Naomi’s Big Bang

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Big Dicks

This is what happened when Naomi and I got involved with a couple whose thing was gang bangs. Except we didn’t know that until they suddenly sprung one on us one night.

Their names were Brad and Lynette, they were in their late 30s and we first met them at our regular swingers’ party.

Naomi and I went with them four times. The first time was at the party, then twice at our place, then the last time – the gang bang – was at their place.

It all happened over the space of about six or seven weeks.


The first time with Brad and Lynette was a foursome in one of the bedrooms at the party and for the most part it was a pretty straight swap, just fucking side by side on the mattress, except that halfway through the girls started touching each other’s tits, although that only lasted a minute or so, and at the end Brad jerked off over Naomi’s tits.

Brad was a wiry sort of guy, not that tall and not physically one of Naomi’s usual types but he had the cocky ‘take charge’ self-assurance that used to appeal to her.

Lynette was a little taller than him and a bigger gal, not overweight per se, just big-boned and heavily stacked with huge tits that were ok when she was upright but flopped either side of her chest when she was on her back.

She wasn’t really my physical type either – I preferred tall and slim or petite and slim – but I wasn’t complaining. It was all swings and roundabouts – just a few weeks earlier I’d fucked a gorgeous 22 year old model during a one-off foursome (a story in itself…).

And Lynette more than made up for not being 22 and gorgeous by being ‘ordinary wife next door’ attractive anyway – and being very good in bed.

She gave head without being asked, liked varying positions, fucked enthusiastically and came real easy.

She also talked a bit while I was doing her. It was just stuff like ‘Ooh, that feels good!’ and ‘Fuck me!’ but even that was more than you got out of some.

And the fact that she instigated a bit of tit fondling with Naomi was a nice bonus.

I can’t for the life of me remember what Naomi had to say about Brad after that first time but what she thought of him turned out in the end to come second to what she thought of Lynette.

After a party session, Naomi and I would often dress straight away and take a shower only when we got home but, with Brad’s cum all sticky on her tits, that night Naomi wanted to clean up before we left.

I must say it surprised me a bit that he’d chosen to take himself in hand and jerk off over her – I found many first encounter foursomes were pretty much straight fucking that ended with a cunt full of cum for both women.

But, anyway, that’s what he did, taking himself right to the edge in my girlfriend’s shaved pussy then suddenly pulling out, scooting up beside her and wanking a huge load of cum over her ample breasts.

Naomi certainly enjoyed it – she loved being cum on and having it on her skin, in fact she would regularly paw my cum out of her pussy and wipe it across her belly and breasts. And she made it worth Brad’s while that evening by smearing his copious ejaculate far and wide across her breasts in the aftermath of his orgasm.

Then a few minutes later as we were getting up, Naomi decided she’d shower before dressing and Lynette said she’d go with her and they ended up disappearing into the bathroom for 20 minutes or so, not that Brad and I really noticed the time cos we’d gone back to the bar.

And when the women reappeared, they were swapping phone numbers and talking about getting together next weekend.

What I didn’t find out until after that next weekend was that, once in the bathroom, Lynette had got into the shower with Naomi and offered to soap her breasts and, one thing leading to another, they’d had a little stand-up mutual masturbation session notable for three things – it was Naomi’s first solo girl on girl action rather than part of a group session, it was the first time Naomi had made another woman cum and it was the first time another woman had made Naomi cum.

But she was still keeping the news of that red letter day to herself when we went out for drinks with Brad and Lynette the next Saturday night then went back to our place and had a pretty full-on session with them.


We started in the living room, all sort of half-dressed from just getting straight into it as soon as we came through the door. Naomi had been in the back seat of our car with Brad on the way home, knickers off so he could grope her while she sucked his cock. Up front, I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other between Lynette’s legs, stroking her pussy through her knickers and feeling the gusset getting wet while she squeezed the bulge in the front of my pants.

Indoors, I immediately lifted Lynette’s skirt up around her waist and sat her on the sofa with her arse hanging off the edge of the cushions. Dropping my pants and kneeling on the floor between her legs, I pulled her knickers off and plunged my cock cennet mahallesi escort into her, fucking her vigorously and pawing her breasts through her clothing.

Brad sat on a lounge chair opposite with his pants down and let Naomi suck his cock again for a few minutes then he told her ‘Come up here’ and she raised her dress up round her waist and straddled him face to face, lowering her wet pussy down onto his rigid member.

I unbuttoned Lynette’s blouse and started groping her tits through her satin and lace bra. I was going to leave it on her – like I said, I liked her better that way – but she sat forward to shrug off her open blouse and unhitched the bra, letting her huge breasts swing free momentarily then cupped them in her hands, lifting and offering them to me.

“Suck my nipples,” she moaned, “make them hard…”

I buried my face in her breasts and sucked on the big pink tips, feeling them grow hard between my lips. “Ooh yeah…” she moaned, sinking back into the sofa.

Behind me I could hear my girlfriend cumming already as she rode Brad’s cock and I looked back over my shoulder to watch.

Naomi had her back to me, squatting over Brad in the chair, her arms round his neck to help rapidly raise herself almost completely off his cock then plunge back down with a grunted “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

Brad was holding onto her arse cheeks, pulling them apart as he helped her lift off each time and I could see his cock, shiny with her juices, standing there like a pole going in and out of my girlfriend’s cunt, the back stretched white round his hard flesh as she slid up and down, and her nut brown asshole winking in time with her up and down motion.

“Oh yeah! Oh fuck! Oh yeah!” she cried, “Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhh!!!” I watched my girlfriend cum wildly, grinding herself onto the other man’s cock, throwing her head back and spasming wildly, grunting gutterally.

As soon as she’d finished, collapsing momentarily against his shoulder, he stood Naomi up, undressed her completely as she swayed unsteadily then sat her on the sofa next to Lynette, shoving her over so she was pressed alongside his wife.

Spreading her legs, he kneeled and took her the same way I was doing Lynette. Naomi, who was pretty pissed and still perhaps dazed from her huge orgasm, lolled back with her eyes closed, her head falling on Lynette’s shoulder.

Brad watched his cock sliding in and out of my girlfriend for a moment before turning to me and commenting: “I love her shaved snatch, mate, looks fucking hot!”

I wasn’t surprised at his comment – shaved pussy wasn’t exactly common back in the ’80s, not like now.

“How’d you get her to do it?” he asked

“I just asked,” I replied.

“Well it looks great,” he said then looked at Lynette: “Whaddaya reckon, Lynnie, shave your pussy too?”

Lynette smiled but didn’t say anything.

Brad ignored her lack of reply and returned to talking to me. “I like doing ’em side by side, get a good view of both of ’em,” he said.

“It was a pretty good view a minute ago,” I said.

“I’ll bet. You like watching her being fucked?”

“Yeah, I’ll say.”

“So do I,” he said, referring to me doing Lynette.

He reached out and squeezed one of his wife’s breasts so hard she squirmed.

“What are you waiting for, Lynnie?” he said.

Lynette turned her face to Naomi and slipped her arm round her. Naomi looked up at the other woman and let her close in a kiss.

Lynette started fondling my girlfriend’s breasts and Naomi began running her hands over Lynette’s breasts in return.

Their kissing got pretty passionate as Lynette progressed to rubbing my girlfriend’s clit.

Brad and I continued fucking the two women from our kneeling positions on the floor and Naomi started lifting her hips to meet his inward thrusts into her body and the growing urge in her massaged clit.

After a minute, Naomi came and so did I – there was no way I could hold off while watching that at the same time as sliding my cock in and out of Lynette’s wet pussy and when Naomi started cumming I just lost it and shot my load into Lynette’s hairy twat.

After that we decided to move it to the bedroom and I can remember clear as a bell watching Lynette walk down the hallway to the bedroom in front of me with cum running down the inside of her legs and glistening wet between her arse cheeks where it had dribbled back between them when I pulled out her on the sofa.

As soon as we got in the bedroom, Brad got on top of Naomi and started fucking her and Lynette joined in, laying alongside and kissing and groping the both of them.

I moved in behind Lynette, rubbing against her and groping her tits while watching the action.

When Brad came inside Naomi a minute later and rolled off her onto the far side of the bed, Lynette immediately threw her arms round Naomi and started kissing her again.

Brad and I fell back a bit and enjoyed the show for maybe four esenler escort or five minutes as the girls got into a major lesbian snog, hands everywhere and tongues down each other’s throats.

At one point, Lynette, after fingering Naomi’s cum-soaked pussy, pawed a handful of semen across her breasts and sucked at her nipples while Naomi tried unsuccessfully to masturbate her.

But mostly what they did that night was simply kissing and running their hands over each other.

Then they broke out of their clinch and Lynette went down on my swiftly rehardening cock, very quickly eliciting a fresh full hard-on.

I lay there lazily and let her suck me off while Brad and Naomi watched.

Naomi lay on her side barely 18 inches away while Brad propped himself up behind her, sliding his semi-erect cock between her buttocks and fondling her breasts.

I remember the look of lustful fascination in Naomi’s eyes as she saw the signs that signalled I was about to cum and she watched intently as I lurched and thrust and ejaculated into Lynette’s mouth while Brad called: “Yeah! Swallow the lot, Lynnie, swallow it!” and she did, making me jerk and twitch.

In response, Naomi rolled over and took Brad in her mouth to repeat the show for me and Lynette. She deep throated him with her usual inordinate ease and swallowed the lot without spilling a drop as he grunted and bucked into her mouth.

It was cold out that night and Naomi loaned Lynette a sweater to go home in. I only mention that because they used returning it to us as an excuse to drop by a few days later in the middle of the week.

But after they left that particular night, I mentioned how big a turn-on it had been to watch Naomi really going for it with Lynette and how enthusiastic Naomi had been.

She was uncharacteristically embarrassed and reluctant to talk about it, but after a minute, she confessed the lesbian shower scene of the weekend before and told me she hadn’t mentioned it because she thought I’d be jealous. Au contraire.


When Brad and Lynette turned up vitually unannounced the next Wednesday or Thursday night on the pretext they were in the area and wanted to drop off Naomi’s jumper, the situation was fully charged.

The excuse of the sweater was dropped in less than a minute and another minute after that we were all naked in the bedroom.

It started off pretty straight, just fucking side by side. Lynette came quickly and pretty soon I was real close to cumming too. “Come up here and do it between my tits”, she said, so I did.

She might have been a bit big for my taste but she gave me the best tit fuck I ever had. When she lay back and pushed her boobs together, my cock was completely enveloped in soft squishy flesh and I started pumping and she was going ‘yeah, yeah, cum on me, cum on me!’.

Brad stopped doing my girlfriend long enough to watch me shoot a huge load of cum between his wife’s voluminous breasts then, as Lynette lay there massaging my semen all over her tits and throat, he recommenced fucking Naomi so vigorously she was gasping for breath with each thrust until he exploded inside her shaved slit, gritting his teeth and crying: “Fuck, yeah! Oh fuck you! Fuck!”

For a while after that, the four of us lay there talking before Naomi made a comment about lying in a wet patch and Lynette laughed.

“Feel how sticky my tits are with his cum,” she said and Naomi ran her hands across them through the tacky semen that was drying rapidly on her flesh.

“How does it taste?” Lynette asked her and Naomi started kissing and licking Lynette’s tits and sucking at her big nipples, going ‘yum yum’.

I got Naomi’s vibrator from the bedside drawer and gave it to them and for a while they took turns doing each other with it, laughing and playing it up for their eager audience of two.

Then Lynette got over Naomi in a 69 and started licking her clit while fucking her with the toy and they got hot, heavy and serious again.

Naomi started getting worked up and suddenly had an explosive orgasm, her grunts and moans muffled by pressing her mouth against Lynette’s pouting vagina in a wild open-mouthed kiss.

As the women continued after that, instead of just watching, Brad and I got into them both at the same time.

After that it was just one big foursome, stuff like fucking them while they 69’ed each other or me fucking Lynette while both she and Naomi sucked and licked Brad’s cock.

Soon Naomi found herself lying back with her head on a pillow while Lynette licked her out and Brad and I positioned ourselves either side at the top of the bed so she could turn from side to side and swap between sucking our cocks.

Then she decided she wanted us both in her mouth at once and pulled us both right over her and pressed our cocks together and stuffed both the heads into her mouth at once.

It felt kinda weird being so intimately close to another guy but rubbing cocks wasn’t new to me – I’d DP’d Naomi in the cunt esenyurt escort with two other guys several months earlier.

Naomi was determined to have us both pump her mouth but the position we were all in was pretty awkward so we got her off the bed and kneeling on the floor and we stood in front of her and went again.

We couldn’t exactly slide in and out but she kept cramming the heads in then letting go and allowing us to push in as far as we could until she couldn’t handle anymore, wanting to see just how full of two cocks at once she could make her mouth be.

At one point, she managed the both of us halfway in, her head tipped back with both of us holding her and pressing slowly deeper and deeper. Her eyes were bulging wide open but, with our hips bumping and her teeth starting to dig in, we couldn’t go any further even though Naomi wanted to, as if to prove a point.

Lynette was kneeling behind her helping hold her up too until Naomi had to stop cos her jaw was hurting, so Brad said: “Lynnie’s turn.”

Lynette tried hard but her mouth was smaller and she couldn’t manage as much as Naomi so we switched to spitroasting her on the floor while Naomi went to the bathroom.

While she was gone, I got a bit of a surprise. We had Lynette on her hands and knees, me kneeling at her head with my cock in her mouth and Brad doggy fucking her. He had her arse cheeks pulled wide apart and kept ramming into her pussy, giving her several hard thrusts then pulling out, did it three or four times.

Each time he pulled out, he’d wipe the head of his cock up and down between her arse cheeks a couple of times then plunge back into her cunt.

Then suddenly, as he prepared to ram back into her for the fourth or fifth time, he went high, nosed his cock against his wife’s pink asshole and thrust.

She let out a muffled cry around my cock in her mouth, falling forward against me, filling her mouth even more as her husband’s hard member, lubricated only by her cunt juices, shoved savagely into her anus.

I saw half his length go up her bum on that very first thrust, then he grabbed her hips, pulled back a little then rammed again and his entire shaft disappeared into her back hole.

Lynette was trying to scream but all that was coming out of her cock-full mouth was a high pitched whine as he brutally slammed her virtually dry ass three or four times.

Then he pulled out and immediately slipped his cock back into her cunt and looked up at me and grinned.

I pulled out of her mouth and she dropped her head, gasping and moaning: “Uhhhhh….”

But a second later, with her husband fucking her roughly in the cunt from behind, she simply raised her head again and grabbed my cock, stuffing it back into her mouth and carrying on as if she hadn’t just been ripped in the ass.

I couldn’t quite believe it, it was just so sudden and vicious and over so quickly.

Then Naomi returned from the bathroom, unaware of what I’d just been party to, and we all got back on the bed and had one big group fuck, trying as many different positions as we could, spitroasting the girls and watching them go with each other.

In the end though, it finished pretty much as it began, fucking missionary position side by side on the bed with Lynette cumming breathlessly then urging me on to shoot my second load into her – “Cum in me! Cum in me! Fill my pussy with your cum!” she cried – while Brad shuddered his second shot into a Naomi who was by then cummed out.


Lynette phoned up a few days later and invited us to a party at their place. We thought it was going to be a small-scale couples’ party but it turned out to be something else entirely.

Lynette had said it was going to be maybe half a dozen couples but when we got there she and Brad were sitting around drinking with three guys. It turned out the party was going to be a gangbang.

Lynette said the planned party had fallen through but if we stuck around they were going to have some fun anyway.

“Like what?” asked Naomi.

Lynette smiled at her. “You and me and five guys.”

We could have no – probably should have done, actually – but I looked at Naomi, she looked at me and we both just went ‘Ok’.

Who knows if we mightn’t have been better off just leaving? Brad’s buddies were completely unknown to us and a couple of them were a bit rough looking, plus Naomi was also a little annoyed at Lynette for lying about the nature of the party.

“I wouldn’t mind if she’d been straight about it when she invited us,” she whispered to me.

“So would you have accepted if she’d told you on the phone it was going to be you and her and five guys?” I whispered back

“Probably,” she grinned.

There was a tension in the air as we poured ourselves a drink and sat down. It was at once scary and intensely exciting. One look at Naomi told me she was nervous but turned on to the max with anticipation. No wonder – our very first group encounter was a chance threesome with me and her boss Bob (Naomi’s First Threesome) and she’d said afterwards what really turned her on about it was getting out of control and having Bob and me fuck and grope her like a piece of meat. And only few months ago she’d taken two other guys and me in a small scale gangbang and loved it. I wrote about that in Naomi Takes A Trio.

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