New Year’s Eve: The Basement

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The following is the first in a series of events that take place on New Year’s Eve. This is an experiment in storytelling and weaving timelines, and will unfold as more stories are added…


Sean looked through his mask at the clock that his sister, Maggie had placed on the fireplace so that everyone could countdown the New Year. His vision was slightly fuzzy from the multiple rounds of beers and shots, but he could make out the big 11:10. The small house was crowded with friends and family for the New Year’s party. This year’s theme was Mardi Gras, as Sean was to be married there in two months. Everyone had come in feathered, colored masks, and beads were on hand to tempt the slightly daring.

Sean looked down and realized his beer was empty. He made his way into the kitchen, just in time to see his cousin, Rachel, flash her breasts for a half dozen partygoers. Sean took in the sight of her full breasts, before they disappeared back under her sweater. He had had a crush on her when he was a young teenager, and she was in her early twenties. The thoughts of her still lingered in his head from time to time. Now he was 24, and she was 33, but she still looked incredible.

His mind though, was brought back into the present, as Rachel’s friend, Ming who he met earlier this evening, unzipped her tight form-fitting red sweater to reveal a tiny pair of braless breasts. She was 35, but did not look it, and certainly didn’t act like it.. Her body was still fit, probably from daily exorcise, and she was not afraid to show it off. Her nipples were rock hard and stuck out like erasers. Another round of hoots and hollers were exclaimed, and Ming was awarded several more strands of beads to her neck. She had been busy. Sean hoped that his fiancée, Kim, didn’t catch him ogling the young ladies, and bee-lined for the fridge to get another beer.

He was stopped, as a heavy hand fell on Sean’s shoulder. He spun around, and came face to face with David, who was to be his best man, and currently completely smashed out of his mind.

“We need more beer up here,” David slurred. “How ’bout some Guinness?” David, unfortunately, was well aware of the fridge in the basement that was always packed with Maggie’s favorite drink.

“All right, David.” Sean resigned. “But don’t make a big deal out of it. I don’t want everyone getting the good stuff.” Sean pulled his feathered mask off and put it on the table. Kim had made especially bağcılar escort for him, and he didn’t want it to get it dirty while navigating the old basement. As David walked away, he asked, “Have you seen Kim?”

“I think she went upstairs. Said she wasn’t feeling too good”. David sloshed out the words. Sean sighed in dismay. He didn’t want to spend this New Year’s like last, holding her hair back as the clock struck 12.

The fluorescent bulbs that had been installed crackled to life as Sean went into the basement. It was a large open room, with cardboard boxes piled shoulder high that created mini hallways. Sean maneuvered the tight corridors, until he made his way to a smaller room. Inside was the fridge, and an old beat up couch. There was also a pull way board, where Maggie hid her stash of pot.

Sean opened the fridge, and grabbed two six packs of Guinness, and put them on the floor. He closed the door, but when he went to pick up the beer to leave, Ming, who was practically holding herself up by the doorframe, blocked his path.

“Hi, Sean,” Ming said quietly.

“Hey, Ming. Do you need help with anything?” Sean couldn’t figure out why she had followed him down here.

“Well,” Ming drew out the L’s. “I need a strand of your beads.” She pointed to the beads around Sean’s neck. “You saw me flash in the kitchen, but you didn’t reward me.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you saw me. And was put on beer duty.”

“That’s OK. I can show you again. A much… closer… look.” Ming giggled and pulled her long black hair behind her head. Then she unzipped her sweater and indeed gave Ming a good look as she walked toward him.

“Ming, I’m engaged to get married.”

“That’s ok, I don’t mind,” She exclaimed, and wrapped her arms around Sean, pressing her chest against his. He could feel her nipples press against him through his T-shirt. She looked up into Sean’s eyes, closed hers, and kissed him deeply. At first, Sean resisted, but in his intoxicated state, coupled with the fact that he had never kissed a Chinese woman before, he soon dispelled any resistance or thought to consequence. His hands wrapped around her small frame, and he pressed his lips back with equal force.

Sean’s hand crept down to the small of Ming’s back, where they rested for a moment. Ming’s kissing technique an expert finesse to it. With her mouth partly opened, she pulled his bahçelievler escort lower lip in, and sucked on briefly. Their breathing became deeper, as they pull each other even tighter. Sean’s hands were now at the very top of Ming’s ass. He could feel her firm muscle just centimeters away from the fingertips. And then they crept closer, and tightly gave each cheek a squeeze through her skirt.

Ming knew she had this man, and she knew she wanted him. She pushed away, and grabbed the bottom of Sean’s shirt. She pulled it off to reveal his slightly sculpted chest. Her hands traced down through his light chest hair, down his abdomen, and grabbed his pants. With a fistful of trouser in her hand, she led him a few feet to the old couch. As she sat down on it, a small cloud of dust poofed up.

“Now, lets see if this package is all that I’ve heard about.” Sean was too deep in his own world to process her words. He’d never know how Rachel saw him masturbating several years back, and had described the scene in great detail to Ming over Sex In The City style drinks and candid chat.

Ming unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the ground. Sean’s cock was rock hard under his boxers, and Ming reached up began sliding her fingers up and down his shaft through the fabric. His precum dripped out and made a wet spot around the tip of his cock. With expert care, Ming’s fingers slide into the front slit of the boxers, and fished out her trophy prize. It was thick and bulging, and as her hand wrapped around it, she could feel the veins pumping. Sean’s precum was now a slow, steady stream. Ming bent her head in, stuck her tongue out, and licked the entire underside, drinking in his fluid. Her lips reached the head, after what seemed forever. Her mouth opened all the way, and she proceeded to take his flesh to her waiting tastebuds.

Although she had sucked her fair amount of dick in her time, Ming could never control her gag reflex. She had only gotten Sean’s head into her mouth before she could feel the tightening in her neck. She kept his head in her mouth and bobbed softly, allowing her hand to stroke the rest of his cock. She guessed it was about 7″. Not the biggest she’d seen, but still something most men would be proud of.

Sean looked down and watched as the events unfolded beneath him. Being drunk always made him horny, and getting a blowjob from a different woman for the first bahçeşehir escort time in three years was a huge turn on. He knew he would not last long, and wanted to savor every moment of it. He could already feel his cum building up deep inside, and he knew it would not be long before Ming got the treat she so valiantly searched for.

Ming had lost track of time, and a moment of fear hit her, as she realized that people might be looking for both them, and more importantly, the beer. She released Sean’s head for a moment and whispered seductively, “Cum for me, Sean.” Her mouth was right back where it was, and she increased both the tempo of her mouth and the friction of her hand.

The feeling of Ming’s hand and mouth were wearing down Sean, and he knew that it would only be a matter of moments before he had to let loose his semen. Ming stroked her hand back once more, pulling tight the skin of his dick. It was just the right grip at the right time, and Sean’s cum erupted from within.

The first shot sprayed directly into Ming’s mouth and practically down her throat. It was hot and salty, and Ming pulled her head back from surprise and reflex. She began pumping her hand furiously, as Sean’s cum continue to shoot out. Two more thick streams landed directly on her exposed chest, and dripped between her nipples. The rest of Sean’s cum came out in a heavy stream, flowing across her fingers, and falling unceremoniously on the floor. Sean let out a deep breath, as his mind registered the pleasure induced on him.

And then it was over, and Ming was already wiping the cum on the couch, trying to clean her hand off. “We should get upstairs quickly, people might be looking for us.” She said. “But… Rachel and I are staying the night. She’s too drunk to drive, and I can’t drive stick. She smirked, and reached out to stroke Sean’s limping dick once more. “Well, I can a little,” and she giggled.

She zipped up her sweater with the cum still on her chest. Sean watched with disbelief, and almost came again thinking about how she’d be at the party with his semen drying on her tits. “If you can stay up till 1:30, come back down here, and we’ll finish what we started.” She straightened her clothes, neatened her hair, and licked her lips for any stray cum. “I’ll be waiting for you, you owe me an orgasm. And some beads.”

Ten minutes later, Sean and Ming were back up with the crowd counting down the New Year. Sean stood alone, and wondered where Kim was. He imagined she had passed out on someone’s bed. Sean felt a slight pang of guilt for what he had done, and a larger one for what he would be doing later that night. As the clock struck twelve, everyone cheered. He spotted Ming across the room. She saw him too, and sent him a big wink, before downing a shot with Rachel.

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