My Short Daydream

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Big Tits

I started dreaming of seeing you, and wondering how sex would be the first time we have it again. I imagined us alone inside the door of a room, kissing gently, and then leading you to the bed, and having you sit near the head board, and climbing on to your lap with my legs kneeling on either side. We both pressed our foreheads together and gazed at each other.

You brought your hands up softly to cup my face, and began kissing me again, slowly at first, and then with increasing heat and passion, our tongues taking turns tasting each other’s love. Breathlessly we broke it off for a second, and then I told you “I love you so much…and want you so badly” and began kissing across your jaw, tentatively licking your ear and then kissing down your neck, pausing there and enjoying the sweet taste of your soft skin there, and inhaling your scent until I grew dizzy with it. You let out a small moan and rubbed your hands up my back, gently rubbing my shoulder blades.

Again we kissed, losing track of time until you suddenly sat up and without speaking gently pushed me over, pulling my top over my head, undoing my bra, sliding my panties down my legs and then you knelt there between my legs, looking me over inch by inch until your eyes met mine and you reached forward and softly stroked a finger from my lips down between my breasts fethiye escort to my stomach, and then laid your hand flat there. You pulled off your shirt, and then slid your pants and underwear off, and knelt again between my legs, stroking both hands up and down each of my thighs.

I let my eyes travel from your face down your body, finally resting on your throbbing penis, so hard it was more than horizontal, straining with all it’s might to reach for my body. Suddenly you leaned forward as though you couldn’t help yourself, and (again) we lost ourselves in the magic of our lips and tongues meeting, until your cock twitched against my stomach and we both stiffened in slight surprise.

You kissed down my neck to my breasts and sucked one and then the other hard nipple into your warm mouth, rolling them with your tongue and gently with your teeth for a few seconds. Our eyes met and we both recognised the time for foreplay was over, and you reached down and took my thighs in your hands, spreading them as wide as they would go and looked down on my dripping wet pink pussy.

Still spreading my legs with your hands you shuffled closer, until the head of your rock hard dick was resting on my clit and I moaned quietly, resisting the urge to push forward and up so that you slid straight into me. We held each others gaze as you escort fethiye tilted your hips and repositioned yourself right at my hot wet entrance. “Are you ready?” you asked me, and unable to utter my usual joking response I just nodded, my desperation for you filling my eyes with a burning lust you could all too easily recognise.

Without any further conversation you moved your hands up to twine your fingers with mine, and pressing forward gently to ensure we were lined up, you then firmly pushed yourself all the way into the heart of me. We gasped simultaneously at the exquisite indescribable pleasure as finally you filled me completely for the first time in months. You paused, breathing hard a little as you felt my pussy clutching tightly at your cock, stretching and readjusting around you after being empty for so long.

Slowly with long but slightly forceful strokes you began to fuck me, both of us quiet at first other than our ragged breathing, but soon I couldn’t help a quiet keening from tearing it’s way from my chest as already I felt my body shivering on the edge of a pleasure spike, my clit burning and my pussy juices already running down my ass and soaking the bed beneath us, coating your balls with a thick creamy froth as your fucking whipped it into a lather.

I was desperately holding myself back from coming, fethiye escort bayan not wanting to break the connection our eyes had so far maintained but you smiled and reached down, holding your fingers on my clit as you continued to push your way deep inside my clutching pussy, and suddenly it was on me, but I kept my eyes on you, wanting to bring you with me somehow to this pleasure plane I was on, through my eyes letting you experience what I was experiencing and soon after I came down from the high you paused, and I knew what you were doing.

I wrapped my arms around your neck and pulled you down, kissing you deeply and passionately and then quickly rolling to the side, pushing you over and landing on top without your hardness leaving the warmth of my pussy.

I slowly began to move on you, lifting and dropping my tight cunt onto your thick erection, kissing and licking at your nipples intermittently at the same time. Your hands moved up to cup my breasts, just holding them gently. I slowed my pace down to a snail’s crawl, allowing each of us to feel every ridge, every slick inch of each other’s most private parts, and then brought my pace back up into a slightly faster gear, pushing my dripping cunt all the way down to the base of your lengthening cock, then drawing it all the way up to your swollen cock head. I felt you lengthen that final inch, and kept going, feeling your hands tighten on my breasts, clutching them almost desperately as you pulled me forward kissing me as I felt your dick jerk and shoot your creamy hot cum deep inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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