My Wife Caught Me Cross Dressing Pt. 05

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Lick Finger

Rhonda woke to the smell of coffee, bright light and an empty bed. As her sleep-muddled brain started to wake up, she first realised the empty bed, connected to the coffee smell and that Michelle and Jane had gotten up without disturbing her. She also worked out the brightness was sunlight, probably not that late as mornings in an Australian summer, started early, bright and warm turning to hot by mid-morning. People tended to measure the heat of the day more by how much they sweated instead on a thermometer. Rhonda was not sweating; in fact, it was a perfect temperature, so she tossed the covers aside, swung out of bed and followed her nose towards the beautiful smell of coffee.

Downstairs she was greeted by two big smiles from Michelle and Jane and a brimming cup of freshly brewed coffee and the comment “Good morning sleepy head, breakfast should be ready by your second cigarette” as neither Jane or Michelle smoked, Rhonda smoked outside in the very private back yard. Taking her coffee, Rhonda headed that way. As she stubbed her second cigarette out, the screen door opened and Jane came out with breakfast on a tray, Michelle right behind her with the jug of coffee and two mugs.

“Such a beautiful morning we thought we would have breakfast outside” Michelle announced

Rhonda felt that was perfect looking at both of them seeing they both still dressed like her in the baby doll nighties they had put on last night. It made Rhonda think they were all colour coded, red, pink and black nighties. They had prepared Rhonda’s favourite breakfast, pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, Rhonda wondered if this was to put her into a good mood before springing another of their dastardly plans on her. Rhonda finished her breakfast, thanked her hosts as a fresh pot of coffee appeared on the table.

Rhonda’s suspicions were confirmed when she saw Michelle and Jane looking at her while holding each other’s hands tightly. Jane looked at Rhonda and took a deep breath before saying “It’s a wonderful day and we thought a trip to the beach would be good. Jane told about a wonderful beach that’s very secluded, difficult to get to, apparently, you can only get there with a high clearance 4×4, and our friends have been many times and never seen anyone else there.”

Rhonda asked, “Will they be going.”

Jane quickly said “No.”

“How far,” Rhonda asked

“About 3 hours but the weather forecasts 28c and dry, so we could stay there the night and sleep under the stars.”

“Sounds good, it’s nearly 10 am know, so if we left about midday, we would still get the last of the afternoon and all evening as it doesn’t get dark till around 10 pm,” Rhonda told them and realised they wanted to go when they both hugged her.

Michelle handed Rhonda a piece of paper, telling her “It’s the GPS position of the beach and a second lot of numbers is the start of the access track. I knew you would ask for those”

“Well done Michelle, you’re not just a sex toy,” Rhonda told her

“That’s settled then; I will pack us what we need, clothes, food, I expect you have a groundsheet Rhonda,” Jane told them and added, “Michelle said you would probably travel in male mode.”

“Yes, Kadıköy Esmer Escort especially if we are travelling on a dirt track I don’t know. A lot more practical if we get stuck or have car problems” Rhonda told her

They all got up and started sorting themselves out. They showered alone to save time and Rhonda went first, dressed in unisex clothes, tight blue jeans, white singlet, hiking boots but had girly panties under her jeans and her socks were pink. Rhonda went out to her vehicle, a Nissan Navara Dual cab well tricked out for off-road travel, with bull bar, winch, recovery gear and lots of extra lights. She had just finished checking everything was ready when Michelle started bringing stuff out. Rhonda told her “Stack it all over there and when you have everything I will load it.

Michelle had said that was all apart from food that Jane was getting. Jane appeared saying “Michelle told me to tell you this is all for the fridge and all the rest can go wherever you want. Is there a fridge in their” Jane said with an incredulous look

Rhonda jumped in the back opened the ridge and said: “Yes right here, just pass all the food up here.”

Jane passes it up and then climbed up in the back and watched in amazement as Rhonda pack all the food into the fridge including the six bottles of wine. Jane got out of the way as Rhonda loaded two bags of clothes, covers and several pillows. Rhonda told her “It’s lucky I always carry my generator, stove and Euro bed whenever I travel.”

“Euro bed,” Jane asked

“OH yes Rhonda likes her creature comforts, and the bed is amazing, Queen sized and very comfortable,” Michelle said with a big grin.

“I have the emergency pump for it, just in case,” Rhonda said. Michelle laughed, “Yes, Rhonda is a belt and braces type of girl.”

They were now ready to leave and did so after a last visit to the toilet. Michelle volunteered for the back seat, behind Jane in the front passenger seat. It only took 20 minutes before they were on the freeway barrelling along at 110kms the GPS telling them they had 2 hours 45 minutes before their destination, which was the turn of for the track. To pass the time they chatted for a bit then sang along to 60 and 70’s music. The time moved quickly so when the GPS announced they would reach their destination in 800mtrs it surprised them all. Even with a warning they missed the track, hung a U-turn and Rhonda crawled along nearly passing it a second time. As soon as she turned in Rhonda locked the front hubs in, engaged Low range four-wheel drive, switched the GPS to off the road and started following the winding track. After a couple of kilometres, it got very sandy, and they were up and down over dunes, dodging rocks and tree stumps. Rhonda had to concentrate hard and tried to zone out the more than the occasional terrified squeal of her passengers. After another hours travel time and 20kms from the start of the track, they topped a small dune, and Rhonda stopped on the top before they were a small bay almost circular a kilometre in diameter.

The entrance was small only a couple of hundred meters wide, between high cliffs and white sand covered three-quarters Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort of the bay about 50 meters wide. The water was Azure blue, and hardly a ripple disturbed the surface. Rhonda spotted a level area just to their left on the edge of the scrub and drove onto it, finding the surface nice and solid. Parking up and getting out Rhonda started making camp while the others stared at the idyllic scene. In 20 minutes the awning was up, groundsheet played, Euro bed inflated, bottom fitted sheet on, covers and pillows in place, campfire lit, table assembled, stove on top lit, kettle on and cups ready.

When Rhonda stopped and turned around, she saw Michelle and Jane watching her. Jane said “We were ready to help, but Michelle wisely said it was better to stay out of the way. I think that was wise and I think you have done this more than a couple of times. Very impressive”

As Rhonda put more wood on the fire, Michelle made the coffee, Jane made herself comfortable on the bed, back on the truck, pillows behind her. After they had drunk their coffee, Rhonda got a couple of fishing rods and told them “Better catch dinner then” and walked down to the water’s edge, 20 minutes later she was back with two snappers about 3 kilo’s each, gutted them and buried the entrails. “So that’s dinner sorted what know,” Rhonda asked

Jane replied with “Well I am going to skinny dip” and quickly shed her clothes and sprinted down to the water and straight in. Rhonda and Michelle happily watched as Jane splashed around. Suddenly Rhonda jumped up and ran towards the water, shouting “Get out, get out now.”

Jane came out of the water looking cross “What’s got your panties in a twist, Rhonda.”

Rhonda just pointed, and Jane looked were Rhonda was pointing and saw a large fin slicing through the water, “oh shit” and started shaking. Rhonda held her and said, “Just a local looking for dinner.”

“That explains why no one comes here, probably called shark bay,” Jane said

“Come on let’s cook his dinner I stole,” Rhonda said leading her back to the camp

When they back to the campsite, Rhonda wrapped one snapper in aluminium foil, with butter, garlic and some lemongrass sealed the package, covered it again with foil, so it was double wrapped and placed it on the coals, she turned the potatoes that she had wrapped in foil and put in the coals when she cleaned the fish. Got a bottle of wine from the fridge, poured three glasses and handed them out. Jane drained her glass straight away, Rhonda had anticipated that and poured the rest of the bottle in Jane’s glass. They sipped their wine as night closed in slowly and watched the stars appearing in a cloudless sky before opening another bottle of wine, then they ate dinner which always tasted better when cooked on an open fire under a star-filled sky. Jane walked over to Rhonda and asked her to stand, wondering what Jane was up to, she stood, and Jane started to undress Rhonda slowly and very sensually, taking every opportunity to brush her body against Rhonda. Rhonda had to sit down, jeans around her ankles, had to remove her boots, once they and her jeans where off, Jane helped her stand Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort again and started to kiss Rhonda, who willingly returned the kisses, wondering why Jane was not directly in front of her, the puzzlement soon pass as another mouth begun to pay attention to her cock.

After Jane and Michelle had suitably aroused Rhonda, Jane led her to the front of the vehicle, bent over, using her hands spread wide on the bull bar. Legs spread she started wiggling her bottom, Michelle stepped forward and squirted lube in her rosebud, then poured lube on Rhonda’s cock and gently used her hand to spread it around. Needing no further encouragement Rhonda stepped forward and gently eased her cock in just past the sphincter and paused, allowing Jane to get used to it, but Jane impatiently thrust her arse back taking all of Rhonda inside. Rhonda just stood still as Jane moved up and down on Rhonda’s cock. Suddenly everything went up several notches as a tongue started working on Rhonda’s hole, licking and flicking inside Rhonda. Then first one finger then two, then a third of Michelle’s fingers were fucking Rhonda, while Jane rode Rhonda’s cock.

It did not take long before the two sensations pushed Rhonda over the edge and started pumping what seemed endless amounts deep inside Jane, who was squirming and screaming as she orgasmed herself. Eventually, Rhonda stopped coming, and Michelle stopped finger fucking Rhonda, she felt herself go limp and slide out of Jane, only for Michelle to start licking and sucking her cock. Jane stood up, and Rhonda saw that somehow she had been wearing the strapon, she moved behind Michelle and thrust the strapon fully inside Michelle. Jane held onto Michelle’s waist and started to really fuck Michelle, who now was only sucking Rhonda taking her deep into her throat, suddenly Michelle’s head lifted as she groaned with her orgasm, t was at this point Rhonda cum again covering Michelle’s face with cum, the only reaction was a huge smile. Jane pulled out and quickly came round in front of Michelle and licked Rhonda’s cum. She then turned to Rhonda, poked her tongue out, showing Rhonda the globules on her tongue before kissing Rhonda, swapping cum with their tongues.

They all eventually collapsed onto the bed all cuddled up together watching the stars track across the sky before one by one they fell into a deep contented sleep. They awoke several hours later as the sun rose to appear directly in line with the entrance of the bay. They lay there watching the sun rising, lighting up the day and warming the air. They lay there naked enjoying the warmth on their skin and the first signs of sexual arousal trickled through their bodies. Jane moved first, straddling Rhonda’s body and lowering herself onto Rhonda’s morning glory. Michelle stood facing Jane who removed Michelle’s cock cage and took her into her mouth. Rhonda sat up and started licking Michelle’s boy pussy. Michelle cum first and stepped aside so Jane could kiss Rhonda and swap cum, this caused Rhonda to cum inside Jane and as Jane felt Rhonda’s cum squirting inside her, she cum with a massive shudder. As Rhonda softened, she felt Michelle’s licking her cock and also Jane’s rosebud. When Michelle finished licking them both clean, Jane stood, helped Michelle to her feet and kissed her passionately.

They then decided that coffee was next when that finished they broke camp. With everything loaded, they all had a cuddle, kissed and reluctantly put their clothes on before heading home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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