New Life Ch. 04

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When I first got out of prison, twilight was my favorite time of day. Sitting in that little nook behind Ty’s house at sunset was like heaven on Earth. The way the sun painted the sky with streaks of pinks and oranges before it disappeared behind the horizon, I thought my life couldn’t get much better than that moment. That was until I started waking up next to the man of my dreams. Morning became my favorite time. Even with the snoring and puddles of drool on my chest, I still woke up with a grin on my face. After about a month, the novelty of living together had worn off, but I still cherished the feeling of his arms wrapped snugly around my torso. His leg draped over mine, keeping me in bed just a few minutes longer. But eventually he would release me to go about my morning as he knew I needed.

Even though I wasn’t back to work yet, I still felt the need to start my day early. Only now instead of driving to the worksite I strolled into the little home gym Brion set up while I was still in the hospital. Sure it was equipment he already owned but he moved it all upstairs so I wouldn’t have to deal with the rickety stairs down to the basement. I was up to four miles on the elliptical before Brion finally dragged himself out of bed. He greeted me with his usual groggy eyed grunt on his way into the bathroom to wash his grumpiness away. I’d gotten independent enough to cook and after the shock of the first breakfast I made him, I decided to make it a regular thing.

“You’re a better wife than Soleil ever was…better head game too,” he teased that first morning but I took it as the compliment it was meant. We’d gotten into a grove with each other. It wasn’t that much unlike when we shared a dorm room. We still played video games into the wee hours of the morning and drank the occasional shitty beer. Made ridiculous bets, only now the wagers resulted in sexual favors so everybody won. And the few sessions with the therapist seemed to be taking some of Brion’s edge off. He never said what they talked about but even when he came home with red eyes, still wet with tears, the air around him seemed lighter when he hugged me.

“So today’s the big day,” Brion said as he came up behind me, kissed me on my shoulder as he reached for his mug. “You excited?” He asked like he didn’t know already. Today was the day the doctor would decide if I could get back to my normal life. Playing the kept lover was great but I was itching to get back to work. And drive. God I missed driving. It was a simple freedom that I had already been deprived of for long enough while I was in prison.

“I already told Ty I was coming back Monday whether the doc give me word or not,” I told him and he shook his head, mumbled something about me being stubborn. “Don’t give me that shit Breeze, you don’t know what this is like. It’s killing me being stuck…” He stopped my griping with his lips on mine.

“Don’t make me get the ball Nev,” he said and that turned my frown upside down. “I know you getting stir crazy being stuck home all day like I know you almost at 100%. There’s no way he’s not going to give you the go ahead, just don’t go in there being the big angry black man. Not everybody finds it as appealing as I do,” he said with a wink as he took his seat at the counter. Brion grabbed me by my shorts and pulled me to the seat beside him.

“I know…It’s just…I don’t like not contributing…”

“And you tell me to cut the shit,” he said around a mouthful of eggs. He finished his bite and looked at me with that cocky grin of his. “The way you threw it back on me last night was enough to pay your rent into next year,” he said and I gave him a hard shot to the ribs. It was just a love tap though and he laughed it off. “What I’m just saying you contribute just fine Nev. It ain’t like you choosing to be in this situation. And before you say anything, that’s not guilt. That’s love bruh. Couples are supposed to hold each other down right? That’s the point of being in a relationship ain’t it?” It was my turn to kiss him and his bacon tinged breath.

“Did I tell you I love you today?”

“Not yet,” he said expectantly.

“Yeah well it’s early,” I said as I got up to clear our empty plates. He smacked my ass as I passed him so hard it made me stumble. And my cock jump a little.

“Oh it’s like that now,” he said from behind me. I heard the stool drag against the floor, smirked a little when I felt his bare chest against my back. His bulge grinding into the back of my thigh. “That’s not what you was saying last night bruh,” he said as he worked my shorts down beneath my ass. The waistband got stuck on my hardon and he worked his hand around to flick it down with a snap. “Talking bout some ‘shit Breezy…I love how you fuck me baby’,” he said as he gripped my shaft. “I don’t know about you but that feel like love to me right there babyboy.”

“If that’s what you want to call, I’m not gonna stop you bud,” I said and he slapped me hard on the ass with both hands but I bit my lip to florya escort keep my moan in check. He didn’t though it was more of a growl in my ear as he ran his fingers up my crack before he pushed his middle inside me.

“Mmm that feel like love too,” he said as he toyed with my hole with first one, then two fingers. “Love how you hold onto my leftovers…Just open and ready for a nigga huh…

“Shut up and fuck me,” I grunted as I reached back for his dick but he swatted my hand away.

“Come on babyboy,” he said with a chuckle as he teased me with his fingertips across my ass. He spread my cheeks and let a long string of spit run down between them before he mashed them together, rubbing it in. “Ask me nicely or I’ll make you beg for it,” he teased as he tapped my ass with his dick and I pushed back against him. Brion had no intentions of waiting, we both knew it, but he still liked to play the game we started with that first time and I didn’t mind.

With his hand on my hip, Brion pulled me back, forcing me to bend a little at the waist. Our height difference made the stand up fuck a little difficult when I was on the receiving end but we inevitably worked around it. I bent my knees a little and I felt him rise up on his tiptoes as he made his entrance. I loved that first stroke, especially when he made it hands free, using only his hips to glide into me. He was right I was still well lubed from the night before, making resistance minimal. The moan that escaped me at his entrance made him chuckle as he ran his hand up my back, lowering my chest to the countertop. His other reached around my waist to fist my cock as he rocked his hips into me.

“Damn Nev you fit me like a glove baby,” he moaned as he began to thrust. Slow and deliberate. My knees wobbled at every slow drag along my prostate and I gasped at every stroke. “I don’t know which one of us is more of an idiot for not trying this out sooner…fuck this ass feel too good,” he said and I moaned out a laugh.

“Let’s call it a tie,” I said and he gave me a hard smack with wet fingertips. “Mmm shit…me…fuck Breeze you win baby…”

“What was that…I…ain’t…hear…you…”he grunted, punctuating each word with a jab of his cock to my sweet spot. Brion worked his hand over my tip to collect some of my drippings to use for lube as he worked his hand feverishly up and down my shaft. The contrasting sensations drove me to babbling and he loved every bit.

“You…fuck…ohhhh my shit…I can’t…don’t…fuck me…harder…”

“Damn got you speaking gibberish again huh…I love that shit babyboy,” he said as his dick in my ass started to catch up to the pace of his hand. “Yeah that’s it throw it back on me…let me know how you like it…”

“I fuckin’ love it Breeze…I love taking this big black dick…”

“Whose is it?”

“It’s yours baby… all yours,” I moaned and he laughed, smacked my ass again but it wasn’t as aggressive.

“Naw nigga I mean this dick,” he said and I looked back at him to see his smirk.

“Mine,” I said and it sounded like a question on my own ears.

“Like you mean it,” he demanded with a hard thrust that buckled my knees, sent me over the edge.

“Mine!” I grunted out so loud that I’m sure the neighbors heard but I was cumming too hard to care. I must have said it five times, once for each volley, as he continued his pounding to his own climax.

“Fuck,” he shouted as he drove into me hard for his last hurrah then collapsed, panting, on my back. Brion planted soft kisses all along my collarbone as he slide out of me. I hated that part, hated the feeling of being empty of him, and I immediately clenched up to keep as much of his load as possible.

He kept his arms wrapped tight around my middle as I stood, turning to face him. I loved his fresh fucked look. The blush that came to his cheeks that ran down his neck and over his chest. How sweat seemed to only bead on his nose and the hollow of his neck just beneath his adam’s apple. The way his eyes seemed to glaze over just a little bit as he looked up at me dreamily. My limp dick, still sticky from his work, dug into his abs as I mashed my mouth against his in a rough kiss. My hands found his ass and I squeezed as he pressed his hips against me.

“Gonna fuck around and make me late,” he moaned half in my mouth and I laughed.

“My bad,” I said as I pulled away from the kiss, our bodies still connected from the chest down. “Just wanted you to know I love you that’s all,” I said and he sucked his teeth, rolled his eyes.

“Whatever bruh…I love you too.”

We shared a quick shower but he got out before I was done. It really was late, but he came back in to kiss me goodbye and remind me what time he’d return to chauffeur me to my (last) appointment. He told me he loved me again and I didn’t tease him this time. Never did when we were leaving each other. It was something that came out of the attack. An unspoken agreement, göztepe escort just in case it was the last time we saw each other.

Out of the shower I called my father. We had been speaking everyday since I woke up, and now that I was home, multiple times a day. I always got at least one phone call and sometimes a text or two which blew my mind the first time. One Friday evening I entertained him during one of his wife’s bible studies, he wasn’t participating but it was held in his living room where the only TV in the house was located. But heaven forbid he not be available to perpetuate her illusion of a happy home to the congregation. I didn’t mind being his out, in fact I was honored. Our relationship had become less tentative, more natural. It helped that we’d been doing a lot of father/son stuff with Brion and Mac, which Brion and I called double dates just to make our dads feel awkward. Didn’t stop them from dropping by our place to watch football on Monday nights or our Saturday afternoon brunches. Sunday’s were still reserved for Margie and she was happy to set an extra place for my father. His wife though was not invited, Margie made that perfectly clear and my father didn’t even flinch. It was only a matter of time before he worked up the nerve to end his unhappiness but I wasn’t going to push. It wasn’t my place.

He wished me luck at my appointment, told me he’d prayed on it and that I shouldn’t worry about it too much. I had my life and that’s what matter most. In my heart I agreed with him but my head said I needed more so I got dressed in my usual jeans and white t-shirt and headed out to the garage. Somebody told me once that if you want something you have to put it out into the universe so I figured what better way to do it than in my own whip. I pulled the tarp off delicately, folded it up and put it away on one of the shelf before I back my other baby out to the bottom of the driveway. Brion would have something to say about it but I really didn’t give a shit. We were taking my car, he could drive us there but I was damn sure going to drive back. The offer of curbside service back to work would surely win him over.

And it did. It wasn’t even an argument. That’s all I had to say to stop his shaking head and his response was, “Cool wit me bruh.” But he insisted he drive there and I shrugged my shoulders as I climbed into the passenger seat. Whether it was the power of prayer, the universe, or hardwork I didn’t know but the doctor took one look at me sitting on that exam table and cleared me for take off. Him checking how my wounds had healed seemed like only a formality. I could have kissed him, had I not had somebody more appealing to kiss in the waiting room. I called Ty in the parking lot I was so excited. Not too excited to wrestle my keys away from Breeze trying to sneak his way into the driver’s seat.

“This some bullshit right here,” Brion said with sucked teeth as I pulled into a spot directly across the street from the high rise that housed his gym. “Ain’t never a spot on this block…never.”

“Must be my lucky day then,” I said and he sucked his teeth again as he leaned over to give me a quick kiss before he got out. “I think I might do some strolling a while. Shame to waste such a perfect spot. Maybe work on filling in some of that empty space on my side of the closet,” I said as I followed to the crosswalk. It was safer than trying to dart across four lanes of midday traffic plus there was the added bonus of being able to spend a few more moments with him. “What you think bud?”

“Maybe add a haircut to that list,” Brion said with a smirk as he gave my mangy beard a quick scratch. “Starting to look a little wily.”

“You sure don’t mind tugging on it…”

“I much rather tug something else though,” he said with a wink as we started to cross the street. “My shop is only around the block,” he said as he pulled out his phone and started dialing. I listened as he called his barber and inquired of his availability. “Yeah, I’ll send him right now…Naw my mans. Put it on my tab…Yeah, yeah tip too. Give him the works,” he said just before he hung up. “I only have a couple more clients today, plus my session at 4:30. You don’t…

“Please,” I said with rolled eyes and a gentle shove. He smirked a little and gave my t-shirt a tug. “I’ll be around when you ready Breeze,” I said and gave him my fist to bump. “Just call me, okay.”

“I’ll do that.”

I watched him through the doors a moment while he waited for the elevator, admiring him from a distance. I was still a little flabbergasted at the fact that we were together, and how normal it felt. All the fear I felt at coming out seemed to be for nothing. Even despite spending nearly half a year in the hospital, I never thought life out of the closet would be so simple. I guess it was just easier being who you are than pretending to be somebody else. Walking down a busy street before always came with some sort of anxiety, wondering halkalı escort if the people I passed knew my secret. Now that I wasn’t keeping one, I found it easier to look up, not to avert my eyes from passing strangers. I even found myself returning smiles and brief nods from passersby. And I didn’t even roll my eyes as I pulled open the door to Brion’s fancy barber shop.

It was nothing like my neighborhood barber. For starters it was quiet. It wasn’t as if there weren’t any patrons, all six chairs were occupied and there were four guys and a woman waiting on the padded leather benches in front of the window. There was a receptionist who greeted me with a smile, asked my name, and invited me to have a seat. I was even offered a beverage while I waited, I declined but it was still nice. I was more hungry than anything else so I shot Gianni a text to find out where he was parked for the day. A heavy sigh rumbled through my lips when I read his reply.

[Not in the truck today big fella :(…my idiot assistant didn’t renew my permit so the Italian Stallion is down til Monday, Tuesday at the latest]


[Lol…I’m sure it ain’t that serious. WYD]

[Waiting on a haircut at Breeze’s shop]

[Bout fuckin time bro…starting to look like a damn grizzly bear]

[And that place is a salon]

[Tell me about it bud. I feel crazy out of place]

[Why? No overly heated debates about seemingly innocent topics]

[Lol you got jokes…hey was thinking of doing some shopping after. Care to assist]

[Hell yeah…I’ll meet you down there]

[Aight bud see you in a few]

[Later bro]

It wasn’t long before my name was being called and I was being led to an empty chair in the back by the receptionist. Three shampoo station and a manicurist furthered Gianni’s point that this was in fact a salon and before I knew it a cape was being swept over me. I was not expecting what the mirror’s reflection held.

“I’m Kat and you are Neville,” said the bronze skinned Amazon that stood behind me. Her studded boots barely had a heel and I could tell she wasn’t that much shorter than me. In my straight days, she would have been just my type with her pastel blue hair cut in that 50s greaser style. Her bottom lip was pierced, as was her nose and eyebrow. There was a bleeding heart tattooed in the center of her chest and a pinup girl straddling a missile on her forearm. She had others, her low cut tank top and tuxedo vest did little to hide her painted arms and chest. She was gorgeous in an almost mannish sort of way. “Nice to finally meet you. He talks so much about you I feel like we already met.”

“Oh yeah,” I droned as she started to massage my scalp. “He’s been trying to get me in here for the longest. Said you’re the best…”

“Ahh, flattery will get you no where with me hun,” she said with a smirk as she worked her hands down my face. “Keeping this right,” she asked of my beard and I nodded. “We’ll just tame it up a little. Give you a nice line but keep the scruff. What do you think?”

“I trust you,” I said as she lay me back in the chair and draped a hot towel over my face. I heard her chuckle but it wasn’t one that made me nervous so I lay back and relaxed to let her do her thing.

With the towel over my face I couldn’t see what she was doing but I felt her picking out my hair which could have been a pretty full afro if I cared to manage it. I heard her walk away then return with another set of footsteps. The second set settled in front of me and began clipping my fingernails. I’d never had a manicure before, biting my nails had always seemed good enough but I had to admit it was nice to be taken care of this way. She massaged my hands as Kat sat me up and started cutting. By the time she took the towel away I was thoroughly relaxed and impressed by what she had done to the top of my head. It wasn’t a cut I would have chosen for myself but it suited me nicely and I didn’t even tell her what I wanted. She trimmed up my beard then used a straight razor to line up my face.

“What do you think,” she asked as she dusted me off and I couldn’t even pretend not to be pleased.

“Hope you got room for me on your client list,” I told her as I ran my hand over my beard.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she said as she cranked the chair down and I got up. She walked me out to the desk and together we set up an appointment in a couple weeks. Just as we were finishing up the door chimed and the receptionist greeted the new customer with the same warmth as she had me.

“I’m just looking for my buddy,” Gianni said, though his eyes were trained on Kat and I shook my head. “But if this is the kind of magic yall work in here I might have to make a change,” he said with a slap to my back. He gave me a nudge with his elbow and I rolled my eyes.

“Kat, Gianni. Gianni, Kat,” I said as he stuck out his hand. She shook it but the look on her face said she read his predatory gaze well.

“Well make an appointment,” she said with a smirk. “I’m sure one of the other guys can fit you in. My dance card is pretty full these days.”

“Aww, that’s messed up,” he said very dramatically, his hand over his heart. And again I shook my head, but she laughed. “Guess I’ll just have to get on the waiting list then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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