Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 18

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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed and sought after! Last part.


Cynthia took her nephew out again the next day under the pretense of it being a reward for his behavior up until now. The truth was that she wanted him to get used to dressing in lingerie more often. First, she took him to get his nails done again, this time a neon pink. No one seemed to question that a woman nearly thirty was taking an obviously gay male into various changing rooms over the afternoon. Nicholas ended up with several pairs of stockings and garter belts from sleek and sexy to frilly and effeminate.

She even had him remove his shirt, admiring his chest tattoo, an explosion of bright colors with “Queer” written in a bold cursive, almost flowery script. There was a unicorn horn pointing upwards as well on each side of the word. The roses trailed up the length of his arm, a twisting thing all red and green. She made sure to buy him a few bras as well, because some of his partners would like it, and even a few negligees. Only one of the sales women had batted and eye brow at the whole thing, and Cynthia had been quick to explain that Nicholas enjoyed crossdressing on occasion. Nicholas barely even blushed at comments like these anymore, but couldn’t make eye contact.

She took him to her home, she explained she needed to educate him a little bit on what some of the men she was going to find for him on the fetish websites would require. Nicholas shuddered at the thought of it, but once they were in her house, to his horror, he began to find himself intrigued. What more could his aunt put him through? They went through his new pretty clothing, and settled on a pair of light purple sheer stockings with a matching pair of dark panties, with matching garter belt. She left the bra off for now, so when she took pictures for his profile they were all clearly visible.

She turned on her computer, and she and Nicholas each had a joint. She wanted him a bit relaxed for the next part. She had an entire list of various fetish videos for him to watch. Men in leather fucking submissive young looking men. Sissies that were permanently locked up or in diapers. He watched with rapt attention as one muscular guy had a sissy rim him before spraying his face with urine. She showed him a video of a sissy whose cage was welded shut, wearing lingerie similar to his. Nicholas had been aware of some of these things, yet he’d never really thought about them much. Now, they were very much on his mind. His aunt had warned him against getting off yet, and instead paused the video. She took some time to put a little make up on him, just a touch of eyeliner, and a little bit of lipstick. “There, now you look just the part!”

She resumed her selection of videos, and would remind him not to get off. Then, she’d make a comment about whatever was on the screen, “Look at that guy mark him, make him his bitch. Don’t you want to feel that?”, “That guy has to be at least fifty five. His beard is all gray, but he’s got that daddy look about him. Isn’t that the kind of guy you like?”, or “That boy could be you. He certainly seems to love things in his ass. That is a fine collection of dildos. You might end up like him, a little “wider” down there, shall we say.”

Nicholas sat there, his aunt sitting on the bed nearby, and him at the computer. The videos went on for over an hour, and they had both had a second joint. Nicholas was rarely horny for hours on end, and everything felt good right now. Some part of him realized that this was more conditioning, but his penis didn’t care, it felt too good. He was enjoying the feeling of the lingerie against his skin that rubbed against him as he played with himself. The previous days feelings of shame and abject humiliation were fresh but being drowned out by his current predicament. He would look in the mirror from time to time, almost as if to confirm that this was real. Even his face was slightly different with the makeup, more attractive.

Cynthia wanted him aroused, wanted his brain to connect arousal and the imagery she was feeding him. He was already used to craving new lows to achieve new orgasmic highs, she had carved that into him. He watched young men being spanked and spat on, wondering what it would be like. He had to let go of his penis completely, a growing wet spot in his panties, and pull on his nipple rings for fear of cumming before his aunt said it was alright.

She paused the videos, looking Nicholas over, nodding to herself. He was as putty in her hands as he could be, his lust written across his face plainly. “Good, you have that horny i-need-a-cock-now faggot look going on. We’re going to make a nice little introduction video for your profile.” She said, pulling out her phone and opening the camera app. “You know, gebze escort just introduce yourself, and you are very new to the scene, and it’d be nice if you could get some cum to brush your teeth with. Just remember, you’re trying to get these guys interested in you, so smile, try and turn them on, and be honest.” Nicholas took a breath, nodding.

She had him move over to the bed, and he climbed on the center, on his knees. She got the whole thing in the camera’s lens, looking at the image of her nephew: an utter and complete sissy faggot. She rubbed herself a bit, nodding at Nicholas, and filming.

“Uh… Hi, I’m Nicky.” He started. He remembered to smile, “I’m kind of new to this stuff, and I’m looking for some men to use me.” He paused, unsure of what to say. He had a good idea of how to flirt with men now, but his experience with this area was somewhat lacking. Could he really admit that after the past few hours, he did indeed want another man to urinate on him?

Before he could continue, Cynthia put down the phone. “You’re going to have to do better than that. Let’s practice.” She said. She opened a drawer and pulled at thicker seven inch black dildo and a bottle of lube, motioning for her nephew to get on his hands and knees, facing the mirror. She covered the length of the dildo with lube, before placing it at the tip of his ass hole. “I think you’ll do better with something in your ass. Don’t you?” she asked. She didn’t wait for his affirmative response, she just lowered his panties and started working it in, slowly. She hadn’t done this in quite a while. His head was spinning from the weed, and the familiar sensation of his ass being spread and the two hours of edging to gay fetish porn had him surprised that he didn’t simply cum the instant he felt something sliding into him.

“I think it’s so adorable how you squirm when a nice mushroom headed cock is knocking on your back door.” She said as she slipped it in a couple of inches and stopping. “So, would you prefer to have a guy use your face like a urinal or would you rather just drink it? I think we saw videos of both!”

Nicholas panted, trying to put together a response. He tried to collect himself, but his aunt had started to rotate the dildo a little to the left, a little more to the right. “I’d rather be peed on, I think.” She continued rotating the dildo, slowly and further each time, “Oh, I’m sure you can do better than that. You can be honest, these guys are there for sissy faggots like you. Try again.”

“I’d rather be pissed on… on my face.” He said, trying not to flinch. She pushed the dildo a bit further in and Nicholas groaned, and she stopped again. Perhaps she had liked that, he thought. “I want a guy to piss all over my face, so I can’t even blink, then smack me with his cock. Then he can cum on my face too. That’s what I’d prefer.” Nicholas finished with a huff, as his aunt pushed even more of the dildo up his anal passage. His ass tried to clamp down on it, and it just kept going.

Cynthia continued to question him, rewarding his good responses with more dildo up his ass, more motion, pulling back when he tried to hump it in further. He proudly stated his desire to be treated like a pitiful object to be used for any man’s urges. He professed his desire to fulfill any perverted urge they could imagine for him. He offered to wear anything they wanted him to, but he definitely enjoyed crossdressing. The whole while, she would please his ass and remind him to smile differently, how to focus a guy’s attention.

Eventually she left him plugged in, and picked her camera back up and started filming. Nicholas strung all the pieces together. He had been leaking cum for a while, and he desperately wanted his aunt to finish him off as he remembered to add that he was certainly interested in finding a daddy to use him. By the time he was done and she was satisfied with his performance, he was virtually panting.

She got on the bed behind him, wet noises coming from between her thighs. She grabbed the base of the dildo stuck in her nephew’s ass, very conscious as she leaned over him and slowly built up a rhythm with the dildo. Nicholas was not used to any touch from her, it was as if she was fucking him. She leaned down closer to him, plunging the dildo as far in as she could, until she couldn’t push anymore, and slipped her fingers into his hair, pulling his head up so he could see in the mirror:

“This is who you are now, Nicky. Do you like it?” she asked. “Yes!” he barked out. He knew he wouldn’t last longer. She twisted slowly, “Do you really? You don’t just look like a homo fetish freak, you really are one now. It’s not just an act. You look like what you actually are: an extremely gay sissy faggot who likes wearing women’s clothing. I bet you can’t even look at a man without imagining having gay sex with him.”

Nicholas lost it, his orgasm over taking him as his aunt kept him nice and full. Seeing the whole göztepe escort thing, his aunt’s touch, the joy of having his ass full had him spewing cum onto the bed, several lengthy ropes pooling into a puddle. Cynthia slowly removed the dildo, and when she let go of his hair, Nicholas collapsed. He rolled over onto his back, still shivering. Cynthia smiled down at him, wiping the dildo off on Nicholas’ cheeks.

“Well, I think I can definitely use that to find you some new friends.” She laughed kindly as she said it. Even after his orgasm, the idea sounded just fine to him. He was concerned she would have men lined up for him instantly but it was finals for him, and considering none of his TAs had approached him sexually, he was rather concerned and eager to finish.

“Oh, that’s right. I had almost forgotten, I was so eager to help you build your reputation. Don’t worry about it, it’ll take some time to screen these guys for you.” She said, and Nicholas looked relieved. “But you-” she started, and he stopped her “Yeah, I know. I’ll still be making myself available. I want to.” He said, and Cynthia gave a little clap, “Such a wonderful little fairy. I knew that. But I think you should get used to some of the things you’ll be doing, so I’ll be sending you some nice gay fetish porn to masturbate to, every day, ok?” Nicholas nodded. While he disliked losing control over the porn he watched, he had been extremely excited but this afternoon, and probably would’ve looked it up on his own.

Nicholas found that he was so used to constantly having penises in his holes that his week of finals required a string of “study breaks”. No alcohol or marijuana this week, he wanted to make sure he was done with school once and for all. He would study, and get horny and look at whatever homosexual fetish porn she sent him. Those orgasms were often lacking to him, without stimulation to his ass. He had to admit that both physically and emotionally, he was addicted to it. He proceeded to feed his addiction several times a day, he had a wide network of gay fuck friends a text message away that were always willing to use him as a cum receptacle. He would browse Grindr and the “m4m” section of Craigslist, wondering about what kind of guy he could meet. He even found himself looking for lingerie online, looking up make up tutorials on Youtube. Somehow, school seemed very unimportant next to all of this, but that would be over this Friday.

And that is what Cynthia waited for. She had been taking care of all Nicholas’ needs, the one’s she had forced on him as well as his financial needs. She had known that wasn’t something she could sustain indefinitely, that her nephew’s needs would have to feed off themselves. She had done a good job of that, but there was still a final piece to put in place.

She went to see Nicholas that Saturday morning. On her way down the hall to his apartment, she saw the door open and two young men walk out casually, and smiled to herself. It seemed her nephew had found a way to celebrate last evening. She paused for a moment, before knocking on his door. He let her in, and she could see he had been active this morning as well: there was some drying cum on his cheek and partially down his neck, a relatively fresh sample.

She had him sit down on the couch, still completely naked and took her phone out of her purse, before dropping it beside him. She fiddled with it, turning the voice recording on and putting it down near him. “I believe congratulations are in order. Both on graduating and building such an impressive reputation in so short a time.” Nicholas shrugged awkwardly, and she could see several bite marks on his neck, and one of his nipples was far darker than usual. “So, have you thought about what you’ll be doing now?” she asked him.

“I… don’t know? I guess I’ll look for a job or something eventually.” He said.

“Well, I can’t take care of you forever. What did you study again?” she asked in her regular tone. Nicholas looked down, “Business, you know that. But, the apart-” he responded before she cut him off “Oh, don’t worry about that, that’ll stay the same for a while. But you need to be able to be self-sufficient, take care of yourself, y’know?” and he nodded, “Sure.” Not quite certain where this was going.

“So, do you know anyone who’d hire you?” and Nicholas shook his head. “OK, well there goes that. Do you know anyone who would hire anyone like you? When’s the last time you saw a blatant sissy fag working anywhere? Oh, I’m sure you could be some executive’s “personal assistant”, who you could assist with your holes. That’s a job though, not a career. But, you could maybe be your own boss.” She hinted slyly.

Nicholas casually massaged his penis. His ass was a bit sore from the guys from last night, and he thought some cum was leaking out of him onto the couch. Cynthia went on, “So, that video of you, you know the one I put online? It’s been getting a lot of halkalı escort views. Seems the Internet liked what they saw. And then it hit me! You could have quite the career in gay porn. You love gay sex, all different types of guys make you horny, you’ve already been on camera. Plus, you really seem to be enjoying some of those gay fetish videos you’ve been looking at. That’s quite a niche you could fill there, Nicky.” She said

Nicholas continued massaging himself, knowing if he started with his fist, he wouldn’t last long. Odd as it was, he was more used to sex with men now, it had become so common and these sessions with his aunt were rarer and incredibly potent. “Niche?” he asked.

Cynthia nodded at him, “Yep! Think of it this way: I completely homosexualized you, didn’t I?” she asked. Nicholas knew enough to play along, but it was the thought that it wasn’t really playing if it was real, and it most definitely was and had been for a quite a while now.

“You did.”

“So much that every chance I gave you, you wanted me to take you further. You could’ve stopped really, at any time. Sure, I never would’ve let you fuck me, and you’d have to get a new job, but you could have. Except, you didn’t. So I made sure you’d never be able to get it up for any woman. That actually is too late to stop. You could walk away right now, but on top of being so small dicked, you can’t even be aroused by a woman anymore. Nope, no choice there, not anymore.” She said.

“But I made sure it was more than that. You didn’t want to stop, so I just keep taking you farther. It was really funny, and I had some great orgasms from it! Any random guy can feel shame over some gay sex, but you… Sure, you still feel all that yummy humiliation and shame. But you also genuinely like men now, don’t you?” she asked whimsically.

Nicholas’ heart was pounding. In that moment, he thought to himself “The only thing that’d make this better would be if I had a cock in me.”, and hated himself for getting harder. He was well aware of how much she must be getting off on this, and by now his mind was more than capable of filling in the blanks she was giving him. He found it difficult to look at her, looked down, felt like he shouldn’t dare look at her breasts, and ended up looking to the side. “I do. Liking guys makes me gay. I like their dicks in my mouth and ass and all over my body, and that makes me a faggot. I love pleasing them, making them smile, making them feel good. A cute guy will turn my head so easily. I try not to stare sometimes. I’m definitely a bottom. The way it feels as a new guy slides inside me is so, so good.” He said.

Cynthia slowly nodded at him, not expecting that much out of her nephew. For a moment, she didn’t have words. Nicholas was still having difficulty looking at her, and he seemed to be breathing heavily, each breath filling the room. “That’s good to hear, baby. I had to make you fully gay. The shame and humiliation are nice and addictive. More than usual, because maybe you looked at some gay porn before, but you liked women. You wanted all the normal guy stuff too, you were basically as straight as a tire iron, which I bent, like your orientation, all the way to gay. That was pretty early on, I bet. Maybe that day in the gay restaurant and your little massage experience. I could’ve stopped then, and well, things would’ve been different. Like, you’d probably have had less cocks in you, if I’d stopped there. I liked it so much, there was just no way I could stop. I wanted you to be one of those fruity queer fairy boys. I mean, look at you now. You’re more of a sissy fag than practically anyone in those little captions you seem to like so much. And I know, some of those men I set you up with weren’t exactly to your own tastes, but you know that a sissy faggot has to take what he can get, y’know?” she queried him.

Nicholas was looking at her now, but keeping his eyes downcast. She had done it again, made his penis so hard it wasn’t even throbbing, it was just rock hard and sore. Cynthia noticed, walking over and getting one of his dildos out, dropping it in his lap. Nicholas held it familiarly now, sliding down the couch a bit and spreading his legs. His ass was slick from being coated in semen just recently, so he slowly slid it in. His penis stuck straight out of his hips several inches, his small sack below was full. He slowly slipped it in further. This one had a slight curve to it, and it snuggled just right in just right, making it easy for him to find the right spot. His eyes closed and rolled back for a moment, a smile on his lips. “I do know. I know they’re all better than me. I know I can’t be picky, but sometimes it’s hard. Some were so old! But their balls all smell yummy to me, and I want them in my mouth. They make me feel so good, the cocks, and then I liked the men! I mean, I really, really liked them! I know what you made me, so I don’t know if I had a choice. I’m super gay, I enjoy all this gay sex and men kissing me, and I want them to shove their tongues down my throat. But then I get harder when they can see what a faggot I am, when they just use me. Sometimes it’s almost like I want to cry, but then I feel good and I start cumming so much. I told you I’d be a good gayboy, and now I like all this fucked up kinky stuff…” he trailed off.

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