My Wife’s Cousin Pt. 01

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My name is Randy, I’m forty-five and have been married to Tammy for twenty-five years. Tammy and I have a son who has just turned twenty-five. Yes, the math will tell you he was the reason we got married. One of my little swimmers hit their mark before we were smart enough to get on the pill.

Our marriage has been good, regardless of the shotgun start. Our sex life had been good, not great, but it came to a screeching halt five years ago. Tammy developed a condition that dried out her vagina and made her vaginal area very sensitive to any kind of contact. Wiping it with toilet paper became painful. My cock entering her pussy was simply excruciating. We tried some lube and it helped but it was still painful.

As much as I craved sex, I wasn’t going to cause my wife pain just to please myself. For the first year of her condition she would suck me off but that dwindled to only special occasions. I resigned myself to an occasional blow job and my hand while watching porn for sexual relief.

Tammy has a cousin, Sara. They are the same age and grew up together. Neither had a sister, so they were as close as any sisters. Sara never married and the two remained close till a job took Sara away to another city ten years ago.

Six months ago, Sara called crying. Her company had gone under, taking with it her retirement funds. She was going to lose her house and didn’t know what to do.

Tammy came to me asking my permission to let Sara come stay with us. She rationalized that we had plenty of room since our son was out on his own and she would love to have her cousin back in town.

I agreed, knowing I would pay in so many ways if I didn’t consent. didn’t think it would be a problem since I had always gotten along well with Sara. Another bonus was the difference between Sara and Tammy. Being cousins, they were similar in many physical characteristics.

They were same height, weight; similar facial features but they differed in the size of their breasts. Many would call Tammy flat, have never say that to her. Sara, on the other hand, had nice full breasts. I love watching them and she had caught me staring at them many times. She would often be taunting me with them.

Sara and Tammy were acting like sisters again. They would take over the living room, watching girly movies and talking late into the night.

It was shortly after Sara moved in, that I discovered an interesting feature of our house. One of our three bedrooms had been converted to my home office. My office was right above the living room. One of the air returns was situated right by the couch. It funneled the sound, so I could hear girls talking as if I right in the room with them.

For the most part, their conversations were pretty boring, but occasionally they would talk about sex. I heard Tammy explain in great detail her vaginal condition. I was pleased that she said she felt horrible that she had to cut me off from sex. Sara told Tammy that she could identify with me, she had not had sex in fifteen years. She went on to say at times, she just wanted to feel a cock inside her again.

I was shocked to hear my wife encouraging Sara to pick up a guy at a bar for a one-night stand. “Come on Sara, you can’t tell me you couldn’t just go to any bar and flash those big tits. That would get any guy to fuck you.”

My Tammy is very conservative when it comes to sex, she would never have talked about sex that way with me. She always treated it like something she did mostly to please me. Sara refused her suggestion, telling my wife that she had few one-night stands when she was younger. They all turned out badly and she never got off.

Several days later the girls were several glasses of wine into a romantic comedy that contained several steamy sex scenes.

“Why do we watch this shit. All this does is make me horny. God, I wish I could have a cock right now,” Sara said with a slight slur in her words.

“If you’re that desperate, go fuck Randy. He needs a good fuck.”

I think I was just as shocked at Sara was to hear my volunteer my cock.

“Very funny Tammy.” Sara snapped back at her.

“It would solve both of your problems.”

“You’re just drunk, you don’t mean it,” Sara said ending the conversation.

I went to bed hard as a rock thinking of my wife letting me fuck her cousin. Surprisingly I was awakened by a hand in my boxers rubbing my dick. My cock quickly responded into a stiff rod. I thought it might be Sara, but it was my wife with her hand on my dick. Tammy pulled my boxers down stroking me. I let out an audible moan when her lips kissed the head of my cock.

“Honey, I know it’s been rough on you that we can’t have sex. Do you ever think of having sex with another woman?”

“Mmm, sweetie your lips feel wonderful on my dick. I would never cheat on you.”

“I know you wouldn’t cheat on me but I’m asking if you think of fucking other women,” Tammy said in between sucking çatalca escort my dick.

I tried to deflect the question, “you’re drunk.”

She looked up at me, “does that mean you want me to stop sucking your dick?”

“Oh no, I love you sucking my dick.”

Tammy stopped talking and concentrated on my cock. It was a wonderful blow job that ended with me filling her mouth with cum.

She swallowed it and cuddled up with me. “You didn’t answer my question if you think of fucking other women now that we can’t have sex.”

“Honey I love you and would not cheat on you.”

Tammy rolled over going to sleep. I fully expected her to bring up Sara, but it didn’t happen


A week later I’m in my office while the girls are in their usual spot. Tammy started talking in a serious tone, “I’ve been thinking about this for a week. I want you to have sex with my husband.” Sara started to protest. “No, I’ve thought this through and it makes sense. I feel horrible that Randy can’t have sex and I sure don’t want him getting desperate enough to find with some tramp. You’re the same way, you want to fuck but don’t want it to be with some loser. You guys could take care of each other’s needs.”

“He will never do it unless you tell him to.”

“Okay, I’ll tell him to fuck you. This weekend I must go to mom’s, so you guys will be in the house alone. I will tell him to fuck you this weekend while I’m gone.”

Surprisingly, the conversation ended there. This was a Tuesday, so I was anticipating an awkward conversation before Friday when Tammy was scheduled to leave while I was still at work.

Wednesday and Thursday passed with no conversation. I assumed that Tammy had changed her mind. Right about the time Tammy had planned on leaving I received a text from her telling me she was leaving. A second text told me that there was a letter on my pillow and I was read it as soon as I got home. I think my cock twitched when I read the text. What this how she was going to tell me?

After work I raced home, hoping her text meant what I hoped it would. Sara was still at work when arrived home. My heart raced when I saw the envelope on the pillow. I quickly opened, the letter reading it:


I feel so bad that I can’t satisfy you sexually. I know you don’t blame me, but I wish I could do more than give you a few blow jobs. I’ve come up with a solution, but I’m sorry I couldn’t bring myself to talk with you face to face. I want you to have sex with Sara, you both need a sexual release. I have talked with Sara and she is agreeable. You both not only have my permission to have sex but I’m asking you two to have sex.

I know I don’t talk like this often, but please fuck my cousin and have a good time.



‘Holy shit,’ I thought. She actually did it. I quickly texted Tammy, “I just read your letter. Are you serious?” I knew she was driving but she would be able to see the text on her car display.

The reply came a few minutes later: “Yes, we will talk with I get back.”

I wondered if it would be awkward with Sara? I wouldn’t have to wait long. I heard the front door opened, and Sara went to her room. I decided I would give her time to change and relax before I showed her the letter. I made my way to the kitchen to make some sandwiches. I wanted to eat something before we got started but didn’t want to seem too eager.

I made some sandwiches and was reading the letter again when Sara walked into the kitchen. “Hi Randy, what do you have there?”

“I have a letter from my wife. According to the letter, you already know the contents. Do you know about this?” I asked handing her the letter.

“Uh, yes. We did talk about it. I wasn’t sure how she was going to tell you.”

I pointed to the letter, “And this is something you want to do?”

“I’m embarrassed to say yes, but I really do. I don’t know if she told you, but it has been fifteen years since I’ve had sex. Between you and me, it’s not just that I want to have sex again. I really want to have sex with you. You do know that Tammy feels so bad that she can’t satisfy you sexually.”

“I know she feels bad and I do love her, but it is frustrating not having sex. My head is telling me this a not a good idea but another part of me is aching to do as she asks.”

“Hmm, I wonder what part that is?”

We both laughed. I told her I made some sandwiches and suggested we eat before we jumped into anything.

We both quickly ate the sandwiches, then Sara stood next to me extending her hand. “Ready to go?” she asked. I took her hand and she guided me to our bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Sara turned the lights off and slid into the bed under the sheets. “Are you going to join me?”

It appeared that Sara had gotten into bed with gotten into bed with her clothes on. When she came home from work she had changed into shorts and a t-shirt esenyurt escort after work. I still had slacks and a dress shirt on. I stripped down to just my boxers and a t-shirt before I joined Sara on the bed.

Sara met me in the middle of the bed. “This isn’t a setup, is it? Tammy’s not going to jump out of the closet.”

“Nope, it is just you and me.”

“You made me wonder when you got in bed with your clothes on.”

“Good point.” Sara slipped her t-shirt and bra off. Then it appeared that she was sliding her shorts off. “Better?”

I followed suit taking my t-shirt off and my boxers. Sara and I met again in the middle of the bed. This time we embraced. Her tits felt wonderful against my chest. Sara pressed her crotch against my hard dick.

“Do you think Tammy would mind if we kissed?” Sara whispered in my ear.

I didn’t answer. Rather I pressed my lips to hers. Sara responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth. My wife was never big on tongue kissing, she would humor me occasionally. I was loving playing with her tongue with mine. We lay there for some time just kissing. We started side by side, but during our kissing, I had moved on top of Sara. She shifted her legs and hips to place my legs between her.

I suddenly felt the sensation of the head of my cock resting on Sara’s pussy lips. She squirmed her hips to encourage my dick inside her. I took her hint and pushed my cock past her pussy lips.

“Oh God yes.” She moaned loudly. Her pussy was incredibly wet as my cock slid into her completely.

Slowly, I fucked her, taking long deliberate strokes. Sara moaned kissing me as my dick was grinding inside her. My slow grinding fuck was sending her over the edge.

“Faster, faster, I’m about to cum.” She called out. Sara grabbed me, pushing her hips against me as hard as she could. The force of her hips and her contracting pussy muscles caused me to cum also. It seemed like cum wouldn’t quit shooting out of my prick.

We collapsed on the bed. “Damn, that was awesome. God, I could get used to this.” Sara moaned hugging me tightly.

“Awesome is right. What’s the deal here? What caused my conservative wife to tell me to fuck you and what does this mean going forward?”

“I think she feels horrible about you not be able to have sex. I think she was more scared of you finding someone to cheat on her.”

“Isn’t that what I just did? Didn’t I just cheat on her fucking you?”

“I guess it depends on your point of view. Is it cheating if she told you to fuck me? Do you feel bad that we had sex?”

“No, I would be lying to say I didn’t enjoy it. I’m not sure I’ve ever shot that much cum. So, what now, are we just going to be fucking while Tammy is cooking dinner?”

“I don’t know, she did say we would talk when she got back. She told me she wanted us to have a good time this weekend.”

“Well, we’ve had a good start. What do you have planned?”

“Planned? I don’t have anything planned. I just figured we would spend the weekend having as much sex as we wanted. Should I have planned something?”

“That’s a good plan. How much sex were you wanting to have?” I asked cautiously.

Sara smiled at me then kissed me on the lips.

“I want to have sex as many times and in as many ways as you want. I hope you will want a lot.”

I laughed, “You do have a plan, a plan to fuck the entire weekend.”

“We can take a break to eat and sleep some. But yes, mostly fuck and we can do some kissing that you seem to like so much. I do have to tell you, I am planning to suck your dick a couple of times. I hope that’s okay.”

“I guess that would be okay.” Again, we both laughed.

Sara announced that she needed to go to the bathroom to clean up the big load of cum I put in her. When she came back to bed we started kissing again. We made out like teenagers, kissing and rubbing. I finally got my hands, then my lips, on her wonderful breasts. My tongue explored the rest of her body ending with Sara shaking from another orgasm with my head between her legs.

Sara returned the favor sucking my dick. After I filled her mouth with my jizz, she made a big production of showing me that she swallowed it.

Both Sara and I are early people, we would usually be in bed by nice and be up and out the door by six. I was getting tired and I assumed that she was too. She confirmed it, when she let out a big yawn.

I took her in my arms, “Let’s get some sleep and when we wake up we will be fresh to start again.” Sara snuggled up with me and we drifted off the sleep.

I awoke to Sara’s mouth around my hardening cock.

“Oh, did I wake you?” She asked with a grin.

“Best wake-up I’ve ever had.”

Once Sara got my dick hard she climbed on riding me hard. After we both came, we took a shower together. When we dried off I got dressed. Sadly, I had to go to work for a couple of hours. etiler escort It was probably a blessing; my dick needed a rest. Maybe when I was younger I could go all weekend but not now.

About 2:00 pm I let Sara know I was on my way home, she let me know she would be ready for me when I arrived. I was driving with a hard-on the entire way home.

The house was quiet when I entered. “I’m in the bedroom waiting.” Sara called out. I hurried upstairs to find her naked on the bed. “Tammy’s never let you fuck her in the ass, has she?”

I was stunned at her question, “No, I tried when we were dating, she said it was nasty. I never tried again.”

“I’ve never done it either, but I want to try. Maybe I could convince Tammy to let you fuck her ass if you do it right.”

I stripped my clothes off quickly, joining Sara on the bed. We kissed and fondled till we were both worked up. We had rolled into a sixty-nine position with me licking her pussy and gently fingering her ass. Sara moaned when my finger slipped into her hole. I moved my tongue from her pussy to her back-door hole. Sara released my cock, moaning. I circled around her hole then probed it with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh shit, that feels so weird, but I love it. Push your tongue in farther.”

I did as she wanted. After few moments I was fucking her ass with my tongue.

“Randy, I think I’m ready.”

She then grabbed the lube off the night stand handing it to me.

Sara got on her hands and knees, hanging her ass over the edge of the bed. I think we were both tingling with excitement. I lubed her ass up till it was dripping with grease. Slowly I rubbed the head of my cock against her tight little opening. Harder, I pushed till I felt the head of my dick force it’s way into Sara’s ass. She let out a little yelp as my cock started inside her. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, keep going, just go slow. Damn my ass feels so full. It feels weird, like I need to poop.”

I squirted a little more lube on my dick as about half of it was in her. Slowly I started fucking her ass. Small movements at first, hoping her anus would was getting use to my cock. I could actually feel her ass loosening up as she relaxed. My strokes were getting me deeper each time. I reached around fingering her pussy as I fucked Sara’s ass.

She moaned a little louder rocking her hips with each of my strokes. Having fucked so many times before, I was able to last a long time. I was getting close and Sara could tell, “Cum in my ass Randy.”

Right on cue, I squirted deep into her hole. I slowly pulled out exhausted.

“That felt so nasty, I really liked it. Your cum feels so weird in my ass. Maybe next time we can use my dildo in my pussy while you fuck my ass.”

“Next time?” I asked.

Sara curled up with me kissing me. “Oh yeah, I have missed out on sex for too long. We have to talk my cousin into letting us continue fucking if that’s okay with you.”

“That’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV in bed naked. I had to admit my dick was worn out and needed a rest. Sara understood and hoped I would be ready to fuck again that night.

At Sara’s suggestion, we had dinner naked, she told me she had wanted to try being a nudist but could never bring herself to go to a nude beach. I enjoyed getting an unencumbered look at the tits I had lusted after for so long.

After we finished dinner Sara spoke up, “Do you mind if we spend the rest of the night in my bed. I want the smell of sex in my bed.”

Sara and I made our way to her bedroom. Once on the bed, Sara kissed me hard with her tongue exploring my mouth. After making out for a while Sara broke the kiss and was under me. “I have another request.”

“In the position, we are in, you can ask whatever you want.”

“I want a long slow fuck.” She put her lips to my ear. “I want you to make love to me.”

I knew I should have said that it wasn’t love, just sex. Deep down wanted to make love to her. kissed her deeply rubbing my cock against her pussy lips. Slowly pushed inside her then I made slow deliberate strokes. Our bodies melded as ground my cock into her.

“It feels so good being inside you,” I moaned.

“Mmm, I love the way your cock makes me feel,” Sara moaned back.

I was kissing and nibbling her ear as we fucked. Slow and sensual, we were making love.

“My pussy loves your cock inside it,” She moaned.

Sara’s breathing started to increase along with the frequency of her moaning. My own orgasm was building as increased my pace.

“Oh God, yes!” Sara called out grabbing my ass hard. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I grunted, cumming inside her.

I started to pull out and roll off her. Sara held me tight, “Please stay inside me. I want to feel your cock go soft in my pussy.” Her lips found mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

We lay there kissing for a long time till she broke the kiss pulling my head to her chest. “Thank you, no one has ever made love to me like that. It was wonderful.”

For the first time, I was getting worried about what was going to happen when my wife returned home.

We lay there cuddling till I fell asleep with Sara in my arms.

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