North Vacant Lot

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North Vacant Lot

A gay sexual journey leaving the virtual world.

By Drew David Marshal

“And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight In a Bud Was More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Blossom.” — Anais Nin.

“Do you have another card?” Ken the cashier asked me. “No this is the only one”, I said with mounting frustration. I tried it again and then a third time, no luck. The college aged boy bagging my groceries said, “Hold on, mind if I try?”

“Please do, here,” I handed him my bank card. He squeezed in close to me and I could smell his hair. It smelled like the shampoo I use. He twisted the machine and pulled it a little. Just then the screen asked me for my PIN.

“Oh man, thanks. I was not looking forward to putting my groceries back and running to the bank for cash.” I saw his name tag and said, “Jason, how did you get the magic hands?”

“I’m good with machines, not so good with people.”

He went back to his precise bagging maneuvers. I said, “You sound like me, I’ve been an engineer all my life.”

He looked at me for a moment, “I’m at UCLA now for software engineering. Guess you would call me a nerd.” He was a cute guy, rather effeminate, and made me blush. He reminded me of my first gay encounter during my freshman year in college.

Pushing the grocery cart to my car, I reminisced about Ritchie. He was fair skinned, blonde and wasn’t a big guy. A few pounds less and he could have been a jockey. We met in political science class. He really understood the subject and I really hated it. I asked him to help me.

We got together one Saturday in my dorm, when my roommate was away for the weekend. He brought over some pot, and we attempted to do some studying. Pot makes me horny and apparently it made Ritchie horny too. He touched my shoulder and gave me that fuck-me look. I put Disraeli Gears by Cream on the stereo, took another bong hit and started to get naked, so did Ritchie. We just masturbated together and came all over our bellies.

A few weeks later, when my roommate went home for the weekend, I invited Ritchie over. He wanted to try what he called, “corn holing.” He squatted over my cock and tried to take it in his ass. We missed the part where we use lube. He ended up just sitting on my lap with no penetration. I reached around and jerked him off. I remember how his cock felt in my hand and his musky smell as he got closer to coming. I couldn’t stop running my hands around his naturally hairless hips and ass. That was our last encounter, he dropped out of college soon after and I never saw him again. Over the years I masturbated thinking about Ritchie’s cock, his smell, his smooth ass, hips, and legs.

Since then, my life was heterosexual actions with homosexual dreams. I am now nearing retirement and single once again since my wife of 30 years passed away.

Unloading my groceries, I felt the urge to jerk off with some anonymous cock on my computer. I have done that many times before. I got naked, got out my cock ring, coconut oil and put a towel osmaniye escort down on the chair. The anticipation used to be more exciting. I like watching athletic bodies, light hair, and big cocks adorned with rings. Most guys don’t show their face and that used to be fine, even preferred, but lately I try to find guys that do. Especially when they cum. The look of ecstasy is extremely exciting.

I started my camera and angled it down to not show my face. I feel guilty because it doesn’t seem equitable. I scrutinized my body on cam. Not bad for my age. Years of cycling has kept me muscled but slim, like a long-distance runner. I keep my legs shaved for the bike and while I’m at it I shave my cock, balls, and ass. I love the feel of my smooth skin with no hair to dull the sensation. I spread the coconut oil all over me. My hands glide over my body, leaving only sexual titillation below.

A message came in from Femboy55, “You have a hot body.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

“Do you like how I look?” Femboy55 messaged.

I checked out his cam. I usually don’t further the conversation and just jerk off watching. He did have a sexy body, soft shoulders, and a small stature.

“You look sexy,” I replied.

“What can I do to make you hard baby,” he said.

“I love watching you stroke your cock,” this was a bold statement from me.

He moved his camera down a bit so I could see his cock. He was nicely shaved and semi hard. I could hear him breathing deeply.

“I love pleasing my man, I make him cum first, then I please myself,” Femboy55 said.

My mind started drifting from this conversation.

“Do you have any lovers that you see in person?”

“No baby, I love pleasing men here.”

“Is that enough, are you sexually satisfied? Don’t you want to be with a man, to hold you?”

I felt like a fraud asking that question when I haven’t been with a man since Ritchie.

Femboy55 went quiet.

I kept stroking my soft cock as I browsed. I stumbled on a gay hook-up site that collects places to meet. In person… with real people… not just an image on a computer. Yikes! It listed gay baths, gay resorts, nude beaches, public restrooms, and parks. I found an entry for North Vacant Lot that was close to me.

Watching the guys jerk off on the screen produced, now at best, a half hard cock. I gave up, closed all the sites, and checked my Facebook. In a moment of grand synchronicity someone had posted a picture of a tree with the caption, “This is not a tree.” I knew what I had to do.

The next day was sunny and bright, warm for this time of year. It was around noon. I made a cheese sandwich on rye, placed it in a plastic bag, put some ice in a cooler with a few bottles of water and threw in a banana. I put coconut oil, my favorite cock rings, suntan lotion and a few towels in a small bag. This is my jerk pack to go. My cell phone has a porn app ready. No condoms, I won’t need condoms, not going to get that close to anyone.

I put osmaniye escort bayan my bags in the car. I check the door to see if its locked. Damn I need to check the door again to see if it’s locked. I shake it again. Yep, it’s locked. I close the garage door and drove off. A mile down the road I realize that I am not wearing shoes. I go back and get my shoes. Then check the door again eight times to make sure it’s locked.

A few deep breaths, I realize this anticipation is an aphrodisiac. I can feel the visceral excitement in my body especially my balls. I’ll make the journey part of foreplay. I find Disraeli Gears by Cream on Pandora and play it in the car.

North Vacant Lot is in the desert outside of Palm Springs. The road becomes full of potholes as I get nearer. The 110-degree heat in the summer buckles the pavement and parts of the road pop out. According to the map, this area is part of the Agua Caliente Reservation, so the road upkeep is poor.

After a few miles, Alexis the GPS lady, tells me I’m here. It becomes clear that North Vacant Lot is probably the best way to describe this place as it has no other characterizing features. The land is desolate. Desert scrub is the only vegetation. Rocks, shallow dry ravines, and gray sand dominate the landscape. This is winter and the east side of the snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains add most of the beauty to this otherwise barren landscape.

I make a right onto a dirt road and immediately need to straddle a huge pothole. The road is slightly inclined. At the top is a rock, too big to drive over. I go to the right. After a few hundred feet I see an empty beautiful black BMW, backed under a few desert scrubs that grew large enough to provide shade.

I spot a few more cars, my heart starts pounding and I feel a twitching in my cock. I pass a red Tesla, a white Chevy truck, a blue Honda Civic. All of them are empty. The road is becoming rougher with more potholes to navigate. There is not a lot of space here, this is four-wheel drive territory, and I have a Honda Civic. I’m hoping I can get out.

It takes a sixteen-point turn, that was never taught in drivers ed, to get turned around. I find an open space a few hundred feet on the way out, and back in. Next to me, in an old Toyota Corolla, is a Santa Claus looking man, with long gray hair, combing his long gray beard.

I just sit here for a while, watching the comings and goings of cars. All these guys are here seeking pleasure, looking to announce that they want pleasure and want to be seen getting pleasure. That is so beautiful.

I decide to put on a light jacket and walk down the undriveable road. I come to a homemade hut that Steinbeck may have called the Palace Flophouse. It was connected to some of the larger scrub with old canvas and mattresses.

Leaning out of a makeshift window in the makeshift hut is a pale skinned naked middle-aged man. His eyes closed and his face was in ecstasy. He was being topped doggie style by a dark haired escort osmaniye large-bellied guy with kind eyes. I stopped to watch. I could tell he liked that I was watching him. I smiled letting him know I was enjoying my view. I opened my jacked and rubbed my nipples. I could feel the sensation run all through my body. I love watching people having sex. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I can see.

A shirtless man with his jeans pulled so low you could almost see his cock, walked up next to me. He watched me rub my nipples as he started rubbing his crotch through his pants. I was disappointed that he didn’t take out his cock. He moved closer to me, I got a bit frightened, so I walked away.

Next to my car a blue BMW SUV had pulled in. A 40 something man was sitting on the back with the hatch up. He asked as I walked by, “Are you leaving?” His voice broke the silence of this place. Startled, I said, “Yes. Not much going on.” I’m not sure why I said that. I was not thinking of leaving. But now I must. I started the car and drove off.

On the way out I saw a white Sion. Through the windshield I could see a young light-haired shirtless man with his shoulder moving up and down. I noticed that his car door was slightly open. I felt a flush of excitement, I knew exactly what he was doing, and I wanted to watch. I pulled in a few car widths away. He pushed his door a little more open and now I could see he was totally naked. His tanned body was slightly muscled, smooth, and mostly hairless. My cock was twitching. I took off my shirt and shorts. Then I slowly opened my car door for him to see. My heart was pounding. He opened his door fully and put his seat back. He was making long strokes on his shiny well-oiled cock. His pubic hair was light, not shaved, but thin.

The rest of the world disappeared. I open my car door fully and turned toward him. I put both feet on the ground with my legs spread wide. The sun was warm on my naked body and on my shaved cock. I stroked right along with him. I was hard as all the rocks in the road.

He got out of his car and stood up straight and faced me. His cock was up at a 45-degree angle. I thought he would walk over to stroke me. I felt a wave of fear. I didn’t want him to get too close. Then I imagined how it would feel to get my cock stroked by him. But he stayed by his Sion.

He turned his back to me and bent over with his legs spread slightly. His bubble butt cheeks were gaping enough to see his brown hole. It was inviting me, like he wanted me to put something in there. He stroked his cock downward so I could see. He wanted me to see. His balls were tight, and I saw he was close to coming. I wanted him to look at me. I was so close. I just needed that eye contact, that moment of intimacy.

His knees started pumping and I could hear him moaning. He exploded with cum. It shot down into the gray sand.

He turned and squatted down to watch me. That was what I needed, I wanted to be watched, I felt the point of no return building. It was going to be a wonderful orgasm. All I could feel was the glory of ejaculating. I came all over my self, lots of goo, lots of cum.

Then he got in his car and closed the door.

I wiped the cum from my belly and got dressed. I ate my cheese sandwich on the way home. It was the best cheese sandwich I had ever tasted!

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