Nancy Ch. 07

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Del clipped an errant branch from the hedge, dropped it into the wheelbarrow, and continued further into the maze. With the 8-foot-high hedges, it was difficult to tell where he was on Trista’s property, but he figured he’d be able to find his way out…how big could it actually be? He swiped his arm across his forehead. The afternoon sun was beating down, the last gasp of a tenacious Summer as they moved into October.

He turned a corner and stopped. There was a clearing there, with a teeny cottage, not much bigger than the tool shed. The door to the cottage was open, and he could see a slim hand dipping between toned legs as their owner lay upon a bed within.

“About time! Get in here, Del!” Trista called as she raised her head to regard him, the older blonde’s eyes half-lidded from pleasure.

He dropped the branch cutter and strode forward. As he got closer, he could see that she was laying upon a twin bed which barely fit the space available. Her bikini bottoms were off, and the fingers pushing into her vaginal folds were soaked.

“Come get your cock wet,” she ordered him, keeping an eye on it as it pushed out his shorts.

In a flash, his shorts and underwear were off and he dove between her legs.

“Ooh!” she grunted as he fell upon her. “Eager beaver! Oh, I guess that’s more me…mmm…” She reached forward and stroked his thick 8 incher before directing the head to her wanton pussy.

“Umm…” he ummed, and paused.

She paused as well. “Hm? What’s up?”

“I…uh…I’ve never…”

Her face lit up. “You’re a virgin? Oh, honey, every boy should have their first with an experienced woman. C’mon…” She slotted the head of his cock between her spread, wet vulva.

He had actually thought that he might lose his v-card to another experienced woman, Nancy, but he knew now that that wouldn’t happen. As she pulled an inch of his cock inside her he asked, “Is this okay without a condom?”

“Oh, bless you, Del, thinking of the possible consequences, but I’m clean. A boy’s first time shouldn’t be with one of those nasty prophylactics on his Johnson.” With that, she pushed her hips toward him and another inch of his member went inside her. “Oh, damn, that’s big,” she moaned. “Glad I prepared myself.”

Trista hadn’t mentioned pregnancy. She only had one child, after all, artemisbet yeni giriş and it seemed that she loved sex, so Del assumed that she was on the pill or some other method of birth control. He pushed, and another inch went in.

“Yesss…” she moaned. “C’mon, give me that dick…” She wrapped her long legs around him and pulled him in further. Soon, he was all the way inside her. “Oh woow, I feel so full…I think you’re touching my cervix.”

Del’s cock felt fantastic. He was finally all the way inside a sexy woman, and he was making her feel good! Elated, he pulled back a bit and thrust in again.

“Ooh…” Trista cooed.

He pulled back a bit more and slowly pushed back in.

“Heh, you’re making love to me, Del,” she whispered into his ear, “but I need you to fuck me, hm?”

Del pushed himself up and looked at Trista beneath him, beautiful, sexy, and wanton. He reached down and pulled her bikini top up to her neck, freeing her teardrop tits. Her areolae were wide and pink, with substantial nipples, and he moved to take one into his mouth, making her moan again. Then he pulled his hips back and rammed himself deep into her.

“Fuck! Yes, like that…” Trista had definitely felt the tip of his cock smack her cervix that time. It had been slightly uncomfortable, but mixed with the sensation of his pleasurable thickness sliding through her wet pussy, it was pushing her buttons.

He withdrew and slammed in again. She was so wet that there was nothing keeping him from moving into a steady rhythm, pummeling her insides as he lost his virginity.

Trista was glad that she had sucked him off earlier, or the poor virgin would probably have cum already, she figured. She had chosen correctly with Del. Her last lover had been just over 6 inches in length, and not quite as thick. Both of them had been larger than her husband, the poor man simply unable to keep up with her demanding libido.

Del had swapped to sucking her other boob. Trista normally kept her bra or bikini top on during sex with her lovers, as she was a bit embarrassed about how her tits had started drooping after giving birth to Helena, but Del didn’t seem to care.

Some movement to the side caught her eye, and she saw her 18-year-old daughter peeping in through one of the little cottage’s small windows. artemisbet giriş Helena saw that her mother had noticed, but defiantly stayed put.

Trista had a delicious thought. Making sure her voice was loud enough to be heard outside, she said, “Ooh, Del, you’re hammering away at the entrance to my womb, where my daughter Helena came from. You gonna fill me with a nice hot load of your sperm? See if you get lucky and knock me up?”

Del slowed down, shocked. She wasn’t on the pill?

She moved forward and whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry, I got fixed years ago; I just like pretending.” Then she lay back and called out again, “C’mon, stud, put your cum deep inside me. See if you got what it takes to make me a momma again.”

Emboldened, Del increased his speed, ramming into her even harder than before. “Yeah? You think I can’t?” he responded. “I’m gonna…um…make your stomach swell, N–Trista!” His mind was awhirl…had he almost said Nancy’s name?

She didn’t notice. “Yeah! Fucking do it, you sexy young thing! I can feel that sperm rocket of yours knocking at the entrance to my baby chamber.” She wrapped her arms around him and tightened her legs. She was actually getting into this, imagining Del’s potent sperm roiling in his testicles, getting ready to rush up and invade her forbidden depths.

“Oh God…” he moaned, moving into long strokes, slamming himself deep inside the older woman. He could feel the telltale tingling along his cock as his balls pulled themselves up toward his body.

“Yes, yes…sperm me…” Trista moaned. She was so close…

Del slammed into her one last time, hard. “UNHH!”

“YES! FUCK!” She felt his cock throb as he held it as deeply as possible inside her, and then felt a warm, wet pressure there. In her mind’s eye she could see Del’s semen splashing against her cervix, insistently pushing against the entrance to her womb, and then came herself. “AUGHH! O-hhh!” Her cervix, she knew, was now opening to him, sucking some of his sperm into her uterus. “Uhhhuhhhuhhh…” she moaned wordlessly.

She heard soft gasping from outside the cottage, and knew that her daughter was cumming as well. She could no longer see Helena’s face in the window.

Del hadn’t noticed, and started to thrust again, instinctively extending his orgasm artemisbet güvenilirmi and spurting more cum deep inside the older woman. “Huhh…uhh…” Finally, he fell upon her, spent.

“You sure you’ve never done that before?” she asked after a few minutes while she played with his hair.

He looked up at her pretty face. “Yeah, first time.”

“Well, that was really good. I’m looking forward to more of that.” She gave him a peck on the lips. “But now you have to get back to work, handyman. However, you’ve done a great job so far, so you can head home after that load.”

He gave her a quizzical look.

She pointed out the door. “The load of branches in your wheelbarrow.”


After Del headed back the way he came, Trista called out. “C’mere, Helena.” After a few seconds, her sheepish daughter shuffled into the cottage. Trista could see the wet spot in the girl’s sweatpants between her legs, and she opened her own legs wide. “Get down here and clean me out, cumslut.”



Whimpering, Helena knelt down on the small bed between her mother’s legs. “How do I…?”

“Use that fucking tongue, bitch.”

“Umm…” The cute strawberry blonde moved her head down between her mother’s toned thighs. This close, she could smell the combined scent of Del’s semen and her mother’s musky pussy juice. She gave a tentative lick at a dollop of whiteness that was escaping her mother’s vagina. She had only had a brief taste of Del’s cum when her mother had shoved it into her mouth after blowing the young man earlier, but it was salty and not bad. She swallowed the cum and started to lick in earnest.

“That’s it,” her mother moaned, “that’s a good little cumslut.”

Helena had already masturbated outside as she heard her mother tell Del to do his best to impregnate her. That had been so hot! She figured that licking all of his cum out would help keep her from having a brand new sibling. She moved one hand under her sweatpants and back to her own prominent clit, rubbing it as she licked and sucked at her mother’s pussy, extracting more of Del’s cum. Finally, she slipped two fingers inside her own vagina and fingerbanged herself until she came again, gulping down the last of the cum she could find.

“Very good, Helena,” her mother said as she got to her feet. “You’re welcome to watch in the future, but you can’t let Del know. I think you might blow his little mind, knowing the bitch princess is just as much of a cumslut as her mother.” Then she pulled her bikini back on and left her daughter there, shaking in pleasure.

To be continued…

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