My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses Ch. 03

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This story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!

Chapter three of My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses has finally arrived! So sit back, relax and enjoy it!


I watched them.

I watched their beautiful naked bodies slowly crawling up to me.

Mom to the left, Casey to my right and Debby between my legs.

Their eyes sparkled with lust and love, their smiles bright as ever.

“Someone is happy to see us.” Purred my mother as she pressed her fleshy mounds of joy against the left side of my chest, she then started to kiss my neck with soft little pecks.

“You wanted this, didn’t you little brother? All three of us, together at the same time.” Whispered Casey into my right ear before she started to gently nibble on my earlobe, her impressive rack also pressing into me.

I then felt two soft little hands wrapping around my already towering man meat, I looked towards it to see my little sister giving me a very naughty look, she licked her lips and spoke.

“Only the three of us are allowed to make you feel like this, to love you in way that only your sisters and mother can. We will be together forever, big brother.”

She wrapped her soft little mouth around the tip of my cock, using her tongue to tease me, almost torturing me with an insane technique that I would have never expected to come from her.

Mom and Casey started to giggle as they heard me moan, they both threw one of their legs over mine, their moist pussies rubbing up and down my thighs. As they rubbed up and down they started to assault me with a barrage of kisses.

“Tonight we are going to please you in every way possible darling.” Said my mother between her kisses.

“Tonight we will serve you in any way you want little brother.” Said Casey after my mother spoke.

Debby released her mouth from my cock with a loud plop and licked her lips once again before speaking.

“Tonight we are going to make you cum, as many times you want big brother.”

She plunged her mouth down onto my cock before I could even respond. I was being swallowed to the brim by my sweet, cute little sister. She looked up to me with those blue, piercing eyes of her when she reached rock-bottom. Her sights were set on making me, her big brother cum.

I moaned hard now, already reaching the urge to start spewing out my seed into one of my family members mouth. The girls weren’t lying, they are going to make me cum, they want to make me cum.

I threw my hands onto my mother’s and Casey’s ass, I kneaded them with full content. If they were going to make me cum, then I would return that favor by any means possible.

I could hear them both moan now, and Debby was doing the same as her voice made my cock vibrate with pleasure. Tonight was going to be our night, the four of us together, engaged in a forbidden, taboo love fest. I closed my eyes and smiled, I loved my family.



Jake’s eyes popped open as soon the loud beeping noise started to penetrate his ears. He looked to his left and could see his cellphone screen lighting up, he quickly grabbed it and turned off the alarm.

“What the hell? I’m one-hundred percent sure that I didn’t leave it over there and I certainly did not set my alarm.” He said to himself before letting out a yawn.

He then noticed that somebody had sent him a message, he swept his finger over the screen to be greeted by a picture of his mother blowing him a kiss. Under the picture it said; “Clean up the mess before we come down, you two made quite a scene last night. -xxx- Mom.”

“She and her super hearing… Well, guess the cat is out of the bag now, Mom knows that my relationships with both my sisters have reached a point of no return. At least she isn’t mad about it, I thought she would freak out if she would see me with Debby.” He mumbled to himself.

“Mhm… Speaking of Debby.” Said Jake as he looked down.

His little sister was curled up like a cat, her head on his legs, softly snoozing without a care in the world. Jake smiled to himself, even asleep she was such a cute girl.

“No wonder she always sleeps till late on the weekends, you would need a bomb to wake her up.”

Jake started to poke her softly, she had to wake up to help him with cleaning another incestuous crime-scene filled with their ‘evidence’.

“Deb… Come on Debby, wake up sleepyhead!” He whispered loud.

After a few more pokes and whispers she started to slowly wakeup.

“Ughhh… Sleeeepy.” She yawned as her eyes started to open a little.

“Finally… Come on you little minx, we have to clean up our eh… stuff.” Said Jake.

Debby rubbed her eyes before pulling herself up by using Jake’s shoulders. “Oh, hi big brother!” She said with a giggle before straddling his lap further. She leaned forward and gave him a big kiss on his lips, she then started to rub her soft cheek against his. “I loooooove you big brother.” She bursa escort purred.

Jake started to laugh softly. “Jesus Deb, you really are one of a kind!” He said while enjoying his little sister’s affection.

“Oh my gosh! Your legs… and mine… and this couch! They are all yucky!” She said after a while, sticking her tongue out a little.

“Yeah, exactly. I do assume that you still remember what we did last night, dear sister?” Said Jake.

Debby started to blush, she then gave her brother another big kiss on his lips. “How could I ever forget that? I loved every second of it!” She said proudly.

“You and me both Deb, but now we have to clean this mess and ourselves, Don’t want Mom or Casey catch the room, and us in this state.”

Debby nodded as she looked around the room. “Wow, we really did make a mess, didn’t we?” She giggled. “Say how late is it?”

“Seven in the morning, since Casey and Mom are both free we should be able to get this done easily. They probably will be downstairs around nine.” Answered Jake.

“Seven… In the morning?!” Said Debby with a grumpy look. She then let herself slide down her brother’s legs before placing her head back on them where they were before she woke up. “Gimme… an extra half hour… Little sisters need their beauty sleeps…” She yawned, trying to fall back asleep.

Jake shook his head. “No no little minx, it’s time to clean… UP!” He said to her before attacking her with another tickle barrage.

“Eek!” Yelped Debby, just like she did last night, she then started to giggle again. “Okay! Okay! I give up! You win big brother!” She giggled while rolling around on Jake’s legs.

Jake stopped his attack and smiled at her. “Good! How about this, I do the couch, and you do our clothes and the uh… ‘Involved surroundings’?”

“Alright, let’s do this! Let’s get this place cleaned up so good that it will even match Mom’s cleaning skills!” Said his sister as she stood up from the couch. “But before that…” She added.

Debby turned around and took her brother’s face into her soft hands. Once more she leaned forward and gave him another big kiss, but this one took longer and was more passionate that the two kisses before. “I love you Jake.” She whispered after they separated from the long lasting kiss.

Jake looking deep into her deep electric-blue eyes that sparkled with love. “I love you too Debby.” He whispered back.

She started to smile again. “Alright, enough of our lovey-dovey stuff!” Said Debby as she started to walk towards the kitchen. “I will get some cleaning supplies for you so you can start.”

“I thought that WE just agreed to clean together?” Asked Jake slightly confused.

“Well somebody has to sneak upstairs to get us some fresh clothes, and to get rid of the ones that we got dirty.” Answered his sister.

“Mhm, fair point, I probably would make too much noise and wake them up in the process.” Thought Jake to himself.

He simply nodded and waited for his sister to bring him the cleaning utilities.

They both started to clean up the livingroom after Debby had sneaked upstairs to bring back fresh clothing for them to wear, it took them around one-and-a-half hour to get rid of all their ‘evidence’. Debby and Jake were surprised by the amount of damage they had done.

“Finally!” Yawned Debby as she stretched out.

“Let’s never do that again downstairs, next time we should do one of our adventures in our bedrooms instead of here, would save us a lot of unnecessary cleaning up.” Mumbled Jake to himself, loud enough for his sister to hear.

Debby started to blush again. “Next… Time?” She thought to herself while feeling her pussy reacting to her brother’s words.

Jake then looked for the time on his phone. “Half past eight… Deb, I’m going to make breakfast for all of us, I should have enough time to do so.” He spoke to his sister while wheeling himself into the kitchen.

“Alrighty! Do you mind if I take a shower? I mean, do you need help or something?” Asked Debby.

“Nah, go ahead. I’ve done this before.” Answered Jake.

“Okay, see you in a bit then!” Responded Debby with a cheerful voice before going upstairs.

Jake worked on their breakfast while Debby had her morning shower. He felt good this morning, thinking about how the relationships evolved with the three most important woman in his life. He smiled as he prepared breakfast, even humming the same song that he heard his mother do so the day before. After everything they went through he finally felt at rest and happy once again.

After a while Jake heard someone entering the kitchen behind him, barefoot sounds that walked across the kitchen tiles came closer to him with each step, before he knew it he felt a generous set of heavy breasts pressing against the back of his head, followed by a pair of soft hands that ran down his chest.

“Good morning darling.” Whispered Cynthia close to his ear before kissing her son’s cheek from the side.

Jake bursa escort bayan took one of his mother’s soft hands and placed a kiss on top of it. “Good morning Mom, thanks for setting my alarm yesterday.”

“You really have a thing for your sisters and me, don’t you?” Giggled Cynthia as she pressed her breasts harder against her son.

Jake laughed too. “Isn’t it the same the other way around?” He said. “By the way, how did you know about me and Debby also… You know, being close?”

“Well first of all, you two became very vocally after Deb returned last night. Just like before with Casey I managed to ‘observe’ both of you in action. I already had a strong feeling that my dear daughters had a knack for their brother, all the way through your childhoods. Mothers can feel something like that darling, just seeing you and your sisters together was enough for me to see that there was something more. Debby couldn’t be far behind with her true feelings after Casey returned, and especially after what happened to you.” Explained Cynthia.

“So you are not mad that Debby and me are also getting closer together?” Asked Jake.

Cynthia sighed softly. “I do have a weak spot for her since she is my youngest… But when I see how happy she is now… I can’t change the feelings she has for you, just like the ones me and Casey have. Look Jake, all I want for us is to be happy and if that means us being together like this than I fully support it.”

Jake turned his wheelchair so he was facing his mother, she took his hands and intertwined her fingers with his. “Sweetie, I can tell something is bothering you.”

He nodded softly and spoke. “I’m just worried how both of them would react if they found out that we have something too Mom, or that they find out that their sister also has something more with the brother they love.”

“I have no doubt that they will find out eventually, but I will talk face-to-face with them before that will happen, just us three girls together. I really doubt that they won’t understand it though, their feelings will remain the same and truthfully, deep down I already think they know about each other.” Answered Cynthia with a smile while squeezing her hands.

Jake smiled back, his mother always knew how to reassure him.

“Morning.” Yawned a still sleepy Casey as she slumped into the kitchen.

Cynthia let go of Jake’s hands and turned around. “Good morning sweetheart.” She said with the same smile on her face before turning her attention to the coffee machine.

Casey smiled back and walked past her mother towards Jake. Her only pieces of clothing were small panties and lace bra that showed off her perfect curves. Once in front of him she took his head in her hands and gave him a big kiss full on the lips. “Good morning little brother.” She whispered after their passionate kiss. She then turned around, wiggled her cute ass seductively and joined her mother at the coffee machine.

“Did you sleep well honey?” Asked Cynthia while gathering coffee cups.

“Like a baby, I was out for the count when I entered my lovely bed.” Responded Casey.

Cynthia giggled. “You had a long day, so that is understandable. Any plans for today, other than giving Deb a ride to Maggie’s store?”

“Honestly Mom, I think I’m going to do absolutely nothing after that, maybe help Debby with her dress before she and Jake go off to that gala. But other than that, relax time for Casey.”

“Say, how do you know about Debby and me going to her gala?” Asked Jake as he wheeled himself towards the kitchen table. “She asked me to go with her last night while you were asleep, don’t tell me you became a psychic overnight.”

Casey giggled as she sat down besides Jake at the kitchen table, she handed over his coffee cup and took a sip of her own before speaking. “Who else was she going to take? The only guy she is fond of is you Jake, besides, I think it’s cute! Heck, if I was in her shoes I would probably have done the same.” She said with a grin.

“That makes three of us.” Spoke Cynthia as she sat down on the opposite side of her son and daughter. “Who wouldn’t want to be together with such a handsome young man.” She then gave Jake a wink.

Casey simply nodded before placing her hand on top of her brother’s. “Yes… Who wouldn’t…” She whispered while looking Jake in the eyes with her gaze full of love and lust.

Cynthia quietly observed both her children as they stared into each other’s eyes, she felt her pussy tingle with excitement. Simply seeing her children like this aroused her greatly.

“Ya’ll know that I heard everything, dontcha?” Came a voice from behind them.

Debby walked in with a towel wrapped around her hair and a bathrobe just like her mother’s. Her face was slightly red from blushing.

“So what? We all know you are head over heels when it comes to Jake. You probably can’t wait for tonight Deb, a romantic gala together with our dear brother!” Teased Casey with a grin on her face.

The teasing escort bursa words of her sister made Debby’s face even more flushed. “As a matter of fact, I am indeed looking forward to it.” Mumbled Debby as she took a seat next to her mother. She noticed her older sister’s hand on her brother’s and felt a tingle of jealousy running through her body. “You are probably just jelly that I get to go to a gala with Jake.” She sneered back.

Jake looked back and forth between his sisters, he felt Casey’s hand squeezing his after Debby’s response.

“Alright girls, enough teasing. Casey, you know that the yearly gala is important for your little sister. And you, young lady, don’t forget that your big sister is sweet enough to help you out.” Spoke Cynthia with her stern, motherly voice.

As always, their mother managed to diffuse the situation.

“I… I’m sorry Casey, it’s just… You know that this thing is important for me.” Spoke Debby softly, looking at her sister with big, apologizing eyes.

Casey blushed slightly and smiled back at her. “I know… And I’m going to make sure that my little sister is going to be the hottest, cutest girl at the gala!”

Both girls were now giggling while Jake and Cynthia simply smiled.

“So, are you looking for anything specific? Asked their mother after a little while. “I remember that when I was your age that I always wanted the most eye-catching dress there was available.”

“Mhm… I donno. I want something cute, but slightly… Sexy at the same time I guess. I already know the heels that I will be wearing so I only need a perfect dress to match them.” Responded Debby.

“I called Maggie yesterday and she told me that there was a brand new selection of different dresses at the store, surely we will find something that will fit your description.” Added Casey.

“Mom and me bought clothes yesterday, the clothes that I will be wearing are fairly dark so maybe it would be a good idea to look for something similar?” Said Jake.

“Why don’t you go with them honey?” Asked Cynthia. “I think you need a slightly darker suit jacket with those jeans you wanted to wear. It’s not a problem to change the one we bought, Maggie is easy going.”

Casey softly punched her brother’s arm. “The more, the merrier. I assume you have no problem to go shopping with your dear sisters?” She asked.

“As long as it doesn’t take hours then I’m game.” Responded Jake.

“Cool! Now can someone pass me some of that delicious looking and smelling breakfast before I starve to death?” Grumbled Debby, who had her eyes fixated on the freshly baked croissants.

“Oh dear me, almost forgot about it.” Cynthia leaned forward and grabbed the plates while Casey assisted her by placing the cutlery. After a short while the table was rich of breakfast goodness. It was another happy morning at the Wilson’s as they stuffed themselves to their hearts content.


“You three be careful now.” Said Cynthia as she watched her children getting into Casey’s car.

“We’ll be safe Mom; I know how to drive.” Responded Casey while helping Jake into the car. “Want me to adjust the seat or it good?” She asked.

“It’s good Sis, you know that you don’t have to treat me like some royalty.” Said Jake with a smile.

“Well, maybe I like to do this for my brother.” Casey gave him a short but sweet kiss on the cheek before walking around the car to the driver’s side.

“Oh Jake, this is going to be sooo awesome! Maggie has like hundreds of cute dresses to pick from!” Spoke a very happy and excited Debby from the backseat.

Jake shook his head slowly. “Whatever floats your boat, I seriously can’t understand the female brain when it comes to shopping. I’d rather get in, get the stuff I need and get the hell out asap.”

“Ugh… Men simply don’t know how to enjoy shopping. Too bad you are stuck with us now mister, right Casey?”

“They sure don’t little sis!” Answered Casey as she took her seat behind the wheel. “But don’t worry, I’ll keep our dear brother entertained while you can try out all the dresses you want.” She looked to Jake next to her and gave him a flirty wink.

“Sounds good to me, but are you sure that he won’t try to escape if I need your assistance?” Said Debby with a smirk.

“Oh he can try, but big sis won’t let him get away that easy! Besides, we still have Maggie to keep an eye on him if he tries to flee.”

“Jesus Christ, woman…” Mumbled Jake as he shook his head again.

Casey and Debby both started to laugh, the duo sister attacks always were effective.

The three of them waved goodbye to Cynthia before Casey started the car and started driving towards their destination.

It was a short and quiet trip to town, all three of them enjoying the comfy ride to Maggie’s store.

“Oh before I forget, after we are done shopping we will make a detour to Stephanie’s studio.” Said Casey mid-ride.

Both Jake and Debby looked up and asked the same question. “Why?”

“Because we have a photo shoot to attend to, I wanted to do something for Mom after all the shit she went through. So after I had contact with Stephanie she offered to do a free photo shoot for us, I want her to make photos of us posing together. I’m certain that Mom will love them.”

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