she gave me a slow gentle kiss. I put her on my lap and she began grinding on my hard cock.


Ariel got off my lap and her perfect hands fumbled with my pants button before she got it un done. She took out my 8 inch cock and wrapped her hand around it. She lowered her small plump lips to the head of my cock and kissed it. Ariel began teasing me just like I was doing to her by gently sucking my head.

I was amazed by his sized, I had never taken a cock this big. I didn’t want to tease him but I didn’t know if I could take all of him. I licked his cock from his base back up to his head before I got the courage to clear my throat and take him in my mouth. I got about half way on the first try and I heard him grunt. I started going faster, my tongue playing with his head. His hand reached down and made my head go all the down, my nose was in his pubic hair. I pulled up gagging and breathing heavy, I noticed the pre-cum surfacing and I liked it all off enjoying the taste. My left hand reached down and massaged his balls as I went all the down on his cock again. I sucked his cock and got more enthusiasm every time I heard him grunt or moan. Mr. Scott was fully hard and he brought me off of his cock and laid me on the floor. He was on top of me and guided his cock to my wet pussy hole.

I grabbed his back as he began thrusting into me gentle at first but then he gained an amazing amount of speed. My nails began to dig into his skin as he got faster and harder. I felt his balls slap against my ass with every thrust. My legs wrapped around his waist urging him to go even faster than he already was. I was about to go into my orgasm when he picked me up and slammed me against the closed bleachers. My legs remained wrapped around him and I clung to his back while he kissed my neck. I shook in my orgasm and felt my body relax. His hands gripped my ass and held me up as his cock dove harder and harder into my pussy. Without warning he took his cock out and shoved it into my ass.

I squealed in pain, it was the first time I was letting someone fuck my ass. Pain quickly turned into pleasure and I was loving every thrust he took into my ass. He held me close as he laid down and I was on his lap. I leaned forward putting my hands on his chest and bounced my ass up and down. Mr. Scott reached around my body and grabbed my ass and started his own rhythm of fucking. I moaned and kissed him my tongue locking with his. I felt my pussy start to balloon around his cock and seconds later I squirted all over him. He smiled through our kiss looked into my eyes as he continued fucking me, his balls slapping my thighs.

“Get on your knees baby, I’m going to cum.” He said this with dominance in his voice. I got on my knees and sucked the head. I worked my way all the down his cock as his hand reached behind my head and he fucked my mouth. His hand gripped pulling my hair and my mouth off his cock. I looked up into his green eyes.

“Please Mr. Scott, please let me swallow all your cum. I really want to feel it on my tongue.” I begged and heard him grunt. His cum landed on my cheek and my mouth, it was thick and took me a second to get it all down. I looked up at him and down his body. That’s when I noticed for the first time, his wedding band on his finger.

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