My Uncle’s Dirty Pictures

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I grew up in your typical suburban neighborhood. We had a nice house and everything. Swimming pool, grassy lawn in back, you know, a really nice place to grow up. My Mom and Dad were good parents but, well, my brothers and I always knew they were doing their best to put on a “Happy Face” at home.

Anyway, my Mom’s brother Jeff used to stop by from time to time and you should have seen my Mom’s face light up when she saw him pulling up outside. He was an interesting guy for sure. Uncle Jeff was a freelance photographer here in Los Angeles and he was making good money too. He always showed an interest in me and was always telling me he “Had to shoot me some day!” He thought I could be a professional model!

So, one spring day, right before I graduated from High School, Uncle Jeff pulled up in his swanky ’62 Olds Starfire. He gasped when he saw me…eighteen years old and all grown up now.

“Cindy, my gosh, you’re beautiful!” He gushed. My Mom was all proud of me and we had a real nice visit. He again said he wanted to photograph me and my Mom said, “Well, bring your camera next time you visit.”

But Uncle Jeff wanted to take professional photos and seriously asked my mom about bringing me down to his studio for a shoot. “There’s always work for a pretty face.” He insisted. “Who knows, but it’s not a waste of time.”

I thought nothing would come of it but Uncle Jeff called the following week and told my Mom he had some work coming up for a big department store and could I maybe “Audition” for the job?

Well, I was thrilled as you might guess. My mom was strangely underwhelmed at the prospects of my opportunity. I didn’t know why at the time but I later found out.

So my mom took me down to Uncle Jeff’s studio the following Friday and He explained that the job was for a young girl clothing line. He had several outfits, none of which were even remotely cool but, whatever. It was a chance to get into modeling so I did the best I could with what he gave me to wear. He kept asking for a “Sunny Smile” and I wasn’t sure what that meant but I showed all of my teeth and he seemed to like it.

Then Uncle Jeff told my Mom that, it was up to her but he also had a chance to sell some undergarment photos. My Mom said no way right off the bat but I asked her why not?

“Nothing will show that doesn’t show at the pool Mom!” I told her. “And, after all, he’s your brother, you know?”

So Uncle Jeff gave me some bras and panties to try on and, this was a while back so, you know, it wasn’t all that racy. White cotton panties that came up to my waist and one of those “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder” bras. I went into the dressing room and took off all of my clothes. I glanced in the full length mirror and was pleased with what I saw. My straight blonde hair almost reached my shoulders. My apple sized tits were Porno pink and capped with gumdrop nipples. “Down There” I had red pubes and my tightly closed little pussy lips just barely showed.

I put on Uncle Jeff’s panties and bra and meekly stepped out into the studio. My Mom looked a little worried buy Uncle Jeff just began to pose me as he had before and I eventually calmed down a bit. None of the poses were even the least bit provocative and I was able to give him the “Sunny Smile” he’d asked for earlier.

“I’d love to shoot some bathing suit stuff but I just don’t have anything here…” Uncle Jeff commented. Suddenly, I remembered! I had my bathing suit in my gym bag in the trunk of Mom’s car.

“Mom!” I excitedly told her, “My bathing suit is out in the trunk! Could you go get it please?” Well, a mild argument ensued with my Mom reluctantly agreeing to go get the suit. It was just an old one piece blue bathing suit and I’d already posed in panties and bra so, no big deal. I remained at the studio since there were some forms I had to sign.

My uncle’s studio was on Wilshire Blvd. in the Miracle Mile and there really wasn’t any place to park nearby so my mom was facing a major hike. She set out and Uncle Jeff and I began to talk about the modeling business. It was so exciting! I was possibly going to break into modeling!

“Of course, if you really want to get established, you’ll need a portfolio with all kinds of photos in it. Head shots, figure shots, costume things. All kinds of pictures.” Uncle Jeff lit up a cigarette and continued. “If a big company wants a girl for their catalogue they want to know what they’re getting. One picture or two can be deceiving.”

“What do you mean ‘Figure shots’?” I asked innocently.

“Oh, well…nudes Cindy.” He looked right at me when he said it. “All the big models have those kind of shots in their portfolio and, if they’re really seriously close to getting a major job, they need to have those figure shots available.”

“Well, gee, maybe we ought to…” I never got to finish the sentence.

“Cindy, your Mom would never agree to anything like that and you know it.” My uncle told me. “You’re still a little girl to her.”

Boy! Did I ever know that! I couldn’t date until I was 17 and wasn’t allowed to attend school dances unless my dad was going to be there too. She just about expected me to wear a plaid jumper to high school! I made up my mind to take matters into my own hands.

Knowing it was wrong…I got up off the sofa there in the studio and reached around to undo the clasp of my bra. I was expecting Uncle Jeff to be all “No honey! Now, cut that out!” But he just watched as I bared my proud young breasts. I knew the outline of the bra would probably show in the photos but there just wasn’t time to do anything about it. Altyazılı Porno Uncle Jeff took several pictures from different angles of me showing off my tits and even had me on my hands and knees on the carpet. “Just like Playboy!” He joked.

I knew he expected me to take off my panties and I was almost ready to do so when, suddenly, I kind of got cold feet. I was a virgin and nobody had seen me nude since I was only 5 or 6! But I knew my Mom would be back soon and I really wanted to impress my uncle with my desire to get going as a model so…so I reluctantly took the waistband of my panties in my fingers and began to slowly pull them down. Uncle Jeff’s eyes followed my little white panties as they slowly moved down my thighs and then they were puddled up at my feet. I stepped out of my panties and nervously did a little turn for Uncle Jeff.

I heard the shutter begin to click as I moved uncertainly around the room, following my uncle’s instructions. He posed me by the window with my hands in the air above my head, the the sunlight streaming in onto my youthful body. Then, he posed me on the sofa on my belly. Now my plump ass cheeks were on display and I was again trying to show that “Sunny Smile” to Uncle Jeff.

I figured we were almost done but then Uncle Jeff told me to sit in the arm chair that he used with his desk.

“Throw your legs over the arms honey.” He instructed me. My goodness! All of my virgin pussy would be exposed to my uncle! But I wanted to succeed so badly that I complied with my uncle’s request. I lifted my legs over the arms, rather awkwardly, and settled back with my never before touched young pussy wide open! I have very sparse pubic hair so the pink lips of my pussy were bound to show in the picture.

Then I heard the click of the shutter and I knew that Uncle Jeff had photographed my unspoiled young nudity. I wasn’t ready for what he wanted next. He asked me to kneel as I had earlier with my breasts on the sofa and my knees on the carpet! I couldn’t understand why anyone would really want to see that. I really didn’t know. But there was no point in refusing now so I crawled to the floor and, completely nude, laid my breasts on the sofa cushion and stuck out my butt! My recently discarded panties were nearly on the floor but they weren’t doing me much good now.

Uncle Jeff then…Okay, I had gone along with it the whole time but…but now my Uncle went ahead and took dirty pictures of my pussy and asshole! There’s no other way to describe it. And I let him too! I was learning real fast how to “Get Ahead” in modeling. Yeah. You show what you have and show it sexy too. I abandoned my toothy smile and instead gave Uncle Jeff my “Slutty Smile.” The kind you give a man when you’re showing him your most private place. I lowered my eyes and pursed my lips as I looked Brazzers back at him.

“Oh, very nice Cindy…Oh, that’s great sweetheart…just a couple more now…Okay, now roll over on your back honey…just like that…now…now open your pussy for me honey!” Jeff coached me and I willingly showed him everything he wanted to see. I took my soft little pussy lips in my fingers and slowly spread myself open for him. Now he could see my little pink pussy lips and the darker and wetter interior too. Just below? The simple round dimple of my anus! Jeff got plenty of good shots of me like that too. I was willing to stick my finger into my little hole if he’d asked but we both knew my mom was going to be back soon so I got dressed and Uncle Jeff adjusted his pants and we were ready when my mom finally got back.

I had to smile when I thought about the ridiculous possibility of some executive from the Broadway or May Co. looking at those lurid photos during an interview! They want to know what they’re getting but do they really need to see my asshole and bare pussy?

So I posed in the bathing suit but, as you might imagine, it was a letdown compared to the incredibly erotic pictures I’d just posed for. My mom had warmed to the idea of me doing modeling and she and Jeff were in the office talking when I finished dressing. There was a file cabinet in the small dressing room where I’d laid my clothes earlier and, I don’t know exactly why but, well, I opened it. The middle drawer had a bunch of business invoices and stuff. So I quietly opened the bottom drawer…almost as if I knew what was in there.

In the bottom drawer there were pictures. Lots of pictures..Lots of “Figure shots” Women of all ages, shapes and sizes, photographed in different states of undress. But the real shock came towards the back of the drawer. The photographs were held together by a rubber band and were black and white. They were very old but there was no mistaking it…it was my Mom! Not much older than I was. And posing on her hands and knees and showing all her…all her charms. To my uncle I assumed. Her tits looked remarkably like mine and she also had prominent pussy lips only partially hidden by her dark brown pubic hair. And no “Sunny Smile” either. She looked like “Come and get it Big Boy!” in those pictures

“Cindy, you ready honey?” I heard my mom call from the next room.

“Oh yeah Mom! I’ll be right out!” I managed to reply. I was too stunnned to even consider what I’d just seen. Riding home I began to wonder: Were they lovers as young people? My mother and her brother? The one with whom she had a “Special” relationship?

I never found out and eventually decided I didn’t really want to know. I never heard any more bout my big modeling gig and Uncle Jeff never showed me the pictures either.

But when asked about my “First Time” I always think of that day in the city with my uncle. The weird, sexy feeling I had for the first time when I showed Jeff my little tits and then my pussy and asshole. Not many men have seen that sight since that day and he was the first. I hope he appreciates it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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