Nathalie’s New World Ch. 02

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The night was a restless one for me. Mia on the other hand seemed completely at ease and slept the sleep of a totally sated contented kitten, her little snores breathlessly echoing in my ear.

As the grey light of dawn filtered in I felt more agitated than when we went to bed.

I lay there petrified, what to do, how to approach this unbelievable turn of events. Mia did not even move, her arms and legs encircled me like a python squeezing the last life from a dying prey, I just lay there afraid to move and eventually she slowly released her death grip slowly uncoiling her long sinuous legs from around me and I sneaked out from under her arm heading directly for the shower.

I scrubbed long and hard trying to remove all remnants of Nathalie’s existence. Why? I don’t know I cannot explain it, I felt guilty and dirty, hoping the biting sting of the soap might purge some of the memories from last night.

By the time I walked back into the bedroom drying my hair Mia was just starting to rouse…

I quickly dressed and walked down to the kitchen where I made a cup of tea and wandered out the back into our little stone walled courtyard, the morning sun was now burning away the last of the early morning cloud and I sat ruminating on what to do enjoying the warmth, my raging anxiety quelled somewhat by the morning birdsong.

Lost in my reverie I did not hear Mia who walked out behind me. She sat on the other side of the little glass breakfast table, her expression blank and her voice cool. “Good morning David, so how are you feeling this morning?”

“To be honest I am totally confused and feeling a little lost.”

She nodded as she sipped her latte. “Well everything has changed has it not? You now know about my lover and I know about Nathalie. The question is what happens now?”

I took a long sip of my earl grey. “Mia I am sorry you had to find out that way, I have wanted to tell you but I was scared that you would hate me, lose respect for me.”

“Shush silly, I just wish you had said something earlier, imagine all the fun we have been missing out on.”

Now back as David I felt stronger and started with my rehearsed speech. “Mia I am not going to stand for you having a lover. I will not sit idly by while you cheat on me.”

She sniggered. “And what pray tell do you intend to do about it?”

“Well if you refuse to stop seeing him I am afraid we will have to separate, Mia I will not put up with you cheating.”

Her laughter echoed around the stone courtyard. “Oh my darling David, I am not going to be cheating because you already know, but rest assured my darling I will still be seeing Terrance.”

“I see… Then you are not leaving me much choice, I will leave.”

She reached across and patted my hand. “Do not be ridiculous… You my love are going nowhere, but don’t worry I will tell you when I am going to be with Terrance.”

“I am not fooling around Mia, I said if you are not prepared to stop seeing him I am leaving, and I meant it.”

“Tsk, tsk… My love what are you going to do? Do you really want me to tell the world about Nathalie? Are you prepared to go public with your life exposed for ridicule? Is that what you want?”

I slumped back drinking the last of my tea.

“Ha, I didn’t think so… No my love we are not separating, but I do want to see more of Nathalie, she is going to be my girlfriend, my lesbian lover and if you play your cards right I might even share Terrance with you occasionally.”

I was shocked by her outright defiance. “I am not gay Mia, I have no compulsion towards men.”

“Not gay… How gay did you feel yesterday with Stephanie’s cock in your mouth Hmmm? Do not lie to me David, I know what happened. From here on in things are going to be different. I will promise not to tell your friends and family about your perversion but you are going to have to do what I say. From now on I am in charge around here understood.”

I was overwhelmed by her air of supremacy, as if she was now transported to some position of power. “Mia I refuse to be blackmailed, I am my own person.”

“This is not blackmail… You make me sound like some kind of criminal, no my dear this is just me making you a promise… If you do not do as you are told then I will be making a public announcement about my little gay perverted husband and how he likes to play dress up and suck off his hair dresser. It is not blackmail.”

I stood quickly and headed for indoors, I was almost inside when she called. “Darling make me some toast will you, I am feeling a little peckish.”

I felt trapped, my bravado had failed and it seemed my resistance was futile. I decided to play along and see if I could talk sense into her, I would buy some time and hopefully get her to see reason. As it was it would only be her word against mine, and I had managed to keep my crossdressing very private, even Mia had not picked up on it. So if she did tell anyone nobody would believe her, it would sound unbelievable Kadıköy Grup Escort to anyone who knew me. I slid a couple of pieces of bread into the toaster as her voice rang out. “My love, another latte would be lovely as well while you are at it.”

Fuming I put a capsule into the coffee machine and buttered her toast adding a dollop of her favourite marmalade on top. I walked back out carrying her toast and coffee, I placed it in front of her and turned to leave put she intervened. “Darling sit and talk, don’t get all huffy. This doesn’t have to be confrontational, there’s no need to fight. Don’t you see this can work for both of us.”

As I flopped in the seat she smiled. “Good boy, now think about it, yesterday you had fun didn’t you? Your dalliance with Stephanie must have been nice.”

I nodded thinking. ‘Where is she going with this?’

She crunched into her toast. “Hmmm, very nice thank you Darling. Now as I was saying, yesterday was a start, I found out something about you and you discovered my little secret. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I won’t make a fuss if you want to keep seeing Stephanie that will be your business. I do want to see more of Nathalie though… Now that I have met her I want to really get to know her.” She hesitated before leaning closer. “But be warned my love I want to be in charge. I will still see Terrance, but for the time being we will keep our private lives separate. You can see Stephanie and I will see Terrance, but my love I will expect a complete clean-up when I get home, I want Terrance making love to me something we can both enjoy.”

I didn’t say anything but I wondered how the hell we were both supposed to enjoy the fact she was getting fucked by some other chap?

As we were getting cleaned up from breakfast she came out with it. “OK David its time, I want to meet Nathalie, and this time I want to watch, so let’s go upstairs.”

I wanted to refuse to show my determination that she could not tell me what to do, but my racing heart would not be still, it was after all my biggest fantasy…

She dragged me stumbling along behind her up the stairs like a child. Once in the bedroom she quickly stripped off my clothes. She stood back admiring my body before running her hands up my thigh, across my abdomen and up higher over my chest where she tweaked my nipples until I squealed.

“God you are so smooth, Stephanie did a good job, even your face is still relatively smooth, but I think another shave before we move to the makeup. What did Stephanie use?”

“She used some depilatory cream for sensitive skin.”

Mia smiled. “I have some that I use on my fanny, lets try that.”

I was a bit shocked but she refused to be denied and soon she was massaging some crème into my skin, and once we had waited the tem minutes and rinsed my face was even smoother.

She started rummaging through her wardrobe obviously hunting for something. As I sat back down at the dresser she dragged a few things onto the bed.

“OK Nathalie, show me, the sweet little cutie I met yesterday.”

I sat hesitantly and began to moisturise my face. I was that nervous my hands were shaking, every time I looked in the mirror I could see her standing behind me watching inquisitively, occasionally leaning over my shoulder.

As I applied the foundation she grabbed my hand. “Not like that silly, you have to be smoother.” She picked up the foam pad and worked the base in deeply massaging my cheeks as she applied it. She worked slowly until my face was covered then with lighter shades highlighted my nose and under my eyes to give a more feminine appearance.

“Blimmin heck you know I never noticed this before but you do have incredibly feminine features, no surprise you looked so cute.”

She moved onto my eyes using a white eyeshadow and then blue and silver as she used a mascara brush to stretch out my lashes. Once done she added some dark lines to give my eyes a wider look.

Ahhhh the lipstick, my favourite part, she made me do it myself which suited me, I love applying lipstick. With my heart in my throat I started to apply the thick lustrous lipstick over my pursed lips. I love the smooth velvet like texture as it glides over my lips, bloody hell I got the start of an erection. I was naked so Mia could see. Her little giggle gave notice to the fact she was aware. She leaned in close. “You dirty little girl you like that don’t you?” Her hand slid down until she was cradling my swollen Willy and throbbing balls. “Hmmmm you definitely like that, are you thinking about a nice juicy cock wiping all that lipstick off?”

I couldn’t help it my cock twitched in her soft warm hands and she sighed. “Yes I bet you are… Did Stephanie have a nice cock? Did it feel nice sliding in and out, did you kiss it for her?”

Her words aroused me more than I was expecting and my cock reacted quickly growing into a full on stiffy. She let my willy fall from her hands.

“OK let’s finish Kadıköy Manken Escort up shall we missy, No more haircuts for you, it’s got to grow so we don’t have to use a damn wig.” She did pull out a blonde wig which she had not worn for many years. “This will have to do for now.”

With the makeup and hair complete she lifted up an old porcelain alabaster white whale bone lace up corset. “This my little pretty is going to give that body some shape. She pulled it around my waist and started to lace it up, god it was torture, Mia pulled tightly. “Suck it in little girl, come on let’s get that waist nice and tight.”

It was that tight I could barely breathe and movement was going to be impossible, but with a snigger Mia finally got it in tight enough to make her happy.

As she stood back she muttered. “Oooh that looks good, you are going to be a real hottie.”

She took great delight in pulling a tiny little padded bra over my shoulders. The she pushed me backwards until I was sitting on the edge of the bed, where she rolled stockings up my legs clipping them on to the straps dangling from the corset. Bloody hell they felt good, so smooth and shiny, I was getting hard all over again.

As Mia stood up she picked up a dress that was lying on the bed beside her. I sucked in a deep breath it was a beautiful little blue mini dress. The moment I pulled it on my heart melted, it felt divine, the soft silky fabric flared out from my now prominent hips and when I did a little twirl it swirled up looking so sexy I felt like Marilyn Monroe. As I ran my hands own my thighs I got tiny electric shocks. Oh my god it was heavenly.

I thought I couldn’t have gotten any happier but then Mia pulled out a pair of blue open toed heels that just finished the whole outfit off to perfection. I had almost forgotten that Mia was there watching but as I peered in the mirror I saw her watching… No watching wasn’t the right word it was ogling there was a look in her eye and it was hunger, like a starving vampire… She didn’t wait she dismissed me with a wave of her hand. I took the opportunity to escape into the lounge where it took great delight in parading around in my pretty blue dress, back and forth in front of the mirrors and glass doors, basking in the opportunity to enjoy without fear of being caught. My red toenails, still freshly painted from the previous day shining out like stoplights against the glossy blue leather shoes.

It was over an hour before Mia wandered down looking absolutely stunning in a flowing summery floral print dress that showed off all her womanly charms. I was stunned and yes envious at her radiant beauty. She epitomised everything I loved about women.

She walked up to me with a haughty elegant grace kissing me lightly on the cheek. “So do you like?” And she gave a sweeping twirl flinging her arms in the air.

I nodded speechless.

“Good then let’s not dally I want to take you shopping so that you don’t have to keep steeling my clothes, as it is I don’t know which ones you have already soiled.”

“But I can’t go out in daylight dressed like this, what will the neighbours say, this is hardly daytime wear, everyone will stare.”

She laughed. “Don’t be so melodramatic, you look fabulous, a little over dressed perhaps but perfectly fine for a girls day out. Forget the neighbours we are going up town, that credit card is going to be aching by tonight.”

As we drove out of the garage I tried to keep my eyes averted, worried that somebody would recognise me, Mia laughed malevolently the whole way.

True to her word she was merciless in her attempt to bankrupt us. We brought shoes, underwear and to many dresses skirts and even some jeans, skin-tight leather ones. It was scary but god it was incredible, my wildest fantasy come to life. Mia was unquenchable in her attack. Shit after the money I had spent on Stephanie yesterday it wasn’t going to take much more and my card would be rejected.

It was late when we sat down at a small bistro for a meal. As we sat there she smiled lecherously. “Do you think Stephanie would like your new outfit?”

Stumped for words I merely nodded. She stood up giving me a very strange look and walked away from the table as the waiter arrived to pour fresh glasses of wine. Mia returned moments later with a big cheesy grin.

As we drank our wine Mia commanded the conversation talking fashion it was indeed like a girl’s day out. Just as we were about to order our dinner Stephanie walked in and strolled straight to our table. Mia stood and they kissed lightly, Mia glared at me. “Well don’t sit there like that, give your girlfriend a kiss.” I stood reluctantly and Stephanie leaned in for a kiss. “Hey lover.” She warbled musically.

I tried to hide behind my menu, embarrassed by what Stephanie might reveal. Mia couldn’t wait. “So Steph, do you mind if I call you Steph?”

Stephanie shrugged. “It is fine with me babes.”

“So Steph, I need to know Kadıköy Masöz Escort is my little Nathalie good in bed?”

I choked on my garlic bread as Steph giggled. “Well I shouldn’t say… But yes Nathalie was wonderful, she certainly made my day.”

Mia smiled. “Good, did she give up her virgin arse to you?”

Stephie giggled. “No but I can tell you she gives the most delicious blowjobs.”

Mia glanced at me. “She does, does she? But does she swallow?”

“Oh yes she does, we shared a lovely cum filled kiss didn’t we sweetie.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening, right here in the most public of places, my wife and my lover discussing my sexual ability.

I shrunk back too frightened to speak but Mia being Mia completely took over and she soon had Stephie charmed and under her spell. The wine certainly helped lubricate the conversation and eventually I relaxed enough to participate. Stephie talked about her lovers and her experiences. They both giggled as Mia talked about Terrance and how well built he was. Now that was hard to listen to, as hard as my cock was that was something I could have done without, especially the knowing stares from both of them.

As we finished up Mia announced rather than asked. “I think Steph should come home and spend the night with us.”

Stephanie just smiled and followed us out.

When we got to the car, they both jumped in the backseat and as I drove us home the sounds coming from back were so sexual, I could actually hear Stephie’s fingers in Mia’s wet fanny as she diddled her, and Stephie’s moans as I could only assume Mia was sucking her off. Their wet salacious kisses and purring moans filled the car. I tried to adjust the mirror to watch but the traffic was horrendous and it was hard enough to concentrate just listening. By the time we got to our place I was a nervous wreck.

I opened the garage door remotely so we could drive in without being seen. As the garage door closed behind us I turned to see Stephie’s fingers frantically working Mia’s fanny, her hand furiously pumping in and out to the sounds of wet sloppy squishy squelches, Mia’s juices were covering the brushed leather upholstery.

They both surfaced for air giggling as they realised we were home and that I was leaning into the back watching perversely.

They both jumped out and we wandered into the house. Stephie was impressed. “Wow what a bleeding mansion.” She slurred.

I saw her cock poking out from under her denim skirt, red lipstick stains coating the knob.

She didn’t wait, when she saw me staring at her cock she walked up to me and flung her arms around my neck pulling me into a very passionate kiss, her lips slick and wet with Mia’s lipstick smeared all over them. Her tongue immediately attacked mine, there was no delicate dance it was an all-out assault as her tongue ravished my mouth like some mad axe wielding Viking and her hands slid down my back and grabbed two giant handfuls of my arse.

I was in lust myself the feel of her hard cock poking me, her pointy nipples rubbing against my arms as she mashed her body against mine.

The kiss was electric and I had to hold on to stay upright my knees were trembling and weak. It got hotter when I felt Mia’s hot body press up against my back and I was sandwiched between the two, her head appeared over my shoulder and Stephie swapped from kissing me to kissing Mia and her ferocity did not relent, their kiss was equally as intense and I watched closely as their tongues swirled and danced, tangled tightly together in a sensuous knot.

Stephie’s hand slipped off my arse and was soon up under my blue dress forcing its way into my tight pink panties, her hand grabbed my throbbing rod and squeezed viciously as she moaned into Mia’s mouth.

Lust and passion shook my very core, Stephie stroked my length alongside hers, her hand wrapped around both our shafts, her pointy nails tracing teasing lines down around my pulsating tight balls.

Mia broke their kiss and nibbled playfully on my ear. “Suck it bitch, I want to see you on your knees, your mouth full of your lovers cock… Do it, get down and suck it.”

The pressure from her hands on top of my head grew in power as she pushed me down. I couldn’t fight it, and I don’t know that I wanted to, I knelt down in front of Stephie and lifted her throbbing slick cock in my hand and leaned forward kissing it idolising and adoring its feel, kissing the big mushroom knob, licking the underside from balls to tip.

Mia grabbed the blonde wig and pulled it off my head. “We don’t need this now.” And threw it away. “Open your lips like the little sissie you are, go on suck it properly, no more mucking around.” She pushed on my head forcing Stephie’s cock up against my face.

Stephie became agitated as well and grabbed two hands full of my hair and held on tight as she pushed her cock against my lips.

I was going to do it, but now with all their combined pressure I felt compelled to fight, I tried to keep my lips shut tight but it was impossible, I opened my mouth to breathe and she slid her hard cock in. “Oooh fuck yes, oh my god that’s it babes suck it, fuck your mouth is so fucking hot.” But my hesitancy seemed to anger her. “Ooooh for Pete’s sake suck it, stop holding back.”

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