My Sister, My Slave Ch. 03

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“No! Not like that.” my sister sighed deeply, exhaling the air out of her nostrils for longer than necessary. I hate when she does that. It is the same sigh that Mom used when she was very disappointed in me.

“Chest up, shoulders back, hands flat on your thighs, balance your weight on your hips, eyes down, and be still. You already know this, Laura. Do it correctly this time, please.”

Grumbling, I stood up. Pins and needles pricked all over my legs and my knees ached with a dull throb. I ignored them and kneeled back down, shifting my hips back and forth to adjust my position and ticking off all the mental cues. Satisfied, I looked back up at my sister.

Emma circled me for a moment, stroking her chin and muttering to herself. To my relief, she finally nodded her satisfaction and gave me her first smile of the day. “Perfect. But remember, you are not supposed to look up unless Master wants your attention.”

“Are we done? My knees hurt like hell.”

Her glare hardened and I looked away. “Speak properly and then I might dismiss you.”

I almost drew out a sigh of my own but held back. “Are we done, Mistress?”

“Yes, you are dismissed,” my sister said, helping me up to my feet. “You did well today. Sorry for being such a bitch recently. I just want you to be absolutely perfect for Him.”

I nodded understanding and returned her smile, burying my annoyance deep inside. She was right; Emma had been a real bitch in the last couple training sessions – snapping at me whenever my positions were even slightly misaligned, and groaning whenever I said the wrong things when she pretended to be James. I wasn’t perfect, but I was confident that I could present myself well to him. Yeah, so what if there were rough edges in my kneeling and curtsying? If it was good enough, why go for perfection? Sometimes my sister just drives me nuts.

Emma plopped down on the side of my bed and patted the spot beside her. “You will be serving Master for the first time in about an hour from now,” she said. “How do you feel?”

I scooted next to her so our thighs were touching. She smelt different today. Vanilla with something flowery – Roses? Lilies? Maybe a mixture of both.

I inhaled deeply, taking in more of her.”Fine, Mistress.” Roses. It must be roses. It makes sense since James likes them.

“Good!” my sister beamed at me. “I need you to be perfect later on, okay love? Every mistake you make will reflect back on me.” Her smile faded. “And I don’t want Master to be upset with me.”

I put my hands over hers and realised that she was trembling.”I will do fine,” I said, squeezing her hand and giving her a smile. “Jam-, uh, Master, will be pleased with me. I will make you proud.”

I leaned forward, to give her a reassuring peck, but Emma stopped me by raising a hand over my hair and cradling the back of my head. She looked at me for a moment, her gaze wandering over my features: my flushed cheeks, the curve of my nose, the rounded arch of my cheekbones, then gazing up, settling on my green eyes, lighter than hers, but still a dull, glittering green.

My sister’s gaze lingered on mine for a while, like she was staring straight into my soul. I fidgeted. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, no hints from her glowing emerald eyes or from the numb expression on her gorgeous face. Was she scared and worried because she didn’t trust me? Or does she want to fuck me?

I couldn’t tell.

I didn’t avert my gaze. Emma let out a small, sharp exhale, giving me a glimpse of her perfect white teeth and the pink of her tongue, then an equally quick inhale. I realised that her breath was quickening; Emma was getting horny.

She wanted to fuck me.


Her gripped tightened and my words were muffled as I was roughly pulled forward, straight to her inviting lips.

Strawberry. She tasted just like strawberry.

Soon we were in the middle of my bed with Emma straddling herself on top of me. I felt the mattress sink luxuriously under our combined weight, enveloping me in a warm comfort.

My dear sister was kissing me with a passion that I had never felt from anybody else. Her tongue explored me, darting around as I desperately tried to meet her with my own. I tried to return the passion, pressing my mouth tightly over hers and pouring every ounce of my soul into the kiss.

I moaned as she slid both hands under herself, and over my breasts, squeezing and gently kneading them. I hoped she could feel my heartbeat thundering beneath her palms. I wanted her to know how much I wanted her, how much she turned me on.

I began sliding my hands from the small of her back, down to her ass, caressing and savouring her lovely curves, before going under the hem of her uniform and gently squeezing those soft, but firm, bare cheeks.

Emma broke the kiss and locked eyes with me. Green met green. “Harder,” she panted. “Squeeze them harder. As hard as you can.”

I obeyed, using all of my strength. She closed her Porno eyes and sighed softly, before wrapping her lips around mine again and continuing where we left off.

Fuck. It felt so good.

We stayed like that for a while, our uniforms grinding against each other and Emma’s ponytail swaying wildly as she kissed me. We should just be naked. It would be so much nicer to feel her warm, bare skin on mine… and with her fingers in my cunt…

My sister drew her tongue back and bit down on my lips making me squirm and doubling the intensity of my moans. Her hips started grinding up between my thighs, and every thrust pushed me closer and closer to the edge.

Her eighth (nine?) thrust rocked my hips, making me squeal in surprise. There was more force behind it, and the subsequent ones made it clear that it was no accident; my sister’s movements were now more erratic and aggressive – more desperate – as she drove down on me, her breath quickening and her growls thick with lust. The thought of her desperate longing towards me ignited a burst of fire deep in my chest, warming my insides and at the same time, sending cold shivers that spread from my fingertips to the soles of my feet. She wants me to come. Well, Mistress.. your wish is my command.

Emma suddenly froze mid thrust and her hands stopped their delicious kneading and squeezing. I let out a mournful noise of protest and frowned in annoyance. Why?! What now?

“Don’t cum,” my sister whispered, staring nervously at my apron. There was a wet spot soaking the fabric and it was growing larger by the second.”Oh god, Laura, don’t cum. You are not allowed to, remember?”

“Oh, sorry,” I muttered, blushing slightly, all my dreams and fantasy shattering in an instant.

My lover rolled off me, and my body ached from her absence. “Trust me, I would love to bring you to orgasm right now but Master’s orders are Master’s orders.”

She licked at one of my nipples, then the other, as a form of apology before walking over to my desk and plopping herself down in the chair. She frowned at her reflection. Emma started smoothing out some of the wrinkles out from her uniform and then removed the black hair band from her now messy ponytail. Her smooth auburn hair cascaded down, covering her pretty face and draping over her chest.

God, she was stunning. The literal embodiment of perfection.

My sister carefully redid her ponytail, then stood up, gesturing to the chair. “Sit. Now.” I shivered at her tone. I was really starting to enjoy being bossed around.

I eased myself into the seat, but not before Emma gave my ass a playful slap. The slight pain sent a thrill through my body, causing me to inhale sharply.

I whirled towards her and my sister laughed, breaking her strict facade. “Sit,” she smiled and I frowned in response, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of knowing that I had enjoyed that.

I sat in the chair, eyeing her suspiciously, but Emma just got to work, straightening out my uniform and undoing my ponytail. My blonde hair rolled down, falling in soft, curly waves to my shoulders. Emma helped tie it back up, then started checking for loose strands.

Satisfied, she turned her attention to my reflection.”You are beautiful, Laura,” my sister said, running her fingernails over the fabric covering my chest. “Master should be proud to have you as His slave.” She buried herself in the curve of my neck and I felt goosebumps prickling up in response. “The perfume I bought matches you perfectly. I hope Master will like it.”

I went red at her praise and quickly looked away when I caught her gaze in the mirror. I started studying my own reflection as an excuse to avoid her stares… and that damn sly smile that was slowly playing on her lips. She was well aware of the effect she had on guys and found some sick pleasure in teasing them. I always laughed when she did it, but now I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end – and it’s no fun.

I still thought that I looked weird in my maid’s uniform. I felt like a penguin prancing around. On the first day after being handled it, I had hid in my room, not daring to go outside and have Emma or James gawking at me. I had to, eventually, because Emma had gone pounding on my door, shouting at me to come out and do my chores. Chores that James used to have to do. My brother’s gaze would then trail me whenever I was in his sight, and sometimes he would even snap pictures on his phone when I was bent over – to clean something or pick up the things he’d drop.

The outfit was tight, hugging my tan figure and displaying all my curves nicely and my breasts swelled from the confines of the fabric, begging to be released. I’d gotten used to the discomfort, along with walking around in high heels at home. What I hadn’t got used to though, was the damn collar. It made my neck itchy as hell – I think it’s the leather. I’d raised the issue with Emma but she just told me that I would get used to it.

Having to be subservient Altyazılı porno to both of my siblings was something I was still adjusting to as well. In just a month, I had gone from an equal in the household to having to obey both of them. James hadn’t really given me any commands yet, but Emma had gone crazy with them and I often went to bed drained and fatigued. My sister was a strict Mistress, but she was also (mostly) fair and loving.

I was just surprised that my brother hadn’t laid a finger on me yet. I guess I respected him for that – he could just tell me to get down on all fours and fuck me. I couldn’t resist because Emma would go bat shit crazy if I dared deny his advances.

My sister was a different matter, I actually wanted her to fuck me – and, oh boy, did she, though only recently. I knew I had to fuck James soon and I was certainly not looking forward to it. Somehow, I doubted the validity of Emma’s high praise of him, saying that his cock was the best she’d ever felt and that his cum was the finest she tasted.

“You are going to finally offer yourself to Him, right?” my sister said, as if reading my thoughts. “You know I had to work extra hard and fuck him more ever since you came back last month, right?”

“As if you mind the extra fucking,” I snorted and she giggled.

My sister rested her chin on my shoulder and started tracing patterns on my thigh with a polished fingernail. “But seriously, Laura, don’t be selfish,” she purred, her breath tickling my skin and sending shivers down my spine. “You are a slave now and your primary interests should be Master’s, not yours.” I felt her nibbling at my earlobe and I squirmed. “It’s time to offer your pussy up to him. He won’t wait much longer. He shouldn’t have to.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I sighed.

Emma scooted herself into my view and her green eyes hardened, “I won’t command you to do it but I want you to promise me that you will.”

I took her hand and squeezed. “I promise.”

Emma smiled and stood up. “Good. If Master is pleased with you, He will most likely give me permission to make you cum tonight.” Her eyes twinkled. “It would be a treat for both of us. I haven’t touched that sweet pussy of yours for a few days now” – she licked her lips- “I hope the swelling has died down.”

She gave my right breast a squeeze and kissed me once more before winking and slipping out of my room, leaving me with nothing but the lingering taste of strawberry and a disappointed, but a very wet cunt.



I was beginning to really enjoy stroking Laura; I had no idea why. My younger sister was more of the silent type; she didn’t purr, moan or shudder like Emma would. In fact, she was stiff as a tree and had worn a stoic expression for the past hour that she’d been kneeling here beside me, only shifting slightly from her kneeling position every once in a while to readjust herself. Maybe it was the feeling of my fingers running down her blonde hair – smooth, soft, curly, and wonderfully lush- or maybe she was just a nice balance to Laura.

I wondered if Laura would still be silent while I was fucking her?

This was the first time my younger sister was attending me after undergoing intense slave training. She would be here with me until I dismissed her, caring for my needs and catering to my every whim while I played games and binge watched Netflix.

My gaze flitted between my screen and her; I had the best angle on her cleavage from up here and it was making me horny as hell. Probably as horny as when Emma excitedly led me to her room to take my virginity. Finally, after weeks of holding myself back, I was going to fuck her. I was going to fuck Laura today.

I stopped my stroking and lifted her chin up with my thumb. Laura met my gaze but quickly dropped her eyes once she figured out I wasn’t going to say anything. I grinned at the homage paid to me. Emma had taught her well.

I swept her curly hair back behind an ear and leaned down, sniffing the sides of her neck. Peaches. I like it.

“Are You pleased with my scent, Master?” my slave asked, her gaze still on the ground. That was the first time she’d called me ‘Master’. “If it isn’t to Your liking, I can change it.”

“No, it’s perfect.” I sniffed again. “Em bought you this perfume?”

“She did. Mistress has good taste.” Laura looked up and offered me a small smile. “I am glad You like it, Master.” She purred the last word, and I had to hold myself back from jumping her right there and then.

This was like a dream came true. Finally, Laura was mine.

Truth be told, I hadn’t expected her programming to work at all. It shouldn’t have. I had (mostly) kept her free will untouched, which was a HUGE risk. Laura’s submission wasn’t like Emma’s; she actually had to make the conscious choice to be my slave.

She still had an almost complete say about her thoughts and decisions. No jolts of pleasure from obeying me, and no forcing her to do anything she didn’t Brazzers want. I wanted Laura to make the first move. It would be so much hotter if my younger sister actually wanted me to fuck her instead of being forced to.

I still had to put some safety precautions in her mind. When she was put under a trance in her hypnosis sessions, I’d blurred out her moral boundaries, forcing her to accept that Emma had become my slave and that being a slave herself and committing incest was completely normal. I thought about putting up complete mental walls, like I did with Emma, but that would have blocked out her free will – so I didn’t, and just resolved in implementing one: a mental blockage if she ever tried telling anyone about my little secret.

The big question was: how could I make Laura want to fuck me, without making that choice for her myself?

The answer was Emma.

Emma was her motivation. I’d hypnotised Emma to love her sister again (so there wouldn’t be any conflict of interest) and I eventually turned Laura bisexual in her programming sessions. I then told my slave that I wanted her to convince Laura to accept being my slave, and she was more than happy to obey.

It worked. I had no idea what Emma did, but in a matter of weeks, Laura now WORSHIPPED her. Emma even made her willing to sign the contract to be our submissive (The contract was materially useless, but it still had a strong physiological effect).

Today was the day. Emma told me that she’d make our sister promise to fuck me today. Well, I REALLY hoped she would do that soon, because I was losing my patience and my underwear was already completely soaked with anticipation. If she doesn’t offer herself up to me, I would just have to punish Emma for failing me, then start reprogramming Laura to be more to my liking. Though, that would mean stripping her will out and replacing it with my own, and I hated failure.

It was make or break time. Either Laura would initiate things or she wouldn’t.

I stood up. “I am going to go find Em.”

Laura perked up at the mention of our sister. She got up to her feet, brushing dust away from her uniform and wiggling her toes around a bit.

“Stay,” I told her. “I will be back after I fuck your sister. It will be quick.”

My heart was pounding as I walked towards the door, my strides slow and deliberately short. Please stop me. Please stop me.


I frowned, my hand tentatively clasping around the doorknob. I started turning it. This is your last chance, Laura.

“Master, wait.”

Triumph blossomed in my chest. She did it. Holy shit. She really did it. I turned towards her with mock curiosity drawn on my face. “Yes?”

I relished the sight of my sister standing there, cheeks flushed and eyes cast down on her shuffling feet.”No need to go. I -I- “

I watched in delight as her hands clasped more tightly together, turning her fingers to the same shade as her cheeks. Laura exhaled slowly and straightened herself. “No need to go to Mistress,” she said, her voice soft, but surprisingly steady. Her gaze travelled upwards, meeting with mine, and I could see clear determination in those dim green eyes. “I will do it. I will fuck You.”


My sister shifted her body and turned sideways so her erect nipples were pointed towards me. “Details,” she demanded. “Now.”

I blushed and gave her a lopsided shrug. “Well, he went to find you for sex…but I offered myself instead.”

Her words were a blur. “How did He fuck you? How fast did He come? Did you clean Him afterwards?”

Sinking deeper into the bed, I answered her. “Uh, we fucked doggy style and he came really fast. Like, really fast.” We both laughed. “Yeah, I did clean him after with my tongue. Then he made me bend over on his bed while he spanked me and played with my ass, for like, an hour.” I grimaced and unconsciously rubbed a hand over my sore bottom. “That wasn’t fun.”

“Oh, love,” Emma laughed and started her hands towards my ass. “How sore are they?”

“Don’t touch them.” I slapped her hand away and covered my ass with the blanket, using it as a shield.

Emma gave me her adorable giggle and traced a finger down my neckline, between my breasts and flicked an erect nipple. She giggled again. “That bad? Did He use the toys?”

I frowned. “What toys?”

She scooted closer to me, her body curving into mine and her warm breath tickling my cheeks. “Nevermind. God, Laura. You are so hot. Has anyone told you that?”

“Well,” I put a finger on my chin, pretending to think hard, “a few guys … and my sister too. Quite regularly, in fact.”

Emma punched my arm. “Oh shut up. I only say it because it’s true.” She cupped my face. “And You. Are. So. Fucking. Hot.” She punctuated each word with soft, sensual pecks on my lips, before leaning forward, committing herself and kissing me harder. I melted against her.

I squirmed as she suddenly bit down on my lower lip, then drew back and glared at me.”Make your hands useful, Laura.” she said sharply, like a teacher lecturing a student. Emma guided my hands from the small of her back and placed them firmly on her ass – one on each cheek. “Hands stays here. You are not allowed to move them until I make you cum. Do you understand?

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