My Sexy Sister in Law Pt. 01

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“Mmmm, oh yeah, cum in me baby!”

I grunted in response, and my thrusting increased, the blonde-haired, long-legged beauty with the big jugs writhing below me. She’d teased me all day, and I was going to use her to get rid of all the built-up spunk my cock had built up. We’d left a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom, and I could feel the rise, oh yes, getting close…


The sudden noise woke me up, and the dream dissipated like smoke. I looked around, my heart thumping, my cock as hard as a lead pipe. I saw a book that had been balanced on my bookcase has slipped off, and fallen to the floor. Shit, it had to happen just before I was going to explode. The remembered heat of my dream imagining, oh yeah, a faceless, blonde beauty with big tits.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, my dream fuck had almost certainly been my fevered thoughts of my sister-in-law, Kittie. She married my brother Kevin two years ago. Although the dream partner had been faceless, the body in my dream, the hair, the long coltish legs, and the generous dairies, were exact copies of what I had been lucky enough to see, when I had been at the lake with them a couple of months ago. Her tanga-style bikini had left little to the imagination and hidden behind my mirrored sunglasses, my eyes had drunk in the sight.

I sighed and turned over. The fact that they were in my house, staying for a couple of months while their house was extensively renovated, no doubt my mind would keep whipping up the mental footage, and keep me ramped up.

My stomach growled, and I realized that I needed a midnight snack. I slid out of bed and quietly made my way downstairs. Halfway down, I heard the back door open and heard them coming in from a late-night movie.

I heard Kittie purr, “Damn, that was such a hot movie, made me wanna fethiye escort get fucked right there!”

Kevin grunted, “Damn right, my prick feels as hard as steel!”

“I think your brother is asleep, didn’t see any lights on. I’m too horny, I want your dick, right here, right now!”

I crept downstairs the rest of the way, as I heard the rustling of clothes, and I peeked in from the foyer. Holy fuck, Kittie was up on the kitchen counter, and she threw her head back, letting out a long, loud moan as Kevin sheathed his cock in his wife’s excited fuck hole. I was looking straight on at them, I could see Kittie’s legs wrapped around his waist, and Kevin’s ass cheeks flex as he drove into her. The view of Kittie’s body was hidden behind her husband, but I could clearly tell that she was totally naked, my mind adding in the details, driving my 8 inches up to its maximum.

“Baby, you’re so big,” Kittle purred and then bit her lower lip like a porn star. “Mmmm, Mmmmm, oh yeah, let me have it.”

Kittie grunted as Kevin pushed further into her, filling her up inch by inch.

Kittie opened her eyes, looking over Kevin’s shoulder, and her eyes met mine! I stood, frozen, then I saw Kittie smile. She mouthed ‘keep watching’ and ‘jack off,’ and I didn’t need any more encouragement. As I dropped my shorts, her eyes flashed approval. I peeled off my T-shirt, and her eyes locked on my movements as my hand grabbed my dick, and started to stroke. I did it slowly, I wanted to drag it out, and make it last.

Still looking right at me, she purred, “Mmmm, yes, feels so good. I want your cock to make my tight little cunt your own.”

Kevin continued to ram Kittie’s cunt, it was a steady rhythm, one which Kittie was obviously enjoying, from the look of bliss on her face.

“Ri–Right fethiye escort bayan there,” Kittie whimpered, her eyes fluttering. “Ah!”

Now her heels were digging into his lower back. Still keeping her eyes locked on me, she purred, “Tell me, lover, tell me how it feels.”

“Fuck Kits, tight little cunt, so hot, so wet, oh yeah, squeeze it, baby!”

“You like it like that, don’t you?” she giggled.

“Oh fuck yeah, tight as a virgin, god your pussy muscles are fucking amazing!”

“Deep, go deep, deep as you can, I want your thick spunk!” she panted, “Deeper.”

Kevin grabbed her ass started to hammer his prick into her. Kittie gasped as she rocked her hips against him, fucking his cock for him. She had her eyes locked on my hand as it flew up and down my prick, I could feel the wild churning, I was right on the verge.

Kittie’s cries of pleasure rose, and looking right at me, she cried out, “Cum baby, cum for me, shoot your load so deep inside, CREAM MEEE!”

That did it for me, I exploded, gushing thick ropes of spunk into my T-shirt, fighting to keep my sounds of pleasure silenced. I saw her eyes drinking in the sight of my cock shooting my load, then Kittie’s shrieks filled the kitchen as she squirmed and writhed wildly, Kevin joined in, grunting, “Oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, FUCK!” and he was pumping her cunt rapidly, filling Kittie’s sexy fuckhole with a thick load of cum.

I felt light-headed as my orgasm finally waned, damn, I’d gotten off 10 thick ribbons of spunk. Kittie, still wrapped around Kevin, smiled at me, blew me a kiss, and mouthed, ‘watch.’

Kittie purred, “Now, my hubby needs his cock cleaned.”

Kevin pulled away, and I saw her body, full-frontal, holy fuck. The natural blonde hair, those big, luscious dairies, curvy waist, escort fethiye a sparse, well-trimmed blonde bush, the long, supple legs, just like I had envisioned in the dream. I pinched myself, just to make sure that I wasn’t still in a dream.

My cock firmed up again, as I watched Kittie taking the classic subservient cocksucking position. She angled Kevin in such a way that I would have a view of her body from the 1 o’clock position, I could drink in the view of her nudity, and she could slide her eyes over and watch me. I could see the lust-filled smile as she saw my cock tenting up again, she mouthed ‘do it again,’ then swallowed Kevin’s cock in one gulp.

Kevin grunted, “Fuck, oh yeah Kittie, tight, hot mouth, just as sweet as your cunt, suck it, baby!”

I was back up to full, and grabbed my rod, stroking it in time to Kittie’s plunges up and down his prick. Her eyes remained watching my cock, and she used her whole mouth to stroke Kevin’s dick, never once stroking it with her hand. She circled his nut sack with her hand, toying with his balls.

It took a while, but eventually, both my brother and I were reaching our peaks.

Kevin grunted, “Oh yeah, get ready baby, gonna flood your mouth!”

At that, Kittle’s other hand went between her thighs, and she moaned around his dick as her fingers buried in her heat, wet juicy squelches sounding as she furiously polished her pearl.

The sight of my sister-in-law masturbating as she sucked my brother’s prick pushed me over the top, and I again went off, Kittie’s eyes bright as she watched my happy ending, then she started to shake, her squeals of orgasmic pleasure muffled as her mouth rode Kevin’s dick, and with Kevin grunting “Fuck, so fucking tight, fuck FUCK!” he followed the orgasmic roll, his prick unloading into Kittie’s eagerly sucking mouth. I could see her throat muscles work as she swallowed it, tongue swiping around Kevin’s dick as she nursed at his deflating cock, eager for every little bit of his load.

When she pulled free, her eyes were bright and happy, and she mouthed, ‘goodnight.’ I quickly took the cue to depart, and I quickly and quietly retreated to my room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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