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A friend asked recently if I could remember that point in my life when I discovered I had a sexual interest in other women. I do indeed. It was during my first year in nursing school. My roommate’s name was Natalie.

One of the things about this school that made it a favored choice for my parents was the requirement that all incoming freshmen live in dorms on campus, seven days a week for the first year. This was some 27 years ago and if there were coed dorms, they hadn’t heard about it at this school. This wouldn’t have been my first choice but my parents were paying the bill and they won the debate

There were girls at that school from all parts of the region, several from out of state and a few from foreign countries. Natalie was from my own home town and though I had seen her before, I hadn’t known her – different high schools. We had a lot in common right off: both white, catholic, 2nd child in a 2 parent home and both of us ran track in HS. Nat was sweet, generous, quick to laugh and a hard worker. She was smart too and pretty.

Our first time touching each other was in the dorm room, We had been instructed in class that day to go back home and practice giving sponge baths.

An important part of those practical exercises was being on the receiving end. Our instructor wanted us to know what it was like for the patient. She called it having the ‘patient experience’. So each of us had to give a sponge bath and each had to receive one. We flipped a coin and I went first.

We were already in our pajamas so I had Natalie lay down, filled the basin we’d brought back from class and told her to take her top off. She did and we both giggled a little.

As roommates, we’d each see the other in various states of undress but this took that up a notch. She lay there on her back, her hands folded behind her head and there, waiting before me, was a very excellent pair of full, young breasts. Nat was a pretty girl anyway but these were genuinely lovely and I felt an unfamiliar stirring inside.

I rolled up a towel and tucked it in at her side which keeps the water from running off the patient and onto the sheets. I tested the water temp again and soaped up a wash cloth (we don’t actually use sponges) and started at her shoulders, neck and underarms. I had her sit up so I could do her back.

I rinsed out the cloth, soaped it up again and began to wash her chest and stomach. Her breasts were full and sitting up as she was, caused them to fall under their own weight upon her stomach. Thus I had to lift them up to wash under them. One hand held the wash cloth which didn’t allow skin to skin contact but my free hand, lifting her soapy breast up so as to wash in the fold beneath, now that was really something I liked a whole lot more than I thought I would. I don’t think I gave myself away though.

“Ok Nat, pants off,” I said and she pushed her PJ bottoms down and kicked escort them off and lay back down. She had panties on and made no effort to remove them. I washed and dried her legs and feet without incident and made no comment about the panties.

I told her she was all done and she rolled off the bed to get dressed. She put her bottoms on first and when she bent over to put that first foot in, I remember very well how her breasts bobbed and swayed as they hung there, suspended from her chest. They were gorgeous.

I knew I had no panties on and looked forward to taking my turn. She seemed unfazed when I took my bottoms off to completely reveal myself. Most girls in those days didn’t fully shave but many of us, including me, were ‘trimmed’ for a bikini. When that washcloth finally went to work on my pussy it was the first time a female had ever touched me there.

Reflexively I made a small sound and lifted myself up a little to meet her touch. She hesitated slightly, stole a quick glance over to my face and went back between my legs to finish up. That was the end of it. I got up and got dressed but I think maybe both of us were aware, even if only barely, that something had happened.

We practiced doing blood pressures and helping each other (i.e. the patient experience) get dressed and undressed. Helping Nat get her bra and panties on and off was pretty hot for me and I’m pretty sure she liked taking her turn too because she asked for a second try with my bra “as practice”.

And then we had to give each other enemas one day. Yikes we were both as nervous as kittens. You do this on the floor of the shower, lying on your side with the upper leg hiked way up. That allows easier access to the anus and also positions the rectum to offer less resistance, thus minimizing the potential for injury. We flipped a coin and she had to go first.

“Shit,” she said out loud and be both burst out laughing like idiots.

“Well if I’m getting naked, you are too,” she insisted and thus within a minute we both stood there together stark naked and looking forlornly into the shower stall. It was actually comical.

We turned on the hot water to warm up the floor tiles in the stall but when you laid down in there, even though you’d put a towel down, it was still cold and hard on your bare skin. As she went in and started assuming the position, I filled the bottle with warm water and joined her. I knelt behind her.

“You ready Nat?” I asked her.

“Hell no.” she barked and again we laughed.

“Alright kiddo, here goes,” I began. “Breathe evenly, try not to tense up and just go with it.” I instructed her as we’d been told.

I had to spread her cheeks a little to get a good aim as I worked the nozzle into her asshole. It went as planned. I emptied the bottle into her as we’d been taught and it wasn’t as bad as we’d imagined. She did the same with me and again, bursa eve gelen escort it went exactly as it was supposed to but having Natalie’s hands on my ass was nice.

We turned on the water and showered together to get the effluent off us. As we were soaped up she turned her back to me, bent forward slightly and asked if she’d gotten everything. I said it looked ok but I’d make sure and with that I ran my warm soapy fingers through her crack, slowing deliberately at her asshole to softly rub away I anything that shouldn’t still be there. This time it was she that made the small noise.

I thought she’d straighten up at that point but she didn’t so I sent my soapy fingers back through there again. This time she rolled her pelvis onto my fingers in just the slightest, almost imperceptible way but there was no denying it happened. The water was pouring down on us. I patted her on the ass, told her she was good and suggested she better check me as well. She did, twice before I straightened up.

We each washed our hair while we were in there, then dried off as normal. Odd thing is, both us remained nude as we went about the business of cleaning up, hanging the towels to dry and so on.

Natalie left the room naked, went to the kitchen and called to me from there. I went out to see what she wanted and I was naked too. I think we were both maybe a little horny from what happened and at the very least we were affected by it. She had poured me some juice and we stood there naked for several minutes talking about nothing really.

I kept looking at her tits and her pussy and she did the same. We sort of smiled stupid smiles at each other and I honestly don’t think we knew what to do. I told her I thought she was pretty and she said the same.

Finally I set my glass down, went over to her, put my arms around her and hugged a naked girl for the first time in my life. She set her glass down, thanked me for being such a friend and pulled her head back enough to kiss me on the lips. It was a chaste kiss though, much like the way your grandma would kiss you. Still hugging, our naked bodies still pressed together. tits to tits, I looked her in the eyes, told her I too thought she had become a good friend and that I was lucky to have her for a room mate.

We rinsed out our glasses, went to our bedroom to get dressed and that was that. There was no mistaking the fact however, that a fuse had been lit on another dimension in our relationship.

There are any number of assignments that a nurse might get and often without notice. We could get called in to work on a post surgical recovery unit, a geriatric unit, a trauma unit and more. One possibility is working in a surgical unit and in that context, one assignment can be to prep patients for surgery. This can involve shaving the surgical site on a patients body – including görükle escort the pubic region such as for prostrate surgery as an example. Thus we were assigned the task of shaving a delicate body part on our roommate.

Natalie and I talked about it during dinner in the cafeteria and pretty much thought the only real choice, if this was to be a genuine opportunity, was to shave each other ‘down there’.

I don’t know how many people have had this experience in a hospital setting but it is one of the most profoundly intimate interactions you can have with a stranger. This is not a wet shave. This type of razor is specifically designed for this task. Wetness and shave cream and the applying of that and the cleaning it off – all those things have the potential to bring germs into the situation. Thus we dry shave the patient and you’d marvel at the smooth results and the virtually pain free experience.

Nat and I didn’t have any trouble getting our pants off for each other and decided to just get completely naked and go for it. That’s exactly what we did.

She laid down sideways across the bed and I pulled a chair pulled up to the edge of the bed. You do need a towel and damp cloth because it is necessary to keep cleaning the blade. She put her feet up on the bed, spread her legs open and there I was, for the first time in my life, literally face to face with another woman’s cunt.

Picture the position she had to be in. It was nearly impossible for her to watch me. She could come up onto her elbows for a few seconds but that was awkward so she just lay back. I’m right handed so I placed my left hand on her pussy to steady and support the efforts of my right hand. I shaved a patch, wiped the blade clean and shaved another. I continued with this until she was completely bald. We didn’t need to go that far for the assignment but it’s what we agreed to do.

My hands were on her pussy altogether for maybe 10 or 12 minutes and I liked it a lot. I was feeling arousal but she was showing no outward signs of that. I then lightly rubbed my fingers over her labia and told her we were done.

It was different for me. I definitely did have trouble hiding my arousal and before she was done shaving me I was openly lubricating. Of course it was clear and obvious to her. When she was finished I leaned myself up on my elbows and looked at her. There she sat, her face no more than 18 inches from my very aroused vagina. My lips were open and glistening wet.

“What do I do?” she’d whispered.

“Touch me,” I said and lay back down.

Her fingers were so tender and soft and even a little tentative at first as she moved them all over my folds and lips and my wetness. There was no hair left. I was bald, smooth and slick with my own juices. Finally she entered me and I whispered yes, yes, yes. I came back up onto my elbows and watched her.

It was a 100% new experience for us. We were just 19 year old girls away from home for the first time and it was surreal. We didn’t know how to make girl love but we learned pretty damn quick.

We fucked each other at least 4 times a week after that, always showered together and sucking that girl’s tits was to die for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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