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I have been married for three months. At the marriage ceremony I promised to obey my husband. I know this is not always done now, but I really wanted to obey. I am a traditional person, I love my husband and I wanted to be the best wife that I could be.

I grew up in a strict household and during my engagement to my husband he spanked me when I needed it. That made me feel secure. My Daddy spanked me when I was a child. When my husband did it, it wasn’t quite the same , but it gave me a feeling of security, comfort and being loved that I really needed.

After the wedding I started to learn about what it meant to be a wife. I was not a virgin when we married. To be truthful I had several boyfriends when I was at college. We had intercourse and I did oral sex too. During the engagement to my husband we were intimate and he made it clear that if we were to marry I would have to accept certain rules.

I was happy for him to spank me. In fact I have never felt better in my life than when he gave my bottom a good paddling before we made love. It really felt as though he cared enough about me to protect me and look after me as well as love me in the way that all the other boyfriends had.

Since our marriage I have had maintenance spankings once a week and I have also been punished a few times for misbehaviour. All of that was OK and entirely justified, but what happened over the last week has changed things completely.

One morning, just as I was getting up, my husband told me to suck him off and I said no. Of course I am happy to take my husband in my mouth. It is a normal part of our lovemaking and it is nice, but I do not really like him to cum in my mouth. When he does that I have to show him the cum in my mouth and then swallow it. I have not got used to doing that and I don’t really like it. When he told me to do it that morning I did not have lovemaking on my mind. I was just wanting to shower and get on with my day.

I Betturkey was not prepared for the reaction to my refusal to obey. My husband got out of bed, took me by the hair and fucked my throat harder than he had ever done. When he was finished he told me that I was to be punished for my misbehaviour.

When he returned from work that evening I was to present myself naked. When he entered. I had to have my crotch entirely hairless and smooth and I would listen on my knees as he told me what my punishment was to be.

When he came home he had in his hand a ten inch vibrator which was thicker than anything I had ever seen. Along the side of it he had indelibly marked points from three inches to the end at one inch intervals.

He said:

“Tonight you will have one stroke of the cane on each buttock, one on each tit and one on your cunt. This will be pushed three inches into your ass and it will remain there for ten minutes. After that I will fuck your cunt, ass or mouth as I choose. Tomorrow you will receive two cane strokes everywhere, twenty minutes of the vibrator in your ass and then receive me. On the following days it will increase until the end of the week when you get seven strokes at each place and the vibrator works your ass for seventy minutes at a full ten inch penetration before I use you.”

That is what happened. My husband had fucked me in the ass two or three time since we married. I did not really like it and I had not responded very much when he did it. The first night of my punishment was a painful caning. My bum. Tits and pussy were sore after the caning then after the vibrator going for ten minutes three inches in my ass he fucked it before making me suck him until he came in my mouth. This was the first time he had taken his prick out of my ass and put it straight in my mouth. I was disgusted and gagged as he made me take it.

By the second day I was more prepared. I was very careful Betturkey Giriş to clean my ass as thoroughly as possible. That was a good move, but the caning of my tits and cunt was very hard to bear. My bottom could take a caning just as my father had given to me when I was young, but it was much more painful in the other places.

By the fifth night I was desperate. I pleaded to be allowed to lick his ass or drink his piss or do something else to avoid being caned any more. None of my pleas were accepted. In one small concession I was allowed to lie on my back and have the lower sides of my tits caned while I held them out by the nipples instead of getting five more strokes on the heavily bruised upper surface. There was no other relief.

On the seventh night of my punishment I did not know how I could take any more. After seven cane strokes on each of my buttocks on top of the bruising from the twenty one of the previous six days I collapsed in floods of tears. After a few minutes recuperation I was required to kneel and hold each of my tits up for their caning. After two on the top of each bruised breast my screams subsided to sobs. He then had me lie down and gave the three final strokes to each side and the underneath of each tit

I was then laid on my back on the bed with my cunt at the edge and my knees wide apart. After the first three cane strokes on my cunt I was screaming and I couldn’t help closing my knees. He told me to stay where I was and he went out of the room. When he returned a few minutes later he had a length of washing line with him. He tied my knees to the top and bottom of the bed so that they were spread as wide as possible. He then tied my wrists to the top and bottom as well so my arms were stretched out level with my shoulders.

I was crying, but I felt a little better that I was tied down and could not interfere with my punishment being completed. Then he told me that I was going Betturkey Güncel Giriş to get one extra stroke of the cane on my cunt for closing my knees and making him tie me. I didn’t really have time to worry about this before he was standing astride me again and the cane came cracking down on my swollen pussy lips. I screamed at the terrible pain and continued to scream and cry as the remaining four strokes rained down on my poor cunt.

When he was finished he put down the cane and squatted down over my face so that his ass was right at my mouth. I knew that I was required to lick him as thanks for my correction. Although the only thing I could think of was the pain in my crotch, I pushed my tongue into his ass and wriggled it as much as I could. He stayed in position and I licked his ass as energetically as I could and within a few minutes the pain started to be replaced by a fantastic warm glow coursing right through my body.

He untied me, laid me face down on the bed and worked the vibrator its full ten inches into my ass. He switched it on and left the room while my bowels were churned for seventy long minutes. For all that time I didn’t touch my tingling cunt or tits. When he came back the vibrator batteries were almost about to give up. He pulled it out and turned me over. He said that my ass was so stretched that it wasn’t worth fucking today and he fucked me in my swollen and red hot cunt. He said I felt much better than usual and he brought me to an orgasm before he came himself. When he was ready to cum he gave it to me in the mouth and I really enjoyed his taste. I was very happy to swallow and I knew that I loved my husband more than I had done before. I was his to do with as he wished and it was wonderful.

I have been told that if I ever refuse him sex again that he will invite round three of his friends. I must greet them naked at the front door. Following that they will each be given a cane, a belt and a riding crop and be invited to punish my ass, tits and cunt as hard as they want. When they are finished I will have to lick their asses and suck them off before they leave. I know that I will never have to do that. I will do whatever he asks whenever he wants it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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