Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 07

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Cheryl is an administrator in a big hospital, in an English city. She is 34 years of age and has been divorced for 3 years after 9 years of marriage. The marriage had started well but then her husband slipped into depression when his career faltered. Their sex-life dwindled until there was no action at all in the final two years. He seemed incapable of making love although she discovered he visited an “escort” from time to time. “That’s a prostitute or hooker, to my thinking,” Cheryl thought to herself

That realisation was even more of a disappointment and a shock. Before they got married an aged aunt had taken Cheryl to one side and said, “Look dear, you’re a nice young lady and that is the way to appear in public. But be a whore in bed. Men like that. I can tell you from experience of two marriages.”

So what, Cheryl wondered to herself, did these “escorts” offer him that she didn’t. And she had been learning more whorish stuff over the years and was happy to degrade herself for him. She knew and had perfected many sex positions, had a large collection of toys and ropes and stretcher bars, and plugs, and sexy clothes. She had learned to suppress her gagging reflex and had become accustomed to walking around for hours, all day sometimes, plugged up and vibrated. Anything he ever asked for, she had provided for him in sensations and situations and roles played.

It was her husband, himself, that suggested the marriage was over. And so it was amicable in that sense but Cheryl felt cheated and only her work prevented her from becoming depressed herself. All her women friends are married with children; and seemed to distance themselves from her

Recently, Cheryl decided to “see the world” if life was going to be so boring and unfulfilling. She booked a cruise for herself. Fly from London to Naples; a few days there and then a Mediterranean cruise for 10 day. Lots of the scenic and historical coastal sites in Italy, Spain, the Balearics, Malta, Alexandria, Haifa, Cyprus, Patmos and Greece. It was her first cruise and she was excited by the prospect; and did the shopping to be prepared for a warmer climate and a new social environment with strangers.

At Naples, she was collected from the airport and taken to the port; and installed in her modest cabin. For the rest of the day, until a welcome party at 7.30 in the evening, she slept and unpacked and generally relaxed in her cabin and wandered up to the promenade deck. She was there when the liner left the port and met a few of the other guest. Then it happened.

From behind her, as she leant on the rail, a deep voice said, “Hello. I know you, Cheryl.”

She turned to see a man, taller than herself, maybe the same age, still dressed in his airline travelling gear. She peered into his face and tried very hard to recognise him. Any memory or recollection eluded her.

“Really?” she queried, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember.”

“Wensley Road, Reading; last year; the traffic accident you saw,” he prompted her.

“Oh, yes,” it came back to her, “you were the policeman who took my statement.”

Suddenly, all the details came flooding back into her memory. A bad head-on crash with one car driving down the wrong side of a service road. People hurt. Ambulances. And this nice policeman who took her to his car and sat in the back seat to take her witness statement.

“Yes. I’m still a policeman and my name is Andrew. Call me Drew,” and he held out his right hand.

“Hello Drew. I’m Cheryl. Are you on this cruise as well?” She shook his hand and then realised what a stupid question it was. Why else would he be on the promenade deck of a cruise liner at Naples?

“Errr, yup,” he joked with her, “hope you don’t mind travelling with a cop, Cheryl Beaton,” and he gave her a wide grinning smile, “See, I remember your name.”

“Sorry. It’s just a surprise to see you. It was a few minutes talk we had, almost a year ago,” and she smiled back at him.

At that moment, a whistle blew and a cruise manager spoke loudly to whoever would hear on the deck, “Meet up in one hour for nice free drinkies and a little intro to the cruise. In the cinema salon.” And then she spun round on her heels and disappeared down a staircase.

“Right,” said Cheryl, “I’ll go and get ready. See you there. If I can find the cinema salon! If I can find my cabin,” and she giggled at him.

“Yeah, me too,” he replied and turned to go down to his cabin.

But they turned together, in the same direction, the same staircase and Cheryl thought to herself, “He’ll go off somewhere soon and I’ll try to find my cabin again.” No joke this time; her sense of direction was always a bit suspect.

But he didn’t turn off and it became clear to them both that they had cabins close to each other.

In fact, they were in adjacent cabins.

“Oh, we’re neighbours,” Cheryl exclaimed as it became obvious.

“I’m glad. We’ll be able to come and go together for company, if you want.” And he looked her straight in the eyes.

“Yes. kartal escort That will be nice and I wont get lost,” she replied with a giggle, and then went inside.

About 45 minutes later, Cheryl came out of her cabin and almost bumped into Drew as he did the same in the narrow passageway, and in subdued lighting. Then, as they began to ascend the stairs, Cheryl missed her footing and fell against him, as he followed her one step behind. Drew held her steady and helped her take the remaining two steps. He held onto her waist until she was standing on the top landing, and then kept hold of her a little longer.

“Oops,” Cheryl said, “Sorry about that. And we haven’t started drinking yet.” She giggled again, “Thanks for the hold.”

“Cheryl,” he started and hesitated for just a second, “I’ve wanted to hold you since those few minutes of police business in the patrol car. I think you’re a lovely person and a very attractive women. You’ve been on my mind ever since. Hope you don’t mind my saying,” he began to apologise.

“Oh Drew, I never guessed. I don’t mind at all,” and she smiled at him as they walked to the next corner of the corridor. Secretly, deep down inside, where her suppressed emotions lurked, she found herself thinking about his face, his hands, the strength of his support on the stairs, on her waist, his apparently athletic physique. Inside her imagination, she began, “I wonder if he will…” but then she closed down that train of thought.

Later that same evening, after a few drinks and meeting fellow tourists, they walked back towards their cabins. Already, Cheryl had described to Drew her marital history and her alone-ness. And Drew had explained his situation; unmarried, childless, failed friendships; but progressing well in the Police service. This time, Drew deliberately held out his hand at the staircase. Cheryl took it and they walked the rest of the way hand-in-hand. She was happy for the contact and was flattered that this nice man was showing her some special concern – or was it affection? As they reached her cabin, it became clear.

“Cheryl, this may be too soon and too sudden: but I really like you and would like to spend more time with you. You’ve been in my imagination ever since the road incident,” and he looked away as if anticipating her anger or at least a rejection of some kind.

In a moment, in a split second, before she even thought what to reply, Cheryl realised that she needed and wanted some male company; some excitement; closeness and intimacy; and this man seemed pleasant and attentive. So why not?

“Drew, You’re a nice man. I’m very lonely these days. I would be happy for us to spend time together,” then she adopted a theatrical pose with one hand on her hip and affected a London Cockney accent, “Your plice or moin, dawlin?” They both laughed out loud.

Before drew could answer or even react, she said, “Come in here in a few minutes. A girl has to get ready, you know,” and the beaming smiles came again, for both of them. They laughed again and the deal was struck.

She passed Drew her cabin key and he opened the door, to let her in; and handed her the key as she entered.

A few minutes later, he knocked gently on her cabin door and she opened it at once, as if she’s been waiting at the handle. Once inside, she immediately her arms round his neck and pulled him gently downwards towards her face. They kissed, starting with a modest pursed lip meeting which became more relaxed and their faces moved further together. Drew pressed his tongue onto her lips and she opened her mouth, just a little, to allow him to enter her, just a little. For some minutes, Cheryl opened her mouth further and Drew pressed onto her tongue and up behind her front teeth; and to both sides of her molar teeth. And he opened his mouth further so that his tongue was emerging from his throat, not just through his lips. Their faces were joined at big open gaping mouths. In that short time, they were utterly absorbed with each other’s mouths and Cheryl permitted any movement that Drew desired. They breathed together and both their saliva mixed in her mouth since she was shorter than him, and below his “supply.” Meanwhile his hands were feeling over her back, from her shoulders to her bottom and the top of her thighs; and especially her waist, which had attracted him from their first meeting..

Cheryl enjoyed this simple oral gratification and his wandering hands for as long as she could hold onto Drew. It bought back to her memory and her pleasure from being in the arms of a romantic attractive man. She was planning already the next moves and wondered about herself; and her willingness to allow him full liberty in any sex-activity he wanted. “Can I still do it, like I used to?” she asked herself and replied silently in her head, “yes – he can do anything he wants and I’ll take everything.”

While they were still deep kissing, Drew moved his hands round to the sides of her breasts kaynarca escort and pressed them together gently. In response, with one hand Cheryl reached down to his groin and was pleased to feel a growing erection. They separated and she reached up with both hands to unto the top buttons on his polo shirt. Before taking it off, Drew also did the same to her loose shirt; undoing all six buttons, so that it opened to show her bra and her ribs. He pushed to help her take it off and she stood there in her bra bulging with her full breasts. She looked down and recalled to herself that the bra was sized 36C although she was a D-cup, “Hmm, and probably 38-inch band, these days.” she thought.

Drew quickly slipped the polo shirt over his head and showed his chest, smiling broadly and saying, “Why should you show your chest alone? Here’s mine.”

Cheryl reached out and took handfuls of his chest hair, marvelling at the luxurious growth. She looked up into his eyes and giggled, whilst he reached out and took hold of both breasts still in their bra cups. He seemed to be weighing them. “Very, very, very nice Cheryl. You are a beautiful woman. Thank you for letting me come to you.” He was remembering his early craving for this woman, a year before, which he could not show because of professional restrictions.

Drew undid his trouser belt and let them fall to the carpet. He kicked them to one side and kneeled in front of Cheryl, to help take down her shorts. She stepped out of them, revealing her underwear: cuff waist full support briefs which held her belly and buttocks in good shape. Still kneeling, Drew reached up, round her waist, and behind to her buttocks; smoothing his hands over her firmly-held body. He looked up into her eyes, “You are so lovely, Cheryl. I’ve thought of you such a lot over these months; and now here I am with you. I can’t believe it.”

She didn’t respond except to smile into his eyes and swivel her lower torso a little, under his hands, “And you’re an attractive man Drew. I’m lucky to bump into you again after all this time.”

In his imagination, he played with the words “bump into” and hoped that quite soon he would be “bumping” into her in a different way.

Cheryl took one of his hands from behind her bottom and raised Drew, drawing him towards the bed. Together they lay down: she in her tight little shapewear and bra and he in his boxers. She lay back and he reached over her, lying on her as he kissed her again; deep and lingering kisses. His upper hand reached to her breasts and pulled the bra down, across her ribs so that he could feel and fondle her bare breasts. Then he reached his body across and kissed each breast, before taking them into his lips one after the other; nibbling and sucking as his saliva lubricated his ministration.

This was one of the sensations that Cheryl enjoyed more than most and she mewed like a little kitten, which encouraged him further. Drew continued playing with her breasts, and reached his upper hand down over her flattened abdomen until he was holding her vulva through the tight briefs. He pressed his middle finger on the area where he thought her clitoris could be, and was rewarded with more mewing sounds from Cheryl.

After a few minutes, they undressed each other while lying on the bed. The bra and boxers were easy but the ferocious little girdle required Cheryl to lie on her back and raise her pelvis with her legs together and pressing her feet down on the mattress. Drew knelt either side of her feet and reached up to grip the waistband, carefully drawing it over her hips and her buttocks until the little garment slipped over her feet and he dropped it to one side. Of course, at this point, he was perfectly positioned to put his head down to her groin, her labia, clitoris, her opening. And that is what he did; kissing and sucking and gobbling. He took her labia into his lips and through into his mouth; tonguing them and sucking with his saliva dribbling over her body. Moving to her clitoris, he used his knowledge of feminine anatomy to please her, and it worked. After perhaps three or four minutes, her little “Mmmm” sounds increase in volume and changed character until she shuddered with a louder, “Ahhh.” He glanced up to her face and saw that her eyes were close tight but her mouth was wide open. He could see the depth of her mouth and the uvula at the top of her throat. For those seconds, her body went rigid.

After a few moments of recovery, Cheryl reached down to his head and shoulders and urged him to move up her body.

“She wants me on her breasts again,” he thought but he was wrong. She kept pulling on his shoulders and then his chest, until he was kneeling astride of her torso. He realised that she was moving him into an oral position and, sure enough, she opened her mouth wide and pulled his partial erection into herself. The mental image of her open mouth and throat came to him, from a few minutes before. He determined to kozyatağı escort enjoy this woman as much as he could. For a moment, he felt a twinge of guilt: it was 10 hours since he showered and he hoped this erection was not too smelly with dried urine. But Cheryl made no movement or sound to indicate any such problem, so he let it all happen.

Cheryl knew what to do with an erection in her mouth and took it as deep as she could. In fact, Drew’s erection was curved upwards, so that he was running along the top of her mouth. To get deeper, she would need to be lying the other way, so that the curve would run down her throat. However, for some minutes in this position, she continued pumping back and forth and massaging him with her tongue. Drew also was aware of the bend in his erection and made a note to get Cheryl the other way one day soon.

For this moment, his climax was building and he didn’t want to ejaculate so soon. He reached down to hold her head and slowly withdrew from her. She looked up at him with a silent question on her face. He replied softly, “You’re very good but I don’t want to come yet. We have lots of time, yes?”

Cheryl smiled, relaxed her expression and said, “Yes, please.” They grinned at each other as he moved back down her body and she opened her legs. Within a few seconds, she lifted her pelvis slightly as he leaned on the bed, either side of her waist; and he slid into her opening; lubricated as it was already by both their juices.

Drew shagged Cheryl with all the movements and front-facing positions that seemed good for her. He lifted her legs up and held her ankles. She wrapped her legs around his body as he thrusted. Lying on her again, he gripped her legs within his own and somehow kept his erection sliding up into her between her thighs, rubbing her clitoris. It worked wonders as he dropped his body onto hers while thrusting, and kissed her throat as her orgasm built again, until she made the “Ahhh” sound and opened her mouth wide. But it was not a sustainable position for Drew: he knew that his erection was not super-sized. He slid out of her, to lie on her left side with his left hand resting on her mound but not moving, as she recovered again.

It came to Drew’s mind at that moment that they were “unprotected” and he didn’t want to impregnate her. After all, he didn’t know if she took contraceptive medication, did he? His vesicles were full and he could feel the pressure in his groin; the urge to come and empty himself. Then, in what seemed to be a telepathic moment, Drew was thinking how to empty his semen into her without risk when Cheryl spoke his worries and he was relieved, “We mustn’t make me pregnant . We have ways, don’t we?” She giggled and winked to suggest, “You just watch me.”

At that moment, outside in the corridor, the ship’s notification system pinged four times, which guests had been told would indicate a meal time. Cheryl and Drew looked at each other and smiled.

“Hungry?” he asked and she replied, “A little. Don’t eat too much my lovely man. I shall want you back again.”

Drew was of the same mind and kissed her; first on her lips, then both breasts and then on the bottom edge of her soft-hairy mound near her clitoris.

They got off the bed, wiped each other with the face towel in the shower room, dressed and went together for dinner. During the meal, they simply could not avoid touching each other. On the arm, on the shoulder, nudging with elbows, touching their knees together. Drew and Cheryl both knew that something special had started, and looked forward to the rest of the night.


An hour later, they were back in bed. of course. On the way back to her cabin, Drew had asked if he could brush his teeth in his cabin and that was agreed. After all, a little personal hygiene is good for friendships, isn’t it?

She gave him her key and he let her in, handing back the key as before. A few minutes later, he returned to her.

In fact, after using it, he brought to Cheryl’s cabin the pulse unit of his battery-operated toothbrush. It had a new battery and provided a good buzz which he thought might be nice for her. He hid it carefully under a pillow, hoping to keep it a secret.

They cuddled and played with each other’s bodies for a some time: maybe 15 minutes. Time goes quickly when you’re enjoying yourself, doesn’t it?

“I’ll be careful as I can, but I’m bursting to come, yes?” he smiled and giggled so as not to make it seem a big issue.

“I’ll find a way to please us both,” she replied and got off the bed to go to her dressing table. She returned with a small white jar, the label of which Drew just managed to glance before she opened it and dipped her fingers into the creamy contents. It was moisturiser and Cheryl daubed a big dollop of it between her legs. Drew found this curious because she seemed very well lubricated already with her own juices.

Cheryl put the jar on the side table and gave him a wide smile, whilst raising her eyebrows; as if to say silently, “Try this, instead.”

Drew realised she had greased her bottom and he got the message. Cheryl rolled over and then kneeled up to a doggy-shag position for him. Drew was pleased at her naughty-but-thoughtful approach and his erection stiffened some more. By now, his vesicles were bursting inside him; crying out for ejaculation.

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