New Encounters

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The lights were low, intentionally set, not to hide but to avoid distractions of glaring lights. You are naked, lying on your back, under the covers, warm with anticipation. Your fingers brush against your nipple, sending a small shockwave of pleasure through your body, not unexpected but oh so welcome.

You move your hands down across your hips, feeling your heat build; you are not anticipating your pleasing of yourself, but that of your new playmate.

I walk into the room, not noticing the dim light, not caring as all my attention is focused on the form under the covers, you. I remove my clothing quickly, you hear me, but the light level does not allow you to focus, if you could, you might be shocked at what you see, and your fingers would definitely be getting busier than they there current gentle brushing of your clit and single finger probing through your pussy lips.

I move, positioning your arms above, while I straddle your head, the tip of my cock just inches from your lips, only close enough for you to lick if you stretch hard. I lean forward, pulling our bakırköy escort legs toward me, opening your legs, exposing your pussy and asshole; if you are blushing, I cannot see it, nor do I care as I lean in and kiss the inside of your thigh. The heat from my breath, the warmth of my saliva, the mix of your anticipation has you getting hot and damp already, I can see the glistening of your pussy juice in the low light. I lean forward another inch, brushing my tongue across your clit as the tip of my cock dips into your mouth, just the first half of the tip, enough to get you a taste, but not enough to satisfy you.

I brush past your clit with nothing more than a flick of my tongue, moving my tongue through your pussy lips, parting them as I glide from front to back, slowly, purposefully as I probe, side to side, up and down, stopping to run my tongue around your clit, not touching is, but you still feel the heat from my mouth as it moves ever so close past. Your clit begins to ache to be touched again, just another flick, just something to tie beşiktaş escort you over, but I have moved on, moving back through your pussy to your perky, puckered asshole.

I lean forward another inch, giving you the full tip in your mouth, as I run my warm tongue across and around your asshole, you feel the moisture from my tongue and the heat from my breath as I do slow circles around and around, increasing the pressure on each lap. I move back to your pussy as I slide the rest of my cock into your mouth; I pull on your nipples, they feel so hard already, but I am sure I can get them harder as I begin to slowly tongue fuck your pussy, deeper, faster, harder, lapping all your juices…there seems to be even more now that my cock if firmly in your mouth.

I pull out of your mouth, move toward your feet, stopping to circle your nipples with my tongue, hot breath, firm grasp with my fingers, with my teeth, pulling, flicking with my tongue, having a contest with myself to see which one I can get harder….I slide my tongue down you side, across your beylikdüzü escort rib and across you clit once more as I position myself between your legs. My cock is covered in your saliva and you pussy is soaked from my playing and both feel glorious as I slip the tip into your pussy, watching your eyes, feeling you shift, squirm a little, trying to hurry my up, take it all in, but I stop, just the tip for now as I lean over, taking your nipples in my hands, in my mouth…you push back, trying to shuffle forward, to take more of my, your try and wrap your legs around me to pull me in, but I resist as I run my fingers across your body, down your legs, across your hips, your stomach, your nipples and tits.

I lean forward, not giving you more than the tip as I kiss and nuzzle your neck, sucking on your ear lobe, until I sit up, look you in the eye and in one motion slide my cock into your pussy, fully and completely, you gasp as you take the full length and girth, you smile and gasp again as my balls reach your ass, you feel full, feel over stimulated, but can’t stop yourself from letting go the first orgasm on my cock. I hold your head, looking in your eyes as they beg me for forgiveness for cumming so fast. I as I lean down, I pull back, when I plant my lips on yours, I slide deep again, feeling you bit my lip as a reaction, not hard, just in surprise…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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