Nawty’s Mind Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – VP Assistant

He was standing there as she entered the room – walking over to her she could feel her heart in her chest – Anne had the same reaction as though she was in trouble.

“Hi” she heard herself nervously say – not sure why he insisted she saw him after she got back from her offsite meeting.

Saying nothing to her – he grabbed her neck pulled her deep into his space – kissing her passionately – opening her lips with his tongue – tightening his fingers around her neck as his warm lips devoured hers. Her mind started to wander – what was she doing? He was her boss – this shouldn’t happen – yet there was something about him – she had to have him. Her hands found their way to his hips and tried to pull him closer – he stopped. “Don’t move a muscle” he ordered her.

She stopped and looked into his eyes – James was staring in her eyes like he could read her mind. He walked back to the door and Anne could hear the lock on the door. Walking back to her – his demeanour was forthright – different than what she was used to – more arrogant than the usual over confident VP that he was.

“Now where should we go from here,” the tone was brazen. Anne walked over to the window. “Now I am not sure what you mean, I have a job to do – I think I should go do it,” beginning to walk away he grabbed her arm as she passed his. “Do you think I’ll let that happen?”

Studying his face – there was a smirk on his lips as he spoke. “There has been chemistry between us since you walked through that door – since you spoke to me the first words – I could see it in your eyes – and now after all this time – I am not going to let your eyes bakırköy escort speak for you.” Taking her by the arm he walked her into the corner where he had a leather couch – his Office was set up with a concealed washroom, bar, closets and a lot of extras that anyone would be bewildered with. Forcefully placing her down he walked over to the blinds and hit the multiple buttons that closed the outer world.

Once back in front of her – she found him kneeling down in front of her; James opened Anne’s legs, exposing the panties that hid underneath the skirt and above knee stockings. Keeping eye contact his hand glazed the outline of her silk underpants, they were soft and warm, teasing gently over her clit with two fingers, then sliding down and up again, he could feel the warmth increase – not loosing eye contact he saw the intensity building in her eyes.

Sliding her panties over he found a fully shaven pussy that was moist and waiting for attention. James’s eyes glided down to her dampness that was visible and noticed that her cunt was surrounded nicely with full outer lips and meaty inner. Without hesitation he lowered his mouth to her fluids and started suckling her clit.

Anne’s body quivered feeling his warm breath on her. She could feel the gust of warmth run across her body starting with her chest – her breasts started to rise quicker with her nipples erecting, moving down to her hips, she felt her body quake as her pussy began to unwind. While suckling on her clit James began to run his fingers around the entrance of her sizzling passageway. Tasting her wetness across his lips and on his tongue – beşiktaş escort she was sweet and the scent of her excitement enticed his arousal making him feel his erection pushing against his suit pants. Looking up at Anne – her eyes were closed – she was biting her lip and he could see her beautiful erect nipples protruding through her white blouse. Reaching up with one hand he grabbed her breast, it was soft through the shirt but he could feel her hard nipples; as he did he could taste an eruption of warm liquid explode on his tongue.

Without any ability to restrain further he stood and undid his pants exposing his thick hard shaft at face level to Anne. She gladly partook in his offering – with her fingers wrapped around his shaft she placed the tip of her tongue around his rim and staring deep into his eyes she rounded the rim – without patience or tolerance he slowly shook his head in disapproval but smiled as she batted her eyes with an innocent mischievous look.

Taking his hardness in her mouth she gently wrapped her lips around his head and playfully rubbed the rim with her tongue as it sat briefly in the warmth of her mouth – her one hand wrapped around the base of the shaft. Keeping eye contact she could see his pleasure as his eyes glossed over. Taking her free hand she touched with her fingertips the base of his balls – finding his shaft thicken and jump in her lips – while he did so her mouth lowered down the thickness – meeting her fingers at the base she glided her lips down and up – wetting it with her saliva while her fingers cupped his balls. He was moaning…. ‘mmmmm fuck – yes’, his cock started beylikdüzü escort to thicken as her mouth ran up and down faster. ‘Your gonna take my cock – all of it’ he ordered and wrapped his hands around her neck as he thrust deeper in her throat. ‘Yes – that’s it – I knew you’d love it’ he started moaning more – his balls tightened and she could feel his hand harder around her neck as his hips bucked deep into her lips.

His pubic hair touched her lips – her mouth taking him deep down her throat – he was thicker than she anticipated – knowing he was loosing control her hands reached to his hips and tried to slow him down – she could feel him fighting it – finally his hands left her neck and grabbed hers throwing her back against the couch and held her hands down above her head – he balanced over her and began to thrust his cock back into her mouth. ‘Don’t do anything unless I tell you again’ he ordered she tried to look into his eyes to try and read him like she did on many occasions but couldn’t tell – she felt his cock thicken and pulsate – before she realized it his explosion was shooting to the back of her throat – he groaned as he thrust the last morsels into her.. Letting go of her hands and getting down from above her.

Just at that moment the phone buzzed – He walked calmly to it , “Yes Nancy?” Tell them I will be with them in a moment – please place them into the small boardroom. Anne stood up and as he spoke – he pointed to the bathroom door – she walked in there and sat on the sink counter. Composing herself, she went into the cupboard and found some toothpaste – after rinsing her mouth for a few seconds she came out and he was gone into his meeting. She sat at her desk – which was in front of his office and in disbelief tried to finish the last two hours of the day without anyone suspecting what had happened. Leaving that day he was still in his conference… so she could imagine it didn’t have any effect on her.

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