My Neighbor Has Needs Ch. 02

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Note: You really need to read the first installment of this story. It isn’t numbered, but since there’s only one other story, MOST of you will be able to figure it out.


When I got back from the gym the next morning, there was a message to call Marie. She wanted to see me today. I needed to accomplish some business work, and some housework, and then take a shower. She needed to do take care of some personal banking business, do some housework, and take a shower. At her suggestion, we’d do our respective chores, then she’d come over to my house where we’d shower together.

Wow! This woman was starting to sizzle!

There was a knock on my door, as it was being opened.

“Hi Will, I’m finally here.”

“Hey beautiful, I’m glad you’re here. I really need that shower. Let’s jump in.”

We both started shedding clothes, and of course, I started sprouting wood.

“You’re always hard,” Marie giggled.

“Actually, when you’re around, I’m always on the verge of being hard,” I replied, “all you only need to do something sexy, and it’s up scope!” She laughed.

We jumped into the shower, and lathered each other briskly before turning to gentleness “Now I know why men strut when they walk around while naked with a hard-on! Bend over! I want to fuck your ass now!”

Wow! Remember that timid, inexperienced woman from yesterday? Holy shit!

It was time to bring things back into their proper prospective, so I said, “Before that testosterone of yours starts flowing too freely, I want you to remember that this is one of MY fethiye escort favors.”

“It’s ONE of your favors? How many do you get, and why more than one?”

I stretched things a bit by saying that she had gotten two. She had asked to have the teaser while being spanked, and then she asked to be fucked, FUCKED hard afterwards. “Besides,” I said, “you’ll never convince me that you’re not looking forward to this as much as I am. My pleasure comes from the prostate stimulation of having the rubber cock fucking me while you’re giving me a handjob. Since my cock is a little sore, you’ll be applying a heavy dose of oil to it, as well as my ass and your cock. I know you’re curious, so let me show you how you’ll do it.” I brought her to my exercise room (more often used for sex than exercise), and showed her how I raised the bench of my bench press, adjusting it to her crotch level. I had actually rigged it so there were stirrup-like footrests, shoulder pads, waist had I enjoyed it; did she hurt me? That was the difference between Marie and Cheryl. Marie’s goal had been my enjoyment.

We lay on the bed while Marie gave me a massage, complete with warm oil. She said, with a little more meaning than humor, “If you’re going to get fucked like a girl, you may as well get pampered like one. I’ll expect the same treatment.”

After we were dressed, Marie exchanged the panties from her pocket with those from under my pillow. I could only smile.

On her way out the door, Marie turned to invite me to have dinner with her, and the kids, adding that we needed escort fethiye to “catch up” because we didn’t seem to have much time to talk any more.

Our relationship had blossomed over the last couple of days. Sure, the sex was wonderful, definitely the best I’d ever experienced, but what was more remarkable was that we had attained so much love for one another. I suppose you could say that it had always been there, but hidden beneath the wisecracks and jokes.

We all had dinner together that night, Marie and her children. It was an early evening for everyone. As soon as the kids were put to bed, Marie she appeared to be near orgasm.

Before I could reach for her coat, she reached into her pocket and retrieved a pair of panties. She held them up to my nose and said, “These may help to make you stiff. My pussy has been drooling into them all morning!”

She slipped her coat off, revealing her nakedness below. She simply said she’d been waiting long enough. With that, she stripped me naked, and then went immediately to her knees. She gave me the most amazing, toe-curling blowjob I’d ever had, swallowing every drop. She then led me to the bench and had me strap her in. When she was secure, she said, “The panties were to get you stiff so that I could suck you off. The reason for the blowjob is I want this to last!” “Oh, don’t worry,” I said, “I’ll make sure it lasts.”

And last it did. I had Marie on that table for almost an hour & a half before turning my attention to her ass. I had licked every erogenous zone known to man. I fucked her pussy fethiye escort bayan slowly while running my thumbs up & down the sides of her clit. When I finally got to her ass, she was begging me to finish her. Yes, she was saying, “I can’t take it any more, PLEASE fuck my ass!”

When I finally entered her ass, she immediately started to orgasm. I’d never seen anything like it. I don’t think she stopped for 15 minutes. And I’m sure that you’ve guessed by now that I did nothing to slow her down. If I thought she was close to collecting herself, I’d lightly pinch a nipple, run a thumb over clit, or drive my cock a little deeper.

When I finally withdrew, I’d fired what had to be an enormous load, literally whitewashing her internally. I released her from her bonds, carried her to the shower, and bathed her. I toweled her dry, and yes I did give her that warm-oil body massage. After all, she had just been fucked like a girl.

As I said earlier, she had been distracted. Joe had called last night after I left. He wanted to come home. She said yes. It was for the sake of her girls so she had to try. After that glorious day when I took her anal virginity, we didn’t make love again for almost three years. When we did, Joe was away, she needed love. I was there to give it.

Moving ahead, we continued our on-and-off affair for nearly 20 years. We never again experienced a dry spell of more than a week.

The End

Author’s note: My story (and yes, it is sadly true) has an abrupt end for a good reason. Marie developed Ovarian Cancer, dying just before her 58th birthday. I had taken care of her when there was need, but mostly that duty belonged to her girls (I think they knew about us). Joe, the PRICK, was away the day she died. He re-married before a year had passed.

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