My Teasing Goddess Ch. 01

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*This is a re-write of an earlier story which continues in to the next chapters.


I was lost deep in thought as I worked on the month end reports for the VP when I heard my office door softly opens and then shut. Curious as to who would be bothering me at this time of the month, I glanced up from my cluttered desk to see who was disturbing me when I saw my girlfriend f standing at the door to my office dressed to kill, or maybe I should say tease all the men (and women). Mei has stylish dark hair that frames a beautiful oval shaped face, with the most amazing brown eyes you’ve ever seen. She was wearing a pin stripe business suit, the kind with the double- breasted (and beautiful breasts they are) jacket. The suit was meant to be worn with a blouse, but in Mei’s case, she went without the blouse, teasing my imagination as to which of her lacy and sheer bra she was wearing underneath her jacket.

The jacket lapels shaped a deep V that ran down between Mei’s high firm breasts, and afforded me a generous view of those lovely breasts every time she bent forward, which she did often and to great effect on my already swelling manhood. Below the jacket, she wore a matching, short, form fitting miniskirt that fell just a few inches down her lovely thighs and hugged her ass in the same way that I longed to. The skirt revealed most of her shapely legs in her long sheer black stockings. My eyes traveled down her lovely form taking in every curve of her body. The luscious swell of her breasts. The firm flare of those wonderful hips. The long smooth legs encased in those sexy sheer stockings. Her sexy slim feet, wrapped in her stylish patent leather 4-inch spike heels. Mei knew that I loved every detail of her body, but that her sexy ass and legs turned me on most of all. Just watching her sway across the room in a miniskirt, or shorts or better yet, nothing at all, would have me hard and throbbing in moments.

“Hi lover,” she drawled in her husky and incredibly sexy voice, “I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop in and have you for lunch.”

I felt my stiffening cock lurch at her sexy words when she turned presenting that gorgeous round ass to me as she deftly locked my office door. She turned back and slowly slinked across my office with her feline grace. My eyes drank in her body, raptly following every turn and curve of those smooth firm legs. I slid my chair back to make room for her as she slowly circled around my desk, sexily perching her round bottom on its smooth surface. She slowly raised her leg and placed her stiletto on the arm of my chair, giving me a view up her gorgeous legs. Past the tops of her stockings to her smooth creamy thighs and just a glimpse of the sheer black panties covering her sweet pussy. She gave a throaty laugh, as I had to adjust the painful bulge growing in my pants.

“I hope you don’t mind my dropping by like this,” she said. “I know how hard you’re working and it turns me on to think of how ‘hard’ you’ll be at work for the rest of the afternoon.”

My already spinning mind missed Mei’s innuendo and was a bit distracted from coherent thought when she reached forward and deftly undid my belt, quickly opening my slacks and freeing my hard cock.

“Mmmmm, I love it when you’re hard like this for me.” she moaned as her hand slowly slid up and down my rock hard shaft. My head fell back with a groan as I lost myself in the wonderful feelings of her smooth soft hands skillfully stroking my cock. She let her fingers slide up the shaft and across the head as she released my cock and laughed as it thumped loudly against my quivering abdomen.

“And just what would you like for lunch today lover.” Mei asks sexily, as she suggestively spreads her smooth silk clad legs, displaying her neatly shaved pussy covered only by her sheer black panties. Panties so sheer that I can clearly see her swollen lips and growing wetness of that tasty cunt of hers. I quickly lean forward and pull her thin panties aside as my tongue flicks out Escort Bayan in long licks up and down her moist slit. Mei sighs and moans in pleasure as my deft tongue parts her swollen lips, digging deeply inside her for her musky juices. I love the way she tastes and could gladly spend hours licking and savoring her flavor, but I know she wants more so my tongue and lips soon make their way up to her already swollen clit. I suck it tenderly between my lips as I flick the end of it with my tongue.

“Yes!” she moans as with one hand, she arches her hips up from the desktop. Her other hand tangled in my hair as she humps against my sucking lips and tongue. I groan into her pussy as I feel one of her sexy stiletto heeled shoes slip between my legs and under my balls causing my hard shaft to press against her silky stocking covered ankle. My hips begin an involuntary humping against her beautiful leg as I feather my tongue faster across her throbbing clit. Gently I part her beautiful lips with one finger and begin to piston it in and out of her cunt as I tongue her clit repeatedly. Fingers tangled in my hair, she falls back on my desk as a second finger joins the first and my tongue beats a rapid rhythm against her clit.

Mei’s breathing was getting more and more ragged as she groaned and humped those wonderful hips against my face and lips. I was in heaven as she cried out above me, “yes, oh god yes, ohhhhhhhh.” Her sexy moans spurred me on and the silky feeling of her stocking clad ankle rubbing against my throbbing cock had me on the edge of orgasm. As the cum began to race from my balls up my throbbing shaft, Mei’s entire body stiffened her foot pressing hard into my swollen balls, clamping off my rising orgasm. She began to moan and tremble as her own orgasm overwhelmed her, her legs rising up and clamping around my head as my face was washed with her sweet, musky cum. She pushed my head back and weakly sat up, looking at my face coated with her sweet cum, she moaned, “ohhh, you look so sexy with my cum all over your face.” As she pushed me back in my chair, she slid forward off of the desk into my lap, trapping my throbbing hard on against her soaked panties. Her tongue snaking out across my lips and all around my face, licking her sweet juices from me. Kissing me deeply as she ground her panties against my desperately aching cock.

“Oh my god,” Mei moaned between kisses, “that was terrific. I think you deserve something special in return.” she smiled.

I sat back in my chair as Mei once again perched herself on my desk. My mind was reeling with the possibilities of what she was planning to do to me. Sexily, she raised one of her stiletto heels up and extended her long beautiful leg towards me and asked, “Why don’t you slip my shoes of for me lover?”

With a low groan, I slid her shoe off and began to caress her soft shapely foot. Running my hands up her silky stockings, to her calf and back down as I kissed each one of her sexy toes. Mei smiled again and slipped her foot out of my grasp, raising her other leg so I could slip that shoe off also. Mei then reached forward and pushing me back in my chair, deftly undid my tie and opened the buttons on my shirt, granting her teasing fingers access to my chest. She opened my shirt and softly dragged her long nails across my nipples, pinching each one between her deep red nails. I groaned deep in my throat as my body arched under her touch. I was always amazed with the levels of excitement that Mei could bring me too. Mei slowly slipped around behind my chair, trailing her hands across my shoulders and down my arms. She gently pulled my hands behind my chair and skillfully looped my tie around my wrists, quickly binding them together. Before my over excited brain could register what had happened, Mei was back perched on my desk before me. She raised one of her legs and placed her foot back on the arm of my chair. My eyes were drawn to the smooth curves of her beautiful legs, encased in her silky stockings.

“I Bayan Escort know how much you love my legs and my sexy stockings baby, and I have a special treat for you today,” She whispered.

I groaned again as her fingers pulled her skirt up above her stocking tops and she began to slowly roll the stocking down her leg. Inch by inch revealing her smooth creamy thigh, over her knee and down the curve of her shapely calf. My cock throbbed wildly as she slipped the stocking off of her painted toes and then raised the other leg to repeat the whole sexy show. With her long naked sexy legs and her sexy stockings in her hands, Mei kneeled in front of me. She took one of her stockings and slowly lowered it over the head of my cock. Nestling the throbbing head of my hard on in the sheer silky toe, sliding the length down my twitching shaft, she tucked the rolled up end beneath my swollen balls. Once she had my cock and balls thoroughly encased in one stocking, she took the other and wrapped it around my thick shaft. My head fell back with a moan as she began to stroke my shaft slowly. The silky stockings creating a sensation like I’d never felt before. Electric sparks were shooting up from my groin and I could feel an orgasm starting to build from deep inside me as Mei slowly and loosely stroked the sheer stockings against my rock hard shaft.

“That’s it honey, doesn’t that feel good?” she whispered, “mmm, I love feeling your cock throbbing in my hands.” She slowly bent forward and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock as she slowly stroked me. Even through the sheer stockings, I could feel the warmth of her breath as her soft lips swallowed the head of my cock and her tongue began to lash against it.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming,” I groaned as my orgasm began to swell. As it got closer to exploding, Mei lifted her lips from my cock and slowed her strokes, loosening her grip. One hand lowered to my balls and began to roll them between her long skillful fingers as the other hand closed around the head of my cock, twisting the sheer nylon around it. My hips bucked as my dick ached like never before, just on the edge of cumming, but not quite there. Mei continued to tease my sensitive cock under the sheer stockings for a few more minutes before finally releasing it, to watch it twitch and throb against my stomach. “Don’t stop now, I’m just about to cum,” I groaned.

“But sweetie, those are the only stockings I brought with me,” countered Mei. “If you cum in them then I won’t have anything to wear out of here and everyone in your office will know we’ve been up to something.”

“Ohh god, then take them off of me.” I growled.

Mei smiled and said, “But don’t you like the feel of my stockings on your big hard cock?” As she spoke, she began to slowly stroke my cock again. Using long full strokes up the shaft and across the head, twisting her fingers around the crown with each stroke. “Doesn’t that feel good sweetheart?”

I groaned deeply as my hips bucked again. “God, yes that feels incredible.”

“Then you don’t want me to stop?” she asked coyly.

“God no, keep doing that,” I begged.

She smiled sweetly as her tempo slowly increased. My rock hard cock began to throb almost instantly as she alternated firm fast strokes with loose slow ones. My hips bucked as my orgasm began to swell within me. My balls felt swollen with cum. Mei was so skillfully and slowly bringing me to the edge that my whole body seemed charged with electricity. “Ahhhh, yes” I groaned as I felt my release coming. Just then Mei stopped her stroking and gripped the base of my cock firmly in her hand, strangling the cum still in my churning balls.

“Nooo,” I wailed, “Please make me cum.”

“You’re driving me insane and I need it so bad.” I begged.

“Of course you do lover,” She smiled sweetly. “But you wanted to feel my stockings on you, and you know I can’t let you cum in them.” she reasoned.

As she spoke, she began to stroke me again, bringing my slowly Escort receding arousal back full bore. “Besides, I wanted to give you a nice foot job while you’re beautiful cock was wrapped up in my stockings,” she said. “Wouldn’t you like to feel that?”

“Oh god yes” I groaned, knowing just how soft and skillful Mei’s beautiful feet were.

With a smile she sat back up on my desk and gently cradled my cock between the soles of her feet. She slowly stroked then up and down a few times before taking one foot and nestling her toes into my balls, stroking them gently as she gripped the head of my cock between the toes of her other foot. Softly she stroked it up and down my shaft. Dragging her painted toes across the head of my cock. Raising her left foot and tucking it behind the shaft, she held my cock up as she ran the smooth sole of her right foot the length of my trembling cock. Usually I cum very quickly when she strokes me with her skillful feet, but now she was using that same skill to prolong my arousal and drive me to new heights. Mei was being relentless and keeping me constantly on the edge of exploding, but not quite pushing me over the edge. I couldn’t care less about ruining her stockings with my cum now as I was desperate for relief, straining to cum under the constant teasing strokes of her feet. As I again reached the point of no return, both of her feet moved down and began to stroke and knead my swollen balls, causing me to grunt and groan in my frustrated arousal. I felt my desire continue to build, but knew there was no way I could cum from just her cute toes playing with my swollen balls.

“Oh lover,” Mei sighed, “As hot as it’s making me teasing you like this, my lunch hour is almost over and I need to get back to work, although I may have to go masturbate in the bathroom before I can concentrate.”

With that, she leaned forward and began to unwrap my cock from her stockings. Just the sensation of the silky stockings dragging across my overheated shaft. After unwrapping one stocking, she grabbed the toe of the stocking encasing my cock and began to drag it upwards off of my shaft. The leg unrolling as she pulled, causing the whole stocking to slide across my twitching shaft. The cum was boiling in my balls like never before and was about to erupt when the sheer stocking dragged across the head of my dick, leaving it twitching and drooling. The entire head was slick with precum and more was oozing from the slit with each twitch. As my hard on throbbed in the cool air, Mei laughed and perched her sexy bottom back on my desk and one leg at a time smoothed her sheer stockings back on to those long lovely legs of hers.

I stared, in awe as my overheated senses took in the sexy sight of her. She slipped off of the desk and slid her feet back into her patent leather stilettos then stepped around behind my chair to untie my hands. My hard on continued to throb as I watched her move around move. As she looked down at me sitting in my chair, she swiftly bent forward and swallowed my cock completely down her warm throat. Her lips nestled in my pubic hair, she slowly dragged them back up the rigid shaft, her tongue beating a sexy erotic rhythm against my manhood. I groaned as those full warm lips traveled across the head of my cock and then plunged back down. Once more she dragged them slowly up the length of my dick, scraping her teeth lightly against the sensitive flesh. My hips again bucked as this sexy vixen dragged me to the edge of orgasm again, but just as I began to thrust my hips pushing the cum out of my aching balls, her lips left my cock with an audible pop as she stood back up and gathered her purse.

“No,” I groaned,” you can’t leave me like this.”

“Awe, but sweetie, I love knowing how hot and horny you’re going to be for me all day now.” She sulked. “Can’t you just wait a little longer until tonight?”

With a smile and a wave, she walked across my office to the door, her hips wiggling enticingly as she turned to me saying, “Awww, that was soo hot, I may just keep teasing you all weekend. You can wait a couple more days can’t you sweetie? For me?”

I groaned and collapsed back in my chair knowing I would do anything to please Mei, but not sure how much more my sanity could take.

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