My Mates Touched Up My Sister

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My sister Kate was always popular and as we grew up she became very popular with guys, and with her many good looking girlfriends I was not complaining. All my friends told me that she was very sexy.

I usually had mates stay over at mine on the weekends, especially when I was home alone because we would get drunk on my dad’s beers and play video games all night!

One Friday night when I had just turned 19 my two college friends came round for a planned gaming session. Kate was home from University as it was summer holidays so as usual she was told to watch out for us as my mum & dad were going away for the weekend and her being 22 and at uni they thought she was the more responsible.

She was meant to have gone out but someone got sick so she agreed to stay in.

We decided to have a whole night playing computer games and watching porn. We were ready for bed though (Boxers and tee shirts) just in case Kate checked on us.

My mates always asked me awkward questions about Kate and tonight was no exception!!

Steve asked ‘Have you ever seen her naked?’ I said ‘Of course but when we were both very young.’

Pete said ‘Shame it wasn’t recent, I reckon Kate has an amazing body with big firm boobs!’

I said nothing as I was kind of used to this type of talk. Steve said ‘I heard boobs were really bouncy, not firm?’

Pete argued ‘Well they can’t be both can they? Does she wear underwear to sleep in? I have heard that some women with big boobs have to wear bras to sleep in?’

‘How would I know, it isn’t like I can ask her is it!’ I said. ‘Well we could try to get her to bend over and see if we can see any bra?’ Steve said.

Pete thought this a good plan and I had had enough to drink to agree to anything to get them to be quiet.

Just then Kate called up to say she was about to watch a horror film and did we want to see it too. Both my mates winked at me and raced off downstairs.

Kate was fairly drunk at this point after helping herself to most of a bottle of wine and was curled up on the three seater sofa. She seemed to be wearing etiler eve gelen escort her night clothes as well (Light blue loose buttoned pyjama top and matching bottoms).

My mates sat either side of her so I took the single chair across from them.

Because Kate was leaning to Pete’s side of the sofa I could see him darting looks at her chest trying to see more cleavage although by his face he was not having any luck.

This went on for about 20mins until Kate asked for more wine. I got up and so did the guys so they could help me!!

In the kitchen Steve asked if Pete had seen anything and he said sadly ‘No, but if we can make her move around we might see more. I did see she has four buttons undone on her top!’ If Kate leans forward we could defiantly see if she is wearing any bra under her top!’

Steve said ‘I think we should tickle her, that would get her moving and maybe then we could see something!’ ‘I’m so up for that!’ Pete said.

Now I could have argued against this but I was very drunk and also a little curious myself to see how far this would go so I agreed.

I took the wine and some more beers back in to Kate who started drinking from the bottle. About 10mins later Kate sat up for a scary bit of the film although she was swaying a lot.

Pete then poked her in the side and she jumped a bit with a giggle. ‘That tickles’ said Kate, just as Steve did the same thing from the other side. ‘Ha ha, stop that!’ she said.

They both began to tickle gently so laughing she pulled her legs up and into a ball so they could not get to her. I knew her feet were very sensitive so I grabbed them, which made Kate howl and throw her feet forwards so she was rigidly straight.

All three of us were tickling her now and I noticed their boxers were tenting a fair bit (as was mine)! Kate had tears of laughter in her eyes and while she was trying to get away I noticed the guy’s hands moving higher on Kate’s sides.

As their hands were near level with Kate’s now bouncing boobs she tried to get up and leaned etiler grup yapan escort forwards. I couldn’t see fully but I could see enough to know she was not wearing a bra under her straining top. The guy’s saw that I had had a good view and as they caught my eye I shook my head which made them both grin wickedly.

Kate reached out to me to help her up and as I took her hands to pull her Pete and Steve each put a hand under her breasts to pull her back down. I tried again and this time as Kate was coming up they put their hands up onto Kate’s breasts pulling her back.

She was so drunk that she didn’t notice and kept trying to wriggle free whilst laughing. I let her fall back and after about 10 seconds of Steve and Pete groping Kate’s boobs with one hand and tickling with the other she seemed to realise what was happening and pushed them away then made it off the sofa.

Kate was not as mad as I thought she would be but she said ‘I’m going to watch the rest of this in my room for some peace and quiet.’ I did notice that her nipples were very visible now, with that she took the bottle and went upstairs.

Pete and Steve were both wide eyed with big grins on their faces and kept saying ‘Kate’s boobs were bouncy and firm and her nipples felt amazing!’ We settled then and kept drinking until the film ended. Steve said he needed the loo so we got another film ready while he was gone.

When Steve came back he said he wanted to show us something so we went upstairs after him and followed him to Kate’s room where the door was a little open, (Usually she locks it at night).

As I looked in I could see that Kate was bundled in bed and out for the count with the tv still on but mute. So we moved quietly up to the side of her bed where her small reading light was on and the near empty bottle of wine was sat.

Steve leaned and touched Kate’s face with his hand, she didn’t move at all. With a wicked grin Pete pulled the duvet slowly from off of Kate’s chin, as she didn’t move he pulled it further off Kate and as more of her appeared etiler masöz escort I wondered at her beauty.

Pete now had totally removed the cover from Kate and she was on her side facing us in her night clothes. I knew this was wrong as she is drunk but I was also sporting a huge boner and lots of beer, I also thought it would shut these guys up for good to see a little more.

I reached over and undid two more buttons from her top and shifted it to show a lot of cleavage. ‘Wow she is gorgeous!’ Whispered Steve ‘Yeah, I wonder if she is wearing panties?’ said Pete. With that Steve gently pushed Kate over so she was now lying on her back, he then put his hand into Kate’s top and started squeezing one of her boobs.

Steve untied the draw string of Kate’s Bottoms and slowly pulled them down. She was still covered by her top and I was very nervous now. Steve reached over put his hand on Kate’s outer thigh then slid his hand around to her inner thigh and up under her top, at this Kate shifted and incredibly slightly opened her legs!

Steve said ‘Oh my, oh my, oh my! Kate has no panties on at all!’ As Steve said this he undid the last three buttons on her top and opened it so we were now staring at Kate totally naked with a heaving mound of bush that almost made me come right there. That is enough I thought but Pete leaned forward and without saying anything he started kissing Kate’s erect nipples.

Steve then started stroking Kate between her legs. Kate moved her legs wider apart and started to moan and breath heavily. Steve then swapped with Pete and now he started to push his hand deep between Kate’s legs. Kate let out a long low moan as Pete entered her with his finger and slowly moved it back and forth.

Faster and faster it got until I thought Kate would surely wake up but instead she ground her teeth and came over Pete’s hand. At this point we quickly put all Kate’s clothes as we had found them and pulled the cover back over her, hopefully she would think she had had a good wet dream.

One by one we excused ourselves and it was pretty obvious that we were jacking off in the bathroom! (Yes even me!). We all went back and drank most of my dad’s beer supply and for the rest of the night no one asked me any awkward questions.

Kate never mentioned anything the next day or since. (I went on to be a very popular boy in our school!). But I do wonder if she was as drunk as she seemed to be that night?

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