Night at the Movies

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We pulled into the parking space in front of the multiplex theater. I looked over at Lynn as I turned the car off. She sat there quietly with a mirthful grin on her face, looking straight ahead, hands folded on her blue and white floral print skirt. She was a pretty lady, in that cute librarian sort of way. Small wire-framed glasses with cheeks big enough to hold them up, but a twinkle in her grey-green eyes that hinted at mischief. I got out and came around to let her out, twirling my hand comically before offering it to help her up. “Madam, we have arrived.”

She chuckled lightly and stepped out into the temperate night air. We continued arm in arm, a gentle breeze spreading her sweet perfume over me. It was late and the middle of the week, so we were pretty much alone when we got to the ticket counter. She pulled out her phone and swiped a few times to pull up our pre-purchased tickets. A girl covered in piercings who looked like she was doing this instead of her first year of college scanned the ticket and in we went. We had just come from dinner so neither of us had any need for the overpriced concessions. “So what is this movie supposed to be about,” I asked.

“It’s a romantic comedy,” she said, leading me into the barely lit theater where previews were playing to an empty room. This seemed to excite her enough to where she completely ignored my comment about having our pick of the seats. I followed her up to the top of the steps, and we settled in right below the projector room. This theater had some of the nicer seats, vinyl recliners with thick armrests, which she immediately lifted so that she could hold my hand.

The previews ended, giving way to the reminders to drink more, eat more, and turn off your phone. “So who’s in this?” I asked.

“You ask too many questions,” she replied with a smile as the lights went out. She was right. I tended to overthink the situation a lot, never really living in the moment. My time with her had changed that some. With Lynn, spontaneity was the order of the day, whether it was meals, outings, or lovemaking. It kept things fresh. No one could ever accuse her of being boring.

It seemed like a cute enough movie, our average sexy couple in wacky situations until they figured out how much they cared. But I couldn’t get over the thought that Lynn was barely interested. She laughed where appropriate, but her attention was elsewhere. “Are you okay?” I asked.

She seemed surprised by the question. “Me? Oh! I’m fine.” I didn’t believe her, but she didn’t seem sad so I figured she’s a grown woman with her grown thoughts. I’ll be included if she wants me to be. The usher came eryaman escort bayan in and started across the lane with the speed you would expect from a teenager making some summer cash. She gripped my hand a little tighter and I noticed she was watching the boy intently. He hit one side and then walked back with just as much energy, and we were alone again. She sighed, “Finally.” And she released my hand.

“What’s up?” I asked, thoroughly confused.

“Nothing,” she said, with a sparkle in her eye. “I just wanted him to hurry up and give us some time alone.” She leaned in and kissed me, her hand almost immediately finding the front of my jeans. Always full of surprises. She kneaded and stroked until she got the desired result, me testing the limits of my zipper. I ran my fingers up her arm and she grabbed my dick and tugged on it. She bit her lip and looked me in the eye, our faces almost touching while she worked my head through my pants. I tried to kiss her but she backed away just enough to let me know I wasn’t allowed.

She eyed the work she was doing and then went back to staring at me. I grasped her arm because what she was doing was about to have more results than I wanted here in public. But she didn’t care. If anything she tried harder and smiled, satisfied that she was getting to me. I let go of her arm and grabbed her tit hard, as though it would somehow stop her. To my surprise, it seemed she wasn’t expecting it. For the briefest moment, she paused, before adjusting me in my pants so that the zipper wasn’t in the way of her working my knob through the fabric.

As she went back to work I became aware that I was leaking a decent amount of precum. She was going to finish me off this way and there was nothing I could do about it. I popped loose one of the buttons on her blouse and reached in to get a handful of her G-cups. “Now we’re getting somewhere,” she said. I sought out her erect nipple and pinched her hard. She closed her eyes and moaned, and I used it as a break to kiss her. She didn’t retreat this time. In fact, she let go of my throbbing dick and pulled my face tighter with hers.

I let go of her breast and she pulled away, the two of us grinning at each other. I was now all in on public playtime with her. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but you only live once. She swiveled in her seat toward me, swinging her legs up onto my lap while she laid back across both of our seats resting her head on the armrest. She leisurely pulled up her skirt revealing her creamy thick legs and wafting me with the scent of her excitement.

I started low, stroking her calves and moving up to her ankara escort thighs while she undid more buttons on her blouse. I reached over and slid my hand up under her bra, freeing her breasts one by one, being sure to give each one a good amount of attention. She moaned and held my arm as I played with one of her pink nipples, already so full and erect. Thumbing it and lightly tugging, I watched her writhe in her seat, her chest heaving and legs unable to stay still.

She bent the knee of the leg closest to me and dug her nails into my arm, her eyes pleading with me to accept the invitation she was giving me. I slipped my hand underneath it, sliding into her warm center. One finger. Two fingers. I matched the push and pull with her breathing, my upturned fingers probing for her core. There. If I had had any doubt, the way she gasped and arched her back would have definitely told me I hit gold. I brushed her clit with my thumb making her clamp her legs shut and whisper my name.

After a few moments of my hand being perfectly still, she hiked her skirt up to her waist and lifted her leg up and over my head to rest it on my shoulders.”Look at what you do to me, baby,” she said as she started playing with her petals. She spread them wide showing off her bright pink clit, glistening in the dim light of the theater.

Her pussy convulsed around my fingers as I slowly slid out. “Damn, you look delicious,” I said to her before sucking her off of my dripping digits. I couldn’t believe how wild we were getting in public. Before tonight, it had never gone past the occasional grab-ass or sneaky tit squeeze. It was the most excitement I had had in a while, and from the looks of it, it wasn’t over.

She dropped out of the seat onto her knees and quickly undid my pants. “You look pretty tasty, yourself.” Looking me in the eye, she slowly licked the precum off of the tip of my dick. A thin clear trail hung off of her tongue and as she pulled it back into her mouth, it stuck to her lip and chin. That sight alone sent my heart racing. She went down for more, this time taking my whole head in her mouth, still with our eyes connected. She was so fucking sexy! She gripped me at the base and kept at it, occasionally tugging on my balls. It was the best blowjob I’d ever had and any second I knew I was going to lose it all down her throat.

And then the worst possible thing that could have happened; an usher walked into the theater and looked around. This one was a little older, a thin blonde guy with glasses that looked exactly like the type of guy who took his job too seriously. “Oh shit!” I whispered. “The usher’s sincan escort bayan back.”

She took me out of her mouth long enough to say, “Well I guess you better hurry up then because I’m not stopping till you’re finished.”

“What!” I replied, almost above whisper range. But how do you fight back, when a woman has you in the back of her skull working every inch of you with an expert tongue? I practically begged her, “Please, Lynn! We can finish after he leaves.” But I knew I wasn’t going to last that long. With her face buried into my crotch, I heard a muffled disagreement. The usher eyed me suspiciously, the creep. No way could he see her, but the hoovering I was taking made it impossible for me to keep a straight face. “Oh, my god! He’s coming up the stairs!” She didn’t care. She had set her finishing pace, and nothing was going to stop what was coming next.

“What the fuck!” he screeched in a whiny voice as he reached the top and saw the festivities. I gave him a pained chuckle, and Lynn chugged on like a frigging locomotive, not paying him even a hint of mind. “You two can’t do that in here.” With a mouth full of cock, she giggled at his impotent rage and kept on. I put my head back and let her take me to the end of the universe and back, while this frustrated and probably turned-on nerd yelled, “Stop it!”

I grabbed the chair I was in, grunting with every load I pumped into her mouth. She looked up at me, letting some of it escape out of the corner of her mouth while she sucked on my head. She knew what her man liked, putting on a show with the cum and her tongue to make sure it didn’t get too far away. Her skills were unrivaled. My sweet sucking angel, so lovely and so dirty, was going to get fucked into a coma when I got her home.

At last, she looked over at the guy who was shaking with rage. She loudly slurped the line of cum from the bottom up and made a show of swallowing it. Then she said, “Want a turn, big boy?” He realized the erection in his pants and bolted down the stairs covering it with a hand.

We laughed at him as he stumbled out around the corner. Then I leaned over, took Lynn’s chin in my hand, and kissed her deeply. She had earned it. I was never going to forget this night for the rest of my life. I pulled away and said, “You’re fucking awesome. But we gotta get the hell up outta here.” We both fixed our clothing as we swiftly moved to the emergency exit.

Outside again in the night air, we walked arm in arm back to my car. I held the door open for my lady to get in and got into the driver’s seat. We pulled out of the space and then drove by the front of the theater. Lynn rolled down the window when she saw our favorite usher standing out front, no doubt looking for us. I slowed down long enough for her to lower the window and get his. She mimed wiping something from the corners of her mouth before we sped off, laughing hysterically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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