Nick and Maria’s Reunion: Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction- any similarities of names is purely coincidence. And yes, everyone in this story is 18 years old.

* * * * * * * *

I hummed happily as Nick’s middle finger gently ran along my shoulder, making unintelligible patterns as we cuddled post-coital.

His rigid and toned body was surprisingly comfortable to lay against, and I always found myself surprised that we had enough room to lay in his backseat- but then again, I was practically laying on top of him, my legs entangled with his.

I felt tired- but considering I came twice, that was understandable. I was in bliss, running my own fingertip across his chest in patterns that he would never know. I was practically delirious- happy because I was here with him once again, yet somewhat sour because of what he would say once again.

Every time he came over, every time he ripped the condom open, he’d say the same thing: “This is the last time.”

Then afterwards, he’d say, “On a real note, this was the last time.”

It had been a week since the sleepover. Since we started this whole ‘affair’. It was both frustrating and satisfying at the same time.

His voice spoke up raspily, “Maria.”

“Nick?” I asked in a mocking tone.

“We can’t do this anymore.” He had never said that before. His voice sounded strained- no, pained.

I sat up a little, leaning on my elbow as I looked at him with concern.

At my questioning state, Nick’s lips pursed sourly. “I’m serious- we can’t keep this up.” When I didn’t respond, he only sighed and looked up at the roof of his car. “I’m supposed to be a man of God. I can’t do this, not with you, not with anyone.”

“We don’t have to have sex to be together.” Even I felt pathetic when I said that. Nick scoffed under his breath, and I swallowed. “We can just-“

“You know that won’t work.” Nick said, sitting up abruptly and starting to get dressed. I scowled as I sat up, joining him in redressing myself. He looked over at me as he slipped on his joggers, “You’re just too…” His hand gestured to me, his jaw clenching. “Much.”

“Much?” I asked, and he stayed silent. I slipped on my shirt, avoiding his eyes as my own filled with tears- like every man in my life, he had just… used me. Some of them I used in return but- Jesus, I didn’t expect him to be the same.

“You can’t be friends with Elyssa.” I looked over at him in confusion, my face scrunched up angrily. He furrowed his brows, looking at me intensely. “You being over constantly like always would be too… You just can’t-“

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, Nick.” I spoke with venom, glaring at the man I had just ridden to satisfaction. His love marks were up and down my abdomen, on my breasts, and in between my thighs- yet he thought he could just cut me off and run my life for me at the same time. “I don’t know where you get the balls, ’cause your own aren’t even that big-“

Nick scoffed, the corner of his lips quirking up in amusement as I continued.

“-but you don’t get to control everything. Especially me, pendejo.” I flicked his forehead, and he groaned in annoyance as I grabbed all my things and exited out of his car. It was in the middle of the night, and we were parked across my street- despite my shivering, I stalked towards my apartment as I fumed in anger. He thought he could tell me how to live my fucking life??

I laid on my bed, taking out my phone and texting Elyssa if she was available to hang out tomorrow- and if we could use her pool. I put away my phone, mentally planning ahead what outfit to wear to annoy the hell out of Nick, and sighing before I fell asleep.

As soon as my tired eyes opened the next morning, I got out my phone and checked my messages- Elyssa said I could go over. Fuck yeah.

I got up, immediately racing to the shower and scrubbing myself up and down. I got ready, wearing matching lingerie, and putting on my bathing suit. It was a two piece- skimpy on my fat ass, showing my hip dips and such- and tied on both sides of my hips. My breasts were tightly bound, showing my cleavage, and tied in the middle between my tits. It was beautifully bright, florally printed, and came along with a thin skirt for ‘looks’. I loved the way it contrasted against my tan skin- I lifted half of my shoulder-length hair up, applied chapstick and grabbed my sunglasses and wedges before calling an Uber to Elyssa’s house.

I went up to the door, carrying my beach bag with all the necessities to shower there, as well as my accessories like my phone and my phone charger. I knocked gently, getting out my phone and about to call Elyssa when-

“What the-” Nick opened the door, looking at me in extreme confusion. I took off my sunglasses, my lips smirking as I looked him up and down. He was wearing a tee-shirt, too tight across his muscular torso, and basketball shorts. He whispered harshly, his eyes looking my body up and down, “What the hell are you doing here dressed like that?”

“Move, Nick!” beylikdüzü escort Elyssa called, shoving her brother aside and grasping my hand and pulling me aside. We both giggled as she pulled me through the kitchen, and through the side door-

“Someone’s excited.” I remarked sarcastically, and she laughed as we both approached the pool. She nodded, a wide grin on her face.

“I’ve been waiting all day to show you, girl.” She giggled as she pointed to the pool, and I was shocked I hadn’t noticed before. Matching Watermelon floaties!

“Oh my god, they’re so cute!” I laughed, and Elyssa giggled along. Her smile faded, seeing the hickies that were placed across my abdomen and breasts, “Oh my god, what happened? Are those-“

“My dog was being- um-” I stammered. “Well-“

“Elyssa.” Nick called, walking over. We looked over, our laughter dying at the sight of him. Elyssa knew my history with her brother, but she paid no mind since we barely even spoke anymore- that she knew of, at least. He avoided me, walking past me and giving his sister a pointed look. “Why didn’t you tell me she was coming over?”

“Didn’t think I had to?” Elyssa frowned in confusion- she hated hurting people, yet she was still concerned on why she had to report to him.

She gave me a raised brow, and I shrugged as I went over to one of the lounging chairs and put my stuff down. I lowered the skirt over my hips, bending over to pick them up and place them on the chair.

I turned to see Nick looking at me with furrowed brows, his eyes practically glaring at my curvy body. Elyssa looked between us with a frown. I simply smiled innocently, “Stare much, Nick?”

His jaw set, and he scoffed before walking back inside the house. Elyssa narrowed her eyes at me, “What’s going on with you two?”

I shrugged, “I have no idea what’s up with him.” Elyssa bit her lip and nodded, seemingly relieved at that answer. I walked over, reassuring my best friend with a smile, “Hey, wanna cannonball with me?”

She smirked, and held my hand as we backed up to jump in. We giggled as we ran and jumped in the air, landing into the cool water with a splash. I gasped as I resurfaced, laughing along with Elyssa. I moved my hair back, tucking it behind my ears, looking at Elyssa with a grin.

She only smiled widely at me, and giggled. “God, it’s been forever since I’ve been in a pool.”

“Seriously- I miss hanging out in your pool, girl.” I loved the cold water against my skin as I swam to the edge, licking my lips. I heard the door close to the house, and looked to the sound in curiosity-

My eyes opened widely at the sight of Nick- he was shirtless, and in some pool shorts. The sun glistened off his muscles, his abdomen, and I raised a brow at his form as he walked towards the pool. I didn’t have my contacts in, so the view was blurry, but it came into focus as he came closer. It was

“Oh, Nick. You’re joining us?” Elyssa asked.

I gulped, focused on his intense gaze as he crouched just in front of me. He smiled widely, raising a brow at me in return, “Yeah. I was suddenly feeling a little hot, you know?”

He looked to Elyssa just as he finished speaking, and I scoffed under my breath as I rolled my eyes. I couldn’t believe he was this petty- I mean, I’m usually the one whole the most petty between the two of us.

I swam away from the edge, going underneath the water with a deep breath. The water was beautifully blue, yet also beautifully blurry- I was basically blind for the most part, but it was because I was severely near-sighted. I came up for air on the other side of the pool, the cool air making me shiver despite being used to it. It was all surreal, being here with my two best friends- one of whom I was in love with. It was kind of sad-

“Wanna play a game?” Elyssa’s voice brought me back to reality, and I smiled as fakely as I could muster as I nodded.

“Tag? Volleyball?” I proposed, and she nodded.

“Volleyball sounds good. I have one in my room- I’ll go get it.” Elyssa smiled, getting out of the pool, grabbing her towel, and racing inside her house. Elyssa was always strangely calm and stoic, unless it came to romance and crushing on someone.

I sighed, swimming over to the floatie and struggling to get on while ignoring the love of my life who casually stood beside the pool. I finally managed to get on, and I laid against the rubber as I looked at the sky. It was so quiet, so calm, yet I was anything but. My heart raced in my chest, my lungs lacked air, and I couldn’t help the way I listened attentively to the breathing of Nicholas Enriquez as he stood nearby. I closed my eyes, gulping as the nerves in my body stood alert. Quick footsteps made me open my eyes suddenly, and I failed to see who caused the splash as I fell over on my floatie and back into the water. I quickly deduced it was Nick as I saw his muscled form under the water parallel to me. I groaned in frustration as I beylikdüzü escort bayan resurfaced, glaring as Nick smiled with mischief while looking at me.

“Why?” I scoffed, running a hand through my wet hair to sleek it back. “Why did you do that?”

“Why not?” Nick immediately countered.

I closed my eyes momentarily as I sighed in annoyance, trying to find my breath as I struggled to stay afloat in the deep end. I was short, and in the deep end, it was always a struggle to swim. Strong arms held my side, lifting me a little more above water, and pulling me into someone.

“Hey.” His voice spoke softly, consumed with worry. I opened my eyes to see Nick’s face inches away from mine, holding me close and helping me stay afloat. I harshly inhaled, my arms naturally secured themselves on his shoulders, and my hands gently grasping his neck. “You okay?”

I swallowed, my breathing increasing at the close proximity. I nodded, lips slightly pouting as they unintentionally frowned. My eyes couldn’t help searching for… something, I didn’t know… His hands slightly squeezed me closer, and his adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed as well. Our faces were inching closer, and before I knew it, his lips were pressed against mine ever so softly. My skin was more alive than ever, on fire even, as I kissed him back softly. My hands gently moved to grasp his face as I moved my mouth strongly against his to deepen the kiss, my thumbs caressing his cheekbones. His brown orbs bore into mine, and his teeth suddenly grazed my bottom lip harshly. I gasped, my eyes fluttering closed and breaking the intense stare between us while the sensations of our close proximity began to overwhelm me.

All I could think, all I could feel, and all I could be was his, it was him. Always him. Everyone else could never compare to what this man made me feel, what he had always made me feel since the moment we met. His hands wandered higher on my back, moving me and pressing my chest against his tightly. His tongue moved past my lips, making me mewl in submission as he always did.

I gasped as I was thrown away from him, going underwater once again because of Nick. I resurfaced, coughing up water as I frantically moved my hair away from my face. Elyssa had closed the door on her way out from the side of the house, and thankfully Nick had heard and pushed me away in panic.

I wasn’t sure if I was thankful or enraged, but I nonetheless made my way to the steps as Nick swam more to the deep side. I submerged myself again, before standing up and exiting the pool. Water dripped from my body as I walked to Elyssa with a grin, still flushed despite the cold. I could feel eyes on me, and I ignored the urge to check if Nick was looking at me or not.

Elyssa looked confused, holding a volleyball as she looked at me with slight apprehension. “Where’s Nick?”

“He jumped in a while ago, but between you and me- I’ve been avoiding him like the plague.” I stated, and Elyssa dryly chuckled. She hated when I spoke anything considered ‘not nice’ about her brother, even if I was joking or not.

“Ready to play volleyball?” I nodded, and we jumped in the pool to start playing the game we had made.

It lasted an hour- Nick lingered around for a bit before eventually leaving the pool entirely to go inside. I won, being more rough and competitive than gentle-natured Elyssa. When it was time to go inside, I asked Elyssa’s mother if I could shower there (after Elyssa already did, of course).

I went into the restroom with the larger shower, closing the door behind me as I turned on the shower to a steaming temperature, and stripped myself down- peeling the wet fabric from my body. It pooled around my feet, and I looked at my tanned skin in the mirror- the sun had slightly burned my skin but I didn’t mind. I can’t believe I had missed the opportunity to ask Nick to spread sunscreen on my back or something.

The door opened, and I turned around in shock at Nick standing there in shock. His mouth went agape, and closed again as he cleared his throat while looking at my body lewdly. I glared at him, and hissed, “Close the door.”

He nodded, stepping into the restroom and closing the door, then locking it while keeping his eyes on my curvy figure. I scoffed to myself, shaking my head with an amused smile. “I meant for you to get out, and then close the door.”

“Oh.” Nick swallowed, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the way he was obviously nervous. Even with his hot looks and brawn, he was still nerdy and oblivious Nick. “Do-Do you still want me to leave-“

“Did I say I did?” I sarcastically retorted, leaning back against the sink, and arching my body. Nick licked his lips, and smiled nervously. “Better question: Why are you still here? I thought you were a man of God.”

Nick scoffed under his breath, rolling his eyes at me and keeping his gaze away from me. Very lowly, he whispered something under his breath before escort beylikdüzü his brown orbs moved to glare at me. I almost didn’t catch it, but as soon as my brain had registered the words, I practically was shaking with the lust that coursed through my veins. My breath was ragged, and I was melting under his gaze.

“I’m also just a man.”

He suddenly took control, taking the initiative and forcibly pulling me close. His hands held my face, his kiss rough and harsh against mine. I couldn’t help but reciprocate, the slit between my legs increasing with my lust and juices at the way he just… took me. Our hands were roaming everywhere, somehow still lusting after each other even though we’ve been with each other practically every day. This seemed different, though. Something was different than before when we were in his house- more intimate. He lifted me up by my thighs, and my legs wrapped around his waist readily as he pulled away from the kiss to just… gaze up at me as I wrapped my arms around his broad and defined shoulders.

Nick walked us into the shower, pressing me against the cold tile as he suddenly and wantonly placed his hot mouth onto my breasts- he kissed across my skin, adding onto the small hickeys and bruises he had caused the night before. I could gasp under his suckling of my skin, helpless and writhing between him and the cold green tiles that decorated the walls in his shower. He moved downwards, adjusting us so he was once again between my legs and my thighs were on his shoulders. His lips devoured me, licking every crevice of my wet vulva and slightly puffy and pink pussy lips- his lips suckled in my clit for a moment, making me whimper loudly.

He pulled away, looking up at me as my hand snaked down to tug on his black hair. Nick’s eyebrow raised, his glistening lips moving hypnotizingly as he spoke, “Shh. You can’t be too loud, or else I won’t be able to have my snack.”

Me. The snack was me- I covered my mouth with my other hand as he suddenly dove back in, his tongue snaking up and down and inside my vagina. I was doing my best, but it was almost impossible to stop moving on top of him- one of his hands crept up to interlock our fingers, and my heart ached. My head was practically empty as he suddenly pulled away, a devilish grin as he made me stand. I weakly leaned against him as he stood, “What-What are you doing? I hadn’t finished-“

“Shh.” He silenced me with a single finger on my lips before leaning in to kiss me again. The taste of my own juices was exotic, and it somehow made me wetter. His hands pressed me against him once, before he pulled away and bent me over, my hands pressed against the once cold but now warm tiles. He lifted my hips from behind, cursing under his breath (probably from the view of my ass), as he adjusted his position to penetrate me (especially given the fact that I was much shorter than him, he had to sort of bend at the knees). I shakily exhaled as I felt the head of his cock tantalizingly go up and down my vulva, and I gasped sharply as he rubbed it in a circle around the small bead known as my clit. My hair hung down my shoulder, and I breathed heavily as the steaming water cascaded around our now naked bodies.

“Nick…” I exhaled, my voice unnaturally high pitched due to my desperation and the aching that was only increasing due to Nick’s teasing. “Please-“

“God, the way you say my name…” He pressed his mushroom tip inside my sex, making my legs tremble as he slowly penetrated me. His hand slowly massaged my ass, squeezing and rubbing my back and behind as he slowly went into the hilt. We both heavily exhaled as he penetrated fully, and I could feel my face heat up further. Nick gasped lowly, “It’s so hot…”

I moaned as he slowly withdrew, and went back in harshly. I whispered loudly, “Nick!”

He continued fucking me slowly- in, out, in, and out. Over and over, he pleased me in such a tantalizing and slow way. It was amazing yet I needed more.

He hissed, starting to pick up the pace- I didn’t know if it was on purpose or not, but the way his balls thudded softly against my clit made me whimper every time his hips met mine. He was trying to be quiet- but even then, he found it compelling the way my ass jiggled with every plunge his dick made into my pussy. I clenched around his dick as he fucked me a little harder and faster, leaning my forehead against the tile in front of me as I whimpered in both submission and pleasure. How could something feel this good- like never before?

His hand lightly slapped against my ass cheek, and I moaned in appreciation of the roughness, “More.”

“You want more?” He grunted, his nails digging into my hip. I nodded, moaning out in approval, before he slapped my ass again. I practically begged for more- I needed it. I wanted it.

“Please, Nick. Harder- Fuck me hard.” I whined out, and if the shower could be louder, I don’t think he would have been able to hear it. But as soon as I said it, he groaned loudly. I whimpered again, “I need it, Nick. I need to be fucked like the slut I am.”

“Slut?” He asked, panting as the lewd sounds of our conjoined sexes was barely heard through the loud running of water. He pulled on my hair, making my whines louder as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. “You’re my slut.”

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