My Sister Tonight

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Jim was watching his little sister, again. Was it for the millionth time? He couldn’t count how many times he dreamed of touching Kari’s perfect, sensuous orbs. But it didn’t matter. There wasn’t a hint of a chance 18 year old Kari would give Jim a taste of what he’d grown up with for years.

Jim was there for Christmas, at his parent’s house. The folks were doing some last minute shopping while Kari was lounging around in her short-shorts and a men’s muscle shirt again. Jim found it difficult to keep his erections down when Kari was around. She was a consummate tease. Always touching herself suggestively. A tug on her nipple. A wipe of her pussy. All of it conspired to make Jim’s 22 year old body ache for action- sister or not. Kari had the whole package: 5′ 3″, 102 lbs, long blond hair, trim, tan, and a 36″D chest. She knew she had an effect on men, too.

But prayers are sometimes answered.

“Jim. Why do you always stare at my tits like that?” She mused. “You must not be getting any if you keep looking at me.”

“If you wouldn’t parade it around like that…” Jim replied.

“I like to show you what I’ve become. What my body looks like. How sexy I feel.” She pined. “Is that really so bad? After all, we used to show each other our bodies when we were children.”

Jim had quite a toned body himself. He was an ex-swimmer, long and lean. He stood 6’3″ tall, and weighed 170 lbs. This summer he was working on a beautiful tan. But his best feature, his 8 inch cock, was always a source of pleasure for his girlfriends.

“Kari, you have a grown etiler otele gelen escort up woman’s body now, and it’s having its effect on me. The way your nipples stick out; the way your boobs jiggle. It’s more than I can take sometimes.” Jim said.

Kari slid over to Jim’s part of the couch, sliding between his legs with her hands on his knees. Her tits were clearly visible at this angle, and she shook them slowly side to side for effect. Not only that, her shorts were riding up into her pussy and there was a noticeable wet spot forming. “Well, I wondered when you would notice. I’ve been tying to get you to seduce me for years. Now that I’m ‘legal age’ I figure you can go for it.”

“Kari” Jim demanded, “We can’t do anything… It’s wrong. What if you got pregnant or we were to get caught?”

“Nobody would catch us, cause we wouldn’t tell anybody.” She chided. “And as for pregnancy… Have you ever heard of oral sex?” With that pronouncement, Kari let her head slowly fall on Jim’s dick. She let her face glide softly over his hardening cock, smiling about how good this felt. Jim’s initial reaction was to push her away.

He lifted her chin and gently pushed her head away from his raging hard on. But Kari was determined. She let her head slowly find his lap again, kissing his member through his running shorts. She also brought both hands up to his swollen dick, rubbing his balls and the sides of his pole. It was more than he could take.

“Kari… Do you promise nobody will ever find out?” He quizzed.

“Absolutely!” etiler rus escort she said, as she rubbed his cock the length of her face. “I don’t want the pressure of Mom and Dad all over us either. It’s just that… I want you soooo badly, Jim.”

“Kari, if we do this, it has to be secret, and on my terms. I like my sex hard and nasty, and I like to be in control. Do you agree to my demands?” He asked.

“Oh, god, Jim. I love a dominant lover. Please fuck me any way you want.” Kari said wantonly.

“Ok, then. You might as well start by releasing my cock from these shorts.” He said firmly.

Kari found an obedient chord and she liked it. It was fun being told what to do. She slipped Jim’s shorts off and returned her face to his stiff cock.

“Rub my dick in your face, little sister. Stroke it and lick it, too. Make it as hard as you can make it.” Jim demanded. “I’m going to cum on your face and I don’t want you to swallow anything. That’s right… jack it off by your nose and cheek. Do you feel the pre-cum oozing out the tip?”

“Oh, yeah!” Kari whimpered. “Your dick feels so hard and fucking nasty. Just like I wanted it to be.”

“Well, then, suck it my ‘Little Sister Cocksucker.’ ” Jim intoned.

Kari decided to follow her Big Brother’s instructions to the letter. She bobbed her head over his purplish dick head, and tried to deep throat the monster into cumming. She alternated between long sucking strokes and rubbing it against her cheek and into her eye socket. Kari knew Jim etiler türbanlı escort was watching so she wanted to be as nasty as possible. She even lifted her now exposed boobs around his cock so he could Titty fuck her with his mounting thrusts. Adding to her excitement was the fact that she had long wanted to fuck Jim, her one and only Big Brother. Incest or not, she was slurping his dick with great abandon, and seemed to be turned on by the taboo, rather than repulsed.

“I feel an orgasm coming, Kari. Just let go and hold your face near by. I’ll do the rest” Jim said. He was stroking his huge, engorged cock just an inch from Kari’s pouting full lips. “Don’t wipe anything off, Kari. I want all the cum to stay on your face.”

Jim was seized by a tremendous eruption. Maybe the most powerful he’d ever felt. Guiding his cock, he squirted the first load all over her forehead. It was thick and creamy, clinging to her skin in a perverted way. The next blast covered both eyes and part of her nose. He had a seductive smile now with each successive pump. He shot out on her lips and even hit her left ear with his sticky cum. Almost out, Jim parted her lips and squirted the last of his cum on her teeth. His beautiful baby sister was now his cum whore, and he loved it.

Below, Kari loved the warm, whore-like treatment. With each blast came a wry smile, acknowledging her humiliation and debasement, but loving it all the same. Unable to contain herself, she was finger fucking her clit all the time Jim was face fucking her. She came just after his big eruption, quivering the entire length of her sexy body.

They were both taking a break, now. Jim was panting to regain his breath, while rubbing his dick into the huge mess on Kari’s face. And she loved it. “Ah, Big Brother! What a wonderful Christmas present. And you taste good, too.”

And so it began for Kari and Jim. And is liable to continue…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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