Never That Bold Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Just a flash story. A dark and sordid little flash story, not to be taken too seriously.


Michael Bae marched back and forth in front of his first period Earth Sciences class. He pointed to Lee Phillips.

“The diamond is an example of what type of rock?” he asked the eighteen year old boy.

And of course the boy looked stricken, a deer caught in the headlights.

And of course, Becky Ladner had her hand up.

“Mr. Phillips, a diamond? Carbon, under extreme pressure?” he snapped. “Yes, Ms. Ladner.”

“A diamond is metamorphic,” Becky said smugly.

“Correct; and who can name another metamorphic rock?” Michael asked.

It was his first year of teaching at L.B. Johnson High School in Great Oaks, Texas. The Johnson Jaguars were a formidable opponent on the football field, in boys and girls basketball, in softball and baseball and in volleyball.

But academically, they were at the bottom of the heap in Oakleaf County. Dr. Bonham had lobbied the powerful Teachers Union and had been given permission to replace one fourth of the teaching staff. With that kind of leniency, she’d removed the worst of the worst and hired five new teachers.

And Mr. Bae had set many female students and female teachers’ hearts fluttering when he strode into class that first morning. At twenty eight years of age, he wasn’t much older than some of the students, and a little younger than the majority of the teachers. He stood at five feet, ten inches, and had rippling muscles, which he emphasized in form fitting shirts and snug slacks. His blonde hair was cut close to the scalp, and his green eyes peered out of a broad, tanned face.

“That has got to be a sock,” Deidre Dumella declared to Becky Ladner, looking directly at Mr. Bae’s crotch.

One moment after the second buzzer sounded, Michael Bae closed the door and took control of the class. He knew his hands were tied in some respects; he could not physically strike any of these students, he could not curse them, he could barely defend himself should one or more decide to physically attack him. So his best bet was to get straight to the point and let them know he was in charge.

Now, nearly halfway through October, these students knew Mr. Bae meant business.

And, nearly halfway through October, Michael Bae was tired of giving Hiscock brush burns. Whoever designated the dress code for LBJ High School had either been blind or a pervert. Much of what the students wore would have been better suited for the beach than the classroom.

And some of the girls in his classes had made sure Michael Bae was in a constant state of arousal.

Right now, as he took his seat to call out that they were having a Pop Quiz, which made many of the students groan, Deidre sat with her legs spread, showing him that she’d had shaved that morning. April Moony was also demonstrating that red was indeed her natural hair color and that she was also aroused. She smiled when Michael looked at her cute little freckled face.

He recited the five questions at the end of the chapter, the chapter they’d been assigned to read that week. From the number of ‘What’ and ‘What does that mean’ that he’d heard, Michael could tell that most of the students had not read the chapter.

“Read the chapter, ladies and gentlemen,” he said as the buzzer sounded.

“Mr. Bae, do you want the quizzes?” Becky called out.

“No, I want you to take these home, and right the correct answers on the back of the paper and bring it back tomorrow,” he stated. “Again, Ladies and Gentlemen, read the chapter.”

His fifth period Chemistry class wasn’t much easier. Terry Tisdale was overly endowed; Michael had heard Ms. Fine telling Mrs. Ortega that the girl’s bra size was a thirty four E. And Terry wore tank tops most of the time. And she liked to lean forward quite a bit.

“Gravity,” Mr. Cyan, Mr. Cyanide as many of the students called the Mathematics teacher, had suggested.

Deanna Cahn did not have as large a chest as Terry, but she did have a nice set of breasts. And the African-American girl was also quite pretty. She too seemed to forget undergarments quite a bit and also favored short skirts. The sight of her dark pink pussy lips peeking out from her small triangle of black curls kept Michael seated safely behind his desk for much of the fifth period.

“Fuck; they’re all over eighteen, right?” Dwayne Upjohn, Michael Bae’s best, and only friend had said in his latest email. “Fail them. And when they come to you, whining and wanting to know how they can get a better grade, you pull out that two inch cock of yours.”

“You practice law in the great state of Texas?” Michael had responded. “Coercion is considered a form of rape.”

“Pesky laws,” Dwayne had responded. “Really know how to ruin a good time.”

Friday, Michael passed out the test that covered the materials in Chapters Eight through Eleven and then sat back in his chair and watched April Moony’s B Gaziantep Anal Escort cup breasts in her snug tee shirt.

Deidre caught his attention away from the faint glimpse of April’s nipples through the thin material and Michael looked over. He could clearly see that she was cheating off of Becky Ladner’s test and that Becky was also aware of this and allowing it to happen.

With an audible sigh that caused more than one student to look up, Michael got to his feet.

“Thank you, Ms. Dumella, Ms. Ladner,” he said, taking their tests from them. “You both may go wait in the library until your next class.”

“But Mr. Bae…” Becky began to protest.

“Thank you, you may go now,” Michael said, returning to his seat. “I would like to see both of you at five minutes after three this afternoon. That will be all.”

Becky burst into tears as Deidre angrily slammed her way out of the classroom. Sobbing, Becky gathered her books and slowly walked out of the classroom.

As each student brought their tests forward, Michael quietly instructed them to start reading Chapter 12.

April was among the last to bring her test forward and was clearly perturbed.

“Problem, Ms. Moony?” Michael quietly asked the girl.

“I… I guess I need to study more,” she said dejectedly.

“Be here at five after three; we’ll see what we can do,” Michael said and the girl’s smile lighted her whole face.

The buzzer sounded and Michael looked over April’s test as the classroom cleared out. It was clear the girl was stymied by most of the material, just didn’t grasp the nature of the questions.

News of Ms. Ladner and Ms. Dumella being caught cheating spread like wildfire; Michael did not have any trouble in the remaining six classes.

At three precisely, Becky came into his classroom. Her face was still splotchy; obviously the girl had cried more than once that day. Two minutes later, April came scurrying into the class.

“Ms. Moony, I’ll deal with you first,” Michael said, pointing to the chair that sat next to his desk.

Quietly, he talked with April, leaning close and looking into her light brown eyes. The answers she gave made it clear; the girl wasn’t stupid, but she did not know how to study. She didn’t know how to take notes, didn’t know what was important and what was not.

“Ms. Moony, this is going to take a little more time than I have right now,” Michael said, smiling to encourage the girl.

“I can come by tomorrow; I got fired from Taco Bell last week,” April suggested.

“Why’d you, how in the world does anyone get fired from Taco Bell?” Michael asked, almost amused.

“Stealing money out the register,” April blushed hotly.

“Fine, I will meet you here tomorrow, hmm, ten work for you?” Michael suggested.

“Thanks, Mr. Bae,” April smiled and scampered out of the room. Michael sat in stony silence, staring at Becky. The girl’s eyes began to water again. Still, Michael just sat and stared at the chubby girl.

Becky would be quite pretty, probably gorgeous if she’d just shed seventy, eighty pounds. She had a sweet, round face, reddish-blondish hair, a ‘Strawberry’ blonde, pale skin, even in sunbaked Texas, and full pouty lips. Her teeth were straight, white when she smiled, which she wasn’t doing right now. Her eyes were a light blue, large, innocent looking eyes.

At ten minutes after three, Deidre sullenly came in.

“That will be all, Deidre; you’ve failed for the year,” Michael said. “Have a nice day and enjoy that extra hour of sleep every morning, okay?”

“What?” Deidre screamed, clearly horrified.

Now it was her turn to cry. Michael sat, unmoved.

Becky lurched to her feet and ran to hug the popular classmate, to comfort her. Deidre, who held the fat girl in contempt, who had only pretended to be the girl’s friend so that she could cheat off her papers, screamed and shoved the girl away.

“Get the fuck away from me, fat ass pig,” she cried.

Becky stepped back, stunned.

“Charming,” Michael said. “Again, Deidre, you may go. Ms. Ladner, take a seat.”

“But why?” Deidre sobbed.

“I said ‘five minutes after three,’ didn’t I? Obviously, you decided to test that. Well, you did test my authority, and you failed,” Michael said flatly.

He swiveled to face Becky.

“Ms. Ladner, I take cheating very, very seriously,” Michael said.

“But I wasn’t cheating,” Becky protested.

“No ma’am, you were not,” Michael conceded. “But you were making it possible for Deidre to cheat. That, Ms. Ladner, makes you an accessory to the cheating, a partner in crime.”

“Mr. Bae, please, I’m sorry,” Deidre whimpered, approaching the man’s desk.

“I am too, young lady,” Michael said, almost sincerely. “I had high hopes for you.”

“Please, Mr. Bae, I’ll do anything,” she begged.

“Ms. Ladner, you had planned on going to college?” Michael asked, peering around Deidre.

“Yes sir,” the girl whispered, eyes wide. “Emory, in Atlanta.”

“Think they’d be interested in having a girl that lets the popular kids cheat off of her?” Michael asked as Deidre continued to whine.

“No!” Becky’s eyes were wide as his words sank in. “Mr. Bae, please! Please don’t. I’ll…”

“Deidre,” he snapped. “I already told you, you’ve failed this class. Now please leave; I’m talking with Ms. Ladner.”

“No, no, please Mr. Bae, please,” the girl begged, beginning to hiccough.

“You,” Michael said, pointing to Becky. “You had planned on going to college.”

“Yes sir; I’ve already applied,” Becky whispered.

Deidre collapsed into the chair next to Michael’s desk.

Her mother had told her just that morning, she was tired of Deidre’s attitude, was tired of her daughter treating her house like a rest stop, just a place to keep her clothes. She had threatened that if Deidre didn’t shape up, she’d be shipped out, shipped off to live wither father in Houston.

But Deidre’s father was living with a black woman and the black woman’s four sons. The oldest was twenty eight and the youngest was nineteen, and all four of them made Deidre’s skin crawl, the way they were always looking at her and rubbing their packages.

“And you, can you even spell ‘college?'” Michael sneered at Deidre as she moaned piteously.

“Yes sir,” Deidre whimpered. “Registered at Connelly Community College, in Oakleaf.”

“Don’t think they’ll be much interested in a girl that cheats her way through school. You?” Michael asked.

“No sir,” Deidre admitted.

“Now, there is something I’ve always wanted to see, but was never that bold to ask,” Michael said as he got to his feet.

“What’s that, Mr. Bae?” Becky asked, seeing a glimmer of hope.

“Even when I was in college, I had this girlfriend, said she loved me and asked me if I had any fantasies,” Michael said, beginning to march back and forth, much as he did when lecturing the class. “But, again, I was just too chicken to ask.”

Deidre sat numbly in the cold metal chair, not really listening to Mr. Bae.

“I’ve always wanted to watch two girls doing it, you know, eating each other out,” Michael said and stopped in front of Becky’s desk.

The girl gasped, horrified.

Yes, she had a crush on Deidre, with her long dirty blonde hair and perfect slender body and her wild attitude. And Becky had often masturbated to thoughts of kissing Deidre, even of playing with Deidre’s breasts.

Deidre sat straight up and swiveled to stare at Mr. Bae.

“You what?” Deidre asked.

“How about it?” Michael asked. “You two eat each other out, I forget about this little incident, Emory doesn’t hear of it, Connelly doesn’t hear of it, everyone’s happy.”

“I’ll fuck you, Mr. Bae,” Deidre offered. “I’ll even let you fuck me up the ass.”

“Believe it or not, Ms. Dumella, I have fucked pretty girls before, even fucked their asses,” Michael said. “But I’ve never seen two girls doing it, other than in porn.”

“You want us like, naked?” Becky asked.

“That’s the idea,” Michael said, enjoying the discomfort, the indecision on the two girls’ faces.

Garrett Pennington had been the younger brother of Valerie Pennington. Valerie had been a classmate of Michael’s and had delighted in tormenting Michael. She’d even had one of her boyfriends beat Michael up when Michael called her a bitch.

Valerie had thought she ruled McKenna High School in Bender, Florida. And Garrett had thought the same thing. He was a handsome young man, captain of the swim team and all the girls swooned over him.

And he had a smug, superior attitude and thought he was immune to consequences.

Michael had thoroughly enjoyed punking Garrett. He had failed the boy on a Chemistry test; the boy had failed legitimately, scoring a ’39’ on it.

But that pulled the eighteen year old boy’s overall grade in the class to a fifty seven.

“But I have, we have a meet this Saturday!” Garrett had whined.

“And you forgot to ask me if I care,” Michael had smiled.

He had enjoyed teaching the boy how to suck his cock, even how to deep throat him. And Michael had noticed, the whole time Garrett had sucked his cock, Barrett’s cock was rock hard.

And when Michael bent the boy over his desk and wormed his fat cock up Garrett’s virgin ass, the boy had screamed and ejaculated all over the top of the desk.

Michael had enjoyed that episode, but knew he would enjoy this one even more. Becky slowly got to her feet and began to unbutton her blouse.

“I fucking hate you,” Deidre spat as she pulled her blouse off.

“Ask me if I care,” Michael smiled, admiring Becky’s large breasts.

Her nipples were a very pale pink and actually looked small against such large globes.

Then Becky closed her eyes tightly and wiggled out of her jeans, exposing a light red, almost pink thatch of pubic hair that covered her pronounced pubic mound.

“Where?” Becky whispered, Unable to open her eyes.

“Here, my desk is a lot cleaner than that floor,” Michael suggested.

Becky did open her eyes to lumber toward the desk as Michael quickly removed his books and briefcase from its surface. She looked over at Deidre, who was blushing hotly and wouldn’t look at anything or anyone.

“Oh, you shave…” Becky said.

“Fucking don’t look at it!” Deidre protested. “Come on, let’s just get this over with!”

“Here, Becky, you’re a little heavier,” Michael said. “So, why don’t you lay on your back?”

“A little?” Deidre scoffed, still blushing hotly.

Becky did and fought the urge to cover both pubic area and breasts.

“Need to spread those legs,” Michael said as he pulled his chair around to the other side of the desk. “Here, Deidre, use the chair to get on the desk.”

Deidre did and Michael smirked. Her inner lips were beginning to plump up and were already beginning to moisten.

“Oh!” Becky gasped when Deidre bent her head and gave Becky’s slit a quick lick.

“Come on, start licking,” Deidre ordered and Becky opened her eyes and looked at Deidre’s hairless mound.

She tilted her head forward and gave Deidre’s pussy a tentative lick. That did not kill her so she gave it a second lick.

“God damn, that’s not a sock in there, Deidre said as she saw Michael pull out his hard cock and begin to stroke it.

She bent down and licked up and down Becky’s pussy, then found Becky’s fat clitoris and sucked on it, then tried to force her tongue into Becky’s pussy.

She told herself, the quicker she brought the disgusting pig off, the sooner this would be over.

Deidre told herself, she wasn’t enjoying licking and sucking the fat bitch’s slightly musky tasting pussy. It was Becky’s fat tongue licking at her pussy that had her squirming.

Becky even gave Deidre’s anus a few swipes with her fat tongue before again concentrating on Deidre’s bald pussy.

Michael was the first to come, spurting a heavy load into his handkerchief.

Becky then screamed and shook in orgasm as Deidre sucked and licked her fat clitoris. Then Deidre gave a guttural grunt and squirted her orgasm on Becky’s face.

The two girls lay, Deidre’s full weight on top of Becky, grunting and gasping.

“Here, Ms. Dumella, let me help you,” Michael said and helped the girl off the other girl, off the desk.

“Now,” he said, helping Becky off the desk. “You, Ms. Dumella, please sit at this desk. Ms. Ladner, go sit in your usual seat.”

He took the tests he’d taken away from them that morning out of his briefcase. He then placed Becky’s test in front of a still hotly blushing Becky and Deidre’s test in front of the glaring girl.

“Do the test, without cheating off of each other. I’ll add the scores together and divide by two and that’s your score; fair enough?” Michael said.

“Yes sir,” both girls agreed.

“Mr. Bae, can I at least get dressed?” Becky asked. “This seat’s cold!”

“No, no, kind of like looking at you like that,” he admitted.

For the next twenty three minutes, the girls sat and completed the test.

Deidre finished first and brought the test to his desk.

“Now, can I get dressed?” she hissed.

“Not until Becky does,” Michael said.

Becky finished and both girls gratefully put their clothes back on while he quickly tallied their scores.

“Becky?” Deidre whispered, approaching the girl.

“What?” Becky spat at her.

She really had thought Deidre had liked her. She had hoped that they would be best friends forever. They’d stay in touch, even though they were worlds apart during college. They’d spend Spring Break together. They’d spend Christmases together. Even if marriage pulled them apart, they’d always keep in touch, always have a place in each other’s lives.

Deidre’s rejection really stung, really tore at her heart.

“I am so sorry,” Deidre admitted.

She then shocked Becky by leaning over, hugging the girl’s neck and kissing her on her lips.

“Ms. Dumella, you did an eighty six,” Michael announced as Deidre returned to her seat.

“That’s with both our scores added together?” Becky asked, heart plummeting.

This would be the first ‘B’ she’d made in her entire scholastic career.

“No, that’s what she made. On her own,” Michael said.

“But an eighty six’s a…” Deidre said.

“It’s a ‘B,’ Ms. Dumella. It’s a passing grade, a good passing grade,” Michael said.

“In other words, Ms. Dumella, there was no need for you to cheat off of Ms. Ladner,” he said. “And Ms. Ladner, you scored a perfect one hundred, so if I average out…”

“No, Mr. Bae, let her have her one hundred and I’ll just take my eighty six,” Deidre said.

He nodded and wrote the scores into his green binder.

“Now, you have a way home?” he asked them and they both shook their head.

“Come on,” he said, urging them out of the classroom.

“I really am sorry,” Deidre said again and grabbed Becky’s hand.

She did not let go of Becky’s hand until they reached the truck.

In front of Becky’s house, Deidre again squeezed Becky’s hand, and kissed the girl again, directly on her lips.

“Thank you, Mr. Bae,” Deidre said when Mr. Bae pulled in front of her house.

“Welcome,” he said and smiled when she kissed him on his cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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