New Beginnings

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This is an original story. All similarities between the characters in the story and real-life are completely unintentional and is simply a coincidence. Feedback is appreciated.


The baseball park in the town of Bellevue was filled with excitement and anticipation from the throngs of children running around the grounds. Opening Day always brought out these feelings from the kids; finally they were able to get back outside after the winter’s snow was all melted away. For the start of baseball season, it has always been customary for the town to have a celebration to begin the season. All the players from the different teams and age groups would gather at the town’s baseball park and every player would get a chance to be introduced in front of the many parents, grandparents, siblings and the rest of the relatives that showed up in support.

It was also a great day for the parents to catch up with each other after the long winter. One could see the different groups of men and women standing around in circles of various sizes; the women bragging about the latest escapades or accomplishments of their children, each doting mother trying to outdo the others’ stories. The men would be there too but their conversations tended to be along the lines of how the local football team performed the previous year or how the baseball team would do this year.

The entire scene had a festival-like atmosphere; the concession stand was busy grilling burgers and hot dogs, there was a dunk tank set up on top of home plate on one of the Little League fields trying to raise money for charity and everyone was admiring the brand new scoreboard that was donated for the park by one of the local storeowners in town.

For Rachel Niles, the event was a little overwhelming. This was her first experience as a parent dealing with an event like Opening Day and she was a little apprehensive about it. Rachel and her seven-year-old son Marcus had only moved to Bellevue in January, which was thankfully just in time to sign Marcus up for his favorite sport. This was an absolute necessity in Rachel’s eyes. Moving her and her son halfway across the country happened extremely quickly; it was quite an ordeal for the two of them so Rachel knew she needed to normalize her son’s life after what they had been through.

Marcus, on the other hand, was simply amazed with the atmosphere. He gazed around with wonderment at all the sights and sounds that were around the park. He had never seen anything like this before. Marcus was wearing his new baseball uniform, complete with small plastic cleats, kid-size baseball glove and a red baseball cap that came down over his ears. Excitedly, he was trying to drag Rachel faster toward the festivities. After walking around the park for a few minutes and asking for help, they finally arrived at the makeshift check-in area that was used to organize all of the players and ensure that everyone was there. The man at the desk and looked up and smiled at Rachel and Marcus.

“Good morning, Miss! What is your child’s name and team?”

“My name is Marcus and I’m a Cub,” Marcus exclaimed proudly as he took of his hat and showed it to the man behind the table.

“Yes, you are,” said the man smiling at Marcus. “And how old are you, Marcus?”

“I’m seven-years-old.”

“Wow! Seven already!” exclaimed the man with a huge smile, which remained in place as he spoke to Rachel. “What a cute kid you have there.”

“Thank you,” Rachel replied to the man with a more hesitant smile. “Could you tell us where we are supposed to go? This place is a bit of a zoo and I can’t figure out where we are supposed to be.”

“Of course. He is in a league with the other seven and eight-year-olds. They are gathering along the outfield fence by the small field behind me. The rest of the team should be there as well. My name is Justin, by the way. If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to find me and ask. I will be around the field all day.”

“Thank you for your help,” Rachel responded curtly. She couldn’t place it but she felt that something was off about this man on the other side of the table.

“No problem. It was my pleasure,” the man told Rachel with a slimy grin on his face and a wink to go along with it. Rachel, disgusted at the obvious come-on, quickly put her arm around Marcus and took him to find their designated place along the fence in the direction the man had pointed out .

After leading Marcus to his team and introducing herself to the coach, Rachel found a seat on the metal bleachers along the field for the ceremonies. She took of her hat to shake out her shoulder-length blonde hair and then redid it into a ponytail, putting the hat back on. From what she could gather by overhearing the conversations all around her, what was to happen coming up was every player from each team would have their name announced over the field’s PA system. The child would get the thrill of jogging out to their team and having all in attendance cheer them as if they were a professional player for a few small but very important seconds.

There beyoğlu escort were a few minutes before the ceremony began so Rachel closed her eyes momentarily to reset her thoughts. The last four months had been a complete whirlwind and she finally had a chance to breathe. The bright, sunny day and the cool breeze that floated through the park made it easier for Rachel to relax, even in these strange surroundings. However, as was almost always the case when she had time to think, her thoughts immediately turned to the cause of the drastic shakeup of her life. Thoughts that no matter what she did to avoid would never leave her mind.

While deep in thought about those saddening circumstances, Rachel felt a slight tap on her right shoulder, causing her to jump and gasp out loud. She looked over and saw a beautiful woman in her mid-fourties with brown hair that went down to just below her shoulders standing next to her wearing a worried expression on her face.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you like that. Are you ok?” asked the woman.

“Sorry. Yes, I’m fine, thanks. I guess I was just a bit startled,” replied Rachel as she tried to regain her breath.

“Ok, good. I am glad to hear that,” said the woman. “I was just wondering if your husband was sitting here. I arrived a little bit late and I can’t seem to find a seat.”

“No. I don’t have anyone sitting there,” Rachel responded, although with a catch in her breath and a pain in her eyes that did not go unnoticed by the woman.

Ignoring the pain of the last question was a challenge for Rachel. All it did was bring back a flood of bad memories that she had been trying to forget. It seemed like no matter what she did or how long she went trying to forget, something would happen that would release those painful memories into her consciousness. A lone tear escaped her eye as those dormant thoughts were remembered.

The woman next to her grabbed a tissue from her purse and gave it to Rachel. Rachel took it and dabbed her eye. “Oh, no. I’ve made it even worse. I don’t know how you could ever forgive me.”

“No, it’s not your fault,” Rachel sniffled. “I have had a lot of stuff going on and for some reason I got a little emotional. Thank you for your concern.” She tried not to let on what was bothering her; after all, it was not this woman’s problem

“Are you sure you’re ok?” the woman asked.

“Yes. Thank you. And you are more than welcome to that seat if you still need it.”

“Thank you.”

The woman sat down next to Rachel and they settled into a slightly uncomfortable silence while awaiting the ceremony. The beginning of the ceremony itself was fairly boring. The head of the baseball association had a very long and very dry speech that somehow ended up more about him than the kids or the association. There were also a couple donations that were being handed out to the park by various businesses and the requisite photographs had to be taken. Throughout the ceremony, Rachel felt as if the mysterious woman was looking at her. Every once and while, Rachel thought she could see the brunette stealing glances of her out of the corner of her eye.

After all of the speeches and donations were finished it was time to introduce the players. Rachel could not wait to see her little boy run out from the dugout to applause. While she politely clapped when the other kids were announced, when she heard his name and saw Marcus run out to his spot on the field with the rest of his team, she clapped just a bit harder and smiled a bit bigger.

“Is that your little brother?” the woman asked.

“Not exactly,” Rachel responded. “That’s my son, Marcus. He’s the love of my life.”

“Wow. Sorry for assuming but you look to young to have a son this age. Would it be too far out of line to ask how old you are?

“Not at all. I get it all the time. I am actually twenty-five but I have been blessed, or cursed depending on how you look at it, with being short and having the ability to look like I could still attend high school if I wanted to,” explained Rachel to a disbelieving Jessica.

“Well, he is absolutely adorable,” remarked the brunette and drawing a smile from Rachel. “And what is Marcus’s mother’s name?”

“Rachel. Rachel Niles,” Rachel said and offered her hand.

Taking her hand, the woman responded, “It’s really nice to meet you, Rachel. I’m Jessica Thompson. You can call me Jess.”

“…..AND DANIEL THOMPSON! ,the announcer’s voice boomed over the PA.

“Well, I guess we will be seeing a lot more of each other,” laughed Jess. “That’s my Danny right there. It looks as though our sons are going to be teammates.” Both women watched as Danny ran across the field to join his teammates.

After their kids had been announced, Rachel and Jessica made small talk and were becoming very friendly with each other. Jessica told Rachel all about her life: that she had spent her entire life in town, outside of attending college and law school. She returned to Bellevue after graduating from Harvard Law and opened up her own office sarıyer escort with her brother who was also a lawyer and was looking to leave his firm. The partnership between her and her brother became really successful which allowed her to live pretty comfortably. Jessica explained that after studying and working her entire life to get this point she felt like there was still missing something in her life so about ten years ago she decided to adopt. After three years of multiple starts and stops, Danny came into her life and she has been caring for him ever since. Jessica sure had the gift of gab and really made the events of her past really come to life for Rachel.

Rachel was genuinely happy for Jessica and the life she led. Their lives could not have been any different if they had tried. While Jessica had attended college and law school and had taken advantage of each with a great career, it took everything Rachel had to get through every day. She had already been married and given birth to Marcus in her short life. She couldn’t help to feel a little sorry for herself while listening about Jessica incredible life.

After telling Rachel her life story, Jessica asked about hers. Rachel was hesitant to reveal the events of her hard life to someone that she had just met. She had only been in her new place for a couple months and hadn’t really become friends with anyone yet. She really was still uncomfortable in her new surroundings. Luckily for Rachel, she got a bit of a reprieve; at that moment, the announcer asked everyone to rise for the National Anthem, which also would signify the closing of the ceremony. Everyone stood in silence while the high school band played the anthem to everyone in attendance. Once the anthem ended, Rachel turned to say goodbye to Jessica.

“Well Jess, I guess I will be seeing you and Danny a lot this summer. It was really good meeting you.”

“It was nice meeting you too but if you don’t have any plans for this evening, would you and Marcus be willing to come by our house for dinner?” Jessica asked, with a smile. “It’s the least I could do for you after making you cry earlier.”

“No. No, thanks. We had better go. I appreciate the offer though.”

“Please? I insist. I really feel bad about earlier and it would give two new teammates and their moms a chance to get to know each other a little better. Besides, I am a pretty good cook and I have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge that has your name on it.”

Rachel thought about it for a minute and smiling said, “You know, that does sound like a good idea. Let me get Marcus home and changed and we can be over by, say, 6?”

“That sounds great to me. Here, let me give you my address.” Jessica took out a business card and wrote her address on the back of it. “I look forward to seeing you tonight.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Rachel, and as she turned to walk away, she couldn’t help but smile thinking about Jessica and the possibility that she may have made her first friend since moving to town.

“This can’t be the right place,” thought Rachel, as she pulled up the driveway to a massive, modern two-story colonial with an immaculately manicured front lawn that easily could have passed for a mansion. She glanced down at the business card once more to prove to herself that she did indeed have the right address. Rachel definitely felt out of place in this neighborhood; her partially rusted ten-year-old car was parked next to a brand new Lexus SUV that probably would have cost Rachel more than a year’s salary.

Rachel thought she looked pretty nice for the evening—she had put on a pair of tight black pants and a light blue peasant blouse with a pair of flats. She had brushed her hair and left it out from the ponytail she had it in earlier in the day. Looking at herself in the mirror before leaving for Jessica’s house, Rachel approved at what she saw: a petite 5″1″ blond with decent 32B breasts and a thin figure that she was able to pretty much retain from high school even after giving birth.

Getting out of the car, Rachel and Marcus moved up the walkway toward the front door. As they approached the stairs, for some reason, Rachel felt a little nervous. For a few moments, Rachel and her son just stood motionless on the top step in front of the door.

“Can I press the doorbell?” Marcus asked, breaking the silence.

Rachel came back to the present when she heard her son’s voice. “What was that, sweetheart? “

“I said, ‘Can I press the doorbell’,” Marcus repeated.

“Of course you can.”

The doorbell rang and from inside the house they heard Jessica yell out, “I’ll be there in a second.”

After a few moments, the door opened and Rachel instantly regretted not having something nicer to wear. Jessica was wearing the epitome of “the little black dress”; it was like she was about to leave for a night on the town rather than eating dinner in her own home. The dress accentuated Jessica’s figure in precisely the right places. Her 34B breasts sat high on her chest, her long, smooth legs made their way down to her feet that maslak escort just happened to be adorned with quite expensive-looking black heels that made her even taller than her actual 5′ 7″ frame. Her lustrous brown hair fell down over her shoulders in waves. The ensemble was completed by a thin gold necklace and a small gold watch that sat on her left wrist.

Rachel couldn’t help but to compare how stunning Jessica looked to herself in her plain clothes. She had no clue that Jessica was going to dress up this nicely tonight, though, then again, how could she? If she had any idea that was the plan, Rachel would have denied the invitation. It wasn’t like Jessica had mentioned this at the park.

Bending down into a squatting position, Jessica said, “Hello. You must be Marcus.”

Marcus, feeling a little shy at the moment, answered simply by nodding his head up and down. “Well Marcus, my name is Jessica. Would you like to go inside and play with Danny for awhile?”

Newly excited, Marcus ran into the house eager to find Danny. Picking herself up into a standing position, Jessica smiled at Rachel. Rachel had yet to move from her spot on the step and was still feeling pretty awkward about the women’s difference in apparel.

“Good evening, Rachel.”


They both stood there in silence for a few seconds until Jessica asked, “Would you like to come in?”

“Ok,” Rachel laughed nervously and she made her way into Jessica’s wonderful home.

“So dinner’s almost ready but I could use some help to make the salad. Can you give me a hand for a couple minutes?”

Rachel finally broke out of her temporary spell and found that she could make more than one word sentences. “Sure, I’d be happy to help.”

“Great! Follow me.”

As they made their way toward the kitchen, Rachel could not help but admire her surroundings. She had never been in a house so big or furnished so nicely. She was no expert but Rachel could tell that everything around her cost more than anything she would ever afford.

Rachel helped finish preparing the salad and setting the table as Jessica finished cooking a delicious-looking lasagna. Jessica opened a bottle of wine and poured a couple glasses for the both of them to enjoy with dinner. After the food was brought to the table, they called their children down for dinner and the four of them ate their meals around the dining room table—Rachel and Marcus sat on one side of the table while Jessica sat across from Rachel and Danny sat next to her. The two women fell into an easy conversation with each other while also keeping an eye on their respective children. Every once in a while however, Jessica would reach out and touch Rachel’s hand while talking about nothing in particular. Rachel assumed these displays to be innocent and blamed the wine for even thinking about it.

After dinner, the kids went up to Danny’s room to play and the two women began to clear the dishes and glasses from the table. Rachel helped wash the dishes with Jessica and in no time had the two rooms cleaned up. Jessica poured another glass of wine for the both of them and they both made their way into the living room. This room was just as nice as the other rooms of the house. The room contained a large TV mounted on the wall just above the mantle of the brick fireplace. An expensive brown leather sofa was situated across from the fireplace and along all the wall one could see multiple pictures of Jessica and Danny in various locales for vacation, both sporting huge smiles on their faces. They each took a seat on the sofa, both ladies slipped out of their shoes and curled their feet under their lap.

“So Rachel,” Jessica wondered, “Before we parted ways this afternoon, you got to listen to my life story so I am wondering if you’ll tell me about yours.”

Rachel felt pretty relaxed at the moment. The food was great and the wine was the best she had ever had. But she was still fairly hesitant to talk about her private life with Jessica. “I’m not sure I really want to get into it. It’s too painful to think about never mind talk about with someone I just met a few hours ago.”

Jessica slid a little closer to Rachel on the sofa. She gently placed her hand on Rachel’s knee as if she was trying to comfort her new friend. Rachel jumped a little when she felt the contact. ‘What is going on with me?’ she wondered to herself. ‘I need to relax. She’s just trying to be friendly and get to know you.’ But there was a small, creeping feeling in Rachel’s mind that Jessica was looking to do a little bit more than be friendly with her.

Jessica noticed Rachel stiffen slightly when she put her hand on her knee and cursed herself for feeling happy about her guest’s nervousness. Jessica really did want to get to know Rachel and become friends with her but her libido was putting very sexual thoughts into her head. Thoughts like these were not uncommon for Jessica; she was, after all, a lesbian and had had many relationships in the past. But a seduction was not meant to be on the menu for tonight, at least that’s what she told herself. Perhaps subconsciously it was an option—why else would she put on her best dress for dinner at home? But seeing this beautiful, shy woman sitting next to her was making it hard for her to control her feelings.

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