My Teacher, My Love Ch. 07

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Part 7 – Preparing For School

Amy offered to make us breakfast, so I just sat at the table, watching her move about making what looked to be an appetising meal. I was hungry, but not just for food, watching her move, the way her ass moved, I so wanted her right now. I wondered what would happen tomorrow when we both returned to school. I was going to make it easy for us and decided that making friends would be the best distraction. Being alone all the time left me with no distractions except school work, and I usually had that done in no time at all. I could start going to the library and reading but making friends was something I needed to do. I needed to grow now, before it was too late. While talking with Amy and my parents over the last few days I realised I had missed some important lessons about growing up, socialising was a very big part of that, learning from other people. I looked at the clock on the wall, it was just after 8am, my parents slept in on Sundays. So we had a little private time to ourselves, enough time to chat about certain things.

“Is it ready yet, I am starving.”

“Me too, I am doing the best I can, but cooking takes time.”

“Well as your making it, which smells delicious by the way, I will give you a break.”

“Why thank you for your approval. But just so you know, I am doing this, because I need the distraction, because when I look at you, I just want you right then and there.”

“How do you think I feel I have been watching your ass for the last ten minutes?” And just to rub it in she wiggled her ass at me. I moaned a little. “Your just a big tease Amy, aren’t yah.”

“Is that a dig at my height? Anyway I am not teasing, I want you to look at my ass, it’s nice that you are interested.”

“Oh I’m interested. It’s like a ripe peach; I like peaches, just to bite into it, all those juices.” Now she moaned a little.

“Now who’s the tease?”

“What little ole me, why I declare you are too precious for words, you sweet, juicy thing you.” She turned towards me, I jumped out of my chair and we just grabbed each other and kissed, hard. We were like ticking time bombs. When we touched and just relaxed together, we would be fine. But when we teased, it grew and grew, each of us getting more and more turned on, until we were ready to explode. Our tongues were fighting again, until I sucked her tongue into my mouth. Our moaning grew, oh fuck it, I needed her now. She was wearing denim shorts and I knew she had nothing on underneath. I unbuttoned them and shoved my hand inside, seeking my target. She was so wet, I slid in two fingers and using my palm I stimulated her clit. She did the same to me; her fingers were right where I needed them.

“Oh fuck Amy, I need to come now, please. Just fuck me hard.”

“Oh yes Sophie my love, I want you to cum, but keep you fingers moving hard baby, I need to come to.” I was very close, I started to suck her neck to stifle the moans, she was doing the same, but when we came together, we both bit hard. It was amazing.

“That was certainly interesting,” I finally said after a few moments. “Do you think we can control ourselves at school?”

“Not that I think it’s funny, but I have this image in my head of you jumping on my desk, naked and we just start fucking each other.” We both laughed but we needed to calm down and get some prospective on this. We both tidied up, but not before we both licked and sucked the juices of our hands. It was quite a come down, exciting, thrilling but scary. We had lost control, in the kitchen of all places. I sat back down and Amy finished breakfast. We ate silently, lost in our own thoughts, but over the past few days, I figured we were pretty much in sync with each other and were both thinking the same things. After we finished eating, I helped tidy the kitchen. Amy had made some extra for mom and dad, so served them and put them in the oven. We each grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the living room.

“I guess you are thinking what I am thinking?” I asked. We sat down on the three seater couch. We faced each other, but kept a few feet of distance between us to let the other know it was time for that chat.

“If you’re thinking about the fact we so easily just lost ourselves in the moment, losing control like that. Then yes.”

“There is a part of me that is very happy that we found each other and that we are comfortable together. But part of me is scared that we have so little control sometimes, and outside this house we need to control ourselves.”

“Oh Sophie, I’m scared too, we just met, started something great, but I just want you all the time. I know tomorrow will be a huge test, and I hope we both pass with flying colours, but there is this part of me that just thinks we may just lose it again.”

“Amy, I am not losing you, ever, so we have to be strong. I think part of it, I believe, is that it is all new to us, exciting and amazing, it is a feeling neither of us wants to lose. The other bursa escort bayan thing is that this house is our sanctum, our house of love, so part of it is that this is the only place we can show and share our love. So maybe it is all just psychological.”

“I think you are right. Maybe once we go our separate way tomorrow, things will just go back to normal, like the house is the only place we will act out our love, but then it calms once outside.”

“That is the hopefully the idea, the fear we will lose that freedom outside, were just struggling to cope, so we just go crazy inside, but outside things will just be calm between us.”

“Well it sounds like a good theory, we’ll test it later. But now my love, lets discuss this morning and whatever you wanted to say yesterday before we fell asleep, I have a feeling it ties in with what we have already spoken about.”

“It does but nothing serious really. You just mentioned we are comfortable now with each other, and that is what I noticed this morning after we made love. Yesterday we were careful with each, treading carefully about what we said and did to each other. Now we have taking that final step, we have just finally beaten that final barrier and now neither of us are nervous or scared of saying or doing anything, because we both are just comfortable with each other. This morning I got out of bed naked, went to the toilet. I did not close the door, you walked in naked, just acted normally while you kissed me, I was at the time having a piss and you then you went for a shower, and then I joined you. Everything we did, we would never have done yesterday, like when we got ready for bed, we did it separately and in private.”

“Wow, I never realised, like I was asking before we made love the first time, if it was ok, yet in the kitchen I just wanted to fuck you and not even thought about what you wanted. Sorry, that sounds bad, but you know I am just too comfortable to think you didn’t want to, plus I am sure you would have said no.”

“I would have said no, but I don’t think that is going to ever happen. I love you so much Amy, you have to believe me on that, tomorrow will be hard, because I need to be near you at all times. It will be a test for both of us. But no matter what, you are forever; my heart is so empty when you are not near. I could never survive without you. To say that after 3 days is truly the most amazing thing, to fall in love with you was easy, you are so amazing Amy, in just over a year since I have known you, just being near you had an amazing affect on me, not just in love, but in the person you are. I love everything about you, there is not anything I don’t like. So I give myself freely to you, in love, in body and in mind. Ours souls are joined together, we were meant to be together, forever.” I was crying again, I had cried more these past few days than I had in my whole 18 years on this earth.

“Sophie, I love you so much too. You know being the English teacher I should know the words, but yours are so poetic; your words reach me deep inside. They make me feel so loved and needed. I thank you for this weekend to explore you, both body and mind. I am never going to lose you to anyone. You are mine forever as I am yours. It will be hard, we will be tested to the limit, but knowing that together we can do anything, to feed off each others strengths, we will succeed. Soon you will get your double bed, I will get my clothes and stuff and move in. Although we can never be together at school, knowing that when we get home, we can be together, that hope alone will give me the strength to get through the day.” We were both crying now, I pulled her towards me to embrace her tightly, adding gentle kisses to her mouth and cheek. Things had calmed down and we were loving each other again gently. We caressed each other as she lay on top of me, just holding on to this very gentle moment, after a few minutes we fell asleep. My last thoughts were of Amy and I knew they would be there when I awoke.

I was still smiling when I awoke. My mom was trying to get me to stir.

“Sophie, Amy, time to get up. Oh….., they look so lovely together, cute even. Look at the smiles on both there faces. Do you think they might have had sex yet?”

“They will tell us if they want to, remember last night we told them they could do whatever, without any judgement from us.”

“I know, but do not tell me you are not the least bit curious.”

“I am, but I don’t want either of them to know that.” I had been listening to this and felt it was time to tell them, the best way I could.

“Morning mom, morning dad. Dad?”

“Yes pumpkin.”

“Thanks for soundproofing my room, really helped this morning.”

“Your welcome, even if you didn’t bother to learn the drums, at least you get your privacy.”

“Not quite, left the window open, I hope the neighbours didn’t hear too much.”

“The screaming was so bad I almost went deaf.” Mumbled my sleeping partner bursa anal yapan escort against my chest.

“So I guess honey, you err, well you both are no longer virgins?” Mom asked.

“That would be correct mom, I have to say it was a perfect moment. Both of us were just ready, but it got a bit crazy afterwards.” I told them.

“It usually does, once you start, you just want to keep trying it until either you fall asleep or just get bored. I guess the sleep option worked out for you.” stated mom.

“Sorry about that mom,” shockingly, Amy said this; my mom’s face was a picture. “We were just talking and that led to letting our emotions run free and after all the sex we were just so tired. I made you and dad some breakfast; you’ll find it in the oven, just needs warming up.” Now dad was shocked, but part of me knew it wasn’t the sleep talking and was to do with being comfortable. Amy had found her way home, to us. Most of her life she was neglected, and she wallowed in self-pity and low self-esteem. Unloved she plodded through life until she found me.

“I love you Amy, you have made my life complete.” I whispered into her ear. She realised what she had said, I could here the sniffles.

“I have finally come home, to my family.” Now we were all crying as everyone heard what she said.

“I am going to marry you one day Amy, and all my family will be there to welcome you into there lives.” That was all it took to fully release the tears we were all holding. My god how soppy can this family get, we had more happy tears in us then I ever thought possible. Amy was just so amazing, she made us all happy. Thank god for my parents, without there acceptance and kindness, Amy and I may never have experienced this much love.

“Well were both very happy for the both of you, and thank you Amy for making breakfast for us, will leave you to it.” And with that the both left us alone.

“Do you mean it Sophie that you want to marry me?”

“Of course I do, don’t you want to?”

“Oh Sophie, more than anything, but isn’t that, well the future, err…. we’ve only just met?”

“Amy, in 3 days, we met, fell in love, made love and discussed more than most couples do in there first year. I have to feel that what we have is forever. We just went through how comfortable things are between us. I have to believe you feel the same way, but you, as do I, are feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. All that has happened has still yet to fully sink in. The future may be unknown, but I will not believe that we won’t not be together forever, with that in mind, marrying you will happen at some point. It may not sound quite romantic when I said it, but it was meant to reassure you that we are together, forever, and that my family is yours and you have accepted us, especially when you called my parents mom and dad. Well our parents, but officially this will happen when we marry.”

“It all seems so fast and unreal, I think I need to just let it all slowly sink in. I am comfortable with everything, but it is still amazing how this has all happened in 3 days.”

“Give it a few weeks; whilst we cope with the separation at school, it will give us time to reflect over everything.”

“I agree, with all the emotion overload and feelings we have experienced, we need to sort things out in our heads.”

“Good, then let’s talk about the future, I want to discuss with you the implications that I have put on you. But we also need to start thinking about what happens once it is safe to announce our relationship to people.”

“So are you just going to tell people, I don’t know if I would be comfortable with that? Being gay is one thing, telling people is another?”

“I agree it will be difficult, but I won’t and can’t hide what we have for long. We will discuss this more closer to the time I leave school. But all I am saying is that once I have finished school, I want us to be able to go out, walk around, hand in hand. If people make assumptions, then they can, but I need to be free from our restrictions. I understand it is going to be hard for both of us to adjust. But as long as we are together, supporting each other and help others to understand things better, and then things should be fine.”

“Oh, I see. I suppose you are right, I don’t want to hide anymore either. I guess I am just worried about what people will think.”

“Are you ashamed of us, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I need to understand whatever it is you feel? So that either I can adjust or I can help you.”

“I guess being in a relationship means more than sex. Again we are new to this, and I have hidden away for so long now. I am not nor will I ever be ashamed of you. I was willing to give up my job to be with you, and I still will if it meant the difference of being together or apart. I know what we have is right and nothing will change that.” Shortly afterwards mom and dad entered the room.

“Can bursa rus escort we discuss some things with you both?” I asked mom and dad.

“Of course you can.” said dad. We all took a seat in our favourite places. But Amy made me more comfortable by laying me down and rested my head on her lap. She gently soothed my back with one hand while the other played with my hair while I rubbed her leg. It was very relaxing for both of us.

“So what is it you want to talk about?”

“Sophie was telling me about what she planned for the future. We were discussing what happens when she leaves school, she doesn’t want to hide anymore. I agree, it may be hard for me to come out, but it should not matter what people think, be true to yourself, don’t hide who you are. Sophie taught us all that, thanks to Sally, so I am not going to let my being gay control my decisions anymore. I am tired of hiding, being lonely, watching all the normal straight people be able to leave free and easy lives. I need to stand up and be proud of who I am, if they can’t see past the fact that I am gay, then it’s there loss, because I don’t anyone but my family.”

“Thank you Amy, for your love and understanding. It will be tough, but as long as we stand together.” I said.

“Sophie, you and Amy, have a great deal of courage, I mean telling us just showed us more trust than anything else. You stuck by each other, we all worked out some simple rules to help make this easier. We could not be prouder at how hard you are both willing to make this work.” Said mom proudly. “Amy our initial feelings about you are not even close to what we feel now. We love you, we know you will protect and care for Sophie as if your life depended on it. I am so proud to have you in our lives. So I guess the next question should be, Sophie what will you do once you finish school?”

“Well this is what I wanted to talk to Amy about. Firstly, Amy, do you own your house.”

“Yes, actually it was left to me by my Aunt Emily, she was the only family member that actually loved me without having to live by any demands, and she loved me for who I am. But she lived so far away, I maybe got 2 weeks worth of visits in a year, we wrote when we could. But she died before I was 15. She left me her house, but I was not told until I was 18. She knew my parents would try and take it away from me. Luckily I had left by then so as soon as I left home and finished university I moved here, which was the best decision I ever made.” She kissed the top of my head. “Because I found you, why did you ask?”

“Well mom and dad have offered to get us a double bed.” They both nodded in agreement. “Do you know when that will be? I am grateful but would really appreciate it sooner rather than later.”

“Well we were planning on taking you both to town and choosing one, but maybe that would not be a good idea. So we could either pick one, or Sophie could come and Amy stay here.” offered mom.

“Something I have been thinking about since our talk this morning Sophie, about learning to deal with the distance between us, especially when we are at school. I have been thinking we should test it. So please don’t get angry, but after we finish talking, I plan to go home for the night, get my stuff packed and get prepared for school. This should give you a chance to surprise me tomorrow with our new bed and give us a night apart to see how we cope. If you don’t agree, obviously I will not go, but please think about it.” I was a little shocked to say the least, but the fact was, it was a really good idea.

“You know I really got used to the idea that once we had sex, that was it, we would never be apart and we would sleep together every night.”

“Sophie this is not a rejection by any means. I was simply offering a chance to see if we could last to be apart for one night.”

“I know Amy, I was just expressing my feelings, but if I am honest, your idea makes too much sense. Even I mentioned that tomorrow will be a test, but tonight alone will give us both the chance to prepare ourselves for tomorrow. But please call me in the morning before you leave for work. I will at least need to hear you voice and be able to tell you I love you in private, ok.”

“Agreed. God I am so lucky to have such and understanding partner.”

“I like that, partner.”

“Well that is what we are. I love you Sophie, thank you for your love in return. I will miss you tonight, but it will be very beneficial to us both, never forget that I love you and we will get through this.”

“I won’t Amy, I love you too, and it is so great you are thinking so much about us and how to help us to deal with the problems we have to face.” I turned my head to look at her; I wrapped one hand around her neck to bring her down for a kiss. It was gentle, just enough to show my love and for her to return it, before we realised we had company.

“I cannot believe you did that in front of our parents.” said Amy. I looked at my parents who we blushing but also seemed happy, hearing Amy declare that they were our parents, that was another milestone in our partnership.

“Couldn’t be helped sweetheart, I love you too much. So mom I will come with you and dad to get the bed, then when I get back I will tidy up Sally’s old room, if that is ok with you?”

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