Noah Hamilton, Slave Owner Ch. 03

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This is a story set in the American South during the period of slavery. It is an accurate depiction of the period. As such, racism, racial slurs and racist attitudes are included as key elements of some characters. If you are not comfortable with the topic of slavery, racial supremacy/subordination, or even seeing the “n” word used in a demeaning way, I urge you NOT to read on. Thank you.

This is a part of the Noah Hamilton series. I will not recap previous chapters in the current chapter. So, for this story to make the most sense, please review prior chapters.

December 24, 1810

Four weeks passed since that fateful day.

Every couple of days, Noah would travel out to the Hartley farm (soon to be his farm!) and check on the farm. Then he would fuck the previous owner, Libby Hartley.

But a dark cloud swirled in his mind. He had not seen any of the Stewarts since that day — the day he caught Abe Stewart fucking one his male slaves in the ass out in the barn. The Stewarts had been very quiet from town life and the community was talking.

On this day, he decided to stop at the Stewart farm before going to his future property. As he rode up the lane, the dutiful young slave Sarah came out to meet him. “Is Mister Stewart in?”

“I’m sorry sir, you just missed him. He has left for the day,” spoke Sarah in her soft angelic voice. And yet, Noah knew she was lying. But he would take the opportunity to engage with her.

He dismounted his horse and moved closer to her. Closer than a gentleman would normally get to a slave that was not his, but maintaining a distance that nobody would question. “Sarah, I know you are lying. And I know he told you to lie.” She averted her eyes, but said nothing. “Do you know what he was doing in the barn that night?” She nodded yes one time. “And he does that to you too, doesn’t he?”

“No sir. I’m only 17.” Noah’s heart lept. She was still cherry.

“But he will, won’t he. When do you turn 18?”

“Sir, I turn 18 on the first of May.”

“Sarah, you run along and tell Mister Stewart that Dr. Hamilton came by. He was sorry to have missed him. You also tell him that Dr. Hamilton says, ‘we need to talk’. Don’t tell him anything else we spoke about.”

Sarah turned and headed inside. Fear was in her chest and she headed up to Master Stewart’s study. She found him at the window, he had seen their discussion. He turned to her and said, “Well?”

“Master, you had a visitor, but I sent him off like you instructed. Dr. Hamilton came calling and he gave me a message to give to you. He said, ‘he was sorry to have missed you and we need to talk’.”

“Leave me.” Sarah practically jumped out of the room. Dr. Hamilton must be an incredibly powerful man to have made Master Stewart so nervous.

Meanwhile, Noah had climbed back on his horse and headed over to his new property. He arrived at the farmhouse and the house slave bahis siteleri Tabitha let him in. “Good morning Tabitha,” he said. She mumbled something in reply.

Over the last three weeks of fucking the former owner, Libby Hartley, they had become lax in front of Tabitha. She knew what was going on, Mistress Hartley had told her. However, it was important to keep up appearances. Noah climbed the stairs and headed straight to Libby’s bedroom. Knowing he was coming, Libby had taken off all her clothes after breakfast and was doing her needlepoint naked in her room.

Wordlessly, Noah stripped and climbed on the bed. Libby quickly joined him. For her strong personality, she was incredibly submissive in the bedroom. But this wasn’t love to either of them — a pleasant friendship, perhaps. But it was mostly just carnal fucking.

On this morning, Libby was feeling extra needy. She wanted to kiss a lot during their love-making. Neither of them spoke. They guided each other’s hands over their body. Libby kissed Noah passionately on the mouth. She moved slowly down his chest, rubbing her hands over him and letting her hair drag over his body.

She moved down to his crotch and rubbed his cock slowly. Libby hated giving blow jobs. She loathed it — especially when a man would ejaculate in her mouth, forcing her to swallow his salty mess. She hated it. But today she was needy and was willing to do anything to please Noah. She inhaled deeply and took his cock into her mouth. She was bobbing up and down enthusiastically. For a woman who hated sucking cock, she was giving it one hell of a performance. Noah had received many blowjobs and this was among the worst. She really was trying, but her mind seemed elsewhere.

Noah pulled her up to him and kissed her passionately. Feeling her neediness, Noah crawled between her legs and slowly licked her lips. Libby’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed, after Noah told her this is what he preferred. He wanted to build her up slowly — very, very slowly. He licked her lips and tugged gently on them, carefully avoiding her clip. Libby was squirming and her discomfort was mounting.

True to form, Libby was a wet woman and this day would be no different. By the time Noah finally licked her clit softly, she had drenched the sheets. She came instantly. Noah let up on his intensity, but continued licking her to a second orgasm in about 10 minutes.

Neither had spoken. Libby was laying face down on the bed. Noah crawled behind her and slowly slid himself into her. She moaned loudly. Noah wanted to fuck her, but Libby needed tender lovemaking. He moved slowly in and out of her dripping pussy. God she felt good.

Libby inched herself forward and flipped over. Noah needed to fuck her. He quickly mounted her missionary style and began pounding into her. Her soft moans gave way to loud grunts — mirroring Noah’s own primal sounds. He quickened the past and began pounding into her until he canlı bahis siteleri let out one loud “Ahh…..” and pumped his seed into her.

Noah rolled off of her and lay next to her. She curled up on the crook of his neck, where she finally spoke to him, “Thank you for being so good to me. I’m going to miss you when I leave.”

Noah was without, but muttered, “Uh hmmmm” in agreement.

Almost subconsciously, Libby reached over to the nightstand and rang her bell, summoning the house slave Tabitha. Both of them were still lying on top of the sheet when Tabitha entered. She took in the sights of her beloved Mistress lying cuddled up with this stud of a man.

At that moment, two things happened. Noah realized Tabitha had entered the room, where he promptly tried to cover himself and muttered, “oh shit.” Meanwhile, Tabitha ignored him and set about the task for which she was summoned — cleaning the mistress.

Tabitha kneeled at the edge of the bed and swiftly stuck her head into Libby’s crotch, licking her pussy clean and eating all of Noah’s sperm. Noah was too astounded to speak. He watched as the old slave licked her and licked her, quickly bring her to orgasm.

“Thank you Tabitha.” Libby realized Dr. Hamilton’s shock and politely smiled. “Oh Doctor, you have much to learn about the ways of slavery in the South.” Turning to Tabitha, “Please clean Dr. Hamitlon.”

“Yes, Mistress.” And with that, Tabitha was quickly around the bed, bending over, and swiftly taking Noah’s limp cock into her mouth. Where Libby’s blowjobs were rough and unpleasant, Tabitha’s blowjobs were like fucking a sweet pussy. She had so few teeth that she could really rub the cock and make it feel good. It didn’t take long for Noah to cum into Tabitha’s mouth. And with that, Tabitha left the room.

“Libby, what the hell was that?” said Dr. Hamilton.

“You still don’t get it, do you? They’re not people, they’re slaves — objects. They are here for our purpose — whether that means working a farm, or for our sexual pleasures. You’ll be a slave owner soon, and you’ll have access to nearly two dozen slaves who are here to do your bidding. I know you Northerners get turned off by this, but this is their reality. Now, you can be a cruel asshole like your neighbor Abe, or you can continue being a good man, but they are a slave and they are here for your use.”

Noah was stunned. Libby seemed so much like him, he didn’t think she harbored this attitudes. “But Tabitha is also a woman — that’s not natural. I’d understand if it was a man like James…”

Libby cut him off, “I’ve never used James. And if you’re smart, you won’t either. James is the heart of this farm. He comes the closest to being a person — more than just a slave.” There was a slow silence between them before Libby spoke again. “Noah, you’ll find that sex with slaves is not like it is with a person — it’s just fucking. You are using their bodies to get canlı bahis a job done. But you are also sticking your dick into them to prove a point, to mark your territory. You’ll find that many of the slave owners around here fuck both their female AND their male slaves to make this point.”

Noah nodded silently thinking back to seeing his neighbor Abe’s dick in the ass of a male slave, but Libby continued. “I know you have these romantic ideas of the plight of the slave from your Northern point of view, but you don’t live up North. You’re here now. And you need to remember that. The South has its ways of dealing with slaves who get out of line — and also slave owners who are too permissive with their negroes. You’re a good man and I have no doubt you’ll treat your slaves well, just don’t treat them too good.” After pausing for a moment, she let out a laugh and said, “And now you see why I can’t leave Tabitha here!”

Libby leaned over and gently kissed Noah on the lips. “You’re a good man Noah Hamilton. My slaves are lucky to have you. Now, are you ready to go downstairs and sign the paperwork — you’ve got yourself a farm.”

Noah nodded silently. These new developments were weighing heavily.

Downstairs Tabitha was licking her lips — this young doctor tasted damn good. Next door at the Stewart farm, Sarah was down in her room praying to God, “Please God, save me.” Upstairs, Abe was getting ready to rape Mary’s ass again. After Dr. Hamilton walked in on him sodomizing one of his male slaves, fucking Mary would help him reclaim his masculinity. Abe’s wife Caroline was in the kitchen, and she knew what was about to happen. She was praying, “Please God, save me. This wasn’t the marriage I signed up for.” Hundreds of miles to the South, Ginger had just mailed a letter to her mother Libby. She was pregnant and the baby would be due in March.


That afternoon, in her parlor, Libby Hartley sold her farm to Dr. Noah Hamilton for the sum of $10,000. The sale included all the farm machinery and 22 slaves, with two of the females expecting. Noah had purchased a profitable farm. He was now the gentleman farmer he wished to be.

The Justice of the Peace, Mark Roberts, had come to witness the sale and make it official.

Once the sale was concluded, Mark Roberts and Noah rode into town together. Mark spoke first, “You know Dr. Hamilton, I had my doubts about a Northerner moving into our community. But I figure you’re all right and one of us now. I’ve heard you visited the brothel and you fucked that loose cunt down there. At first, I thought you’d be a nigger-lover, but I guess you’re alright in my book.”

Noah was going to play this safe, “Well, I was raised differently, however, I feel part of this community and I’m looking forward to getting settled into my farm and working it.”

“You know, we have a gentleman’s social club in town — we get together to keep things in line, if you know what I mean. You should join us sometime.”

Noah replied, “Well, I’m going North for the holidays, but perhaps when I return in January.” He was shocked that he’d just been invited to join the KKK.

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