My Rival / My Rival Ch. 03

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Chapter 3


As crazy as it sounds, having sex with McKayla kind of became… a normal thing for me. Every single weekend, I was with her, doing things any guy would consider himself lucky to be doing to a woman like her. Yes, plain old me was having sex with the hottest woman around.

I never imagined myself as a girl with a high sex drive, but I’ll admit… I couldn’t keep my hands off her. Despite our unconventional relationship, our sex was extremely passionate. If I didn’t know any better, I’d even call them love-making sessions, the way our souls intertwined.

On the other hand, McKayla convinced me to do some pretty naughty stuff to her. I mean, the other day… she had me put a paper bag over her head while I did her with the strap-on, doggy style… Yeah…

I don’t get it sometimes… She has such a pretty face; Why would she want me to cover it up? And she’s such a strong alpha woman; Why would she constantly want me to dominate her in such kinky ways?

Though I don’t quite understand what is going on between us, I can’t help but enjoy every second I spend with her. It’s not just about putting my hands all over her perfect body, it’s about the way I feel when I’m with her, and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world…


McKayla came over on Friday night for one of our weekly get-togethers. We normally met up on Saturdays, but I had an outdoor concert I was going to with some of my friends. Luckily, she was happy to change her schedule, like the nice person she always was to me.

She normally didn’t bring the strap-on whenever we met at my place, so I couldn’t use it on her this time. However, despite not having the toy I enjoyed using on her so much, I was still able to throw the kitchen sink at her!

I guess the naughty brunette was feeling pretty frisky that night. She could normally handle a lot, but on this particular occasion, I gave her everything she could handle, and she still wanted more!

I spanked her way harder than normal. I ate her out while fingering her butt. I rubbed her clit until she was squirting all over me. I sucked on her nipples and even slapped her breasts around. I did almost everything to that sexy body anyone would want to do if they were lucky enough to be in the presence of a woman like McKayla.

After a crazy night like the one we had, I didn’t have the slightest idea how many orgasms I gave her. But as usual, she did more than enough to pay me back. I swear, she’s a magician with that tongue, the way she goes down on me and makes me cum over and over.

My favorite part, however, was when she would lie next to me and rub my clitoris while making out with me. I never imagined myself as a good kisser, but when she was rubbing me out, I couldn’t keep my lips away from her, no matter how hard I would cum!

Sometimes after sex, if I were lucky enough, we would just stay in bed kissing for almost an hour. I don’t know what goes through her mind, but for me it’s just an out-pour of emotions after sharing such an intimate and vulnerable moment.

As much as I would have enjoyed that, she seemed a little worn out from all the nasty things I did to her. Instead, she just rested her head on my chest while I combed my fingers through her long brown hair and rubbed her back.

She must have really enjoyed it, because after a few minutes she looked up at me and said, “You’re making me fall asleep.”

“Oh, am I?” I asked with a giggle. I don’t know why I took that as such a compliment. Maybe I just liked the idea of her being so comfortable with me, she could fall asleep on top of my chest.

“Yes,” the beautiful brunette answered with a cute smile. “I’m afraid of drooling on you.”

My hand never stopped rubbing her back as I held her close against me. “I don’t mind if you drool on me.”

“I still don’t want to, though,” she said with a cute little giggle. Then it looked like she almost had to muster up the courage to make a different request. “Maybe… if you don’t mind… I’d like to spend the night… if that’s something you would be okay with…”

Seeing her nervous to ask something so cute made my heart skip a beat. McKayla didn’t know, but it was something that I had been wanting for a while. It just made sense; we were always so tired after our long sessions. It would just be easier to spend the night with each other.

“I’d really like that,” I answered, grinning from cheek to cheek.

Without even realizing it, my hand had moved from her lower back down to her little bubble butt. It felt so good in my hand, I couldn’t help but rub it after all the hard spankings I gave her.

McKayla looked back up at me and giggled once again. “You really can’t keep your hands off my ass, can you?”

My face suddenly got red from being called out. It almost matched the hue I left on her butt from our prior session. I almost felt inclined to rub it at that point, even though london escort agency I knew she enjoyed the spankings just as much as I did.

“Your butt just looks so good in those panties,” I said, commenting on the cute little red and blue striped thong she was wearing. “I wish I had the butt, and the confidence to wear something sexy like that.”

The beautiful brunette immediately shot up to her knees, looking down at me with her hazel eyes. “Why would you say something so silly?” she asked, almost covering her breasts as she folded her arms. “I don’t care how unconfident you are; You can wear sexy stuff like this around me. You know I’d love it.”

Shaking my head, I just blew it off as her trying to be nice to me again. “I know I can’t pull off something like that,” I explained. “I don’t even bother buying sexy clothes or underwear.”

Completely dismissing my claims, McKayla jumped out of bed and walked towards my closet. “I’ve seen you wear really cute underwear.”

“Yeah… I have some stuff that’s kind of cute… but not sexy,” I explained, as watched her roam through my closet, wearing nothing but that red and blue thong. Although I should have felt insecure about someone going through my stuff, I couldn’t take my eyes off that tight body of hers. I was almost mesmerized before she jumped back into bed with me.

“You have some pretty cute stuff,” the sexy brunette responded, cuddling up next to me. “But I think you can pull off whatever you want. Even the most risque of outfits.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I said, cringing at the idea of wearing something so provocative.

“Of course you can,” she responded, staring into my eyes as she pressed herself even closer. Then, biting her lip, she continued, “Besides… you do have a really sexy outfit.”

With a confused look, I asked, “What outfit?”

Tugging on my shirt that I had put on after we finished having sex earlier, she gave me the sexiest stare I had ever seen before answering, “Your birthday outfit… Or should I say, your birthday suit.”

And just like that, she left my entire body filled with adrenaline. Before I even realized what was happening, she completely stripped me naked, smiling down at every inch of my body like I was the most delicious meal she had ever seen.

Now, completely exposed and red in the face, I looked up at her, almost wanting to cover myself up with my hands. The lights were still on, and I was afraid she would notice how imperfect my body was now that it wasn’t hidden by darkness.

“Don’t try to hide that sexy body from me,” McKayla playfully said, pulling my hands away so I couldn’t cover my chest.

“My body isn’t all that great…” I responded with a quiet voice. “I wish I was toned like you… but I don’t even workout.”

“I think your body is great,” she whispered, rubbing her hands all over me. After working her hand down to my ass and giving me a little squeeze, she continued, “You’re curvy in all the right places.”

“But… my breasts are so small…”

“You mean these?” she interrupted, placing her hand on my chest before playing with one of my nipples. “These tits that I love playing with so much? I think they feel perfect in my hands.”

“Okay, but…”

McKayla interrupted me again, placing her finger over my lips as she shushed me. “What is it? Is it your long blonde hair that I love running my fingers through? Is it your beautiful blue eyes that I love staring into? Is it your cute little nose that flinches when I poke it? Is it your angelic face that brings me butterflies every time you smile? I mean, what could it possibly be?”

Suddenly, I was left silent, staring into her hazel eyes as she smiled at me with such confidence. I couldn’t say a word, and for some reason I felt unexplainably… warm…

She then raised her head up and looked at me with a confused expression. “Are you okay, Emily?”

A few seconds went by before I could even respond. Nodding my head slowly, I answered, “Mhmm… Why?”

With a little chuckle, the beautiful brunette grabbed my hand and explained, “Umm… You’re squeezing my ass kind of hard.”

Until then, I hadn’t even noticed that my right hand was on her butt, squeezing the life out of it. As embarrassing as that was, I also realized my other hand was holding on to one of her breasts. Finally snapping out of my frozen state, I released both of her assets before bringing my hands in.

“It’s okay,” she said with a giggle, laughing at me like I was just so cute. Placing my hands back where they originally were, she playfully asked, “Now where was I?”

I stayed quiet as I stared up at her beautiful face. She was smiling like she didn’t have a care in the world, and I was on my back, frozen like a mouse.

Brushing her hair out of her face for a quick moment, she continued complimenting me, saying, “Are you insecure about your lips? Because I think they’re so cute and they feel so escort london good against mine.”

Of course, she followed that up with a soft kiss, causing my heart to skip a beat or two. And as if I wasn’t turned on enough by that, she placed her hand gently on my crotch and asked, “Is it your cute little pussy? Because I don’t enjoy anything as much as….”

Before McKayla could finish her thought, she came to a complete stop. Then, with a big smile, she exclaimed, “Emily, you’re so wet!”

Despite all her compliments, I started to cringe with embarrassment. I almost wanted to cover my face as she giggled with excitement.

“Baby!” she called in a sweet tone while pulling my hands from my face. “I’ve never felt you this wet before! What’s going on?”

I don’t know why I was so shy, but I was almost afraid to tell her the truth. Still quiet, I finally admitted, “You were just being so nice to me… No one ever compliments me like that…”

As was nervous as I was, I found comfort in her confident smile. Placing her hand on my crotch again, and gently rubbing my clit, she asked, “So you like it when I give you compliments?”

With just one touch, she had me gasping for air. I urgently nodded my head and moaned, “Yes…”

After applying just a little more pressure on my soaking clit, she whispered into my ear with the hottest voice, “I think you are sooooo sexy.”

Goosebumps rose from every inch of my entire body. I didn’t know if she was telling the truth, but in that moment, I believed every word she said.

“Your body is so fucking sexy when it squirms around like that,” she whispered into my ear before teasing me with her lips. “And you’re such a good kisser… I could lie in bed and make-out with you all day.”

With a desperate moan, I stuck out my tongue, hoping to reach hers. The hot brunette rubbed my clit in a circular motion before meeting my tongue outside of our mouths with hers. They twirled around for a few seconds, almost sword fighting, before our lips met for a deep kiss.

I felt guilty about how hard I was breathing into her mouth, but with all the emotions she was able to stir up, the pleasure was only multiplied as she touched me the way I loved being touched. Of course, McKayla handled me perfectly, kissing me like all my flaws were her biggest fetishes. I can’t even imagine how hard I was squeezing her ass this time.

We made out deeply, taking little breaks to let our tongues jostle outside of our mouths like we did before. I don’t know why I liked that so much, but every time we would do it, she would also apply direct pressure to my clit by stroking it relentlessly.

I rubbed my hand all over her smooth butt, appreciating every single inch of her nice bottom. Then I reached underneath her thong and squeezed on one of her cheeks, pulling it apart from the other as my pinky accidentally drifted into her crack.

“Ooh!” she moaned, looking at me, wide-eyed. But before I could even feel an ounce of insecurity, she used her sexy voice and said, “I love it when you grope me like that. You really know how to handle me.”

As hard as the sexy brunette pressed herself against me, I pulled her in even closer by her hot ass. Now feeling more confident than ever, I kissed her with everything I had while she continued to rub my soaking wet pussy.

I wish we could have done that forever, but after a few moments, I already felt an explosive orgasm making its way through my body. I escaped her lips for just a brief second so I could warn her, “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me,” she whispered before flicking each of my nipples with her tongue. She then rubbed my clit even faster before telling me, “You’re so sexy when you cum.”

Out of desperation, I placed my hand behind her head and forced her to resume our hot make-out session. We kissed like animals, making-out relentlessly as her fingers easily forced me to melt.

With one final loud moan, my body flinched violently from the earth-shattering orgasm. It felt as if I had drifted underneath the waterfall, but I was only drowning in pleasure.

Unable to control my body, I grasped on to her as if my life was in danger. Just as I expected, as soon as she held me in her arms, I was immediately comforted and brought to peace. My orgasm continued on, but I was in heaven, resting my head against her.

When McKayla finally finished taking care of me, I collapsed into her arms, limp from the stress she had put my poor little body through. I was panting heavily, but she was there to run her fingers through my hair and assure me, once again, that she found me beautiful.

Usually, taking care of her needs was the one thing that made me feel most valuable and sexy, but McKayla had introduced me to emotions I never felt before. It was one thing to have sex with someone like her, but knowing she was truly there for me, both physically and emotionally, was a feeling unmatched by anything I could london escorts have ever imagined.

I badly wanted to return the favor that night, but after all the sex we had earlier, and just experiencing the hardest orgasm of my entire freaking life, I was much too drained to even stay awake. Knowing what she had done to me, she just gave me a soft kiss on the forehead before brushing her fingers through my hair again.

Resting peacefully, I took a moment to open my eyes and pout. “I was supposed to be combing your hair while you fall asleep.”

The beautiful brunette gave me the sweetest smile before responding, “It looks like I get to do it to you.” Then, with another kiss right on my lips, she whispered, “Now get some sleep. I’m just going to keep doing this until you pass out… even though I could do it all night.”

Unfortunately, I was much too tired to stay up any longer. The last thing I remember was looking up into her beautiful hazel eyes as a thought kept going through my mind.

“You’re so perfect…”



What the fuck is wrong with her?! I wondered to myself as I stood inside my closet, looking through all my clothes. How could she possibly think she’s not sexy?! Even though our last night together was amazing… like every night with Emily was… I was left a little frustrated at some of the comments she made about herself.

As I went through some of my outfits, I kept saying to myself, She would look so cute in this. She would look really good in this. Damn, she would look hot in this! She could wear whatever she wants because she looks sexy in anything!

I then came to a complete stop as I replayed the night in my mind. This conversation all started with my underwear… After opening my underwear drawer, I slowly went through all my naughty garments, taking time to picture her in each of them. She would look so hot in this thong… Does she wear thongs? She needs to… What about this lace set? Oh, fuck, she would look good in red!

Suddenly, I stumbled on the black lingerie set I had bought when I first started masturbating to her. It was silly at the time, but I just wanted something sexy to wear while I imagined her fucking me. But the more I looked at it, the more frustrated I became.

How does she not know how sexy she is?! I groaned to myself. I don’t go to these lengths to masturbate to just anyone! Does she think I just let anyone do all those naughty things to me?! Does she think I just let anybody spank me like I let her?! Does she think I just let anyone put it bag over my face and fuck me from behind?!

After a few minutes, I realized I was only driving myself crazy, trying to figure out her humble thought process. Ugh, whatever! I thought. The compliments I gave her yesterday worked well, but she still needs to know how good she looks.

Finally, a fun idea popped into my mind. I clasped my hands together in excitement as I yelled in my own head, I know! I’ll go to the mall and shop for her!


If I thought about it too much, it actually sounded a bit awkward. However, I couldn’t get over that defeated look on Emily’s face when she tried to tell me she couldn’t wear sexy clothes. I may have been overstepping my boundaries a bit, but I no longer cared. I was going to buy my blonde angel some sexy outfits, whether it came off weird or not.

Although I only really planned on going to the underwear store, I had to pass by several other stores to get there. Along the way, I kept stopping and looking at outfits, thinking to myself, You know what? Emily would look really cute in this. Emily would look downright hot in this! I would love to hang out with her while she’s wearing this!

The more I shopped for her, the more giddy I became. I didn’t have unlimited money, but it became difficult not to spend everything I had on her because… she deserved it.

Eventually, all that shopping around got me anxious to get to the underwear store. When I finally got in there, it definitely became difficult not to spend my entire budget on her.

These panties are so hot! I screamed in my own head, as I considered buying them for myself. But of course, I stopped, thinking, They would look even better on her…

I grabbed a few things, thinking about what she would prefer. However, when it came to the items I wanted to see her in, I didn’t hold back.

I can’t buy her all these panties without at least getting her one bra, I decided, as I looked at all the cute sets. Though I didn’t know exactly what her size was, my face got a little red as I thought, I’ve fondled her tits enough to have a good idea…

One thing led to another, and I had definitely gone over my spending limit. Oh, yeah… I’m going to have to work some extra hours, I thought as I walked towards the exit with an accomplished smile on my face. But she’s definitely worth it…


There was a feeling of accomplishment going through me for some reason as I left the lingerie store and made my way towards the exit of the mall. Unfortunately, the cheesy grin on my face suddenly disappeared as I ran into some of my friends while passing the food court.

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