My Outdoor Encounter

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I love Spring. I don’t know why. I guess it’s the sun; the smell of freshly mown grass; the expectation that summer’s coming. I always find it a positive time. This year was different. This year nothing seemed to be going right. Jake left me just after Christmas and I was feeling pretty raw and empty. Things had got worse when my sister, Jess, announced her engagement on New Year’s Eve. Oh course I was happy for her; it just seemed like bad timing. How could I help her celebrate when I felt so wretched? Then she announced they were getting married in April. It should have been me! I’d have made such a lovely Spring bride. I’ve had to go through all the preparations and all I’ve been able to think of is Jake.

So the day finally arrived. Jess has always liked the outdoors so it was no surprise when she decided she had to have her wedding outside. It was to be held at a local country house in the grounds, everyone was staying there the night before and then the reception was to be in the Grand Hall after the ceremony.

That’s how I came to be sitting in my underwear in my lovely room looking out on the grounds. It was a beautiful Spring day and I couldn’t help but feel those positive feelings running through me. I was chief bridesmaid and had to be dressed and in my sister’s room for makeup and hair in an hour. But just looking out at the fantastic view, the sun streaming in on me made me feel so horny.

I looked in the mirror. The sight that faced me wasn’t bad. I stood and looked, the recent few pounds I’d lost just made me feel that bit better. My long dark hair was gleaming and my green eyes stared back at me. As I bent down to fasten my stockings, the lace of my black bra just rubbed slightly across my already erect nipples. I shivered, it just made me feel more horny. I still had time for me. I eased my hand in to my lace panties, just nudging my clit with the tip of my finger. I gasped as waves of pleasure ran over me. My sex had been seriously neglected recently and it felt like I was touching myself for the very first time. A few more flicks and I was panting for more. I could feel myself getting hotter. A look in the mirror showed marmaris escort my face reddening, and turned me on further. I slipped my fingers inside myself, testing my wetness. My juices are well and truly flowing. I suck my fingers and taste my sweetness.

There’s a knock at the door. I quickly grab my bathrobe and answer it. There’s a man at my door, ruggedly handsome, looking slightly stressed.

“Hi! Jess says can you come as soon as possible.”

I blush, knowing that he can’t know the meaning to me of what he’s just said. If only he’d known how close I’d been to cumming.

“Can you tell her I’ll be about 5 minutes,” I say with a smile, trying to hide my embarrassment.

I close the door, still feeling horny but put those thoughts to one side; my sister needs me.

I continue to get dressed. I ease myself into my dress. At least Jess has chosen me a nice dress. I look again in the mirror at the smooth deep blue satin that clings in all the right places. It makes me feel even sexier to know I look good. I just know that I’m not going to be able to shift that horny feeling, but it’ll have to wait until later.

I left my room and rushed to Jess’s room. It turned out she’d only wanted an opinion on her hair. I told her she looked beautiful and sat down to have my own hair done. I started to let my mind wander. Who was that guy? I’d never seen him before but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. He’d had the most piercing blue eyes. It’d been as if he could tell what I’d been doing. The thought of him bought back that feeling that just didn’t want to go away. In a room full of people bustling around, I could feel myself getting wet and could do nothing about it.

The day went without a hitch. The ceremony was lovely. The sun was shining; the birds were singing; a perfect Spring day.

It was only when I was sitting listening to the final speeches that I noticed the man from earlier again. He looks even more gorgeous this time; all dressed up in a black suit; his dark hair curling slightly and a slight smile on his sexy lips. I feel my inside tangle. He catches me staring at him and smiles at me. I smile back but feel myself marmaris escort bayan blushing. I feel that familiar urge under my dress and know I need to touch myself. I’ve put up with this long enough.

As the speeches finish, I slip out of the hall into the gardens. I feel the slight chill of the breeze and my nipples become instantly erect against the lace of my bra. I run my hands across the outside of my dress, longing to touch them properly. I look around for somewhere to go. To my left I see what looks like some sort of walled garden and slip through first one archway and then another. I find myself in the most beautiful, fragrant garden I’ve ever seen. There are flowers everywhere. Just the smell nearly knocks me out; it’s so overpowering.

I walk further and through more archways, I find a bench overlooking a small stream. I sit on the bench and know I can’t wait any longer to pleasure myself. I look round and there’s no one about. I lift up my skirt and slip off my underwear. I feel a breeze blow across me and I shiver with both the chill and anticipation. I find the heat of my sex, gently stroking my clit. My nipples harden, straining at the sheer material of the satin of my dress. I touch then through the material, twisting them between my fingers. I can feel myself getting so wet. I keep rubbing my clit feeling myself flush with excitement. My moans mingle in with the breeze in the trees and the ripple of the water heightening my pleasure.

It’s then that I realise that I’m not alone. I hear the sound of someone approaching. Realising that they’ve probably heard everything, I turn around, blushing to face the sexy stranger from earlier.

“Can I join in,” he says.

I nod and he leans forward to kiss me, gently at first, then harder. It feels like he needs release as much as I do. He sits back, taking in the view. Then suddenly he’s forcing his tongue into my mouth, kissing me hard, I respond. He brushes his hands across my breasts and I shiver at the amazing sensation. He pushes my skirt up and realises I’m wearing no underwear. He gasps with pleasure and it’s then I notice his erection and how his cock is straining escort marmaris at his trousers. He sees me notice and smiles.

“I’ve been watching you all day,” he says huskily. “I’ve been standing watching you touch yourself.”

I’m too turned on to be embarrassed now.

“Touch me,” I cry.

He leans down to touch me. He feels the heat of my pussy and rubs my clit. He eases his fingers inside me, gently at first, getting harder. He tastes my sweet juices as they run down my leg, rubbing my clit harder, hearing me moan. I want him so much and don’t want him to stop. He does momentarily to unleash his hard member from his trousers.

I sink to my knees in front of him; it’s his turn now. I lick the head of his cock, tasting his precum, lapping it up. I take his whole shaft in my mouth, sucking and licking his all. He moans with pleasure, moving with the rhythm of my mouth.

“My turn,” he whispers as he effortlessly lifts me onto the bench.

He spreads my legs wide apart and pulls me into his mouth. He’s eating all my pussy, flicking his tongue back and forth across my clit. I can feel those familiar waves of pleasure running through me. I’m moaning so much now, not caring who hears. It feels so good. The gardens, the flowers, the water all fade away and all I can feel is wave after wave of ecstacy. I’m crying out with pleasure.

He kisses me hard and moves me so I can feel his cock about to enter me. I go to touch him but he moves my hands so he’s holding me across the bench, powerless. He forces himself inside me; I’m giving no resistance. We’re both moaning with pleasure now. He fucks me harder and harder, faster and faster. I’m almost screaming with pleasure. I can’t take any more and cum hard. The waves of pleasure keep coming over and over so I can hardly breath and then he cums hard calling my name. We hold each other close to stop ourselves collapsing , both trying to calm down. He knows my name but I don’t even know who he is.

At this point, we hear voices and quickly straighten our clothes and try to look as if we’ve been admiring the view. Jess and her new husband walk towards us.

“Oh you’ve met Tom then,” she said. “I meant to introduce you earlier but I got a bit distracted”.

I nodded, not trusting my voice. Oh yes I had certainly met Tom. Who’d have thought my quest for satisfaction would have ended like this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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