My Sister in Paris Ch. 04

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**Author’s Note: First, this chapter, if it can be called such, is really more a direct continuation of Part 3. While the gaps between 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 can be easily seen, this part technically should have been with the previous chapter. If you haven’t read it, read that one first. The first half of this chapter probably won’t make so much such if you don’t.

Second, my continuing thanks for those of you who’ve expressed your support or opinions of my dirty little stories, and this one in particular. Jon and Natalie have been a ton of fun up ’till now, and I’ve got this one more little chapter before the end, one more teasing steamy to drag it out that last, nearly painful moment. Or I’m a jerk and I just like leading you on. Whatever. At any rate, I’ve got my ideas about how I want this one to end, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. After you finish this chapter, write me. Tell me what you think, what you want. I’m open to any details, the where, the when, who else might be there, the manner in which it happens, go for it. I’m going to try to finish the next part soon, so don’t wait too long…

Her lips parted in that hungry way women have.

You know the look. You can almost feel the estrogen and endorphins spreading through her brain, injected with much the same slippery explosion of goodness as the ejaculate she craves, spilling against her insides, boiling, somehow making a fire out of so much wet tissue. You can feel that just from seeing the curl of her lips. And the look in her eye. That smoldering, bedroom twinkle that makes your heart stop for a moment because suddenly all the blood that should have been supplying your body is now racing to your genitals with ferocity of a feral snake, sliding lightning-quick to the places of your anatomy your brain, with its super-computer, biological brilliance, has determined you need it most. Forget your other organs. They can wait just a little.

I knew all of that from the look my sister gave me.

Natalie sat on the back of that sweet Italian motorcycle, naked and sweating in the dappled shade beside the small river, the bright red cycle like something out of a Japanese racing game. Her thighs spread over the rubbery seat, and the luscious Monique leaned towards my sister’s shaven pubis. It was anybody’s guess whether Nat was wetter from toying with me only moments ago or from the dark French girl’s tongue. Natalie was gay, mostly, except it seemed for a fetish-like, wanton teasing of me. I imagined she enjoyed Monique’s tongue quite a lot. But I also know that she got wet as hell from riding her pussy over my naked cock, somehow without insertion. Was it really only my self-control that had kept us from intercourse? My feeble restraint didn’t seem nearly enough.

If she had given me that look earlier, while Monique directed our foreplay and Thomas closed in with his camera to catch the sprouting of my cock through the distended and oh-so-very wet channel of my sister’s labia, to catch the way my erection burst past her clitoris and into the air above her shaven pubic bone, my purple head glistening with Nat’s inner honey – if she had given me then the look she dropped on me once I was barely inside Monique, well, I’d have ruined the whole scene by shoving my cock inside her. She wouldn’t have stopped me. Hell, I’m still amazed, thinking about her expression, that she didn’t mount me herself. It was a starved, wolf-hungry burning in her eyes, and it was all for me.

Natalie hopped down from her perch on the end of the motorcycle seat by bracing her palms in front of her thighs and dismounting backwards, like a stunt horse-rider dropping backwards off her steed. In two quick steps, she moved over to where Monique still stood. The French seductress leaned against the cycle, her ass pointed back at me, with my thumb just parting her anus and the head of my cock just inside her soft, liquid-jelly-cauldron. I was only in so far because I was enjoying the string of profanity, some in English but most in French, spilling from her lips over my slow, teasing entrance into her depths. Why she didn’t shove herself backwards and end the torment, I may never know or understand. Perhaps her ultimate arousal at that point was being taken by who she thought was Natalie’s boyfriend, and her acting to impale herself, other than the un-ladylike pleading she directed over her shoulder, would detract from the way she had enticed me into giving my cock and its contents to her, rather than to ‘my girl.’

“I want to watch him fuck you, then I want to eat him out of you.” Those had been Natalie’s words for us, her condition for taking Claire’s place with Monique and then having me join in as the boyfriend to be shared with the dark-skinned beauty. Thomas had captured on film my making out with my sister, and then our stripping, and then our more intense foreplay, until Monique pretended to walk up, seduce Nat, and then offer herself to me.

But now Natalie had come up beside Monique, reached around that lovely, cocoa posterior to grab the French model’s ass, and pulled the escort bayan cheeks apart as she leaned over. My sister lowered her head to where my prick and thumb waited to fully enter Monique’s holes, and set the tip of her tongue against my thumb, right on the other girl’s anus. I pulled my hand back and looked towards the canopy of trees overhead. If I watched Natalie rim this girl, I was going to lose it.

I felt something on my erection, and when I again looked down, I found Natalie staring up at me, that lusty expression so prominent in her eyes, and her hand around my dick. She grinned, then watched as she started pulling me into Monique. Her fingers tightened around me, pushed me deeper, and she leaned down and lapped at Monique’s chocolate rear, her tongue only an inch from the dorsal groove on my cock.

“Mmmmm,” Monique breathed. “Make him fuck me, Natalie. Make your boyfriend fuck me.”

Monique was quite wet too, and I got almost all the way into her before the sides of my cock started sticking to her labia. I pulled back some. To my surprise and completely delight, Nat leaned lower, spread a dollop of her own saliva across my erection with her tongue, and pushed me into our lover. I jerked my head back up, fought against my body’s reaction to cum just from that one sensation. I fought it until my head hurt. My cock throbbed with the tension, with the pressure. I was ready to go over the edge, and I had no idea how I was going to fuck Monique without it ending suddenly almost before it began.

And Monique’s pussy. Fuck. You expect a porn star, even one as model-fabulous as Monique, to be loose. At least a little. Lots of sex, well, you know, loose pussy. But not Monique. She was tighter than Claire. Even as wet as she was, even with the added moisture of my sister’s drool coating us, it was a firm squeeze getting inside her. Her vagina held me firmly, and the closeness magnified every throb of my cock. When finally I was fully submerged, my loins seated against her ass and Natalie removing her hand from my dick but leaving her finger against Monique’s ass, I simply stood and trembled, only the barest twitch away from cumming.

I had to do something. I had to hold off. Everything was too good, too hot. I had to find a way to cool down. I wanted to enjoy this, and I wanted to prolong the sudden, not-quite-sex with Natalie. I was sure I’d get more time with her later, but I needed this time to last longer.

I pulled Monique into a more standing position and reached around to her front to cup her small, perfect breasts in my hands. Her insides shifted around my prick, but I breathed slow, careful breaths until the urge to ejaculate subsided. Barely. She bucked her hips forwards and backwards, fucking herself on me. She was too tight, felt too sweet. In desperation, I thought back to the last time my parents had yelled at me. I had quit a job my dad had worked hard to get for me, and my reasons had been selfish. Well, no, when you get called a faggot by your boss, and all his coworkers and buddies back him up, what can you do? I didn’t want a fight. So I quit. And instead, I got a fight with my parents. It’s a lose-lose situation. The memory bit back my lust. I sighed.

“Oh, Jon, that’s perfect,” Monique whispered. She turned her head back and kissed me. I thrust against her ass, let her perfect cheeks buffet my loins. Her pussy slipped around me, as tight as a fist, sweet and lovely.

Suddenly, Thomas stared at his watch.

“Okay, my friends, we’re running out of time. I hate to cut you short, but we need to finish this up quickly.”

Monique groaned. “Men.” She looked at me over her shoulder. “This is your fault, Jon. You took too long getting inside me.”

I shrugged. “I didn’t know we were in a hurry.”

“But you knew I was in a hurry.”

Natalie watched us. Her face held a smug smirk. “So, big boy, do you think you can get that thing spraying now, or do you need a little extra help?”

She walked around behind me, reached under my arms, and took my cock in her hand. While I watched, she started jacking me into Monique. Her grip was tight, sure. Her fingers squeezed me, pushed my head in and out of Monique’s opening. Once I was fucking the chocolate beauty, Nat stopped pulling me and changed to merely stroking, working her hand across my length while I was mostly out of Monique, and then just leaving her hand in place as I pushed back inside.

“God, you two are kinky,” Monique breathed between pants.

Natalie grinned, then leaned around me and lowered her mouth to the darker girl’s ass. Her tongue dashed over that cocoa anus, and Monique groaned. Nat’s tongue slid lower, and I felt her wet tip gliding over my cock as I fucked our partner. My dick pulsed, my balls tightened. My body tensed. Air became scarce, and I panted.

I felt movement against my sack and realized Natalie was masturbating Monique at the same time. I pulled out until only the tip of my dick rested against her spread labia, which dragged the tip of my sister’s tongue down onto my altıparmak escort bayan cockhead. She licked at the union of skin between Monique and me, curled her tongue down around the side of my cock, right against Monique’s dark, yet creamy skin. Nat pushed on my ass, pushed me back in, and her tongue slipped inside the model’s pussy to ride there.

“That was strange,” Monique murmured, her head coming up. “I like it though. Is that your finger?”

Natalie straightened, smiled at me. I touched her breast, pulled her to me, kissed her, sucked her tongue. Monique’s heady flavor coated Nat’s lips, and I relished the taste of both women.

My sister broke our kiss, sighed, and grabbed my cock with her hand, let me glide through the ring of her finger and thumb as I fucked Monique.

“It’s time, Jon. Cum in her pussy. Pretend it’s my pussy, and let her have it. Make these picture people nuts.”

She stood beside me, whispered in my ear, told me again and again how I would have to cum in her pussy when we got home. I thrust harder, faster, let Monique’s insides and Natalie’s sweet murmurs carry me over the edge. Natalie bit one of my nipples, and my cock swelled. It tingled across the end, tightened down my length, pulled my balls up until I thought they were going to retract. My buttocks and thighs clenched and quivered. I tipped my head back, whimpered, each dash against Monique’s wet soft bringing my froth closer.

And then I was cumming. Surges of hot tension swept along my cock, dumped into Monique. She leaned back against me, letting me do all the work, and giggled as my warm, buttery cream spread between us, made her more slippery. White slime emerged around my dick, like a milk mustache, and dripped down towards her clit. Natalie squeezed my cock, murmuring her approval, and grinned at me as I began to relax. I pushed against her hand and Monique’s lovely hole, savoring the decline, savoring the French girl’s insides. She was not Claire, but man, she was hot. I didn’t want to leave.

“Quickly, beautiful Natalie,” Thomas said, all urgency. “We are almost out of time. Clean him off for us, if you will be so kind. I’ll pay you both a bonus if you will martyr your tongue to the cause.”

Natalie glanced his way, then grinned at me. She pushed me back, out of Monique, and bent low. Her lips went, wide around my length, not touching me, and she moved farther and farther down over me, until finally the back of her tongue brushed against my softening erection. My sister closed her mouth as if sampling fine chocolates, her eyes closed, brow tight. At her other end, Monique stroked Natalie’s pussy, then drove a finger into her rear. I didn’t remember seeing anything in my sister’s ass before. The vision made my cock twitch, spent or not.

“Oh, that’s perfect,” Thomas chirped.

My sister tightened her mouth around my cock. She didn’t move right away, let her mouth fill with saliva. She worked her tongue back and forth, just enough to tease me, then started to pull backwards with her lips locked around me, sealed, sucking my cum and Monique’s honey off my prick. When she finally released me, clean and almost dry, she made a show of swallowing what she had taken, and her eyes never left mine.

“Now finish the deal, Natalie,” Monique urged, though her voice was pleading, not commanding. “You promised.”

Natalie lowered her head to Monique’s hole. I backed away, both to breathe, get some space, and to allow Thomas in with his camera. Nat licked and slurped at the other girl’s pussy, sucked my cum out of her in long, spidery ropes. Within moments, Monique shook, her muscles trembling as she strained against an orgasm. She released her breath in a gusty explosion, then squealed deep in her throat through the last of her climax. Natalie lifted her head, again looking at me, and patted Monique’s ass.

Thomas flipped his camera off and started ordering his help around. Monique got to her feet.

“Well, my friends, I hate to fuck and run, but I have other appointments. My driver will see you home.”

Before I knew it, we were clothed, bundled into that tiny car, and jetting back along the rural byways and crossing into Paris once more. Natalie held my arm, clung to me, hardly speaking until we stopped outside Claire’s flat. The driver turned in his seat.

“You two Americans can come back and shoot with us any time, if you ask me.” He got out and opened our door.

“Didn’t he go inside?” I said when he pulled away.

Natalie shrugged. “I honestly don’t remember. Come on. We need to talk about some things.”

Inside, we went directly to the kitchen, where I made us icy drinks.

“I’m going to fuck you, Jon. Are you okay with that?”

Why wouldn’t I be? Oh, yeah, incest. Like, I was so over that. I had an erection again already. It pushed out against my clothes. Natalie giggled.

“I didn’t think you were going to have any troubles,” she said. “I’m not ready just yet, though, okay. Tomorrow, or the next day. I’m close, but nilüfer eskort not quite ready.”

She walked up to me, kissed my cheek, then my lips.

“It won’t be long, I promise.”

She hardly talked to me the rest of the day. I was angry at first. Not doing-something-stupid angry, but her long, hard, tease had worn me down. I was hungry for her. Those expressions while we did the photo-shoot. Mmmm. But her denial now pissed me off. I fumed a bit, then went out for a walk. When I returned, Claire was sitting on the couch, fully dressed but with her arms around Natalie. I felt a resurgence of my anger tinged with more than a little jealousy because Claire could fuck Natalie while I couldn’t.

Maybe that’s what I get for fucking my sister’s girlfriend.

Claire gave me a blow-job that night, before shoeing me out of the bedroom to spend time with Natalie. Nat gave me those sultry eyes again, and leaned against my back while Claire sucked at me. With one hand she rubbed my chest. Her other hand tousled Claire’s hair, pulled it away from our wet, oral union. Natalie’s nipples grazed against my back, one of them brushing across my spine. Torn between the wild and sexy twirl of Claire’s tongue around me, and my irritation with my girls, I came too soon, not hard enough, and felt cheated. I didn’t blame them for that, but it just irked me that much more. I kissed them both goodnight and went out to watch television until I could drift off.

I woke to an incredible orgasm, and as I swam up from the twin dementias of sleep and a good cum, I found Claire leaning over me, sucking me off. She turned, my spend leaking from the corner of her mouth.

“I missed my cock, American Boy.”

I loved hearing her accent, loved hearing her say, “cock.” I even enjoyed that she had claimed mine as her own. I poked her naked butt with my finger.

“You weren’t even gone a whole day.”

“Close enough. I heard you got along famously with Monique.”

“She’s nice,” I said.

“Really? Just nice? As nice as me?”

I groaned. “This comparison thing keeps coming up. You’re terrific, Claire. Monique was awesome. Which is better?”

She pouted. “Would you ever pick her over me?”

“Only if you start being really, really mean to me.”

“So then you’re not going to leave us little dykie-girls for the hot-chocolate super-sex-model?” And I loved the way she included Natalie in that comment.

“No. Why would I do that?”

“Well, Monique is supposed to visit today, and she wants a piece of you again. So naughty of you to not tell her Natalie was your sister.”

I swallowed. I knew Claire was okay with me and Nat fooling around. Hell, I still get the feeling Claire instigated it. I wasn’t so sure about Monique.

Claire stroked my wet but limp cock, toyed with it, made me groan and squirm and rise again. “So, are you going to go home with Monique tonight?”


“Why not? Don’t you like her?”

“I’d rather stay with you.”

“What if I’m busy?”

I shrugged. “Do you want me to go home with her?”

“Now, I didn’t say that.”

“Good. Neither did I. If you fuck her, and I’m there, and you want me to do her again, great. She was nice. Hot. But if you just want me all to yourself, then fine. I’ll sit in the corner and watch.”

“What about Natalie?”

“What about her?”

“Are you going to fuck her too?”

“I get a strong feeling that might happen. Does it bother you?”

She laughed. “Why would the sex between my two lovers bother me?”

“We’re not your only lovers, so I don’t know why you’d say it that way, but still, she’s my sister.”

Claire climbed atop me, settled that tight, French pussy across my erection without penetration. Why was I getting so much teasing here lately?

“Treat her as nice as you treat me, American Boy, and we’ll all get along great.”

She ground against me as if I was only one of her sex toys. Perhaps I was.

Claire pulled herself up, almost off my prick. She loved playing like that, changing positions, teasing us both. She caught my length with one hand, stroked me twice, then set my tip against her glistening entrance. When she settled back down onto my pubis, again fully impaled, she swiveled her hips in wide circles. Guided by her motion, my cock moved deep inside her, rotating around her vagina as if stirring a cauldron. She gasped each time my cockhead passed the forwards apex, where some say you can find a woman’s G-spot. Maybe that was it. Or maybe it was the way, as she ground forwards, that her clitoris mashed across the pubic hair beneath my navel.

Within just a few moments, she was panting and grinding into me. It was so hot watching her near her climax. When she started clenching those inner muscles, dropped her head back, and breathed heavy with a convulsing chest – a breathing that made her breasts jiggle and heave in alternating cycles – it took me over to the edge. Through eyes mostly closed, I saw the faintest of movements off to the side. When I glanced that way, as my cock began to throb and pulse through the beginnings of my second cum, I saw Natalie standing in the doorway. A distant window back-lit her naked form, and wide smears of glistening moisture painted the insides of her thighs. Evidently, I was not the first of Claire’s sexual conquests for the day.

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