New Submissive Pt. 02

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I called Joyce a few days later and told her that I would be out of town for a while so would not be able to come by to see her for at least three weeks. However, I brought up another topic I had not yet addressed with her. I first told her that she had made a lot of progress regarding her looks and that she looked significantly better than she had a few weeks before.

Then I told her that there was only one thing that prevented her from being the knockout that I knew she could be. When she asked me what that was, I told her it was her weight. Not that she was fat, but she was definitely overweight and carried it all around her middle. She didn’t say anything so I continued on, telling her that I believed in her and that I wanted her to become the most beautiful woman that I knew she could be. When she asked me how, I told her that she need to start an aggressive exercise program and go on a crash diet. No more snacks. If she got hungry for a snack, I told her to munch on some chicken or turkey cold cuts. No more junk food. I also told her that when I saw her again, I expected her to have noticeably lost some weight. She said she would try, and we hung up.

As it turned out it was a full month later that I called her up again and could tell from her voice that she was glad to hear from me. She said that she thought I had forgotten all about her. I laughed and said absolutely not and that I would drop by the next day, and that I was bringing her a few more little gifts. She seemed pleased to hear that and said that she would look forward to it. I told my wife that I needed to go to see Joyce again since she had gotten more paperwork that she needed my help with.

The next day I went to her house and when she opened the door to let me in, I could not believe the difference. She had dropped at least 15 pounds! She was wearing a nice, short, black skirt and a yellow blouse that was so snug that I could see her nipples pushing against the fabric. Her hair was nicely draped over one shoulder, and she was wearing a nice shade of red lipstick. She had also used some eyeliner which really made her eyes stand out. I looked down and saw she was wearing dark nylons and had on a pair of black four-inch heels. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

She asked me what I thought and I just said wow, you look beautiful. She gave me a big smile and a quick kiss on the cheek. I walked back into her living room and sat myself down in her recliner. I then told her to walk towards me and then back the other way so I could see all of her. I could not believe the difference. Then I told her to come and stand in front of me like I had the first time I had been there, which she did immediately. I then placed my hands on her legs and slowly slid them up until they were just under the bottom of her skirt. I looked up into her eyes and saw that she was smiling at me. I told her that I was now going to verify that she had on the correct hosiery that I had told her to wear. So I continued to slide my hands up her thighs and thus lifted her skirt all the way up. She was wearing nylons with a black garter belt holding them up. Very nice I told her, which made her smile even bigger.

Then I told her to take a step back and turn around as I stood up. I put my hands on each shoulder and gave her a slight squeeze and then moved my hands further down her arms and then around her waist. Then I moved them up to her large breasts and put my hands on them. She tilted her head back and started breathing more quickly as I gave them a little squeeze and kissed the side of her neck. Then I felt her nipples which were very hard and it was obvious that she indeed was wearing a bra with an opening for her nipples. I turned her around cebeci escort looked into her eyes and then leaned forward and gave her a deep, penetrating kiss which she returned. Then I told her to lead me to her bedroom.

The only light, came from the lamp on her nightstand. I stood behind her and started kissing her neck while again squeezing her breasts. Then I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and told her to take it off which she did. I sat on the bed and told her to take off her skirt. She unzipped the side of it, let it fall to the ground, and then stepped out of it. She was not wearing any panties. I could not believe this was the same woman. I pulled her towards me and she leaned forward, put her arms around my head and gave me a deep kiss while my hands went to her nicely shaped butt.

I moved my hands to her upper arms and gently pushed her away and asked her if she had the presents handy that I had given her last time and she said yes, they were in her nightstand. So I pulled the drawer open, took them out and laid them on the bed next to me. Looking into her eyes I asked her if she remembered what I had told her about them the last time I was there and she looked down. I told her that I had instructed her to not use them until I came back, and asked her if she had obeyed. She slowly shook her head no while still avoiding my eyes. I asked her why and she looked at me and said she couldn’t help it.

She said she had been so turned on by what we did the last time that she simply had to use them because she desperately needed to get off. After looking into her eyes for a few moments I told her that because she disobeyed me I would need to teach her a lesson. I could tell she was apprehensive but she knew I would never do anything to harm her. I told her to lie on her bed face up which she seemed only too happy to do. I told her it was time to give her one of my presents. I went to the kitchen and came back with a small bag that I dropped next to the bed.

I removed four restraints and started attaching one to her right wrist but she pulled back and asked me what I was doing. I assured her that if for any reason she wanted to get out of them all she had to do was pinch her thumb and middle finger on the spring-loaded release that was just within her reach, and she would be free. I let her try it so that she would not be uptight about it. However, I did ask her to please not remove them unless I told her to, unless there was an actual emergency, which she agreed to. I took her right arm and drew it up towards the headboard and attached the other end. Then I went around the bed and did the same to her left arm, and then did the same to each of her legs. Now she was spread eagled and at my mercy.

Next I reached into the bag and took out her second gift which was a black blindfold, and had her lift her head as I put it in place. She chuckled and asked me what was going to happen next. I told her to relax and she would find out soon enough. Looking down at her I was mesmerized. She was absolutely beautiful with her long hair, full red lips, black bra with her nipples standing at attention, a garter belt, her dark nylons and heels. It was like being in a dream.

Now I took the third item out of my bag and it was a powerful battery-operated vibrator with a large round head with two speeds. I told her that as her punishment I would now play with her body and drive her to the brink of orgasm but would not let her cum for a long, long time and even then, she would have to beg me to allow her to cum. I turned the new vibrator on low and started to move it around her large breasts and flat stomach. Then I ran it down and up each leg a few times and then back to çukurambar escort her breasts as my other hand kept busy pinching and pulling on her nipples. Finally, I moved it towards her clit but not too close. She started moving her hips and moaning softly but I still stayed away from her clit.

This went on for a while and I could tell she was getting pretty close. So, I turned off the vibrator and laid it aside while watching her calm down a little. She asked me to please keep doing it but I ignored her. Instead I slowly, very slowly slid the middle finger of my right hand into her pussy and after a few slow thrust I curved it up to her G-spot and gave it a good tickle. She went wild and started groaning really loud and saying yes, yes, over and over. Then I pulled it out, and moved it to her mouth and used it to trace along her beautiful red lips. At first, she turned her head away but I held it still with my left hand and told her that if she wanted to cum, she had better open her mouth because I told her that I wanted her to know how good she tasted. I still had to force my way in, but once she opened up and I got my finger in she started sucking on it like an old pro.

After that I moved around to the foot end of the bed and leaned forward onto the bed with one arm under each leg. I slid forward as I wrapped my arms around her thighs which brought my face right up to her pussy which was dripping wet. At first, I blew on her clit for a moment, and then without warning I dove in and sucked on her clit which started her bucking her hips and lifting her butt off the bed. After sucking her for a short time I started using my tongue to flick her clit which also drove her wild as she kept groaning louder and louder. As I could tell she was close, I stopped and moved down to her pussy and using my tongue I ate her out for a short while.

Then I stopped and asked her if she was close, and of course she said yes. I reminded her that if she wanted to cum, she had to not only beg me to let her do so, but she needed to promise that in the future she would only use my gifts when I gave her my permission. She said yes, yes OK I promise, and begged me to please let her cum. I asked her how she would like to get off, and she said it didn’t matter. I told her that is not an acceptable answer and that she needed to tell me specifically how she would like to get off. Almost immediately she told me to use my mouth and I explained to her that she needed to be more specific. Then she blurted out that I should use my mouth on her clit and pussy to make her cum. I dove back down and licked, tickled and sucked as she thrashed around until she had one heck of an orgasm that seemed to go on forever.

I backed off, and went to sit next to her and then leaned over and started kissing her and pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. This time she gave me no trouble. I even asked her what she thought of the taste of her own pussy and she said it tasted nice. As she continued to recover, I rubbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. When she had completely calmed down, I walked around the bed and removed the restraints but told her to leave the blindfold on. Then I kissed her again as my hand went back down between her legs and just rubbed it up and down her slit for a few minutes. Then I asked her if she was ready for an encore and she chuckled and said that she wasn’t sure if she could handle it again.

After helping her to sit up I told her to take off her bra which she did. They were certainly a handful. Two handfuls actually. I lifted her right breast up and leaned over to suck on her nipple while she put her hand on the back of my head and gently stroked it. Now I told her demetevler escort to turn over and get on her hands and knees and spread her legs far apart so that I would have access to her pussy although that is not all I was after. Once she was in position, I again used my hand to alternately rub her clit and slide it into her pussy. Of course, she was unbelievably wet. Next I told her to reach down with her right hand and place it on her clit which she did, but once there she didn’t really move it around. My guess was that she was more self-conscious now that she had already gotten off. However, she responded immediately when I told her to rub her clit.

Then I grabbed her dildo, the one I had given her the last time I was there and started to gently slide it into her pussy. Didn’t need lube since she was dripping wet already. I could tell that she was again getting close so I reached around her leg and pulled her hand away from her clit. I could tell she didn’t like that, but then I handed her the new vibrator I had brought and told her to put it on low and reach back and use it on her clit, but under no circumstances was she to allow herself to cum before I told her she could. I also told her that when I said that she should turn it on the high setting, she should do so immediately and she said OK.

I kneeled between her legs and leaned into her pussy so that the dildo would not fall out as a reached for her anal probe and lubed it up really good and also dripped some lube on her butt hole. Then I leaned back and held the dildo in her pussy with my left hand as my right hand started to slowly work the probe into her beautiful, large butt. I could tell she was again almost at the point of no return, but told her to hang on for a few more minutes until I got the probe all the way in, as I continued to gently slide it in. I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted me to make her cum. I asked her how and she said she wanted me to fuck her pussy and ass. Once the probe was all the way inside her, I gave her a few gentle in and out strokes, and then, when I told her to turn the vibrator on high, I started plunging it in and out at a pretty fast pace, while doing the same with the dildo in my left hand. She was bucking her hips up and down and wriggling her butt around as she screamed and kept saying yes, yes, yes, over and over and over.

When she finally collapsed onto the bed, I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, took the vibrator out of her hand and turned it off. I left the probe in her butt for a few more minutes before slowly and gently pulling it out. Then I laid down next to her and rolled her away from me so that I could see her face and breasts. She still had the blindfold on so I pulled it off and gave her a deep kiss which she returned with vigor and threw her arms around me. In the meanwhile, my right hand was once again squeezing her breast and tweaking her nipple.

She then asked me if I would fuck her. I told her that her pussy was so wet and her butt so stretched that I probably would not be able to feel anything. However, I told her that I might do so the next time I came over if she was good. She looked dismayed but said OK.

Then I told her that I had something nice and special in mind for her but she would have to promise that she would do exactly what I told her to do, with no arguments. She wanted to know what it was so I told her that I was thinking about taking her out to a nice fancy restaurant. She looked surprised. I squeezed her tit, and sucked on her nipple one more time before getting up and heading for the door. She got up and followed me and then I stopped and turned around and told her that I would be in touch and that she was not, under any circumstances use any of her gifts on herself until I said she could. I also reminded her that if I did take her out to eat, she would have to do everything exactly as I told her. She again said OK and threw her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss. Then I winked at her and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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