My Sister-in-Law June

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June is my long time friend. At 60, she doesn’t look bad at all. She stands about 5’4″ and must weigh about 165. She has silver streaked in her shoulder length black hair that gives her a stately, graceful look. And she has always carried herself like a true southern lady.

June is married to David, who is a very successful stock broker. They own a house right on the bank of a small lake. Well they say it’s small, but you can barely see to the other side it is so wide.

David is always bragging that the sunrise is so beautiful and that I really need to come by and see it sometimes. I like sunrises. I enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn and enjoying a cup of coffee, as I see the sun slowly peek above the horizon.

Both David and June told me that the offer was available anytime and that I didn’t even have to call them before hand. Since they had a porch that circled the entire house, I would not be disturbing them.

On this particular day, I had decided to take them up on their offer. So with a thermos of coffee and my ever present laptop, I left my house at 4am and headed over to June and David’s house. There were no lights on when I arrived and I tried to be as quiet as I could as I placed a lounger in position to see the sun wake the day.

I had been sitting with cigarette in hand and cup of coffee on the chair next to me just relaxing. The peace and quiet seemed to draw me into itself and I was totally into just enjoying the morning. I heard a door open and turned expecting to see David. Instead, I saw June walk out onto the porch in her bare feet.

But it wasn’t her feet that I was looking at. She had a very short robe covering her body. Well, it almost covered some of her body. It came only as far down as to cover her panty. And I have to admit, for a 60 year old woman, she had great legs.

June had a bout with cancer and it had left her with a double mastectomy. When she was out and about, she wore a padded bra that gave the impression that she had a nice set of tits proportioned to her body. But everyone that knew her well knew that it was only cosmetic. I was not surprised to see that the front of her robe was flat.

Her hair was tousled as if she had just stepped out of bed and she didn’t have on a bit of makeup. I had seen her without makeup and to me she was still a very elegant and lovely woman. Smiling at me while stretching, she gave me a sexy “Good Morning”.

I smiled back, tearing my eyes from her legs. “Good morning. I hope that I didn’t wake you up. I tried to be as quiet as I could.” June shook her head no. “I heard you when you drove up. I was debating whether to let you enjoy the sunrise alone or join you. I decided to join you if you don’t mind?”

I got up and pulled another lounger over to where I was sitting. I offered her some of the coffee that was in the thermos and she smiled. “I started the pot before I came out John. I know that you like coffee as much as I do and I figured that we could enjoy a really good cup. Do you still like it strong and black?”

I laughed. The first time that I had told her how I like my coffee, I had said that I wanted it just as black as I am and twice as strong. I nodded and watched her rise from the chair. There was some light coming from the room and I couldn’t help seeing that her robe was short enough to give me a glimpse of her pink panties. I could feel my dick starting to harden.

I tried to think of something else, not wanting to take a chance that David would come out and find me sitting with a hard lump sticking up in my pants. After all, June was his wife. The last thing I wanted him to think was that I had designs on her, even if I had fantasized about her a time or two.

I expected June to come back after having changed into something more appropriate. When she came back outside, she was still dressed in her short robe. I loved watching her walk towards me. She had come out the door off the kitchen which was halfway down the porch, so I got a good look at the way she moved.

She must have guessed my thoughts, because she smiled. “David told me that you often watch me as I walk towards and away from you. He said that it is very easy to read your thoughts about me.” I immediately felt like an ass. “June! I’m sorry if I seem to be staring at you. I have always found you to be a very elegant and graceful woman. You have an air about you that puts most other women şişli rus escort to shame. But believe me, I would never do or say anything inappropriate. I have nothing but the upmost respect for both you and David.”

June’s smile turned into laughter. “Don’t be silly John! I find it very flattering, that even knowing that I don’t have tits you still find me attractive. And believe me, even David finds your attraction to me something to smile about. He even joked that he wouldn’t be surprised if I gave in to your flirting.”

I was dumbfounded. Not knowing what to say, I took the cup of coffee she had in her hand and took a sip. I like a hot cup of coffee, but the coffee that I gulped in my mouth was molten hot. I was fanning my mouth, as June ran back to the kitchen. She came back with a glass of cold water and I drank the entire glass.

“Damn June. That’s hot!”

She looked concerned but began to smile. “Well if you hadn’t been so embarrassed, you wouldn’t have gulped it down the way you did without first sipping it to see how hot it was.”

I took a gingerly sip and had to smile. It was exactly how I liked my coffee. Except that I could have taken it a bit cooler. She sat down and we awaited the sunrise together. I could see that her eyes kept glancing over at me, just as my eyes would glance at her. But I admit I was looking more at her legs than her face.

“Is David coming out to watch the sun with us?” I really didn’t want him to come and interrupt the peace that we were sharing but I had to be polite. “David is in Pennsylvania at a Conference. He won’t be home for another week.”

I was a bit concerned. I was alone with June and I really didn’t know what David would think about that. I turned to her. “Look June, if I had known that David wasn’t here I wouldn’t have come over. It seems kind of inappropriate for me to be here without him being home. Especially, with you wearing almost next to nothing. If you like I can come back at another time.”

June looked at me and smiled. “I would be very hurt if you left me to watch the sunrise alone. I enjoy your company. I always have. And I am sure that David would never object to the two of us enjoying time with each other. In fact, I think that he would welcome it. He suggested that I call and invite you to come over to watch it with me.”

I couldn’t help but see the smile on her face. “Even if I am as you say, wearing next to nothing. In fact, even after I knew that you were out here, I decided not to change into anything else. I feel comfortable and I hope that I am not making you feel uncomfortable.”

I felt her foot as she reached out and it slid along my leg. “I don’t make you feel uncomfortable do I John? The way you were watching me as I walked, I would think that I make you feel very comfortable.”

Her foot had slid all the way to my knee. I grabbed it with my free hand and held it while I looked at her. Placing my cup on the deck next to my chair and took my other hand and began to softly massage her foot.

“You know damn well that you make me feel uncomfortable. I’m not supposed to be having the kind of thoughts about you that I am having. And your sliding your foot along my leg isn’t helping any.”

I didn’t let go of her foot and she didn’t try to pull it free. “And just what kind of thoughts are you having John? Do you see me as a desirable woman? Or do you see a woman without tits that you feel sorry for?”

My hands began rubbing her foot again. This time however, I let my hand slide up to her ankle. She was sitting close enough that I didn’t have to pull her any closer to let my hand slide up even higher on her leg.

As my hand slid over her knee, I massaged it softly. “I find you very desirable June. I always have. In fact, I have even fantasized about making love to you. But I would never do anything to ruin the friendship that we have. Nor would I ever go behind David’s back and fuck his wife.” June stared at me without saying a word. I thought that I had gone too far in my flirting with her. Then she smiled. “Really, John? When you fantasize about me do I have tits?”

My hand slid almost all the way up her thigh. I stopped just short of her pink panties and let my fingers gently rub against her. I watched her face and smiled as I saw her close her eyes and take a deep breath.

“If you really must know, sometimes you do and şişli türbanlı escort sometimes you don’t. In my fantasy, it doesn’t matter because it’s not your tits that I am fucking.” As I talked, I let my finger slide along the elastic of her panty. I could feel her wetness thru the material. She didn’t move as my finger slid between the elastic and her skin.

Her cunt was wet. June gave a soft whimper as my finger stroked the lips of her pussy. “You know we really shouldn’t be doing this. What would David think; if he found out I was sitting on his porch touching his wife so intimately?”

June’s breathing had grown faster. She was making soft mewing sounds as she slowly moved her hips against my finger. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Since the operation, David doesn’t look at me the way he used to. He doesn’t even fuck me as often as he did before. He still loves me I know, but not having tits turns him off. The only way he can really give me a good fucking, is when I am on my hands and knees and he is behind me. He never touches my chest and he wants the light off all the time.”

I had been sliding my finger slowly in and out of June’s wet pussy. I slowly began to stroke right up against her G-Spot. June’s eyes grew wide. “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! John! If you keep that up you will make me cum on your fingers.”

Smiling, I slowly pulled my finger free. It came from between her thighs covered in thick white crème. June watched as I stuck it to my lips and slowly licked it clean. “Maybe we should stop before things go too far. Trust me June, I would have no trouble looking at David and saying nothing. But I would not wish to have you feeling guilty every time you looked at him.”

June leaned in and I felt her fingers touching the bulge that was in my pants. “If you think that I’m gonna let you get me all worked up and then allow you to stop, you have lost your mind. Besides, he didn’t come right out and say it, but I think David would welcome your attentions toward me. It would relieve him thought of some of his guilt for ignoring my needs.”

I picked up my coffee and was taking a sip. I needed to calm down. June had me worked up like a boy about to get his first piece of pussy. There was a pink glow in the sky. The sun had not even come up yet, but there was enough light to see her clearly.

“John! I need you to do something for me. I want you to look at my chest. I need you to see the scars and see that there are no tits for you to play with.”

Her voice sounded stressed. Looking at her face, I could see that she was concerned about something. I smiled at her. “The sun is almost up. Let’s enjoy it first.”

Her eyes grew tight, as she pulled her foot out of my hand. “Wrong answer John? I was hoping that my not having tits wouldn’t matter to you. But I guess that you are like all the other men. You need a woman with tits you can play with before you fuck them.” I could hear her hurt and anger in her voice. She grabbed the arms of the chair and began to rise.

I put my hand on her leg, preventing her from rising. “Is that what you think? That I don’t want you because you don’t have tits?” Before she could answer me, I reached out and pulled the string that held the robe closed. Then I flicked it open. June was not wearing a top and I looked at her white skin.

I could see two lines on her chest where her breast had been removed. She was indeed flat. But somehow, on her it didn’t make a bit of difference. I leaned in and took a closer look. When I stuck out my tongue and ran it along the length of one of the scars, I heard her sharp intake of breath. Then I did the other one the same way. I went back and forth from one scar to the other.

I could feel her trembling as I continued to slowly lick her scar tissue. Then I felt her hand at the back of my head. She was not pressing me into her flesh, only holding me gently. I slid my hand back between her thighs and this time she opened her legs wide.

“That feels so good! Ooh John, please don’t stop. I was so afraid that you would be turned off when you saw my chest. I needed to know that it wouldn’t make you turn away from me.”

I didn’t stop licking her. I slid another finger into her cunt and was slowly working them back and forth. My thumb caressed her clit and I felt her lift herself up from the chair. I lifted my head şişli ucuz escort up from her chest and looked at her face. June’s eyes were open wide and she was breathing through her mouth. I leaned in and kissed her, feeling her give in to the kiss.

“I’m gonna fuck you June. Fuck you like David doesn’t fuck you. When I’m sliding my dick in and out of your cunt, I will be looking into your eyes to see just how much you are enjoying it. I’m gonna make you scream and beg for more. And while I am fucking your pussy, you will feel my tongue licking your scars.”

I slipped my fingers free and this time, instead of cleaning them with my mouth, I slid them up and smeared the juice across her lips before I stuck them in her mouth. June looked into my eyes and smiled as she solely sucked my fingers clean.

I could feel her fingers stroking me thru my pants. I felt her outline my dick thru the material. She never looked down, as she slowly slid my zipper down and reached in to remove my dick. It was hard and standing up proudly. I pulled her to me and she moved to my lounger.

I had pushed my pants down a bit as I settled June over me. I felt her hand reach down and softly grasp my dick. When it touched her pussy lips, I heard a soft moan escape her lips. I held her hips as I slowly guided her down onto me. But I didn’t shove my dick into her right away.

I held June as the tip of my dick pressed against the lips of her pussy. I could feel the way her lips pulsed as I pressed against her. June bent her head and pressed her lips hard on mine. That was the moment I was waiting for. As we kissed, I pulled her down until I felt my dick slide up into her.

June gave out a soft moan as her pussy engulfed my throbbing shaft. “Ooh John! It feels so good! I can feel it pulsing as it slides inside me. Don’t move. Just let me feel it filling me.” I didn’t move. I wanted to feel the way her pussy pulsed around my shaft as her cunt gripped me hard. Then I felt her slowly lift up until just the tip of my dick was inside her cunt. She was smiling, as she slowly lowered herself back down until she had me completely.

June’s eyes grew wide, as she slowly worked up and down. Then I felt her start to speed up. I still hadn’t moved, letting her take control and enjoy the feeling. Suddenly, she grabbed me and held me tight. “John! Oh John! I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming!”

I held her and let her ride me hard. I could feel her juices running out of her cunt as she rode my dick. When she began to shudder and shake, I pressed my lips close to her ear. “That’s it June! Let it happen. Ride this dick and let yourself enjoy me. It’s been so long since you had a man appreciate you the way I will. I want you to enjoy this.”

I held her close until she had stopped shuddering. “Damn! That felt so good John. I’m glad that you didn’t cum. I want you to ride me the way I rode you. I want to feel you shoving that dick in and out of my cunt. I don’t care if it hurts or you get rough. Just make me feel this way again.”

Laughing, I gently pushed her back until she had slid off me and my dick popped out of her cunt. Grabbing her legs, I raised them up and bent over until my mouth was on her dripping pussy. June gasped as she felt my tongue licking up and down her slit. I could feel her hard clit each time my tongue reached the top of her slit. And each time I stroked it she moaned and lifted her ass off the lounger.

Her cunt was sweet, and I was in no particular hurry to fuck her. She had cum already so I wanted her to just enjoy my attention. As I licked and sucked on her wet cunt, I slid my hands up to where her tits would have been and let my fingertips trace her scars.

June was humping and thrashing as my tongue continued to assault her cunt. Then with a cry, I felt her cum again. This time, it was my mouth that was being filled with her squirting, oozing cream. When she had calmed down, June began to cry. I eased up on the lounger beside her and held her to me.

“It’s ok! You needed that. You needed to know that you are still a very sexy and desirable woman. I don’t care what David thinks, he’s a fool to neglect you the way he does. I would never neglect you.”

I felt her holding me tight. “Thank you John. That was the most intense orgasm I have had in so long. I don’t blame David for the way he feels. He’s a man that has seen his wife almost die from having cancer. And it shook him up so bad. Now I think that he is afraid of loving me for fear that I will be gone soon.”

She let me go and was looking at me. “You missed your sunrise.”

I laughed. “No! I saw the sunrise in your eyes as you slowly rode me. That was even better than watching the sun come up. And a lot tastier besides.”

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