My Night With The Neighbor

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Big Tits

I was an innocent the first time she took me, and I absorbed and awoke in the pleasure she gave me. I was like a sponge learning everything about pleasure, another’s touch, and sexual awareness. I was an 18 freshman in college when I had my first lesbian experience, the woman who changed my life would become my long time lover whom I still indulge unto this day.

She was our long time neighbor and family friend and always had me over at her house. She was a major milf large perky breast, long legs, and long blond hair down her back. I had just come home from college and was unpacking my bag when I looked out my window and saw the perfect round globes of her ass as she bent over at the waist. I went to see what she was up to.

“Hey Mace,” I said.

“Kells are you home from school already?” she asked.

“Yea, we are on summer break.” I said still checking out her ass she hadn’t turned towards me yet.

“So what are you doing Mace?” I asked.

“Oh nothing I’m just patting down the soil in my flower garden, would you like to keep me company.” she said standing up straight.

“Sure,” I said unpacking could wait.

I sat down so we could talk and she continued to bend over, I could see her breast straining from inside the top of her tight tank top. After about thirty minutes of working she stood and I could see the sheen of sweat on her neck and breasts.

She sighed “I think that’s good for now,”

“Would you like to come inside for something to drink Kelly? She asked

“I just made some lemonade, ”

“That sounds great,” I said

I stood up and followed after her into her house watching her ass sway; as we chatted as I continued checking her out realizing she really turns me on. This isn’t when you look at a girl wishing you had her body type, I just wanted her body, she had full pink lips and a voice that that makes you wonder how her moan sounds.

“Sorry it may be a little too sweet, I like my lemonade really sweet.” she told me from her kitchen

“Don’t worry,” I said “I like mine real sweet to,”

She handed Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort me a glass I took a sip and set it down, I wasn’t really thirsty for lemonade anymore I wanted something better. We sat down on the couch and as we conversed I moved closer until we were touching, our thighs connecting side by side, I would touch her arm or shoulder every once in a while.

“So any boyfriends in your life yet,” she asked teasingly.

“No,” I laughed “I wouldn’t know how to attract one even if I tried,”

“Well I can help if you want Kelly?” she asked stroking my arm.

“Really, I mean why help a little kid like me?” I asked my heart racing.

She moved closer practically sitting on my lap my clit throbbing beneath my short skirt. My lace panties were soaked and I wanted to feel her pretty mouth on it.

“You’re not so little I think you’re a very big girl,” she said kissing me.

Her soft lips pressed to mine and she pushed me down to her sofa, her tongue moving in and out of my mouth, sucking on my tongue and my lips, she kissed and licked every inch of my mouth before moving lower. Her hot little mouth set a quest to discover every inch of me. She sucked my neck and collarbone and laved her way down the valley of my breasts, shoving my shirt off as I tugged on hers.

“I want to feel your skin on mine,” I said

She sat up and lined our pelvises together grinding on me, while pulling off her tank she then bent down to flicked our nipples together and continued kneading my breast

“You feel so good baby,” she moaned

“Let me have my way with you, I want you so bad, my big clitty is just weeping to have you be my little slut please?”

Hearing her talk like that the way she was touching me, grinding me I could not say no.

“Y-y-yes oh yes make me your little slut, fuck my pussy anyway you want it,” I cried out.

“Let’s take this somewhere where we have a little more room,”

She brought me to a room full of mirrors I could see myself at every angle. She pushed me down in the bed, and proceeded to devoured me devastating the rest of my clothes. She opened my legs wide she slid two fingers to manipulate my clit then fuck my pussy.

“Oh lookie what we have here my little slut is excited her pretty pink pussy is just begging for a good fucking,”

She took her fingers from my hole and massaged my clit she was bringing my so close to orgasm.

“Don’t come,” she said finger fucking me harder.

“If you do I will punish you,”

“I c-cant st-top,” I cried.

She said “I know baby,”

She began to suck my clit and I came apart, my cries ricocheting off the mirror walls I came hard my cream gushing out of me wetting my partner.

“Now turn over for you punishment on your knees.”

She left the bed to grab some unknown object, boneless from my orgasm I complied bending so my ass was in the air. She came back and caressed each of my cheeks, the crack, and finally the hole, I moaned and pushed against her hand.

“I’m going to save your ass for another occasion,” she said putting small lubricated metal balls in to my pussy.

“These will make you feel so good baby.” she said as she massaged my vaginal walls.

After a moment of caressing she took me by surprise and started to smack my ass.

Mace called out, “you’re such a bad naughty slut.”

The balls moving inside me made me moan she smacked me five more times on each cheek. She took the little balls I later learned Ben wa balls out of my pussy and turned towards me.

“Eat my pussy and depending on how I cum depends on what I do next. ” Mace said caressing my ass.

“I want to sit on your face so lie down,”

Once I was down she sat her back facing me I opened my mouth and started licking her she was delicious spicy and sweet. I sucked her clit it was huge, I stuck my tongue in her hot pussy and she started to grid on my face at first slow and gentle but when I started getting rougher so did she.

“You have such a dirty little slutty mouth” she moaned.

She started grinding harder so I pushed my tongue as deep as it could go and she cried out.

“Yes fuck me with that tongue”

“Open your legs slut play with your pussy while you suck me and you better not come,” she said caressing her breasts

I opened my legs wide and started masturbating my clit and fucking my pussy with my fingers. She was grinding her pussy into my mouth, my tongue and teeth working her as she moved and started fucking my chin with her clit.

“Yesssss! You are perfect slut oh little Kelly, little fucking slutty Kelly!” She shouted while humping my face.

When she rode her orgasm out, she got up and licked her sticky juices from my face.

“I’m going to give you the fucking of a lifetime little slutty Kelly,” she said grabbing a huge dildo the looked like it had two ends and some lube.

“I’m sure were both wet enough baby but since you’re a virgin I want to be sure,” she said lubing the dildo.

She positioned it at my pussy working it in I felt my hymen being pushed and she thrust it hard and my hymen broke I cried out. I then felt bliss as she worked it inside me, she did the same to her pussy and then we were moving against each other fucking one another harder I closed my eyes about to come then she said.

“Don’t come baby, wait for me.”

she got off the dildo taking it out my pussy and got on top of me our pussies aligned. She moved against me hard, fucking her pussy into mine with all her strength, we were humping clit to clit it felt amazing we were connected In that moment.

“You’re so good, so perfect, so soft Kelly” she moaned.

“I know Mace I feel it too.” I whimpered.

“I’m going to cum.” Mace moaned.

“Me to Mace just let it go,”

I glanced in our reflection and came undone at the sight of us my legs spread wide Mace pumping her pussy between them. We were in utter abandon and my orgasm erupted, I came over and over, I could feel Mace doing the same. Exhausted she laid next to me we laid there for a moment in silence.

I looked over and said, “I want to see you again; I want to do this again,”

Her eyes opened and she looked at me and said,

“Me to Kelly I feel the same,”

And for a first night of many we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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