My Secret Slave

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I first noticed Derek in the community room of our apartment building. Okay, I was checking him out while waiting for a girlfriend. He had a nice body, he was actually reading a book and he was young. He was neatly dressed, good looking and younger than me by a few years. He seemed sincere, loyal, playful and did I mention he was young? A woman can tell all these things don’t you know. I did get caught when our eyes met, but I just looked away and pretended not to notice. This was good too because that meant he noticed me. Before I got to the part about how many children I would have with this handsome young man and his slender v-shaped body, my girlfriend arrived and I got up and left. I didn’t mention it to her. I wasn’t about to share him. At least not until I had him and he was mine to share.

A few days later, oddly enough, we met again. This time it was in the workout room of our building. I had been there for awhile and was well into my workout when he walked in. Was he looking for me I egotistically thought? I hoped so. I would however, act normal, continue my workout and leave the first move up to him. I stole several glances at him and by the end of my hour my mouth was dry and my body was tingling and glistening. We girls don’t sweat. I didn’t see him as I left the room but when I stopped by the beverage nook on the way out and there he was. He held out a bottle of water for me and smiled. I nearly came. I took the bottle and hoped that he hadn’t notice the goosebumps. Girls like to play the innocence card until the last dog dies.

I’m Shannon and I’m good looking. I’m no beauty queen but when you factor in my healthy, toned body and my 38D’s I’m not bad for 38. I could have my share of handsome sexy men, but I like them young and that cuts down the field. I also like to be in charge and that really shortens the list. But that is something that takes place in the discovery phase, to use a legal term and right now, face to face, I was giftwrapped by his thoughtfulness and totally at his mercy.

Hi, I’m Derek. I remembered you from the other day and you look very thirsty. If he only knew how thirsty I thought. Would you like to meet back here in an hour and go get some supper? My yes sounded like my ‘yes’ right before I squirt during sex. I stopped smiling, afraid I had scared trabzon escort him, but he laughed and said “great, see you then.”

Our supper date was pleasant. My outfit was revealing yet left some things to the imagination. A good first date outfit I thought. He was in tight jeans and a white long sleeve shirt which made me want to rape him right there in the lobby. Thankfully I had composed myself by the time we got to the restaurant two blocks away. We made the usual get acquainted small talk but it felt natural, not forced.

He was in marketing with a large firm and sometimes worked from home. I’m a paralegal at a small firm. We exchanged a little about our families. I was an only child. I like to mention that to imply that I like having my way. My husband was not up for that. We got married too quickly but that was years ago. And he was older too, so there you go. Derek was the oldest of three and whether at work or at home, I got the idea that he seemed to really liked pleasing people.

He asked me a lot of general questions. Nothing too personal, yet. Then he asked me what I liked to be called. I vainly thought back on my pet names given to me by previous lovers. He was stroking me in a very pleasant way and he seemed to instinctively know this. I thought about the names I liked but the first one I mentioned was one from my husband that I did not like.

He called me his ‘good girl.’ I went on to mention others that I liked and continued talking about them for a few minutes. Then I noticed Derek had been quiet for several minutes. I looked at him and saw this glazed looked in his eyes. He seemed very relaxed. I took the opportunity to check out his crotch. He was extremely hard!

He was motionless, almost catatonic and this scared me. Derek! I called his name and he blinked and slowly came back from wherever he was. What would you like to call me Derek? Without hesitation he replied, Mistress.

My body had a goosebump convention right then and there. I felt that familiar trickle cascading down my pussy. This guy was playing Whack a Mole with my buttons for sure. But how could he do that from being in a coma-like state? Was it just a come on or was he genuine? He must be speaking the truth. After all, we had just met and no man is that intuitive. Is he?

I trabzon escort bayan managed a smile and tried to look calm as I replied. Mistress? We haven’t even been to bed yet and you are already playing games! Oh it’s not a game Shannon. It is not necessarily sexual. It is whatever you want it to be. That is just how I am, if I may be so bold. Do people really talk like that I wondered, as I took his hand and placed it one layer of clothing from her throbbing pussy. Yes, I replied, you may be so bold.

There was no need for pretense now. He knew how hot I was for him and he had shown his huge hard bulge during his daydream. That meant he wanted me just as much didn’t it? I could ponder and reflect later. Right now, supper was over and the main course was cooking.

We headed to my place as he held every door and helped me in and out of the Uber. In between we kissed and caressed, fanning the flames of our mutual passion. Once inside my apartment I felt it was time I lived up to my new Mistress monicker.

Between hot passionate kisses I begin telling him every move to make and he obeyed to perfection. Unhook me and his hand is up my back and I am free in seconds. Unzip me. Done, and skirt hits the floor. Finger me. Ohhhhh ahhhhh damn!

I am rapidly approaching my first man made orgasm in months while the kissing continues and we are still in the foyer. Drop your pants. Done with his free hand. Now your shorts. Now enter me. I feel his hard cock slowly working its way all the way in. He’s no footlong but he’s plenty long enough and hard enough to begin lifting me off the floor. And he is super thick and filling me completely and I’m in dominant heaven! It’s showtime! But he stops! Why has he stopped? I can’t stand it. I blurt out fuck me! And I am off the ground completely at his mercy as he begins to thrust into me hard and deep. I am feeling nearly powerless now, hanging on for dear life.

Finger me with your thumb, I command, regaining some sliver of control. And my orgasm begins to build. Fuck me hard. And my orgasm fills me. Is it the dominance and takes me? Of course, his huge cock doesn’t hurt either. In fact, I’m so wet, it doesn’t hurt at all. And speaking of squirting, it happens sometimes, but never the first time. Well ‘never’ is a fickle escort trabzon word I thought, as I drenched us both, making splattering sounds on the tile floor. My orgasm devours me.

Screaming his name over and over, Derek! Derek! Derek! I cum so hard I nearly faint. Hanging like a pile of laundry in his arms, I feel like I’m in a fog as I tell him to get me to my bed. Once there, we cuddle and kiss like we had been doing it for years. Then it’s on! I push him down gently and he kisses his way to my tingling pussy. I’m a little wet down there Derek. You ahhhhh might ohhhh what a nice tongue you have! He begins to lick slowly at first, then faster and faster. I’m cumming Derek! He starts sucking my clit and this orgasm is so intense it makes my hair tingle. Every part of my body shares this orgasm. My nipples are like rocks now. His licks and sucks get softer and slower now but they don’t stop. He’s in control now. He has my body and my mind is out to lunch.

He is still rock hard and even though I am wasted, I’m dying to be on top of him. My favorite position, back in control. Able to slide down onto his shaft as I like, watching his expression, listening to his moans. Feeling every inch of him sliding into me, filling me, impaling me, taking back control. I believe I could just sit here, clinching my muscles and make us both cum, it feels that good. But I can’t be still with him inside me. His youth, his size, his delightful obedience turns my emotions into motion.

Grinding down deep onto him fills me with another orgasm in what seems like seconds. But I want him cumming with me this time. I am nearly to the edge and I know I won’t be able to stop soon. He is still thrusting his now huge cock into me like he’s devouring an endless buffet. He wants all of me. Oh baby please cum with me now! Almost immediately I feel him gushing inside of me. The spurts hit my inner walls and in seconds I am filled with his cum, but he doesn’t stop. It is now running all over us as we thrust and grind. I am noisy too, but it is mostly my noise. My cries of ecstasy and his powerful panting, pausing for each shot of his load into me.

I melt down on top of him but I keep him inside not wanting this to end. My breasts covering his soft mounds, wait. His soft mounds? I raise up, taking my hands and running them over small soft breasts. Mmmmm is all I can say as I lean down to kiss and gently suck them. There is more to this boy than just off the charts earth moving ground shaking sex and I can’t wait to find out all about it. Just as soon as I regain consciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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