My New Partner Raquel

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I am a police officer in a midsized department on the east coast. I was recently assigned a new partner, a transfer from another precinct. I learned that my new partner was going to be a female, and I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that women are cops, it’s just that when you have a male partner, there is a banter and “guy talk” in the cruiser which makes the shift go by that much quicker.

Raquel came to the precinct and we met at turnout. We got our assignment from the desk Sergeant and got into our patrol car. I drove and she was the recorder. I didn’t really pay much attention to her before we got into our car, since I was a bit sour on having her as a partner. I knew I would have to watch my language and my conduct, so I didn’t really talk to her that much for the first hour or so of our tour.

Raquel was the first one to break the ice. She said “Are you gonna talk to me at all during this shift?”

I replied honestly and told her that I was a little uncomfortable with having her as a partner.

She then said “Why? Don’t you think that women can be cops? Or is it because I’m black?”

I told her that she has the wrong impression of me and that it was just because I heard horror stories of sexual harassment lawsuits and complaints by female officers.

Raquel said to forget all of that and to just treat her like she was “just one of the guys.”

I felt a little better after we had our conversation. We stopped at a local diner during our lunch hour, and as we walked to the door I finally took a good look at my new partner. Raquel is 32 years old, 5’6″ tall, chocolate brown skin, with straight, soft hair that she is required to wear in a ponytail. She has a very beautiful face and a fantastic smile. Beyond that, I really couldn’t tell much about her body, due to the bulletproof vest and unflattering uniform. I am 38, 5’10, weigh 190 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair in a crew cut

A couple of weeks went by and my new partner and I started to get more comfortable with each other. During our shifts we chatted about how we were both looking for that special someone, and our likes and dislikes.

We had just finishing a stressful shift where we had to lock up some shithead dad who physically abused his wife and two kids. It was around midnight and the last of the paperwork was done and our prisoner was put in a cell waiting to be arraigned in the morning. Raquel asked if I was tired and going to go home?

I told her no, and was probably going to stop off at a local watering hole for a beer and a shot. I invited her to join me and she accepted.

I quickly got changed out of my uniform and waited for Raquel in the parking lot. Raquel appeared a few minutes later and when I saw her walking towards me, my jaw dropped. I had never seen Raquel out of her baggy uniform before. She was a knockout! She had a tight pair of jeans on and a pink t-shirt. Her breasts, which were always hidden by her vest, were huge. They had to be 38D’s. She had a tiny waist and when she walked past me to get into my truck, I looked at her ass which was perfectly shaped. It filled out her jeans fethiye escort just right. Her hair was down, and went a little past her shoulders.

I drove us to the bar and we sat down at a table in the back corner. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, and when she went to the jukebox, I stared at her ass which swayed in a very sexy way as she walked. When she got to the jukebox, she turned and caught me staring at her. I quickly looked away, and took a swig from my bottle of beer.

Raquel and I laughed and talked as we relaxed. On our fourth shot of Jameson’s, Raquel boldly said, “I saw you looking at my ass. Did you like what you were looking at?”

I nervously replied, “Yes. You have an amazing butt.”

Raquel just smiled at me and said, “Thank you. I try and keep myself in shape.”

The alcohol took away any further inhibitions and I said, “And what a great shape it is.”

Raquel’s foot touched my leg under the table and she let it linger there. “Are you done with your beer?” she asked.

I downed the last mouthful from the bottle and said “Yup.”

Raquel told me where she lived and I drove her home. She lived about ten minutes away, and during the drive, I kept glancing over at her shapely, well toned body.

I pulled up to the front of her building and she asked me if I wanted to come up.

I parked my truck and followed her inside and into the elevator. On the ride to the fifth floor, Raquel stood facing me, her brown eyes locked with mine. She didn’t say a word and after the doors opened, she led me down the hall to apartment 516. She unlocked and opened her door, and I followed her inside. Her place was neat and comfortable.

Raquel kicked off her shoes and told me to have a seat on her couch. She went into her kitchen and brought us each another beer. She sat next to me on the couch and we sipped from our bottles of Bud. I could smell her perfume now, since she was so close, and I commented on the flowery scent.

She asked, “Do you like it? I’ts “Dream” by Ferragamo.” She leaned in close to me to give me a better whiff.

The sexual tension between us was thick. I put my beer down on the coffee table and I boldly placed my right hand on her thigh. I looked directly into her eyes and leaned in, pressing my lips to hers. Raquel had warm, moist lips and kissed me back. My cock began to grow in my jeans as we kissed more passionately. Raquel’s tongue met with mine and I felt something strange. I never noticed it before, but she had a tongue ring!

Raquel broke off our kiss and confessed that she had never been with a white guy before, and certainly never a partner.

I told her that I had never made love with a black woman before, and of course never a partner.

Raquel stood and led me to her bedroom. She turned and kissed me again, pressing her body against mine. My cock was aching, and very hard, and the bulge in my jeans pushed into her abdomen.

I tugged Raquel’s t-shirt from her jeans and pulled it off. Her bra seemed to be straining to hold her breasts, so I reached behind her and undid the clasp. Her tits sprang free from their confinement, and I marveled at their escort fethiye fullness and dark nipples. I caressed both, and felt their weight and firmness. I put my lips to her right tit and lightly sucked the nipple to hardness. I did the same with the left one as I undid Raquel’s jeans, pushing them down her legs. Raquel stepped out of her jeans and stood before me clad in only her red thong.

Damn she was beautiful! Her stomach was tight, not an ounce of unwanted fat anywhere. I pulled off my shirt and kicked off my sneakers, and then nudged Raquel to lie on the bed. We kissed some more, as my hands explored her hard body. I kissed her neck and made my way to her tits. Raquel was quietly moaning as I sucked and squeezed each of her globes.

I kissed and licked down her abdomen and licked her tiny bellybutton. Her breathing was getting faster and her eyes were tightly shut. I kissed her thong covered mound and lightly nibbled at her pussy lips through the thin fabric. I was able to take in her sweet womanly scent, and I pulled her thong to one side. I took a second to take in her beauty. Raquel was totally shaven, her pussy was very smooth.

I slipped my tongue past her labia, and slipped it inside of her, tasting her sweetness. Raquel let out a little gasp when I did this, and I let my tongue explore her. I purposely avoided her sensitive clit, wanting to tease her a little. Raquel was moving her pelvis trying to match up her clit with my tongue. She was getting frustrated and said, “Please make me cum. Suck on my clit!”

I did as instructed and my lips surrounded her hard, swollen clit. I sucked and licked on her nub and Raquel began to shake and moan. She pulled my head tight into her pussy and I sucked on her through her orgasm. Her juices dribbled into my mouth and I swallowed what she gave me.

After Raquel calmed from her orgasm, I let her tiny thong go back to trying to cover her pussy. I rolled off of her and lay on my back. My cock was engorged and was straining behind my jeans. Raquel placed her soft hand on my bulge and squeezed. She let out a small “mmmm” and undid my belt and unsnapped my jeans. She pulled them off of me along with my underwear. Her eyes lit up when she saw my cock. It was at it’s full, thick 8 inches and it stood proud.

Raquel let her soft hand slide up and down the shaft. She squeezed a drop of precum from the tip and licked it off. Raquel licked the head of my cock getting it wet and shiny with her saliva. She parted her lips and took me inside of her warm, wet mouth. I began to feel the tongue ring rub along my shaft, and I almost orgasmed when it came into contact with the sensitive area on the underside of the head. Raquel slowly sucked my cock, taking my full length into her throat. I was getting close to my orgasm when she suddenly let go of my aching cock.

Raquel smiled up at me, knowing exactly what she was doing. She moved down and took each of my heavy balls into her mouth, alternately sucking on each one. Raquel then went back to work on my shaft, licking it all over. She would take the head into her mouth and suck on it hard then let it go, all the while her hand was fethiye escort bayan pulling on my thick shaft. After a few seconds of doing this, my orgasm took over, and I sprayed jet after powerful jet of cum into the air as she watched. My searing hot cum splashed onto my stomach and coated Raquels fingers. Shes licked her fingers clean and lapped up all of the cum from my body. She shared a passionate kiss with me after she swallowed, and I tasted my cream on her lips and tongue.

We rested and made small talk, and Raquel’s fingers never left my cock. She touched and tickled it, making sure I stayed semi hard.

Raquel said, “I want your white cock in my black pussy.” and climbed on top of me. She squatted over me, and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her slippery pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto me until I was totally buried inside of her. Shit was she tight! Raquel slowly raised and lowered herself on my cock and it grew harder and thicker inside of her pussy.

I began to thrust into her, and I reached up to squeeze her bouncing tits. We were fucking harder, and I was rolling each of her brown nipples between my fingers. Raquel was moaning and said, “I’m going to cum! Fuck me Baby! Fuck me with your hard white cock!”

Raquel’s body tensed then began to shudder. Her juices ran out of her slick pussy and onto my balls and inner thighs.

Raquel collapsed onto my chest and kissed me while still breathing hard. With my cock still deep inside of her, I rolled her over and continued to fuck her drenched cunt. Her eyes were closed and her tits were jiggling as I pounded into her hard and deep. Raquel wrapped her legs around my waist. My wet balls were slapping her ass each time I thrust into her. I was lasting alot longer now, since I took the edge off with my first orgasm. Raquel kept muttering “Fuck my black pussy! I love your white cock!”

I was really pounding into her hard and fast and she was on the brink of another orgasm. I slowed my pace and then pulled my throbbing cock from her swollen pussy.

Raquel opened her eyes and looked at me, wondering why I didn’t let her cum.

I said, “Flip over. I want to look at your ass while I fuck you.” Raquel smiled and quickly complied. On her hands and knees, she put that gorgeous ass in the air. I grabbed the firm flesh and slipped my cock back into her hot cunt. I fucked her slowly, pulling out until only the head of my dick remained inside, then pushing all the way back in. I looked down at her heart shaped ass, and I watched as my white cock disappeared then reappeared from her chocolate brown pussy. I loved how our skin tones contrasted.

I fucked my Nubian partner and spanked her firm ass. I felt Raquel’s hand reach underneath her, and she started to rub her clit. I fucked her harder and she squealed that she was cumming.

Her pussy gripped onto my cock during her orgasm and I couldn’t hold out any longer. Her hand moved from her pussy and squeezed my balls, as I unloaded my seed into her pussy. She massaged every last drop of my cum out of me. My softening cock plopped out of her cunt, and our combined juices dribbled down Raquel’s leg. We layed next to each other and fell asleep.

My partner and I have a special bond and I am so happy she and I work together. We are dating now and I just bought a ring. I guess the adage is true. Once you go black…..

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