New Love at the Old Home

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Renard Halson stared lonely at the windows; the blinds on them looked like prison bars and nothing that anyone could say or do would convince him otherwise. The 87 year old had started to look at life as what it was, a burden.

He had enjoyed his life previously, before his ungrateful brats of children had forced him into this place three moths ago.

“Its for your own good, dad.”

“Horse shit, Gabriel, its just so that you won’t have to look after me.”

“Now pop, you know that its not like that, but you know that Sandi and I just can’t come down here and do every little thing for you – its two hours from Beacoton, and we can’t just drop everything and come to your rescue.”

“I was doing fine before that god forsaken light bulb, Gabriel.”

“I know, dad, I know, but thinks have changed now, you’ve had a stroke, and the doctors restricted your access to ladders, or had you forgotten about that?”

“No Gabriel, I HADN’T. You KEEP reminding me of it.”

Gabriel blushed. “Sorry dad.”

“Damned straight your sorry.”

“But Dad I really think that you should be with people that are more your own age, you might be able to meet a few friends and be able to go on some more of those outings, like you and mom used to take.”

“Yeah, those were fun, weren’t they?”

“I know, I remember the time that we all went down to the lake and you and I used to catch fish down at Camp Offakalno, don’t you?”

“Yeah, that was great. I had such a great time with your mother after you went to bed.” Renard mused to his son.

Gabriel smiled. “I know how that must have been.”

Renard blushed. “Sorry boy.”

“ It’s all right, I know that you miss mom.”

“You bet your ass, boy.”

“Tell you what, maybe we can hook you up with one of those senior excursions and you can go out there and go have some fun with someone of your own age, what do you think of that?”

“Sounds down right wonderful, Gabe, sign me up.” ‘What the little snot didn’t tell me, was that’ excursion company’ that he hooked me up with, was really and old folks, or retirement home.

‘I walked in the first day and thought that it was kinds of nice. There were pictures and such on the walls and there were several nice people, but it just wasn’t home. I was introduced to a Mr. Collins who turned out to be the head honcho here at the home.

“There escort gaziantep bayan sitesi you go Mr. Halson…” Collins said.

I started to say, “thank…” only to have Gabriel thank him for me and continue toy fill out the last of what I found out to be commitment paper.

“All right, pop. I’ll see you next week.” Gabriel hugged me and left me on my way.

He left me there, stunned in the lobby, full of other old codgers like myself, some of whom were watching TV and others that were milling around in the common room.

“I saw what he did, that was very unkind of him.” A voice to my left said to me.

I looked and saw a very beautiful woman, seventy if she were a day. “My name is Louise Raglan, everyone around here calls me “Wheezy”

I started to ask her why, but then saw the oxygen tank that she was lugging around with her.

“This is what four packs a day for thirty-two years will get you.” She smiled ruefully as she saw where my eyes had wandered too.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled to myself, ashamed that I could be so uncaring as to zone directly in on her disability.

“Its all right, come on, let me take you on the grand” – she emphasized the word Grand – Tour of our wonderful facility.”

“Thank you,” I started to walk with her, slightly behind as I didn’t want to get lost.

“Come on up here, don’t worry, I won’t lose you.” She told me with a smile.

“Thanks Wheezy.” The two of us continued to talk, and discuss our relatively ungrateful children. I really did care for Gabriel, but it hurt me that he had apparently dumped me.

Hers had done the same for her when it became apparent that her smoking was letting her go down hill. “Apparently all they wanted me to do was to just kick off and die.” She smiled sadly at me.

“Those ungrateful little…” I couldn’t finish my sentence.

“Shh, its all right.” Wheezy told me. “I’ll let god take care of them later.” She smiled at me as she showed me where my room was. “Dinner’s at 7:30. I’ll be here to pick you up and show you where it is.”

“Thanks Wheezy.”

“You’re welcome, see you soon.”

I went into my room and started to unpack, and before I knew it, it was seven o’ clock Wheezy was at my door.

“Are you ready?”

“Sure, I guess.” I slipped on a dinner escort gaziantep bayan forum jacket.

“What’s that for?

“Well I am taking a beautiful woman out to eat, am I not?”

Wheezy smiled. “Oh you.”

And so the two of us went out to dinner, granted it was creamed corn and meatloaf, equally as watery as the corn, but we somehow found a secluded table where the two of them would be able to go and have a good meal together.

They chatted about the old times and what it was like before their respective trips to the home.

“I miss my George.” Wheezy said, wistfully

“And I miss my Ester.” Renard added in sadly.

Come on!” Said Wheezy, suddenly getting up from the table, do you want to go out dancing?”

“Sure.” Renard said surprised, “But where? They won’t let us out after dark.”

Wheezy smiled, “Why to the common room, you silly boy. Come on, let’s go.” She took his hand in hers and the two of them walked over to the common room. “There’s a jukebox over in the corner that plays all of the good ones, do you want to pick something out?”

“Sure.” Renard walked slowly over to the player placed two bits in, and music came funneling out. “I believe its unchained melody.”

“Come on olds codger, cut a rug.”

Renard practically ran, as fast as he was able to go, and came back to Wheezy. He placed his hand around her hip, and pulled her close, the other one going around her own hand. “Let me know when you need to quit.” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh I will.” Wheezy told him.

“After about Two hours, when Renard’s own les were getting ready to give out on him, it was he that actually asked for a rest.

Wheezy laughed slightly. “See, I told you that I would be able to go for longer than you”

“You were right my dear, you were right.” Renard said with a smile.

“Shall I take you back to your room?” Wheezy asked sadly.

“I suppose so.” Renard admitted with just as much sadness.

Wheezy nodded, and escorted Renard back to his room, waiting a few moments as Renard got the hang of the door.

Would you like to come in?” He asked.

“I believe that I’d like that very much.”

Renard nodded, and flipped on his light. “Its not home but…”

“Its not home.” Wheezy finished for him.

“Please escort bayan gaziantep have a seat. I only have the one chair.” Renard admitted.

“I’ll sit with you.”

The two of them sat down looking at each other for a moment before Wheezy took the initiative and hugged Renard close to her. Please just hold me.” Wheezy begged. “It’s been so long.”

“I know, I know.” Renard felt as his hands roamed around Wheezy’s body, and gently held her tightly. Suddenly before either one knew what was going on, they were kissing, and holding on to one another.

Wheezy could feel Renard’s warmth on her body and started to unbutton her blouse. “Please touch me, it’s been so long.”

Renard took the lead and slid a hand inside her blouse, cupping a breast in his palm. Wheezy felt a shiver run down her body as feelings long since thought dead started to emerge again. “Please, more!” Her hands were slowly working at Renard’s zipper trying to lower it. Renard had to try and help her, easing his pants off of himself along the way.

Wheezy was thoroughly enthralled by his manhood and even more surprised that he was able to get it up! “You’re not on Viagra?” She asked him with a tint of wonder in her voice.

“Nope, this is all natural.”

“May I, may I touch it… it’s just been so long.”

“Please do.” Renard replied, nearly going into shock as her soft hands edged their way across his manhood. The next thing that he realized he had his hands inside of Wheezy’s skirt and she was helping him slide it off of her.

Remarkably, her pubic hair hadn’t grayed as the rest of her hair had, so Renard was able to see what her hair color must have been.

“Please just touch me.” Wheezy begged him.


“Anywhere, everywhere.”

Renard did as he was asked, and let his fingers trail up and down Wheezy’s body, letting her call the shots, until she stopped his hand at her maidenly opening. Please, it’s been so long…” she pleaded with him.

“I understand.” And with that Renard slipped a finger into Wheezy, the only other woman that he’d done such to had been his wife some two and a half decades earlier.

“Oh go slow, go slow.”

Renard obeyed and tried to make it as pleasurable for Wheezy as he possible could. He could feel her wetness and could tell that she was going to respond any moment, her legs suddenly pistoning out on the bed, as he touched her.

”Renard… Renard… Renard…” She called his name over and over again as her orgasm rode through her body.

“Yes, Wheezy?”

“Thank you…” Wheezy looked over at him and went to sleep…

Renard smiled at his new friend, and covered her with his blanket. He wondered if this retirement home stuff, wasn’t so bad after all

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