Night Fun at St. Marks Daycare

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The director of a small-town church daycare gets serviced by the maintenance man.

Mary Deere was the director of St. Mark’s Daycare, a long-established center located behind one of the oldest churches in Columbia, South Carolina. In her late forties, Mary was a mother of two, married to her husband Bill for twenty-three years. Mary was two years older than Bill, and their relationship started in high school when Mary was a senior and Bill a sophomore.

Mary was a very average looking girl in high school who was far from popular. While she had a well-developed chest, her large breasts were offset by a serious case of acme. Try as she might, Mary didn’t attract much attention from the boys at school.

As Senior Prom time rolled around, Mary was anguished that she didn’t get asked to go. In desperation, she flirted with Bill who was on the wrestling team, and was successful in getting him to go to the prom with her. Three inches shorter than Mary, Bill wasn’t especially bright, but had great hair.

Mary was a good student, and went on to community college after she graduated. Mary went to community college more for the opportunity to look for a husband than for a degree, but was unsuccessful. She envied the other girls she met at school who had good complexions, trendier clothes, and better boyfriends than she had.

The night of Bill’s graduation, Mary conceived her oldest daughter Janice. Marriage followed, and school ended for Mary as she took care of Janice. She was proud of Bill when he got promoted to Night Shift Manager at the local Pizza Hut, but didn’t especially care for living with his parents.

Fortunately for Mary, as the years went by her complexion cleared up. Unfortunately for Mary, she battled her unhappiness with food. Six months after delivering her second child, Mary was carrying two hundred pounds around on her 5′ 7″ frame. Being significantly taller and heavier than her husband did little to enhance Mary’s already low self-esteem.

Bill was a gamer, and was much more interested in Call of Duty than his wife. On her fortieth birthday Bill took Mary out for dinner at Applebee’s. Mary had four drinks in the eighty minutes they were there, and tried flirting with Bill in hopes of having a night of passion. Bill was more interested in his cell phone than Mary, and left her alone in the bedroom that night as he sat back down in front of his computer.

With her kids being older and able to take care of themselves, Mary returned to the workforce. She got a job as a teacher at St. Mark’s Daycare, and four years later was named the Director of the facility. The job provided Mary with a sense of satisfaction that she didn’t have in her wedded life.

When the Daycare’s maintenance man Joseph retired, Mary got busy hiring a replacement. After sifting through many applications, Mary came upon Stephen Allen’s resume. Stephen was in his mid- forties and had experience. After reviewing his resume, Mary called Stephen to see if he could come in for an interview.

When Stephen came in Tuesday afternoon for the interview, Mary wished that she’d worn something more inviting. Stephen was just over six feet tall, and had a solid, athletic build. While his hair was thinning, Stephen had deep brown eyes that distracted Mary during their interview. Stephen had a deep, low voice and an easy way about him. He was a no-nonsense, get-it-done type of man, and Mary found herself very attracted to him. She of course hired him on the spot.

Over the next few months, Mary became more and more enamored with Stephen. It seemed that there was nothing he couldn’t do, fixing broken desks, repainting walls, repairing leaky faucets, and maintaining the Daycare’s ancient cooling system. His boyish, confident grin never failed to get to Mary, and she secretly lusted after him, wondering what was under those jeans that fit him so well.

Mary began to try to take better care of herself. She started going to the gym and watching her diet, and paid much more attention to her wardrobe than before. She started wearing tops that revealed a bit more cleavage, and her skirts sometimes rose above her knees. A few times she felt Stephen’s eyes on her. Mary loved the attention as she didn’t get much at home.

Late one afternoon after all the kids had been picked up, Stephen was on his garbage run emptying the cans from all the rooms. As he approached the Director’s office, he heard Mary’s voice raised and angry.

“Bill, we talked about this, and I made plans! Do you know how hard it’s going to be to change things now! DO YOU!” Stephen couldn’t resist eavesdropping as he stood quietly outside Mary’s door. “As usual, it’s all about you. You’ve done this so many times before, and I’m sick of it, Bill. Sick of it!” Mary slammed the phone down.

A minute later, Stephen decided to chance it and walked into Mary’s office. She sat at her desk, and was crying. “You OK, Miss Mary?” She looked up from her desk and saw Stephen’s eyes and tried florya escort to compose herself.

“I’m OK, Stephen.”

“Beggin’ your pardon, ma’am, but you don’t look OK.” Mary had a short page-boy haircut and wire rimmed glasses. She was wearing a spring-patterned dress that was slightly low-cut, and wore nylons and some classy two-inch heels.

“Maybe not so OK,” and some more tears started. Stephen grabbed a couple of Kleenexes out of the box on the corner of her desk. Mary reached to take the tissues from Stephen, and he playfully slapped her hand away.

Very slowly reaching across the desk, Stephen grabbed the sides of Mary’s glasses, lifting them off her head and setting them on the desk in front of her. He then firmly but gently put his left hand under Mary’s chin and raised her face towards him. Using the tissues, Stephen lightly wiped away the tears on her face and said, “You’ll be just fine, nice lady.”

As angry as she was with Bill, she was taken by the strong, gentle presence of Stephen. He was so very confident- most men would NEVER assume to touch a woman like he’d just done to Mary. Bill dumped her garbage can out, and started out of her office. “You let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, Miss Mary.”

“Thanks, Stephen.” Mary thought to herself, “Bend me over my desk and take me,” as she watched him leave.

Over the next week Mary found herself working late just so she’d have the chance to interact with Stephen. He always had a grin on his face and a masculine air about him that Mary found very attractive. In many ways, he was the opposite of Bill, who was all but useless around the house and very soft.

Mary had made plans to go out with some girlfriends Friday after work. She brought a change of clothes with her and was looking forward to catching up with her pals. Having finished processing payroll, Mary got up from her desk and went into the bathroom to change. Mary loved how it was quiet after everyone was gone- it was always so noisy during the day.

Mary had brought a sundress to wear out that evening. The dress was something that the Director of a Christian Daycare would never wear to work- it had short sleeves, a light pastel-colored floral pattern with a scoop neck and buttoned down the front. The hem came halfway up her thighs, and the shoes made her legs and butt look their best. Mary slipped the dress on, and was less than halfway done buttoning up the front when the bathroom door opened.

Stephen stood there for a second while Mary tried to get her composure. Stephen said, “Very nice. I’ll come back later.” He grinned at Mary, turned and left the bathroom. Mary was speechless. She felt flushed about being even slightly exposed to Stephen, and absolutely loved his confident, no apologies manner.

As she headed out of the building to meet her friends, she ran into Stephen. “Guess I should have locked the door, huh?”

“Glad you didn’t. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you had somewhere to go tonight,” Stephen said, admiring Mary.

“Going out for a few drinks with the girls, Stephen.”

“You’d best be careful going out looking that good, Miss Mary.” Stephen liked women Mary’s size. He grinned at her.

“Oh, stop it,” Mary replied, flattered by his compliments and loving having his eyes all over her. He was polite, but he was a man. Mary could feel his eye on her as she walked to her car.

Two hours and four margaritas later, Mary said her good-byes and left the bar. She reached in her purse to make a call, and realized that she’d left her phone on the charger in her office at work. Aware that she was tipsy, Mary drove slowly back to the Daycare to retrieve her phone.

As Mary approached the building, she noticed the lights on in the second floor. After getting her phone, she slowly climbed the stairs, having to hold the handrail to keep her balance. As she reached the top of the stairs, she saw Stephen going into the lounge. Emboldened by the alcohol, Mary took a deep breath, and entered the lounge.

“Well, what a surprise. Nice to see you, Mary.” Stephen had on nice fitting jeans and a white T-shirt. Mary noticed the tattoo half-hidden by his short sleeves.

“Niceth to see you too, Stephen.” Mary was definitely feeling the tequila.

“Sounds like someone had a good time and a few drinks,” Stephen grinned at her.

“Just a few,” Mary replied, and started to walk towards the refrigerator in the corner of the room to get a bottle of water for the drive home. “God, I’m thirsty!”

“Let me get that for you.” Stephen got a bottle of water from the fridge, and walked over to Mary. Mary’s large breasts drew his eyes, and she noticed his gaze. He twisted the top off the bottle and looked at her. “Say please,” he grinned

Mary reached for the bottle, and Stephen put it behind his back. “Ah ah Ahhh… say please”

“Ok, please, now give it to, will you?”

“If you say so,” and he göztepe escort leaned in to kiss her.

Mary was stunned and excited. Stephen pulled her towards him, reaching around to put his hand on her ass. He cupped her butt while he kissed her. Mary was slightly dizzy, but amazingly turned on. She opened her mouth and gave him her tongue. He gently sucked it, and thrust his tongue in her mouth. They traded back and forth for a minute, all the while Stephen was squeezing her ass cheek and pulling her into his groin.

Stephen suddenly stopped and took a half-step back. He held up the water bottle, and handed it to Mary. “Don’t go anywhere,” said Stephen, and he went and locked the door. Mary took a drink, and stepped over to the side table next to a large padded chair to set the bottle down.

Stephen returned. “You didn’t listen, I told you to not go anywhere.” He kissed her again, and pulled her close. She could feel his bulge between her legs. Mary shifted her hips so she could feel more of him, but slightly lost her balance.

“Time for you to sit down,” said Stephen guiding her to the chair with his strong hands. Stephen held her face, leaned down, and kissed her again. Mary swooned and reached for his belt. “Patience…” Stephen said, and began to kiss Mary’s neck. Mary loved how he mixed kisses, licks and light sucks as he went from side to side of her neck.

Stephen kissed her mouth again, pulling her plush lips into his mouth. He began to unbutton her dress, stealing quick caresses of her breasts. After he’d undone the top four buttons, Stephen stepped back and pulled Mary to her feet. He kissed her deeply, grabbing her ass with both hands and grinded himself into her for a few seconds. Then he grabbed the bottom of her dress, and pulled it up and over her head.

Mary kissed Stephen, and whispered, “My patience is running out.” She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, tossing it on top of her dress.

“Oh my, these are wonderful!” said Stephen, holding Mary’s large breasts in his hands. Mary had dark, oval-shaped nipples on her full bosoms. Stephen leaned in, and began to kiss and suck her. Mary moaned as Stephen lifted her tits up and licked from the underside up to her areolas. He did this several times until he finally began to use his mouth on her nipples. Mary closed her eyes and tipped her head back as he pleasured her.

Stephen took off his t-shirt, and pulled Mary to him. She loved the feeling of her breasts on his hairy chest, and kissed him while she reached for his crotch. She felt his hard cock through his jeans and began to stroke him.

Stephen said, “Not quite yet,” and sat her back down on the chair. He kissed her, and pushed her shoulders back. She raised her hips as he pulled her panties off. He was pleased to see that Mary had a nice full bush. “Now that’s a surprise!”

“That I’m not a real blonde?” Mary said with a tinge of insecurity.

“No, silly… I’m surprised that there are still women with enough sense not to go bald down there. I love this stuff,” said Stephen and he ran his fingers through her pubes. Then he slipped his hands under her bottom and slid her forward to the edge of the chair seat. He bent over and kissed her round face, whispering, “I would love to watch you play with your nipples while I go down on you.”

Mary groaned with excitement. She immediately began to tease her nipples, causing them to stand up like a pencil eraser. Stephen got down on his knees between Mary’s legs. He stroked her thighs while he looked into her eyes. “I love what you’re doing to your beautiful breasts. It’s such a turn-on to see a woman pleasure herself.”

He then scooted his butt back a little, and began to kiss Mary just above her pubic hair. His hands kneaded her ass as he began to work on her with his mouth. He kissed his way all around her triangle, ending with the briefest of licks at the bottom of her pussy. Mary gasped at the light touch of Stephen’s tongue. “Don’t you stop playing with those nipples,” Stephen ordered.

Taking his hands out from under her ass, Stephen spread her opened so he could have better access to her pussy. Licking her labia while inserting just the top joint of his finger inside her, Stephen had Mary breathing hard. “That’s very nice,” Stephen said as he began to lick harder and slip the second joint of his finger into her damp pussy.

Mary cooed, “That’s much more than nice. Don’t stop, please!” Stephen continued his oral assault, lightly teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue. He began to finger fuck Mary in earnest, and her hips began to buck. “Oooohhhh,” Mary felt herself beginning. As she had moved her hands to pull Stephen’s face further into her pussy, he reached up with his right hand and grabbed Mary’s left nipple. He began to squeeze and pull while his tongue danced on her clitty. Shifting slightly to his right, Stephen cleared a little room for his left hand.

He slipped halkalı escort two fingers inside her while he kept busy with his mouth. Mary was constantly moaning now, her hips moving. Pinching her nipple harder, Stephen backed it down some when Mary’s hand grasped his wrist. Mary got louder, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” and finally had her first orgasm with a man in fourteen months. Sensing her release, Stephen slowed things down, letting her bask for a while.

As Stephen sat back on his ankles, Mary sat up straight in the chair. Stephen cupped her breasts and kissed her. “I gotta stand up, my knees are killing me,” he told her. As he stood, Mary put four fingers in each of his front pants pockets and pulled him closer.

“My turn,” Mary smiled as she unfastened his belt. After having seen Mary looking so maternal as she hugged her young charges good-bye for so long, it was a tremendous turn-on for him to see the wicked gleam in her eye. As she pulled him out of his Hanes, she quietly said, “Oh my!” Mary had only been with three men in her life, and Stephen was by far the largest.

While Stephen was patient and methodical with Mary, she was the opposite. She took him in her mouth quickly and began to furiously bob up and down. While Mary was not particularly skilled, she more than made up for it with enthusiasm.

The booze made Mary less inhibited and had her thoughts wandering. She thought about her husband’s inattention, thought about all the men who had passed on her, thought about not being good enough, and decided to seize the day. As she held Stephen’s cock in her left hand, she glanced at her wedding ring. At that moment, she felt no guilt about cheating. She felt vindicated, alive, sexy. She looked up at Stephen, and saw him looking down at her. He held her face in his right hand and said, “That’s great, babe.”

“So, you like?” Mary asked. Mary put him back in her mouth, not deep throating, but taking more than half his cock in her mouth. Stephen watched her looking up at him through her glasses, and found himself smiling as he thought about the schoolmarm being a slutty cocksucker. He loved the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes as Mary strained to take all of him in her mouth. He loved how she desired him.

He backed away slightly and held his cock in his right hand. With his left hand, he lifted Mary’s chin up. Looking her in the eyes, Stephen patted his dickhead against her full lips and said, “You want this?” Mary responded by opening her mouth and leaning forward. Stephen held her back, and rubbed his cock up against her soft cheek.

“I want it,” Mary whispered.

“I believe you. Lean back.” Mary did as she was told. She spread her legs in anticipation. Stephen got up in the saddle, rubbing his cockhead against her slit. Wanting some release for himself, Stephen decided to get down to business quickly. “Before we start, are you covered?”

Mary knew what he was asking, and truthfully answered that she was on the pill. She had been for years, not wanting another child with Bill.

“Give it to me.” He thrust himself into her, and Mary gasped. He filled her up like she’d always wanted.

Stephen adjusted his feet so he could power stroke. As was his habit, he went three shallow, two deep, which kept Mary enthralled. She felt so alive; so, this was what sex was supposed to be like. Once again, the thought that she was cheating on her husband crossed her mind, and once again she discarded the thought in favor of the pleasure. “God, you fuck me so good,” Mary told him.

Stephen leaned forward and kissed her deeply as he continued to thrust. Well in control of himself, Stephen put his hands behind Mary’s knees and lifted them toward her head, giving him deeper penetration into Mary’s pussy. As he watched Mary he noticed her eagerly anticipating the deep strokes, so he adjusted. Instead of three shallow, two deep, he went to four shallow, one deep.

Mary so wanted Stephen deep in her, the shallow strokes were driving her crazy. “Please, fuck me good,” she begged.

Stephen smiled, and said, “Are you saying that I’m not a good lay?”

Panicked, Mary said, “No, No NO! You’re fantastic, I… I…” she stuttered. She was having the best sex of her life and was worried that he’d stop.

“Gotcha!” Stephen grinned, and slammed himself deep into her womb. Mary’s breasts wobbled under his powerful thrusts. He thought to himself, “No Mercy now,” and bracing his arms on the sides of the chair Stephan began to power-fuck Mary. The noise from him smacking into her loins was loud, and Mary getting closer to another orgasm. She’d never cum from being fucked before, and Stephen had her on the edge.

The tequila and passion had Mary in a place she’d never been before. She was normally very quiet in bed, but she found herself wanting to talk dirty. “That’s it, fuck me hard. Use me! Fuck my married pussy with your big cock!”

“That’s my girl, tell me what you want, baby!” Stephen kept going with long, deep strokes, pushing hard into her. “Are you going to be my cheating slut?”

“Yes, yes, YES, I’m your slut.” She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. It felt so dirty, and she loved it. Mary felt an intense desire to give herself to Stephen. “I’ll do anything you want.”

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