Mystery Silhouette

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To be honest he had dated a lot of women in his life but never one that was naturally taller than him. Maybe that is why dating or meeting a woman that he had to look up to intrigue him so.

He could remember in high school watching the girl basket ball players. Their tall lean athletic bodies moving on the basket ball court always captured his attention. He would watch them practice every season and just fantasize about getting physical with one of the girls. And one of the girls held his attention more than any of the others but he never got up the nerve to ask her out. He wasn’t a shy, but it was just something about her long muscular legs that made him want to feel them wrapped around his waist as he slammed into that tightly gripping cunt.

At that time he was about 5’6 and she was at least 6 inches taller than him. Her body wasn’t boyish like a lot of the other players. Hers was fuller, firm, sexier, breast that weren’t to small, about the size of a grapefruit as if they were created to fit his mouth, a nicely rounded butt that seemed to entice a guy to caress it. He remembered going home after watching her practice and locking himself in the bathroom and beating off to the imagine of her rubbing sweat off those long legs.

Now, years later it was no surprise when he joined this online website that he would find his tall leggy mystery lady with the voluptuous body that was made to satisfy all of his high school desires. They met in a chat room were people were talking about their fantasies. That is when he opened up and mention that he was looking for a woman that was naturally taller than him. She saw his message and invited him into a private chat room telling him that she was a naturally tall woman and always want to find a man who would find her height sexy.

He asked her to send him some photos of her long legs and that was the start of his online relationship with his mystery lady. It wasn’t just the photos of her posing in different seductive positions that showed offer her legs to their advantage but her words and how she expressed herself. She was intelligence, bright, great sense of humor and had a body that seemed to be created just for his pleasure both mentally and physically.

They talked for months exchanging emails, then telephones calls. Now, he was not one to have casual affairs or one night stands. He was looking for a long term commitment. He had experimented with online sex but he really couldn’t get into it. They had exchanged pictures and he found her extremely attractive. She was 6’6 and 180 pounds but she had all the womanly curves he desired. It was as if she met all of his requirements for the perfect mate. So meeting her in the flesh made it a istanbul escort moot point that eventually they would become lovers.

And it had been too long since he had experienced the pleasure of a woman in his bed, so together they experienced the most passionate, erotic, love making that either had had in all their sexually active lives. They spent over two weeks together, having agreed to meet in neutral place to try to get to know each other first before taking their relationship to a physical level. The tall mystery woman was a fantasy realized.

So after their sensuous interlude was over or put on hold for a while, he had been haunted by fantasies from a long time ago and from the past few months for which now it seemed as though it was happing exactly but not necessarily the way he wanted it to.

The problem was that she was not around and would be unable to see him for well over a year. She told him that he could still contact her online. The issue was his body ached for the tall leggy goddess who turned his world upside down. She haunted his dreams. She even invaded his day dreams. Several times throughout the day he would have to give himself a mental shake.

But it was the night dreams that stayed with him, causing him to wake up sweating, pulse racing, pre-cum dripping from his rock hard cock. He would find the sheets wet and struggled to suppress those strong desires to be with her in the physical way again. He tried dating other women but none could compare, none had her full lips, voluptuous hips, none knew how to caress his body, stroke and kiss him in ways that stirred his passions that took him to heights beyond his control like the tall mystery woman.

His only escape was his wood working because he had to concentrate on what he was doing. It required his total mental and physical abilities. He did so many wood-working projects that he would fall into bed exhausted, hoping the dreams would evade him.

One night after falling sleep, he awoke sensing a presence mentally shaking himself. He rebuffs himself for wanting a women who is miles away not just physically but in time. He closes his eyes and wishes the feelings away, trying to ignore his growing erection. Finally, sleep claims him and suddenly the tall mystery woman slides into bed with him. Her body, silhouetted against the night, tall and slender with the voluptuous curves that drew him to her from the start. He can not believe what his eyes are showing him but realizes that she has to be there because she places her two fingers over his lip stopping him before he could speak and said “you have called me to you; I am what you desire.”

She avcılar escort gave him a very passionate kiss which seemed strangely familiar, lying in the bed next to him she slowly slid along side his body. It was totally black in the room, so, she was going completely on touch. Her hands wandered down the side of his body lightly caressing his ribcage, his hip, across his thigh then between his legs to capture his erect cock. Her fingers closed around his manhood and stroked from tip to base in a slow circular motion he remembered so well. She lowered her head slowly, breathing out, her breath warm on his hard cock and her wet tongue licked at the small hole where drops of his body’s juices slowly dripped out a few times before sliding her mouth over the head, her thumb and index finger feeding his manhood deeper into her mouth.

Her long legs laying alongside his shoulder her movement gave him chills as his fingers moved skillfully over the warm silken skin of her thigh slowly sliding up the inside between the warm apex in search of her engorged clitoris before sliding his index and middle fingers deep inside her. A gasp came from her lips as she continued to worship his cock but she never stopped her lovingly oral homage to his dick.

His eyes shot wide open when he felt her pinky finger slide stealthy into his asshole. He felt like this was wrong, no other woman had done it to him but her and it made him cum even harder and shoot load upon load of cum when she loved his manhood with her mouth. With that he felt his orgasm building, starting at his balls and working its way up through his cock. Somehow she sensed that he could not take any more of her oral pleasure so she slowly released his cock from the confines of her mouth placing one last loving kiss on the head.

In one swift motion he pulled her up , over on her back and thrust his hard cock inside her wet pussy. He was totally aroused. Knowing that she loved the taste of herself, he placed his pussy soaked fingers against her lips. She sucked his fingers like she sucked his cock as he stroke in and out of her pussy; the walls of her pussy gripping his cock in strong spasms as he thrust in and out. He knew this is what he had been missing all these long months, what he sought but could not find. He had come home in a dream to his tall mystery lover.

She started to moan a bit and the sound was one he knew well from their many times together in those two weeks. He was quickly loosing control and he increased his strokes, moving faster and thrusting harder taking them both to the places that they had only experienced during those two week together, oh some many months ago. Her hands were moving all şirinevler escort over his body stroking him from his head, down his back her nails lightly raking his spine, her hands grasping his buttocks pressing him deeper with each stroke of his hard cock.

In an instance his body froze as he buried his cock deep inside her pussy which was starting to pulse, a prelude to her orgasm and he felt his balls tighten and the electric spasm that he knew was his orgasmic release building. He can’t believe how much cum his body releases into her spasming cunt, the white hot feeling that he had only experienced with her in those two weeks all those long months ago. He felt her vaginal muscles lock down on his cock as she arched up to press closer to him, her body spasmed, her mouth open, gasping for air as she reached her climax.

He falls on top of her, his totally empty cock sliding out of her now overflowing cunt. He rolls over on his side and attempts to pull her into his arms but she pulls away and slides off to the side of the bed, getting up, leaning over she presses feather light kisses over his face and whispers in her soft seductive voice- “when you need me in the coming months, I will be here just dream of me. I will come to you and only you. I am yours.”

Then the tall mystery woman floated back into the darkness of the bedroom and out of his bed. He did not want to let her go. He jumped from the bed turning on lights as she continued to evade him by sticking to the shadows and darkness.

Suddenly, he sat up straight in bed there was no one in the room. He got up and went to the window there was no tall silhouette moving amongst the shadows. Naked, he went back to bed and sat down just staring into space for a moment. He got up and went to bathroom to splash cold water on his face wondering if the whole experience had been a dream. His tall mystery woman was miles away; they would not meet again for a year. Surely he had not been visited by some succubus that could make him feel the way she did all those many months ago. He drifted off to sleep believing that it was just a very intense erotic sex dream.

The next morning he when he woke up lying in bed for a moment, thinking about his erotic dream from last night. Yes, he missed his tall mystery woman; and yes, he was glad that she had visited him. Even if it was only in a dream turning over on to his side his hand encountered a large wet spot on sheets. He thought to himself “another wet dream” but he was a grown man not a teenage boy with no control over his body. But when he sat up he recognized a familiar scent, leaning over he inhaled. It was her scent. He knew it so well because for two weeks they spent together he smelt it, tasted it and his body had been bathed in it.

He looked around the room in a daze surely his mind is playing tricks on him. Then he saw the single bird of paradise flower wrapped in the gather belt she gave him to remember her by until she returned to him, with a note attached that simply read “dream of me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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