Night Sailing Ch. 06

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You are both surprised and intrigued with what you find in the cabinet. Hanging on wooden hangers are an off white, gauzy, sun dress, made of a light cotton material that would become transparent if it ever got wet, a long black double breasted jacket-type dress that would come to just above your knees, a white evening jacket and black slacks, and some other clothes and accessories. Looking to the floor of the closet, you find a video camera, tripod, and blank videotapes. Looking further, you find a shoebox-sized container filled with toys of different shapes and sizes, feathers, and velvet ropes. You feel a tingle between your legs looking at the toy box, but you quickly put everything away, as you hear me stir.

You take a shower, making sure to shave, and you think about the video equipment and toys and hatch a plan to leave me a souvenir video of the trip. You towel off and go to the galley, still naked, and start to set out a breakfast of muffins, fruit and coffee. You hear me in the background getting in the shower, and you yell out, “what are we going to do today?”

“We’re going ashore today. Why don’t you put on the sundress you found in the closet? With your tan, it would look great on you. There should be sandals on the floor of the closet that would go good with them. I know they’re your size.” I step out of the shower and towel off, and we sit together and feed each other breakfast.

“I really don’t want to have to put on clothes,” you tell me, “but if we have to go ashore, then I guess I’ll wear something.”

We both get dressed, you in the sundress and sandals, leaving your bra and panties off. You look in the mirror and you can see that the fabric adequately obscures your nipples. I wear a pair of tan cotton shorts, a dark blue golf shirt, and a pair of leather sandals. I also forgo the underwear.

We go above to the cockpit and I go first into the rubber dinghy. You follow, me helping you down with my hands on your waist. We get under way, and you see that we are heading toward a marina with many large powerboats and sail boats. We finally get to the dock and tie up the dinghy. I help you up onto the dock and it feels odd to you, that the ground is completely still and stable, and you üsküdar escort realize that it has been days since you have been on dry land.

We walk up the dock and as we do you look around the marina. The boats here are in the million-dollar class and are enormous. You finally ask me where we are.

“East Hampton. Playground of the rich and famous, and rich and not so famous too. I come out here several times a summer. I have some friends out here, and I like the trip out and back. Especially this time.” You smile at me, and hold my hand to keep you steady, still getting used to walking on land.

We head out of the marina and out into the town. It is a bright summer day, and we walk slowly, looking in the shop windows, stopping and browsing in some of the shops and you look around trying to spot some of the “famous” people that call East Hampton home for the summer.

I can’t take my eyes off of you. Your tanned skin and the pale sundress, your beautiful smiling face, and knowing that you are wearing nothing under that dress, makes me want to take you right now. My minds starts thinking of the layout of the town, where we are, and where I need to get you. I stop and pull you to me, kissing you deeply right in the middle of a crosswalk. A car sounds its horn. We separate and look at the car and driver. Your mouth drops open when you realize who the driver of the black Mercedes convertible is.

I look at you and smile. I take your hand and walk over to the car as it pulls over to the curb.

“Bill, how goes it man?” I say as shake his hand. “I haven’t seen you since we went out on your boat last June. Heard a bunch of stuff about you, didn’t believe a word.”

“Hey man, It has been a real long time. We need to catch up. You in town long?”

“Just for a day or so, it took a day or so to get out here, and we have to turn around and head for home soon.”

“This guy has no manners whatsoever. He never introduces anyone. I’m Bill. Why don’t the two of you come over to my place tonight? I’m having some people over. It would be great if you would come.”

I look over to you and see a huge smile. “Sure, I guess we could make it, what time?”

“Just tuzla escort before sunset. Hey, I have to get going, lots to do today. See you later guys.”

“Later Bill.”

“Was that just…” you start to say.

“Yeah, we used to have adjoining berths at the marina a while ago. He’s a real nice guy, too bad about the divorce though. So we’ll be going to his house for a party later, if that’s OK with you.”

You just look at me and nod.

I look at you again and smile. The dress you are wearing and knowing that there is nothing underneath it is driving me wild. I need to find a secluded place. As we walk holding hands, we almost pass a narrow alleyway. I pull you into the alley and put my finger to your lips to keep you quiet. We move to the center of the alley and stop. I turn you around and kiss you deeply on the mouth, my tongue exploring you. My hands grab your ass and I pull you to me. You can feel my hard cock against you.

“Here?” you ask me silently with your eyes.

I say nothing. My hand reaches between us and you can feel the hem of your dress moving upwards. You spread your legs slightly as your skirt rises. You move your hand between us and undo my belt and zipper. You reach into my pants and pull my cock out. It stands straight out at you. You slowly stroke my cock and stand on your tiptoes and kiss me as my hand pulls your dress up and finds your pussy lips. You gasp as my fingers go hard into you; I pull them out and taste them. My fingers go back into you and I can feel your legs weaken and I hold you up by my fingers in your pussy.

I move you over to a stack of boxes, and turn you around, to lean you over the boxes. You look at me and smile, not saying a word.

I lift your dress over your smooth round ass, and I bend down, spreading your ass cheeks with my hands.

You can feel my breath on your ass, and you gasp again as you feel my tongue on your ass and pussy, my fingers going into you again.

I can see your juices on my fingers and I shove them hard into you again and again, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. My tongue tickles your ass as my fingers fuck you hard.

You feel my fingers leave you, and you pendik escort can feel me standing behind you, my cock resting in the crack of your ass. I slowly pull away from you, and the tip of my cock drops lower. You can feel my cock against your asshole. You feel gentle pressure against your asshole; as if I was going to enter you there… then you feel my cock move lower, into your wet pussy. My cock slides easily into you deep, and you feel pressure again against your asshole. This time it is my finger. It slides into your asshole as I fuck your pussy deeply with my cock. You take one of your hands and move it between your legs finding your clit and rubbing it back and forth harder and faster as I fuck your ass and pussy hard.

You can feel the first orgasm build and you stick 2 fingers in your mouth to keep yourself from screaming. I pound into you again and again, deeper and deeper and deeper, fucking you from behind, my finger going deeper and deeper into your ass. I can feel you shudder, your ass grabs my finger tightly and my cock feels your pussy pulsing as you cum. I force my cock deep into you, grabbing your hips and pulling you hard against my cock. I start to pump my cum deep into your pussy. You can feel my cock pulsing in your pussy and you shudder again, cumming a second time.

I pull out of you, and stand you up. You turn around and look down at my cock, wet from your pussy. You lean over and take my cock I your mouth, cleaning me off completely. You stand up and we kiss deeply I can taste the two of us on your lips. You take some tissue and wipe between your legs, wiping off the juices leaking from you.

You look at me, smile, and let your dress hem drop back to normal, you insist on helping me put my cock back in my pants, kissing me on the lips as you “help” me.

You take my hand again, and as if nothing happened we walk out of the alley. As we walk, you can feel our juices inside you, and occasionally a little leaks out and starts running down your legs. You feel it and smile, your little secret of our silence in the alleyway.

We spend the rest of the day walking in and out of shops, your pussy wet and dripping from earlier that afternoon. As we head back to the boat to get dressed for the party, you whisper I my ear that our juices have been dripping all afternoon, and you see a bulge growing in my pants again. You look at me and tell me that we’ll have to take care of that when we get back to the boat. All I can do is look at you and smile; I have no words for how I feel right now.

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