My Mom – My Lover Ch. 19

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“How the hell did we get to this point?” Brady asked his dad as they sat in the backyard with the sun beating down on them. Brady had been sitting there soaking in the warmth for about thirty minutes when John walked out and joined him. The two sat quietly for a few minutes before Brady initiated the conversation.

John had stood at the back door for several minutes before walking outside and joining Brady. His internal struggle made him feel like he had a split personality. What little bit of pride he had left screamed in his brain to go tell his son what a shit he was for what he was doing. Tell him to get the fuck out of his house, and take his whores with him. Then there was his cuck side that craved watching him take Dena in front of him. He felt drawn to the humiliation and ridicule like a drug addict drawn to the very thing they knew would ultimately kill them. He had no will power or self-control to say ‘No more.’ He looked at Brady with no fight left in him. He snorted at his son’s question. “Decades of fucked up family life. That’s how we got to this point.”

Even though their relationship would never be what it had been, it felt good to Brady to talk with his dad like a normal man to man conversation. But their relationship was going to be anything but normal from this point on. He felt the anger and disgust for his dad fading. He reconciled himself to the thought that his dad would never be the man he wanted him to be. But he was still his dad. Brady chuckled at his dad’s assessment. “Yeah! You’re right on that one. We are one fucked up family.”

“I wish I would have had the balls to stand up to your mother years ago.” John confessed acknowledging his part of the failed marriage. “She showed me her collar. You own her completely now?”

“Yep! Mom and aunt belong to me now. Hell, I’ve owned them for weeks before I collared them. I did that more for them than me.” He paused before continuing. He wanted to brag about his mom’s sexual prowess. He knew that would be humiliating to his dad. But his dad craved that treatment. “Mom’s a real slut in and out of the bedroom. And aunt Jean, well she’s just the icing on the cake.” He laughed. “I think they’d fuck a football team if I told them to.”

“That would be fun to watch.” John replied in all seriousness. “I’d love to watch the whore get fucked by several dozen guys standing in line waiting their turn.”

“Well that will never happen.” Brady looked at him expressionless. “The only cock those two sluts will be servicing will be mine.”

John knew better than to pursue anything. “I’ll give your mother the divorce she deserves.”

Brady stared at his dad for several minutes before speaking. “File jointly!” It wasn’t a suggestion or request. Brady knew his dad would comply. “You both fucked up. We can talk about the details later.”

“You her lawyer now too?” John asked sarcastically.

“I own mom! Her interests are my interests. So keep the divorce amicable. Fuck with her and I’ll fuck with you.”

“Relax. As much as your mother disgusts me I don’t have any more fight left in me.”

Brady felt a wave of pity for his dad. But he quickly squashed it remembering how he brought this on himself. “I’m planning on having a little party for mom and aunt tonight upstairs in the spare room. You can come up and watch if you want.” He picked up his drink as he continued to talk as though he was thinking out loud, speaking to no one in particular. “It’s been awhile since I took them rough and hard. Don’t want to get too vanilla.” He took a sip. “Need to keep them reminded who and what they are.”

“I heard you doing some work upstairs. What did you do?” John asked.

Brady smiled. “I turned the spare room into a play room. You’ll see tonight. You and Sue can join us.”

“I’ll have to call Kevin and ask permission.” John’s confession seemed almost natural for him since he’d slipped into his role as the family cuck.

Brady laughed as he stood up to go inside. “Sounds like Kev has you both on a leash.” He turned to walk into the house as Sue was coming out. “Talk to your Master. Put a good word in for dear old dad. He’ll need your slut skills this evening.” He said to her as they passed each other.

Sue sat down in the chair just vacated by Brady as he stepped into the house. “What’s happening this evening?” She asked John.

“Not sure. He said something about having a little party upstairs with his two sluts.” He replied with an edge of disdain in his voice. “He wants us to watch if we’re interested.” John stared at Sue for several seconds then swallowed what was left of his pride. “Call Kevin.”

Sue pulled her phone out of her pocket. She didn’t have to be told why she was calling Kevin. She knew John had to ask her Master for permission anytime he wanted to enjoy her skills.

Kevin’s phone chirped. He saw it was Sue calling. “Hey my sexy slut. How are you today babe?”

Sue smiled when she heard his voice. She still got Bycasino butterflies whenever she heard her Master’s voice on the phone. “I’m doing good. I miss you.”

“I miss you too babe. I’m thinking about having you come visit me at school for a few days.”

“Oohh! I like that idea. Are you going to get rid of your roommate?” Sue asked giggling.

Kevin laughed. “Oh no! I was thinking about that gangbang we talked about.”

Sue felt her pulse quicken. They had talked extensively about a gangbang. The thought both excited and scared her. “I’ve been thinking about that too. You’re my Master. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

“I know you will. You’re a good girl.”

“How many guys were you thinking about Master?”

“I don’t know. Three or four plus me. But I’m still thinking about it. Did you call just to chat? I’ve got to get to a class in a few minutes.”

“No. Your dad needs to talk to you.”

Kevin snorted in disgust. “Put him on.”

Sue handed the phone to John. He got right to the point without any pleasantries. “Your brother is putting on a little party this evening. May I have your sub take care of me during the party?”

Kevin felt his disgust for his dad welling up inside him. “Is that how you’re supposed to ask cuck?”

John felt his body begin to shake from a mixture of rage and humiliation. “May I PLEASE have your sub take care of me during the party?” He said through gritted teeth.

Kevin sat in silence for a several seconds before talking. “Give the phone back to Sue.” John handed the phone back to Sue. “I’m going to think about his request.” He said to Sue. “I’ll let you know later. I have to get to class now. I’ll talk to you later babe. I love you sexy.”

“Bye baby!” Sue put the phone back in her pocket. “He said he was going to think about it and let me know later.”

John stood up and walked into the house feeling that mixture of anger at being humiliated again along with the excitement. He questioned his own sanity again as he walked away. ‘I’ve got to be the most fucked up guy that’s ever lived.’ He thought to himself. He couldn’t tell who he was more disgusted with, his son or himself.

Brady took a last look around the room making sure everything was ready for the evening. He had purchased two sets of everything so he could play with both his ladies at the same time. He had also purchased a bondage table and a horse. Both pieces of furniture were black, with the surfaces padded and wrapped in leather. Each piece had multiple rings all around so he could bind them in any position he wanted. The longest wall in the room had two sets of rings hanging from it, one set for each lady if he chose to work them both simultaneously. A table in the corner of the room had various whips and paddles with four sets of leather cuffs. He’d also bought an assortment of vibrators and toys to use on his ladies. After a quick inspection he walked downstairs smiling in anticipation of the evening’s festivities.

“What are you smiling about?” Jean asked as he walked into the kitchen. Neither she nor Dena had been told what he had planned for the evening. They hadn’t even seen the room he had been working on. He had given them strict orders to stay out of it, and he’d kept it locked at all times, even when he was working in it.

“I’m looking forward to having some fun this evening at your expense.” Brady responded chuckling.

Jean felt her pulse quicken at his announcement. Just the way he said it indicated he had some intense plans for them. “Are you going to tell us? Or make us wait?”

Brady laughed. “I think I’ll make you two wait. Half of my pleasure is watching you two squirm in anticipation.”

“You’re mean!” Dena said teasingly.

“You have no idea my sweet bitch. Now what’s for dinner?”

“Lasagna.” Dena replied. “Would you mind opening a couple bottles of wine for everyone?”

Dinner was its usual quiet event. Brady had grown weary of always taking the lead in trying to create some type of normal communications during their meals. He finally looked at his dad as they were just about through with dinner. “The games will begin in about an hour. I’ll give the ladies enough time to clean up here and then get ready.” Then he thought he’d start in on his dad early. “Did you get permission from Kevin for this evening?”

John stiffened at the question as Dena and Jean giggled at Brady’s question. Instead of John answering, Sue spoke up. “He called me this afternoon and gave me permission to take care of your dad. But it’s limited.”

Brady laughed. “Well I can’t wait to see how that plays out.” He looked at his ladies. “After you ladies get this cleaned up get yourselves ready for an evening of fun. I’m going upstairs to shower.”

Dena and Jean stepped into the room for the first time wearing their collars and panties, which were basically G-strings, as they had been instructed, their tits swaying from side to side Bycasino giriş as they walked to the middle of the room, where Brady was pointing. Their pulse rates immediately skyrocketed as they looked around. It was the combination of fear and excitement of the unknown, of what was about to happen to them. Their trust in Brady was unwavering. But the unknown of what he had planned for them caused them both to start shaking like when you get the chills and you can’t stop. “Oh baby!” Dena was the first to speak. “What are you going to do to us?”

Brady had been waiting for them sitting in an easy chair in the corner. He got up after his ladies had looked around the room and settled their focus on him. He walked up to them and reached out to stroke their tits. “This is our new play room. This is where we’re going to keep things anything but vanilla. This is where I’m going to have fun with you both. In the bedroom you two are my lovers. In this room you two are my sluts.” A soft gasp escaped from Jean as Brady pinched her nipple. “Our cuck will be here shortly, and I’m going to show him what sluts you two are again. He enjoys the show and I enjoy reminding you both what it means to be owned by me.”

Dena moaned. “Oh baby! Mama needs this so bad!”

Brady smiled. “I know you do mom.” Just then John and Sue stepped in the room. Brady turned his attention to them. “You two sit over in the corner and watch. What did Kevin say you could do for our cuck?” He asked Sue.

“He said I could give him a handjob, but nothing else.” Sue replied as she felt herself getting excited just from the sexual energy in the room.

“OK. But I’ll make sure he takes care of your itch too. Now both of you sit down and watch.” Brady turned his attention back to his mom. He wanted to make this evening as intense as any time they’d had before. “I know what you need mom. You’re a dirty little slut who’s cock hungry for her son’s cock. Aren’t you slut?” He pinched her nipple with his last question.

Dena gasped from the pain. “Aaahhh! You know I am baby.” She reached for his cock.

Brady slapped her hand away. “Not yet slut! The next few hours are all about what I’m going to do to you. You’ll get my cock soon enough.” He stared at both of them, his eyes darting back and forth. He felt the lust in him rising to the point of overtaking him, but he fought it back. He was going to stay in complete control of himself and his sluts for the next few hours. He reached in his back pocket and pulled out a blindfold for his mom, then slipped it over her head and eyes. Dena gasped as her world went dark. He then repeated the process for his aunt. Then he pulled their heads together till they were almost touching as he leaned in to whisper. “I’m going to use you both like the fucking sluts you are for the next few hours. There is no safe word. You’re both going to take everything I dish out. You’re both completely at my mercy until I’m done having my fun.” Both ladies began trembling noticeably. Brady smiled.

He led them both over to the padded table first. He put a hand on each of their backs between their shoulder blades and pushed gently. “First things first,” he said. They understood what was expected as they bent over the table that stood before them. Then he walked around the table and clipped a chain on each side of their collars, then clipped the other end to a D ring on the bottom of the table. After their collars were sufficiently secured to the table with their heads hanging over the edge, he shoved a ball gag in each of their mouths, securing them with a strap that wrapped around their head. Then he walked back around to their exposed asses. He took his mom’s wrists first, cuffed them with leather cuffs then clipped them together behind her back. He then repeated the process for his aunt.

“Let’s get this party started.” Brady said as he reached for a well lubricated butt plug on the table next to him where all his toys were laid out. Jean moaned as she felt him pull aside her panty and then spread her cheeks with one hand as the nob of the plug touched her sphincter. The cold plug caused her to lurch forward. She moaned louder as she felt the pressure build as he inserted the plug. Her moan morphed into a grunting scream as the pressure built with the plugs insertion. Her drool began to drip around the ball gag onto the floor beneath her The harder he pushed the more Jean screamed and snorted at the pressure building in her ass. She felt like her ass was being invaded by a telephone poll. Brady finally gave the plug one last shove. Jean let out another scream as she began to sob through the ball gag. Her ass felt like it was on fire from being stretched.

Dena listened the whole time shaking, not knowing what was happening to her sister, but also knowing she was next. Brady stepped behind her and slapped her ass hard. “Your turn slut.” He reached for a second butt plug, spread her cheeks with his other hand and repeated the process. Dena began to grunt Bycasino deneme bonusu repeatedly through the ball gag as the pressure in her ass built with the plugs insertion. Again, Brady gave it one final shove, pushing it home. Dena lurched forward, as her sister had just done, trying to escape the object filling her ass. She grunted and moaned as her sister had just done, her drool running from her mouth like a broken faucet. Brady chuckled. He then released her cheeks and allowed her panty to cover the plug.

“Now let’s warm these asses up.” He picked up a leather paddle and slapped his hand with it. Both ladies jumped at the sound of the loud slap it made hitting his hand. Brady ran his hand over his mom’s quivering ass. “You sluts have the nicest asses.” He said softly as he raised his hand and brought the paddle down on her ass hard. Dena screamed from the searing pain that shot through her body as she tried to lurch forward again. The chains attached to her collar held her in place. She couldn’t have even stood up if she’d wanted to. Brady brought the paddle down on her ass again, a little harder this time. Dena screamed again as her body tried to lurch forward again involuntarily. It felt as though each stroke pushed the butt plug further inside her body. Brady spanked her ass ten times, each strike getting a little harder than the one before it. Dena was whimpering by the time he finished, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Jean was already whimpering in anticipation as Brady stepped behind her. “Your turn slut.” He said smiling as he stroked her soft ass with his hand. He brought the paddle down across her ass. Now it was Jean’s turn to scream with each strike as her body tried to lurch forward and escape the pain being inflicted on it. Brady settled into a steady spanking of her ass until he reached the count of ten. Jean tried to speak with the ball gag in her mouth. If she could have been understood she was begging for him to stop. What came out of her mouth were inaudible screams and grunts, and a steady stream of drool puddling on the floor.

After ten strokes on his aunt’s ass he returned to his mom and repeated the process. By the time he finished with both his sluts their asses were bright red in color and throbbing from the pain. Brady threw the paddle on the table then walked around the table and stood between their hanging heads. He pulled his gym shorts down then grabbed his mom’s head by a fistful of hair and yanked it back. Her face was streaked with mascara from the tears. She moaned softly with the ball gag still securely in place. He pulled the ball gag from her mouth and shoved his stiff cock in till she was gagging. “I thought about waiting to do this.” He pumped his cock in and out of her mouth several times as she coughed and gagged. “But I enjoy listening to you gag on my cock.” He fucked her mouth for a couple minutes, till she had a steady stream of saliva running down her chin. He pulled his cock out and shoved the ball gag back in, making sure it was secure before stepping in front of his aunt.

“Your turn slut!” He said as he roughly yanked her head up the same way he did his mom. Her face was smeared with mascara as well. He pulled Jean’s ball gag out. She gulped in as much air as she could before having her mouth stuffed full of his cock. Her gag reflex was much more sensitive than Dena’s. She began to choke and gag when his cock hit the back of her mouth. Brady held his cock buried in her mouth as he felt her begin to wretch. “That’s it slut! Gag on that cock!”

Dena turned her head so she could watch the abuse her sister was going through. She felt her pussy begin to throb. She craved the rough treatment. She felt sexually alive and desired when Brady took her rough. The rougher the better.

Brady looked over at John and Sue as he plowed Jean’s mouth with his cock. John had slipped his hand in his pants to rub his cock. “Get your hand out of your pants cuck! I swear you’re a dumb fuck! You’ve got a slut sitting right next to you, and you’re playing with yourself.” Sue reached over, sitting next to John on the couch, and started to unzip his pants. “Stop!” Brady commanded. “I’ll tell you when you can start playing with him.”

Brady returned his attention to his aunt who was gagging on his cock with a long string of drool flowing from her mouth to a puddle on the floor. His left hand held a fistful of hair as he cupped her chin with his right hand. He chuckled. “You are one sloppy slut.” Then he pulled his cock out and tucked it back in his gym shorts. Jean gasped, then gulped in as much air as she could take before having the ball gag shoved back in her mouth.

Brady shoved the ball gag back in her mouth then turned his attention back to his mom. He unclipped her collar and pulled her to a standing position. She was shaking uncontrollably as he smiled at her. He pulled the ball gag from her mouth and unclasped it, throwing it on the table. “I know you need this slut.” He kissed her hard as he mauled one of her tits with his hand. “Don’t you?”

Dena was gasping for breath now that the gag was removed. But her heart was also pounding so hard it felt like it was going to explode. “You know I do baby!” She moaned. “You know I do.”

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