No One Needs to Know

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I suppose I should start this off by making it quite clear that I do not consider myself a pervert. Maybe 20-30 years ago I would have been, well perhaps not a pervert, but kinky, or weird.

I have a thing for older women. It began in school when like all the guys I fantasised about the leggy English teacher. I never really got past that stage. So far, so mundane right? I mean its kinda fashionable these days ain’t it?! Cougar sex, milfs….. this is the era of the older gal with the young lover, Demi and Aston etc.

I’m quite a shy guy, I don’t mind admitting it. I’ve not had a problem getting to know girls around my own age, but I’ve never been confident enough to walk up to someone older and chat them up. There’s something unattainable about a classy, elegant older woman. Something mysterious and intimidating.

So, the best thing that ever happened to me was the internet! Not long after buying a pc for the first time, was bookmarked. Here’s my ad:

Young, athletic, smart guy. 23, 6’2, 185lb. Interested in meeting up with an elegant, stylish older woman.

Not particularly original but All true and by the way, very effective. I posted that with a couple of snaps of me at the beach and in the gym and boy did it pay off. It’d be crass to tell you how many women I slept with at that time, but in 2002 I could have won the toyboy of the year award. I became expert, not just at the obvious (massage, cunnilingus, intercourse) but things that woman also like: talking, listening, how to dress and how to act with a woman. A lot of the woman I dated were over 45, divorced with a lot to get off their chest. Some were alcoholics, some couldn’t adjust to life post 40, I became a counsellor as well as a lover. I wasn’t just having one night stands, I was regularly seeing 3 or 4 women at a time with no strings attached. I got to know them and like them as well as go to bed with them. I liked myself, I had the best of both worlds. But of course, whenever you’re having your cake and eating it, something comes along to spoil things.

That thing was Anne. Anne was a beautiful 49 year old woman. The moment I came upon her profile I messaged her and the moment she got my message she replied. Everyone knows that you can’t tell how you’ll get on with someone when you meet offline, but sometimes the rapport on IM is so instant and strong you just KNOW you’re going to have a good time together. She asked for a snap of me on a beach in Thailand for her phone, she sent me my favourite from her album. She was stood, a 5’9 Amazon of a woman, full breasts poking from the top of a tight pink cashmere sweater. Her brown eyes looked up saying “Come hither” from under a bundle of delightfully swept dusty blonde hair. Her figure was voluptuous and her face framed by high Slavic cheekbones. It was the first snap I saw of her bursa yabancı escort online and I still remember how it gave me an instant erection.

We’d been chatting for two days, and then she asked if we could meet up. She invited me to hers.

She lived on the South Coast, it was a 70 minute train ride. I loved those journeys, the anticipation, adventure, new places and new women! She met me at the station looking sensational. She was more formal than in her pink sweatered photo. She wore a long brown suede jacket, a pair of pinstriped black trousers and sunglasses. She’d obviously had her hair done especially, it was full and shone silky smooth, and I immediately complimented her on it. I was wearing my tight wranglers and a light blue button down shirt. We embraced by way of greeting, it was a polite hello but her body was soft, warm and made me look forward to more. She kissed my cheek, a kiss full of desire.

“I thought we could go for a drink?” So she was that type. Maybe not an alcoholic, but a woman who enjoyed a daily drink to make the hours pass easier. We went to a trendy but not overly expensive place. I bought us both a JD and coke. In the mirror I caught sight of her checking out my ass and thighs as I stood at the bar. I walked back smiling. We touched glasses across the table, and then it began. The revelation.

I usually spend some time chatting on line before I meet someone, but if you hit it off you tend to not find out that much out about each other. The teasing and flirting always takes over quickly. When I’ve got to know a woman well, it’s been over a drink when we first meet, or in the bedroom the morning after.

So, this is when I found out her job, where she was from originally…. I think when we found out that we were originally from the same town that our brain cells went into gear. We were looking at each other quizzically, attracted but more than curious to know where the intense feeling of familiarity came from. Then I asked her surname.


The same as my mother’s maiden name.

I realised I was talking to my aunt Anne.

This had an unfortunate effect on the conversation, because up until that point we’d been getting along very well. She was playing with her hair while we looked into each others eyes, the tip of her stiletto had rubbed against my shin…. Suddenly we were lost for words upon discovering that her sister was my mother.

Perhaps your family is very close and you’re wondering how I hadn’t recognised her? Well the truth is that mine isn’t the sort of family where we get together at Christmas to all drink egg nog and sing songs. I probably hadn’t seen Aunt Anne since I’d been about 7 when I was pageboy at her marriage (since dissolved).

So, in a way it was a happy reunion. In another it was bursa sınırsız escort emotionally very confusing so we dealt with it the only way possible. We had another drink. Then another. With three JDs and Coke inside us we came to terms with the situation. It was nice to see each other again and catch up, it was funny the way we’d come together but no one needs to know, we could laugh about it now.

Well after that, we went to dinner. Slightly awkward, but the JD made up for it. We swapped stories, about her mainly, her life up until that point. Never had kids, always the black sheep of the family. She’d really lived. Well, after a pasta course and ice cream it was creeping toward 10 pm, quite late to be taking a train back.

“Of course you should spend the night! Don’t worry, it won’t be awkward. I have a spare room.”

And so that was how I ended up spending the night at her place. We watched some tv, had some coffee and by 12 I decided to turn in. It was cosy, not the day I’d planned but it was quite nice, even if I wasn’t going tot ell anyone how I’d come to meet up with Auntie Anne again after all these years.

I got undressed, naturally I hadn’t packed any pyjamas on this particular trip so I slept naked. She came in and kissed me goodnight, it was a warm, kiss which still tingled with something that shot down my spine. But I didn’t react to it. I needed to quickly clear my mind, but I was tied anyway and I quickly fell asleep.

Something woke me, maybe 30 minutes later. Hardly any light crept through the curtains and my eyes were shrouded in sleepiness but I could make out the shape of Aunt Anne’s thighs and buttocks bent over halfway down the bed. Then I felt the warm wetness around my groin and I realised, my Aunt Anne had taken my cock into her mouth. I felt hot, red blooded warmth spread through me and my cock stiffen and thicken as her tongue toyed with the eye of my penis and ran down the shaft of my growing fuckmuscle. I breathed heavily, part arousal, part shock, part fear. This was a crime, this was disgusting, against nature. My cock knew it was a crime too, that’s why it was so damn hard in her mouth. She stood up , throwing the bed covers onto the floor and revealing my nakedness, my cock hard and throbbing, shining in the light with a coating of her saliva. She stood over me in a white night gown, panting, I could see the same thoughts were running through her mind. She bent over me, big brown eyes meeting mine, she whispered softly in my ear:

“Nobody needs to know.”

And that changed everything. I knew that I wanted this woman, I wanted to taste and touch her flesh and feel myself inside her. I wanted to make her moan, scream and I wanted to lie in bed with her, tired, happy and smelling of each others bodies as the sun came up. And no görükle escort one needed to know.

My tongue met hers, our mouths danced together as she got onto the bed and lay on top of me. Her full breasts warm and soft against my chest hair. I kissed her deeply, my lips bruised hers and my tongue explored her mouth, I did it out of passion and also to say “Yes. Yes you’re right, lets enjoy each other, lets have wonderful, electric sex. No one needs to know.” She moaned in acknowledgment, it was happening.

She broke from the kiss and sat up, her knees either side of my stomach. The sweat poured from me as I helped her pull the night gown over her head, I caught the golden flutter of her beautiful blonde mane as she cast the last stick of clothing between us onto the floor. I didn’t think of her as my aunt at that moment, just a wild, sexual animal. She looked down on me, over both our naked bodies. My hard cock twitched against her backside, the air already stinking of the nephew’s sweat and the aunt’s pussy. The smell of incest.

I satup and she allowed me to push her back onto the bed. My mouth was on her breasts but already her hands were on my buttocks, guiding me toward her, her pussy was soaking and wanted fucking, I could smell it in the air. Taking my cock in her hand Aunt Anne guided me to her warm cunt. We gasped together as I felt my cock slide between my auntie’s pussy lips and she felt her nephew’s long, steely dick penetrate and slide inside her. The warmth of auntie’s cunt was as intense as the firmness of my cock. I slowly pulled out, leaving just the tip of my penis inside her, then I pushed back into her, hard. I fucked her with long deep strokes, then fast harder ones as the filthiness of what I was doing entered my head and filled me with adrenaline. She writhed like a feral animal as her orgasm ripped through her and my cock pressed further into her, my semen flowed like water into her body, I heard myself groan as I released everything, every emotion, every feeling and every drop of my cum, into my Aunt Anne’s pussy.

I collapsed next to her, and looked into her eyes. Looking back, it’s surprising that I didn’t feel guilty. I’d met with a close relative, my mother’s sister, welcomed her into my bed and had sex with her. Not just sex, we’d shared a raw, dirty, hard fuck. But I wasn’t guilty. In fact, it was a beautiful moment. My cock was softened but still warm and lengthy. My whole body was hot and covered with a thin film of our sweat. Her body looked fabulous, hair matted with sweat, breasts red with the excitement, pussy lips still open with traces of my cum in her pubic hair. The air was filled with the hot musky stench of our sex. Her eyes weren’t filled with regret, but with satisfaction and a kind of unquestioning, uncaring warmth. I felt the same way. I put my hand in hers, we kissed again, gently then firmly. Her hand moved to my cock…

As I stiffened I knew that this wouldn’t be a one night adventure I could push to the back of my mind and forget. This wasn’t something I could wash off in the shower the next day. This was something bigger, and more important.

Something that will be continued.

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