My Son’s Penis Is Online Pt. 01

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One Sunday morning as I used my phone, I discovered that I had a strange dating site popping up in the search field history. I did not recognize it, and as a happily married woman, am not a user of dating sites.

At first I was perplexed, but looking through the history, I realized that it was synced browser history. Which meant it could have been any device in the house. And that’s where things got strange. Was my husband on a dating site? It would be really out of character for him to do that, I thought, but I had to investigate nonetheless.

I pulled the site up and enlarged the photo on the profile at the link. There was no face, just a photo of someone’s genitals. Someone male, and erected. Someone who was apparently in our guest bathroom, judging from the background. I zoomed in on the penis, close enough to make out the individual veins. This someone was most definitely not my husband.

Maybe you already see where this is going? The realization soon dawned on me.

At just before 10 a.m. on a random weekend morning, I was standing in my bedroom looking at a photo of my teenage son’s hard cock on the Internet.

The profile thankfully didn’t have a real name on it, just a screen name I won’t embarrass anyone by repeating, and an age listed as 21.

My son is 18. With a dick pic out there on the Internet forever. Probably more than one. And several messages from interested parties who would love to see it up close and in person.

After reassuring myself that my husband was not seeking satisfaction elsewhere, I was pretty much spent, and decided we would have to take this up with my son later in the day. To be clear, when I say “we” I mean “me,” because I knew my husband wasn’t going to touch that conversation with a ten foot pole. In fact, I considered whether to even tell him about our son’s adventure, and decided against it. It would bring nothing but discomfort for him, and that would certainly not help me in this situation.

I couldn’t think straight. I laid back in bed and thought of how I just saw my son’s penis, all the ways in which this upcoming conversation could go, how I saw my son’s erect penis, how I should present myself in this convo in order to be understanding but effective and informative, how I saw my son’s throbbing hard cock, what I should say, how I saw my son’s dick looking like it was ready to explode all over the bathroom floor, what I should öğrenci gaziantep escort not say, how I could have lived for the rest of my entire fucking life without seeing my son’s erect fucking penis, what points I should bring up to impress how problematic this situation was, and how I never want to see my son’s penis ever again.

I didn’t say a word about it to anyone during the morning, but I then spent a fitful day at a loss. I couldn’t really concentrate on anything other than how much I did not want to have this conversation and how much I desperately needed to have this conversation and how badly I needed to make sure it was a good one that would stick. We’d talked about porn before, but I hadn’t thought to bring anything like this to the table. It just wasn’t on my radar until that day.

That afternoon, I sent the youngest to his room with a snack. I sat my son down on the couch with a “We need to talk” and we went over what had happened. I allowed him the luxury of lying to my face about doing it just because he was bored while pretending to believe that, and then we got real and discussed naked photos, safe sex, hookups with strangers, internet dangers, and his WiFi privileges.

It was a good talk. I told him that it was fine for him to be naked around the house, it was his home too after all, but he could not take pictures to share on the internet.

He even apologized for having put me in the situation of seeing his dick.

But since I had already seen his penis in all of its erected glory, I figured it would not hurt to give him a break from the harshness.

“Son, your penis does not shock me,” I explained to him. “I am your mother, and I think it is natural for a family to see each other naked without making it weird.”

“Yeah, mom, I guess,” he answered.

“What would you think if you found my naked pictures?” I asked, just to prove my case.

“It would be strange, mom.”

“You would not want me to share them on the internet, right?” I asked him.

“Uh, no,” he said and looked at me with an odd face.

“Okay, then,” I said. “So we agree, no more naked pictures on the internet.”

I had hoped that there would be no more questions after that, but, of course, there were.

“How about if I only keep the photos on my phone?” he asked me.

“I guess I can’t say that gaziantep öğrenci escort would be wrong.”

“Really?” he asked, wide-eyed.

“Yes, I’m giving you a free pass for the photos of your penis, if you don’t send them around.”

“That’s fair,” he agreed.

“Just one thing,” I said, suddenly worried that there would be some kind of loophole. “If somehow your pictures end up on the internet, make sure they can’t be traced back to you.”

“Uh, of course, mom,” he answered quickly.

We hugged, and we both seemed relieved. I thought about how I was a good mother that had done the right thing. He held onto me tightly, and even though in my mind I could see his hard pole and its pulsating veins, he once again felt like my innocent boy.

We did not talk again until the next morning as I was getting ready to go to work, and he prepared to go to school.

It was unusual, but we hugged before he went away.

“See you tonight, mom,” he said before he disappeared out the front door.

I was happy that we had that difficult conversation last night, and it felt even better knowing that it had actually brought us closer.

As he had left, I realized that I had to check whether he had deleted his online profile.

My browser history didn’t show anything odd, which was a relief.

However, that link from a few days ago was still visible in the dropdown. I thought about it for a second, but then I clicked it.

My son had not deleted either his profile or the picture of his genitals. His penis was still standing there, erected, for everyone to see. Just as last time, I zoomed in until I could see all the details. Not sure why, but this time I took a minute to look at the head of his dick. It was reddish, swollen, looking like a balloon pumped up to its maximum. God, he must really have been excited taking this picture, I thought.

I closed down the picture and the page, and decided I would give him time to have a chance to delete it. I could not expect him to be able to do it immediately, and did not want to destroy our good vibe by nagging about it.

As I got home from work that afternoon, my son was already home.

I found him in the living room, working on homework on his laptop.

He was still wearing his clothes from school. I could tell from his demeanor that he did not know gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan I had seen that his picture was still online.

I left him at that. The same night, as I was in bed, I wasn’t able to sleep. The thought of the picture was still haunting me.

I just had to check if he had deleted it yet. I went through the familiar procedure of taps on my phone until I was back at the page, which was evidently still up. Once again, I zoomed in, and let my eyes explore the details of my son’s shaft, the head, and what appeared to be precum at the top.

I could not deny that I understood why he’d gotten so many compliments. It really was a nice dick. It did not look abnormally big, but decent and had a nice shape. One that fit well into me, I thought for a second before pushing the idea out of my head. If he was some other man of course, I justified my thoughts to myself, not my own son.

Closing down the page, I noticed how seeing his picture somehow made me less worried. It had reminded me that he would delete it soon enough, and that he was anonymous after all.

The next morning I had a peek at his penis picture again. And once in the afternoon, after work. He never seemed to delete it. It was only later that night I took the chance to speak to him again. I went to his room, where he was on his laptop.

“Hey there,” I said, peeking through the door.

“Hey, mom,” he answered and gave me a signal that I could enter.

“You know,” I said, then I decided to come clean, well, somewhat. “Um, I saw your penis last night.”

“Yeah?” he asked, looking up at me, still seemingly stunned.

“Yeah,” I answered. “Your profile is still up on the internet. I went back to it yesterday, and there was, you know, your dick and stuff.”

“Sorry, mom, I will delete it,” he said and looked ashamed. I could not help but feel bad for pressuring him.

“I didn’t look at it closely,” I began as if trying to excuse myself, “but I don’t think you can see any face or anything. So I assume it’s no hurry to delete it really.”

He turned towards me. “Is that it?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I answered and smiled at him. “You can have your privacy back.”

“Thanks, mom,” he said, and I put out my hands for him to come and give his mother a hug, which he did.

“Mom?” he said as we embraced. “You don’t have to worry, I’ll delete it.”

“Whenever you want to, honey,” I said.

“I just don’t want you to have to see me like that, mom,” he said. “Sorry for shocking you with that.”

“It doesn’t shock me to see you like that, honey,” I said and kissed his hair. “I have seen hard penises before.”

As I said that, I felt a jolt in my chest for speaking so freely with my son. I let go of him, gave him a last smile, and walked out of his room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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