My Son and His Friend

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I’m a 48-year old single mother with a 24-year old son who is in a master’s program in college. Ever since I divorced his father, the two of us have grown up close to each other. While I never paid much attention to him sexually as he grew up, I am now becoming aware of how masculine he was becoming. Each time he came home from college, I noticed his growing maturity and found myself thinking how well built he is, I even tried to imagine his sexual organ and how someday he would probably make a girl very happy. Sometimes when he was home, I would hear noises coming from his room and imagine him stroking. Other times, when washing his clothes, I saw tale-tale stains on his underwear and know for sure that he was masturbating. All these thoughts kept bouncing through my head and even though I tried not to think of my son, Jimmy, in a sexual way, I couldn’t stop. I dated other men off and on over the past few years but I hadn’t had sex for over a year and thinking of Jimmy, only made my body desires increase. It wasn’t unusual to find myself masturbating more and more and thinking of sex with a younger man.

One day, I came home from work a bit early and heard noise coming from the pool. Jimmy was home on a break and when I looked out, I saw Jimmy and his friend Eric, horsing around in the water. Eric was a high school friend who had finished some college and was now back living in town. They were tossing a ball, laughing and having a good time. When Eric got out of the water to get a wayward ball, I was half shocked to see that he was naked. He pulled himself up, walked to the ball, threw it at Jimmy and dove back in. he sight of his dangling cock immediately aroused me. As I watched, I could easily see that both boys were naked whenever they rose out of the water or jumped to catch or toss the ball. I touched myself and found my panties already wet. Not knowing what to do, I just watched for a while as my hand caressed between my legs. Seeing two strong young men and their nicely developed cocks cavorting in the pool was a very exciting sight to see for a horny mother.

I’m still not sure why I did but for whatever reason, I walked outside and loudly let them know I was home. I was wearing a skirt and blouse and stood by the edge of the pool and greeted them as if I had not been watching. Both boys stopped playing and said hello as I stood there. I could barely make out their nakedness under the water but I’m sure they knew. A little small polite talk took place; I asked how they were, why I was home early and if they wanted something to drink. When I noticed their swim suits next to the pool, I asked if they were being naughty or just having fun. I knew it was embarrassing to ask but I felt in a playful mood. They both stammered and looked embarrassed but I told them that it was ok and that I didn’t mind as long as they were careful. As we talked, Eric teasingly said that I should join them but I politely said shouldn’t. Jimmy, sensing an opening, chimed in, saying it would be fun. Now, I was the one getting embarrassed. Both boys began showing compliments, telling me how beautiful and sex I was, that it would be alright. They finally convinced Porno me to sit on the edge of the pool and dangle me feet in the water.

As I took off my shoes and moved to the edge, the boys came closer and I could make out their hard cocks through the shallow water. Seeing their excited state further aroused me too and as I sat down, I spread my legs a little, knowing they could see up my skirt. Once I settled down, I told them to keep playing and I would watch. They moved back into the pool, and began tossing the ball again. It was a very exciting feeling to be there, knowing they were naked and stimulated to have me watching.

All of a sudden the ball hit me, the wet ball splashed all over me but didn’t hurt. Eric came over to get the ball and apologized. He then splashed more water on me from the pool and we both laughed. Somehow that motivated me to bend down and attempt to splash Eric back. I missed and he splashed me gain. Jimmy came over and joined in until I noticed that all the water made my white blouse transparent enough to show my pink bra. By then, my skirt was also wet and pushed up to my thighs and I felt my panties totally exposed. It only took a few more moments of friendly splashing and as I bent further down to splash back, I began to slip. As I did, Jimmy pulled my legs and I went into the pool.

Coming up for air, I was totally soaked and laughing. It must have been a very funny scene, a dressed but completely wet woman facing two naked young men in her pool, laughing as if it was the most normal thing in the world. As I stood in the shallow end Eric said I might as well join them now. I wanted to get out but Jimmy kept badgering me implying that I needed to stay. Since I was already in, my skirt wet, and my soaked blouse totally transparent, I decided to stay. I slipped off my skirt and blouse and modestly left on my bra and panties and swam to the other end on the pool. It was a funny but satisfying feeling, a feeling of carefree freedom. The three of us began to play catch and each time one of the boys raised up to catch the ball, I could see a stiff cock. I’m sure that though my wet bra they also got a good look at my breasts and hard nipples at the same time. I didn’t care, I was exhilarating to be in the pool with them.

After a while, it was time to get out. I teased them to get out first and they wanted me to be first. I know that if I did, the transparency of my bra and panties would make me almost naked, I didn’t want to do that. We laughed, teased and bickered and finally decided to get out at the same time. I walked toward the steps at the shallow end and they followed behind. As they approached, I turned and clearly saw their half hard cocks bouncing. I know my ass was being watched and that defiantly aroused me. Eric was the boldest and made no attempt to cover up, he walked right by me, turned, smiled and touched his cock. It was a beautiful man sized cock, bigger than either my ex-husbands or Jimmy’s. For a long moment, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Maybe I liked my lips, I don’t remember but I reached for a towel and began to dry off as I tried to ignore Altyazılı Porno the two young cocks as they put on their bathing suits. Later, in my room, I couldn’t get the image of Jimmy’s and Eric’s beautiful cocks from my mind. As I showered, my fingers went to my pussy and I had a wonderful orgasm.

About a week later, there was a knock on the door. I was doing housework in short and a tee top, no bra, and opened the door. It was Eric. I explained that Jimmy had gone back to school. Smiling back at me, Eric said he was aware that Jimmy was gone and that he had come over to see me. Stepping inside he glanced me up and down and complimented me on my looks. Having him there was a bit off putting and I tried to make small talk. He refused anything to drink and thought that maybe we might go for a swim. He reminded me of the time before and the fun time we had in the pool. (How could I forget, it had been on my mind ever since). I tried to dissuade him but he insisted, saying I didn’t even need to change because I looked ready for a swim anyway. Taking my hand, he led me out to the pool.

Standing next to me, he took off his shirt, put his hand on his crotch and asked if I wanted him like before or just in his underwear. When I didn’t answer, he simply pulled off his jeans, turned and dove into the pool. Coming up, he motioned for me to come in. My head was reeling, I had thought about Eric a lot but this didn’t seem like the time and place. I heard him calling me as if in a dream, he wasn’t begging, it was more like a challenge. As he paddled around, he was calling me saying: The water’s fine; you’ll like it; you need to come in and cool off. Eventually my better judgement gave way to the temptation and I walked in.

Eric swam away from me then motioned for me to swim to him. As I got close, he swam away again, laughing. He complimented me on my strokes then did a back stroke next to me. His hard cock was clearly visible through his white jockeys as he swam. He knew I couldn’t but help notice. As we approached the shallow end Eric stood and faced me, I was breathing heavy and breasts were heaving under the blue top. Taking hold of the bottom of my top, he began to pull it up. I stopped him but he laughed saying, he already had seen my tits and so shouldn’t matter if he saw them again. My hands weren’t strong enough to stop him as he pulled it off and over my head. I stood there with the water up to my waist with my 36C tits fully exposed to my son’s best friend. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel ashamed. I turned and started swimming toward the other end of the pool. Eric didn’t follow immediately but watched me swim around for a few more minutes, shouting more compliments. When I stopped to catch my breath and held on to the side of the pool, Eric swam up behind me. He pressed himself into me and I could feel his cock against my ass. Some time, he had slipped off his underwear and was now naked. He put his hands on my breasts and began to gently caress them as he pushed me into the wall of the pool. I didn’t feel I could or even wanted him to stop. Feeing his hands and his cock on me was such an incredible exciting Brazzers feeling. I didn’t care at that point who he was. With one hand on my tits, he used the other to move his hard cock up and down the crack of my panty cover ass. I heard myself softly moaning as I began to enjoy a long missing experience. He was whispering in my ear, saying just the right thigs that made me push back. When he suggested that I lose my panties, they easily came off and I could feel the true warmth and girth of his big cock. After a bit, he nibbled on my ear and said it was time to go.

He pushed me up over the pool edge and spread my legs so he could gaze at my pussy. I closed them but he pulled the apart with an admonishing look in his eye. His fingers traced up my thighs and over and around my mound before pushing into my open pussy. I’m not shaved and Eric complemented me on my wholesome look. Two gentle fingers explored my openness and I confess it was a very stimulating sensation. My mind wandered and I wondered about how many mothers of teenage boys had opened their selves to another boy in such a wonton way. I must be crazy but the feelings that were running through my body made me feel incredibly sensual and appealing. Something I’m sure every woman desires.

Getting out of the water, Eric led me to one of the chase lounges and laid me down. His cock was standing at full mast over me as he just stood and gave me admiring looks. He asked me to say what I wanted and for me for me to ask him. I couldn’t get out any words and with a more demanding voice, Eric insisted I ask, questioning if I wanted him, his cock, if I needed to fuck. Finally, I blurted out, “Yes, that what I wanted”. Laying down on my naked body, Eric began to caress my tits and nibble on my neck and I could feel his swelling hardness pressing against me. Out of my urgent need and past experience, I took hold of his cock and pressed it into my vagina. It was an incredible feeling as he slowly pushed himself into me. It had been a long time and my vagina felt wonderfully tight. Soon we began a satisfying rhythm, not too slow and not too fast. Eric was a considerate lover and moved in just the right way to make me feel completely satiated. As soon as I felt my orgasm starting, I could feel his balls stiffen and then explode in me. Having a mutual orgasm for me was a very rare and unusual experience. I held on to Eric as tight as I could until my body stopped convulsing, then we lay quietly for a long time, his body covering mine. This time it was me complementing him on the fantastic experience. I even told him it was one of the best fucks I had ever had. We began to laugh and the f-word came out from both our mouths.

Not much more could be said, his best friend’s mother had just let him fuck her and she was happy having given him the pleasure. I stayed naked while he got dressed, walked him to the door and kissed him good-by. In a parting comment, Eric told me that Jimmy also wanted to seduce me but he just felt that he wanted to fuck me first and was not disappointed in the least. Eric made me promise that I would let Jimmy have me the next time he came home and that if I did it would please him all the more. Nothing was said about another visit but in my mind, I knew this wasn’t the last time I would be with Eric. I took a nice long shower and began to think of how and when I would be ready for Jimmy.

(The next part of my story)

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