Night at the Bronco

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“What the hell?” Darren wondered, looking fearfully at the sky above him. A black cloud had just materialized just a few hundred feet above his rig. Strong gusts already started whipping his rig around from side to side.

He double clutched, dropping a few gears, allowing him to slow his massive bulk down. Water gushed down from the sky in buckets. He cranked the wipers on as hard as they would go. Perhaps it was time to look for a place to stay for the night. It was already pretty late anyway.

It might screw with his schedule but screw that, this was one hell of a storm! Better safe than sorry.

He drove for quite a while through the storm before he even found a place to pull off the road, nevermind a motel. His aching hands were gripped to the wheel in a deathlock. The punishing wind was constantly trying to yank his rig right off the road.

Finally he saw the lights of an inn up ahead. He gratefully pulled over and parked his rig. Normally he would sleep in his rig, but tonight he was going to need a shower immediately. He was okay with grabbing a room for the night.

He grabbed his bag and exited the truck. Rain and wind both pummelled him hard. The inn’s sign–a giant bucking horse with the word “Bronco” emblazoned on it in neon red–was constantly in motion from the wind.

Inside it looked as though they might be able to outfit a rodeo, from all the riding accessories on the walls, and the ceiling. It wasn’t overdone though.

The place was almost completely empty tonight. He could see one lonely soul sitting at the far end, hiding under a baseball cap pulled down low. He walked over to the counter where a friendly-looking woman smiled at him. “Dinner?” she asked.

“And a room, if you have one,” he replied.

“Sure thing,” she agreed. “I’m Rita.”

“Nice to meet you Rita, I’m Darren.”

After showering in his nicely appointed room Darren came back out to have dinner, and while what was left of the evening away at the bar. Eventually he was completely alone in the place, except for the lady behind the bar.

The door swung open admitting another great gust of wind, and a rather late customer in another baseball cap; they were only open for another 30 minutes. He walked right over to where Darren was sitting; by his walk he could tell he was at least 220 lb of pure muscle.

“That your rig out there?” the man asked in a smooth voice that seemed to carry. To Rita he wondered, “Have you got a room left?”

After getting a positive answer from Rita he sat down next to Darren.

“I kurtköy escort bayan noticed you got a pentagram painted on your truck; is that the Supernatural pentagram or something completely different?” he asked. “I’m only wondering because look at this…” He took off his hat and turned it so Darren could see the logo. It was the Supernatural pentagram, the official logo of the show.

Darren was floored, and excited to meet another fan. “You called it. You know, you look a little bit like Jared Padalecki.”

“I get told that a lot, well by fans anyway. No one else knows who the hell Jared is anyway. I’m Peter,” he said.

Peter had long brown hair that fell naturally onto the nape of his neck. He pierced Darren with animated brown eyes, in a high-cheekboned face. Holy shit this guy is good looking, Darren told himself.

After Darren introduced himself they started yakking naturally.

“I still can’t believe they cancelled the show,” Darren said.

“They did get 15 years out of it. The show had a lot of issues; it couldn’t compete with the modern shows.”

It wasn’t long before last call forced them back to their rooms. They chatted amiably in the hallway outside Darren’s room. Lightning and thunder slammed the building so hard the windows rattled.

Darren watched TV for an hour trying to forget this magnificent specimen sleeping in the next room over. Eventually when sleep still didn’t come, he decided he had to at least try.

He threw the door open and stepped out of his room, at the exact moment Peter opened his door and stepped out as well. They met precisely halfway.

Darren’s spine pebbled with goose bumps as their tongues found each other. Peter tasted sweet, and smelled like he had just showered. Darren rapidly flicked his tongue against Peters’.

“Oh. My. God. You’re fucking hot!” he heard Peter breathe into his ear. “I’ve been wanting to come over to your place to fuck you all night!”

“You are a bad, bad man,” Darren breathed onto Peter’s neck. They moved along the wall to Darren’s room kissing all the way. Darren’s erection threatened to burst through his pants; he could feel a massive boner nearly poking through Peter’s pants as well.

Darren was shaking so hard he couldn’t get the key card to work. Peter did it for him. They crashed inside when the door opened; they were fumbling to get each other’s shirts off.

When they were finally topless Darren marvelled at Peter’s physique: thick, maltepe escort bayan wide shoulders, pecs that stood straight out, six pack abs, and massive arms that showed off enormous biceps and triceps. It was obvious Peter worked out almost daily.

Darren was a bit jealous of Peter’s thick mat of brown chest hair. Like most men Darren had lots of hair on his arms and legs–Peter did too–but his own chest hair was strangely lacking.

Darren couldn’t hit the gym nearly as much due to his work as a long distance driver. To keep his fitness level up he did 100 jumping jacks every morning outside the truck, as well as a 5k run. The whole thing, including breakfast, took about an hour.

That was why he loved to do overnight stops at the massive truck stops that had showers available. He’d been able to keep the developing paunch at bay for now.

“I’m gonna kiss you all over,” Darren said. His erection wasn’t getting any smaller.

“What are you waiting for?” Peter grinned playfully. “I don’t have all night, you know. Oh wait a minute, maybe I do!”

Darren began with Peter’s chin, then his cheek; he worked his way along the jaw, down to Peter’s neck. He loved the taste of Peter’s fresh sweat. He paused there, enjoying Peter’s moans of pleasure.

After this he made his way up along the neck to Peter’s ear. He flicked his tongue against the ear several times; Peter trembled a little and moaned.

He turned Peter around and began licking and kissing his back, starting with the nape of the neck. Darren worked his way down the spine all the way to the small of the back; Peter shivered more, and moaned.

“Lay down on your belly,” Peter urged finally. “Gonna massage you.”

Darren did as he was told. Peter began by massaging Darren’s neck for a few moments before moving on to the shoulders. Darren didn’t realize how tense he was until Peter’s strong fingers massaged the tension away.

Peter started gently tapping on Darren’s upper back with the edges of his strong hands; he moved downward all the way to the small of the back. Darren had only rarely been massaged, and this felt amazing. He was moaning as well.

“Roll over,” Peter commanded playfully. “Time to get your legs.”

Peter now worked skillfully on Darren’s feet, starting with the toes, massaging each foot separately; Darren groaned in pleasure. He worked his way down to the calf, and stayed there for a while, eliciting more groans.

Peter massaged each thigh separately, mecidiyeköy escort bayan stopping well before the groin area. “You tease!” Darren mumbled happily into the mattress.

They returned to kissing while each dropped their pants and underwear. Both men were rock hard, with strings of pre-cum leaking from each. Both were circumcised. “You are a fucking hottie!” Darren claimed appreciatively.

“You’re not so bad yourself, you know,” Peter smiled. “Do you come with The Bronco?”

“I am the Bronco!” Darren joked.

Electric jolts ran up Darren’s spine when Peter gently took hold of Darren’s penis and started licking and kissing the head. He almost came right there. “Ohmygod!” Darren moaned, when Peter then took him inside his mouth.

Time slowed to a crawl for Darren, as Peter’s tongue flicked back and forth over his head. “Whoa…” he moaned as Peter gently masturbated him into his mouth.

When Darren had to hold himself back from cumming into Peter’s mouth, they switched.

Darren started with the scrotum, gently sucking each testicle into his mouth; Peter groaned. Next he licked the long shaft of Peter’s penis. When he finally took Peter in his mouth, the other man shivered with pleasure. Darren gently began to masturbate Peter into his mouth. “Holy crap,” Peter moaned.

“Okay, stop!” Peter commanded playfully. “I have to fuck you right now!”

“Well, if you have to, then who am I to stop you?” Darren replied, grinning.

Peter licked Darren’s anus, and drooled heavily, lubricating him. More shivers ran up Darren’s spine in anticipation. Peter also drooled heavily onto his own penis.

Darren could feel his head pressed against him, and with a grunt and a groan, Peter was inside. Lightning ran along Darren’s spine again; his breathing was interrupted by his own constant moans of pleasure as Peter began to seriously fuck him.

Eventually Darren heard Peter grunt and groan in a long, drawn out climax as he came into Darren. “Whoa…!” Peter groaned as he rolled off Darren, still cumming a little bit. “Holy shit…!”

“It wouldn’t take long for me to cum just looking at you, you are such an absolute god,” Darren said. “What a specimen you are!”

“Never been called ‘specimen’ before,” Peter replied. “Sounds like a disease…” He began posing seductively, grinning and flexing playfully. With a long groan Darren came.

They were leaning back on Darren’s bed afterward, both of them naked and spent, both grinning happily.

“I suppose this is where we smoke our cigarettes,” Peter said.

“If we were smokers,” Darren pointed out.

The next morning, while he was busy grabbing gears to get his rig back up to speed, he kept thinking back to that moment. Peter was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer on his way to spend four days with his ailing mother. They had exchanged numbers of course.

The sky above was perfectly clear, not a cloud in sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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