My Sexy Roommate Ch. 04 – Girls’ Toy

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Big Tits

Saturday the 24th

It was a little after noon. I’d been planning to spend the day at Aquarena Springs with my brother and his family, but they’d canceled. Two of the kids had the flu. Nancy wasn’t expecting me until 9:00 PM, but I decided to surprise her and take her to lunch.

Nobody answered when I knocked on the condo’s door, although I heard faint sounds inside. I let myself in with my key. I recognized the sounds as soon as I stepped into the living room. It was Nancy, moaning and occasionally screaming, getting close to coming.

I should have left, but I couldn’t ignore my sudden boner. Instead, I closed the door carefully, and took a few more steps into the room. The noises were coming from Jordan’s bedroom.

Nancy was lying on her back with her legs spread in a wide Vee, screaming and thrashing. Jordan was kneeling between Nancy’s thighs, doing something that made a muted buzz.

“You like that, Baby?” Jordan asked. “Up your ass.”

“Oh yeah!” Nancy gasped. “I never thought . . . it’d feel . . . so good.”

I unfastened my jeans and let them fall, then pushed my briefs down. My hard cock sprang up instantly. I gripped my cock-head between my thumb and index finger and wrapped the other fingers around my shaft.

Nancy was getting louder. I took a step forward to see what was happening. My jeans around my ankles tripped me and I stumbled into the room. Nancy and Jordan turned their heads and froze, looking up at me in shock.

“Nobody answered the door,” I said. “Let myself in. Heard the sounds.”

Nancy and Jordan were staring at my hard-on. “Sorry.” I let go of my cock and reached for my briefs.

“That’s all right.” Nancy exchanged a look with Jordan. “We don’t mind showing off for you.”

Jordan turned to Nancy and said, “He is hung like a horse.”

“Told you.” Nancy laughed and kissed Jordan, then looked at me. “Go on. Get those clothes off.”

I’d seen the pot and empty wine glasses in the living room. Nancy and Jordan were high enough to be uninhibited and I was horny as hell. I stripped quickly, then stood beside the bed. Nancy and Jordan stared at my long stiff pole and the thin line of precum leaking from my tip, running down my shaft, and over my balls.

Nancy grinned. “We’re going to give you a show.”

“You already are.” I stared at the slender hot pink wand sticking out of Nancy’s ass. It was making the buzzing noise. I felt angry, then silly. Why be jealous of a piece of plastic?

“Watch this, Pony Boy.” Nancy pulled her pussy open and stroked the inside of her lips, moving her index finger in a slow circle and occasionally stopping to rub her clit. I squeezed my balls and stroked my dick, smearing the precum over my cock-head with my thumb and index finger, while I watched Nancy.

Jordan looked at me. “Pony Boy.” She and Nancy giggled. I felt myself blushing. She wrapped her hand around my balls. “Bet you weren’t expecting to see me pushing a vibrator up your girlfriend’s ass . . .” She squeezed my balls tightly. “. . . Pony Boy?”

She giggled, then turned back to Nancy and pulled the vibrator out of her ass. It was an inch thick and almost five inches long, with three prominent ridges spaced along its shaft. Its tip was a smoothly rounded, stylized cock-head, flaring gracefully to the first ridge. Its base was a sleek extension of its shaft, with two buttons set in an oval panel.

She held the toy up and pressed one of the buttons on its base. The buzzing stopped. “Not as big as you, Pony Boy.” She and Nancy giggled. “But, your girlfriend likes it.”

“Oh yeah!” Nancy slid her middle and index fingers into her pussy while Jordan slipped the pink vibrator back up her ass. When it was all the way in, she pushed buttons on its little control panel. It buzzed louder than before, with a different rhythm.

Nancy moaned and fingered her pussy while Jordan fucked her ass.

Nancy said, “Come here.” I knelt beside her on the bed and she wrapped her hand around my stiff pole. The vibrator grew louder as Jordan turned the speed up. Nancy jacked my cock and fingered her pussy, coming hard.

I was getting close. “I’m gonna come, Sugar Lips.” Nancy jacked me harder. “Where do you want it?”

She usually liked me to shoot in her pussy or mouth. “On my tits, Pony Boy.”

“Here it comes.” She jacked my rod until I came, spraying long streams of cum on Nancy’s big breasts. She squealed as the hot juice splashed her skin.

Jordan turned the vibrator off and pulled it out of Nancy’s ass. Nancy lowered her legs and lay with her eyes closed, rubbing my cum over her breasts. Jordan and I looked at each other. “You’re a fuckin’ stud.” She was staring at my cock. It was half hard and leaking cum. “A stallion. Not a pony.”

“You’re really hot yourself.” I cupped her breasts, pinching her hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She moaned and gripped my cock. It stiffened instantly, even though I’d just come.

“Yeah.” Jordan guided my hand between her legs. “Feel how hot I am.” bahis şirketleri My index finger slid up her pussy easily. It was tight, wet, and very hot.

I added my middle finger and rubbed the slightly rough area just inside her pussy. “That’s right.” She stroked my stiff rod, pinching my cock-head between her thumb and index finger.

“You guys having fun?” Nancy pressed her breasts into my back. Her nipples were still rock-hard.

“Oh yeah,” Jordan answered. “Joe’s a real stud.” She stroked my cock while I worked my fingers in her pussy and rubbed my thumb over her clit hood. “Can I take him for a ride?”

Nancy pulled me away from Jordan and plastered her body against mine, flattening her big breasts against my chest and rubbing her crotch against my hard-on. “You want to fuck Jordan.” It wasn’t a question, but I nodded anyway.

“Good.” Nancy kissed me. “I don’t mind sharing.” She turned to Jordan and kissed her. “Sharing my boyfriend with my girlfriend.”

Nancy gripped my cock with one hand and slid her other hand’s middle finger up Jordan’s wet pussy. “You two are so sexy!” She looked at Jordan. “You’re going to eat me. While Joe fucks you.” She lay on the bed with her back propped up against the headboard.

“All right, Sugar Lips,” Jordan said. She looked at Nancy, then me. “‘Sugar Lips.’ You guys are so cute.” She kissed me hard, then buried her face between Nancy’s open legs.

I spent a moment admiring Jordan’s half open pussy and the pretty little puckered hole between her sculpted buttocks, then climbed onto the bed and stuck my tongue between her pussy lips, pushing deep inside. Her taste and smell were different from Nancy’s, but just as intoxicating.

Jordan moaned as I worked my tongue in her, licking her sensitive pussy mouth and diving deep, pausing to gulp her freely flowing juices.

Nancy came, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as her crotch battered Jordan’s face.

I pushed my swollen cock-head between Jordan’s pussy lips and drove home, taking her with one quick thrust. “Fuck me,” she whispered. “Good and hard. While I eat your girlfriend.”

Jordan dived back into Nancy’s pussy. I held still for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her muscular pussy clamping my cock, then gripped her hips and fucked her with long slow strokes. “Faster,” she gasped. “Harder.”

I bent forward and cupped Jordan’s breasts, kneading them as I pulled almost out of her pussy, then slammed back in, shaking her body.

Nancy kept coming, screaming and thrashing, as Jordan drove three fingers up her pussy. Jordan’s spasming pussy clamped my driving rod. I held on, squeezing her tits while I pounded her pussy, keeping her coming.

Nancy pushed Jordan away and leaned back against the headboard with her eyes closed. Jordan held still with her muscular pussy clamping my stiff pole. “That was good,” she whispered.

“For me, too.”

Nancy opened her eyes. “For all of us.” She stood up. “Now, I’m ready for something else.” She pulled me away from Jordan and wrapped her hand around my hard-on. “I want . . . this. Up my ass.”

“All right.” Two days ago, Nancy wouldn’t let me touch her asshole. “How do you want it?”

Jordan answered for her. “Get on the bed, Pony Boy. On your back.” She looked at Nancy. “Ride his cock. That’s easiest.”

I lay on the bed with my dick sticking straight up. Nancy lubricated her asshole and my cock, and straddled my hips. She bent forward and kissed me, then gripped my hard rod and guided its tip between her buttocks.

My swollen head stretched her ass as she gradually sank down onto my cock. Her asshole was unbelievably tight and hot. “Oh fuck!” she gasped. “You’re so big. Way thicker than the vibrator.”

“Want to stop?”

“No.” Nancy pushed down, stretching her asshole wider. “It doesn’t hurt. Too much. It’s just . . .” She lifted up slightly, took a long breath, then lowered herself again, taking a little more of my cock up her butt. “Way different.”


“Way better. It’s your cock. Not a mechanical toy.” She raised and lowered her buttocks, slowly taking a little more of my rod each time. When my swollen head was all the way inside her asshole, she stopped, holding still with her eyes closed, breathing hard.

“This is so fucking good,” she whispered. I kneaded Nancy’s breasts as she slid down my cock, taking my whole length. “Wow!” Her ass was incredibly hot and tight.

“You like it?” I asked.

“It’s amazing.” Nancy clenched her ass muscles, clamping my pole. “Your cock’s so long and thick.” She slipped her middle and index fingers up her pussy, coating them with her juices, then rubbed her slick fingers over her clit while slowly rolling her hips, shifting my cock in her tight butt.

“We’re gonna take a real ride, now.” Nancy rolled her hips faster, rubbing her clit while her asshole clamped my stiff pole. I squeezed her bouncing tits and pinched her hard nipples.

“Oh fuck!” Nancy came hard, screaming and riding my cock like a bucking bahis firmaları bronco. She finally stopped, straddling my hips with my throbbing rod buried deep in her ass. “That was so good.”

She bent forward to kiss me and my stiff cock slipped out of her tight asshole. “Oh!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back up your butt. Soon.” I kissed her, long and hard.

“That’s so sexy,” Nancy said. “Hearing you say ‘up your butt.'” She kissed me again, then stood up. “Come on. I’m ready for you now.” I rose to my feet and she wrapped her hand around my hard-on. “Ready for a long hard . . . ass fucking.”

“Oh yeah,” Jordan said. “Give her a real workout.” She was leaning back in the room’s easy chair with a big bright purple vibrator buzzing softly in her ass, rubbing a slender aqua tube over her clit hood.

Nancy walked over to the chair and kissed Jordan. “We’re just starting.”

She came back to the bed and lay on her back with her knees folded over her chest. “Fuck my butt. Good and hard.” Nancy straightened her knees and spread her legs in a wider Vee with her ankles over her shoulders, lifting her ass higher.

I took the little bottle of lube from the nightstand and moved between Nancy’s open thighs. She moaned and humped my finger as I slid it up her already-slick ass. “Just fuck me. I’m ready now.”

“Okay.” I smeared lube on my stiff dick, then pressed my cock-head between her butt-cheeks.

“Come on,” Nancy said. “Push it in.” I took her with one long quick thrust.

“Fuck!” she gasped.

“Sorry. Didn’t expect to slide in so fast.”

“Didn’t hurt.” She pulled me down and kissed me, hard and dirty. Her ass muscles clamped my rod. “I came.”

“Good. Ready to get ass fucked? For real?”

“Oh yeah, Pony Boy. Give me a long hard ride.”

“Okay.” I pulled almost out, then drove back up her ass. Nancy moaned, getting louder as I went on. She jacked her clit in time with my thrusts, pinching and stroking it like a tiny dick.

I gripped Nancy’s ankles and pushed them forward and outward, then pounded her ass, slamming my crotch into her buttocks. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Nancy cried, coming over and over.

“Here I come, Baby.” Nancy screamed as I unloaded my boiling nuts up her ass.

I bent forward and kissed Nancy tenderly, keeping my cock buried deep inside her. “That was great,” she whispered. “Even better than I’d imagined.”

“For me, too.” I kissed her again. “Sugar Buns.” Nancy giggled.

“You virgins are so cute!” Jordan said. I’d heard her moans and muffled screams while I was fucking Nancy’s ass.

“I really got off watching you.” She turned off the aqua mini-vibe and set it on the magazine stand beside the chair, next to a little bottle of lube. The base of the purple vibrator was still sticking out of her ass, buzzing loudly. She pushed the single button on its base, then gasped when the buzzing grew louder. She pushed the button again and the sound stopped.

Jordan pulled the big purple vibrator out of her ass. It had an oversized, smoothly rounded head and exaggerated veins. “Come here. Let’s see if you’re as big as this.”

I hesitated until Nancy nudged me. Jordan held my stiff dick against the vibrator. “Same size.” The purple toy was warm from Jordan’s body heat and hard but slightly yielding. I took the vibrator from Jordan and set it beside the aqua mini-vibe.

Jordan kneaded my balls and stroked my cock. Nancy wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed her firm tits and hard nipples into my back. “What now?” I asked.

“I wanted to be your first,” Nancy answered. “I was. Now, it’s Jordan’s turn.”

Jordan’s sliding fingers tightened on my cock. She stopped at my head and rubbed her thumb and first two fingers over its stretched skin. “Fuck my ass,” she said. “While I play with Nancy.”

“All right.” This seemed like a dream. I half-expected to wake up in cum-soaked sheets, like a teenager.

Nancy lay on her back with her head at the foot of the bed. Jordan straddled her shoulders.

Nancy whispered, “You’ve got a hot sexy pussy.” She slipped her tongue between Jordan’s puffy lips. Jordan moaned and flexed her ass muscles as Nancy licked up and down her slit.

I stepped behind Jordan, then stopped, admiring the shiny hole between her rolling buttocks.

Nancy looked up at me through Jordan’s legs. “Fuck her,” she said. “Fuck my girlfriend’s butt.” She watched, wide eyed, as I pressed my cock-head into Jordan’s asshole.

“Oh yeah!” Jordan pushed back, taking my long thick pole with one smooth stroke. “So good!”

“Wow!” Nancy whispered, staring at my buried shaft. She put her hands on Jordan’s butt cheeks, pulling them further apart. “This is so sexy.”

“Come on, Stallion.” Jordan’s ass muscles clamped my rod. “Fuck me with that horse dick. Good and hard.”

“All right.” I pulled out until my tip was barely touching the center of her puckered hole, then pushed back in.

“That’s it!” Jordan gasped. “Just like that.” I fucked her ass with long steady kaçak bahis siteleri strokes while Nancy ate her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Jordan screamed and rocked her hips, roughly humping my sliding cock as she came. Nancy held on to Jordan’s buttocks, keeping her tongue buried in her girlfriend’s pussy.

“That’s enough,” Jordan said. My hard cock slipped out of her ass as she pulled away. “I need a break.” She untangled herself from Nancy and stood up. Nancy joined her and they kissed passionately, fondling each other’s breasts, buttocks, and pussies.

Jordan turned to me and gripped my stiff dick. “You didn’t come.”

“Not yet,” I answered.

“We’ll fix that.” She lay on the bed with her legs in the air, showing me her gaping pussy and the hot little hole between her butt cheeks. Jordan screamed softly as I slid my cock back up her ass.

“Fuck me.” Jordan grabbed my shoulders, pulled me down, and kissed me passionately. “Good and hard.”

Jordan gripped her ankles, lifting her butt higher, as I rose to my knees. She screamed as I squeezed her tits and rammed her ass.

I was about to come when Nancy kissed the back of my neck. “I’ve got something for you.”

I stopped with my cock buried deep in Jordan’s ass and bent forward, leaning on my elbows to support part of my weight. Her breasts flattened against my chest as she kissed me fiercely.

“You fucked my butt,” Nancy said. “Now, it’s your turn.” My cock throbbed when she slid a finger up my ass. It was slick with lube and went in easily. She twisted her finger, spreading lube all around, then pulled it out.

“Here it comes, Pony Boy.” Something round and wide pressed into my asshole, slowly stretching it open. Last night, when I’d jacked off while watching that gay video, I’d imagined I was the guy doing the fucking. Tonight, my girlfriend was going to fuck my ass. I was scared and excited, but mostly scared.

I cried out in pain when Nancy pushed the dildo in too fast. I couldn’t get away. All I did was drive my cock a little deeper up Jordan’s ass.

“Sorry, Baby.” Nancy pulled the dildo back and the pain faded. “You all right?”

“Yeah. Just take it easy.” Despite the pain, I was now more excited than scared.

“Okay. I’ll be careful.” She eased the dildo back in, stopping when I tensed up, then pushing deeper as I relaxed.

I rose to my knees and slowly fucked Jordan’s ass while Nancy worked the dildo in my tight butt. It still hurt, a little, but also made me horny as hell.

“This is the pink vibrator,” Nancy said. “The one Jordan was using on me. While you were watching us.”

“Half the head is up your butt.” She pushed the toy in deeper. “That hurt?”

“A little.”

She switched the vibrator on. “This’ll help.” My cock throbbed as the big toy pulsed slowly in my ass.

“Oh fuck!” I rocked backwards, taking more of the vibrator’s rounded head. My asshole stretched until it passed the vibrator’s first ridge, then closed around the slightly more narrow shaft.

“This is what Jordan did to me,” Nancy said. “The first time. I came so hard.” The vibration grew faster and harder.

Nancy gradually pushed the vibrator into my ass. The second and finally the third ridge passed through my tight asshole. When its head and shaft were all the way up my butt, Nancy increased the vibrator’s speed.

Jordan screamed and squeezed her tits, coming hard while I pounded her tight ass. Nancy fucked my butt with the pink vibrator, stimulating my asshole with its ridges. “Like the ride, Pony Boy?”

“Oh yeah. I’m gonna . . . ” Jordan squealed as I fired my first shot up her ass.

“Yeah, stud!” Jordan cried. “Shoot your hot cum up my ass.” I rammed Jordan, coming with each thrust.

I stopped with my cock deep inside Jordan’s ass. Nancy turned the vibrator off and pulled it out of my butt. My stiff dick jerked each time one of the vibrator’s ridges passed through my tight asshole.

Jordan kissed me, long and hard. Nancy slapped my ass. “My turn.”

“That felt so good,” Jordan whispered. “You shooting in my ass.” We kissed again.

My cock slipped out of Jordan’s butt when I rose to my knees and turned to face Nancy. I took her in my arms and we kissed.

Nancy turned away from me and bent over. I squeezed her heavy tits while driving my stiff rod between her rolling buttocks, keeping her coming for a long time. We finally collapsed on the bed beside Jordan.

* * *

It was late afternoon when we woke up. Jordan showered and dressed, then left to spend the night in San Antonio with a UTSA associate professor and his wife.

Nancy and I went out for burgers and shakes, then smoked a joint and watched an old movie on TV. Later, we went into her bedroom and undressed.

She left for a few seconds and came back carrying the pink vibrator and a tube of lubricant. “Hope you’re ready for a long hard ride, Pony Boy.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2017 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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